Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Sunday Comments ( 07 - 17 - 16 )

Paul and Ringo were on hand at The Mirage last week as the musical extravganza known as "Love" celebrated its tenth anniversary.  (Hard to believe ... in some ways it seems like SO much longer than that ... in others it's hard to believe that ten years have gone by already.)  
It's the Cirque du Soleil psychedelic interpretations of dozens of classic Beatles songs, presented in a fashion you have to see and hear to believe.

And, apparently this year they've made a small change to the song line-up, adding "Twist And Shout" now to part of the performance.  (As far as I know, this is the first change ever to this pre-recorded track.) 
Yoko Ono was also on hand but sadly Olivia Harrison was unable to attend.  (Too bad because this whole visual translation of Beatles music was her husband George's idea way back when.)
The soundtrack was just recently released for streaming and helped push The Beatles' catalog up over ONE BILLION DOWNLOADS a couple of weeks ago.  Amazing ... that this music created in some cases 50+ years ago still resonates with the youth of today.  (Then again we sat with a predominately 20-25 year old crowd last night at the Brian Wilson Concert as part of The Pitchfork Festival ... and they were up on their feet, dancing and singing along with every track, too ... proving once again that this music simply transcends time.)

>>>This song written by P.F. Sloan was recorded on July 15th, 1965, and was a #1 song for Barry McGuire.  With all the chaos going on today, when you listen to the lyrics of "Eve Of Destruction", though we have technically progressed, political and social issues are frozen in time.  Peace 
(Tim Kiley)
>>>We DO seem to have lost a handle on things.  I recently told Barry that I've received a few emails of late from fans (and disgusted Americans) stating that we once again have reached The Eve Of Destruction ... never before can we remember such universal chaos and craziness going on within our own sector.  It's like we've completely lost a handle on all that is important and we're heading back to the wild, wild west. Look at me the wrong way ... disagree with me ... or worse yet discard my thoughts and feelings (no matter how bent, ridiculous and out of the norm they might seem) and you just may get blown away.  I wondered if he might like to share some comments with our readers ... America as a whole seems to have lost a handle on all things important and is spinning out of control.  With all the other hate and despair in the world, how sad that we have seemed to turn on our own.  (kk)

And he did!

Hi Kent, 
Recently someone asked me if I thought we were still on the Eve of Destruction.  I told them, “No, no, the Eve of Destruction was 50 years ago.  We’ve just passed through the long dark night where all the secret preparations have been made, and we see the sun rising on the Dawn of Desolation.”  
From my perspective there is nothing we can do in the physical realm to change the course of human history.  As a friend once told me, “Barry, it’s an inside job.”  I personally have found my own answer to both the Eve and the Dawn.  Here’s a little song I wrote and recorded a few years ago that says it all … (from my perspective of course.)
I fear that without extra-terrestrial intervention, either an invasion of UFOs or the second coming of Christ, we, the human race are a doomed evolutionary experiment. Without this intervention, humanity worldwide will be subjected to a controlling class much like North Korea, Red China or Stalin’s Russia.
That’s about it from my perspective.  I have total optimism for the individual, but total pessimism for the governments and their controlled masses.
So have a happy moment my friend, this one brief little moment contains eternity,

I was reading my latest copy of Goldmine magazine last night. Millie Small granted her first interview in decades.  She claims that she saw Rod Stewart playing harmonica on 'My Boy Lollipop'. I thought that story was put to rest a long time ago.  She should know because she was there and it was her record.  It does make me wonder about it because a few other things she said seemed sketchy.  Maybe someone will interview Rod and ask him.
Phil - WRCO
As far as I recall, we were one of the ones who first debunked the rumor years ago ...
I did some searching thru my own archives (many of which are now severely compromised due to numerous computer crashes) as well as online (where I found one of our old posts) and feel that we can pretty confidently write this off as just another one of those old wives' tales that's been repeated (incorrectly) for decades now.  (The fact that Rod Stewart himself says he wasn't there is good enough for me!  lol) kk
Here are a few other links you can check out if you're so inclined:

From Forgotten Hits several years ago ...

>>>I heard one time that Millie Small's version of "My Boy Lollipop" features a very young Rod Stewart on the harmonica. Is this true?  (Ken)

>>>While that rumor circulated for many, many years ... and was even printed as "fact" in numerous publications ... it apparently was NOT true.  Interestingly enough, I did a quick search after I received your email. still gives Rod Stewart credit (although Rod has reportedly stated on the record that he did NOT play harmonica on this track ... and also states that he never claimed he did.)  Meanwhile, both Pete Hogman and Jimmy Powell are credited on different websites as insisting that THEY played harmonica on the track ... and both artists have taken credit for doing so ... so perhaps we'll never know once and for all definitively who did ... other than it WASN'T Rod Stewart.  (kk)

The released 45 rpm version has Pete Hogman on harmonica. A backing track was issued on a Best Of Millie cd a few years ago with Jimmy Powell's original harmonica solo on it. Producer Chris Blackwell was unsatisfied with the first solo cut by Powell, a musician with Ernest Ranglin and His Orchestra (the group that performed the music track for My Boy Lollipop) so he brought in Pete Hogman, a local Jamaican musician, to redo the solo. 
Tom Diehl

More who have come around to our way of thinking on this ...

Kent ...
1963 = I'm still trying to figure out how a Japanese song made it to # 1 on U. S. Charts.
Frank B.
It made it to #1 because it's a great song ... with a hauntingly beautiful melody.
(In fact, it not only became a #1 smash here in America but it also made The Top Ten two times after that with new recordings by A Taste of Honey and 4 PM.)
I'm not sure the guy who wrote this article really knows what the heck he's talking about, however ... it was a #1 Record in 1963, which he acknowledges in his first line ... but then goes on to say how it came out in 1961!  (Perhaps it did in Japan???)  And, as far as I know, the lyrics had absolutely NOTHING to do with a "protest about American military presence" ... NO idea where that came from.  (It is, however, considered to be a VERY depressing lyric when translated.)  Then again, the whole piece is so "short but sweet", that one cannot help but wonder if the author did any research at all!
WE did ... and have featured the story behind "Sukiyaki" a couple of times now in Forgotten Hits ... here's a piece we did in 2012 ...

How come Bobby Rydell is beginning to look like Frankie Avalon?  When I saw his picture on your website this AM (Friday) he looked just like Frankie.  I NEVER NEVER tho't they looked alike when they were younger.
Maybe something in the Philly water???  (kk)

I just wanted you to know that I extremely enjoyed today's FH, that is being taken on a magical mystery tour. I imagine that you will be getting some emails from some of your readers commenting on certain songs you left out. I came up with three offhand myself.
Again, really enjoyed the "sweet 16".

No Magical Mystery Tour?  
Again, we're always limited to just sixteen songs when we do a SWEET 16 feature ... besides, I considered the journey thru all sixteen tracks to BE the magical mystery tour!  (kk)

Hi, Kent. 
I may have corresponded with you in the past, or maybe not?  I am at that age now where even recent things become kind of blurry in a hurry! 
I checked out your website and it is really awesome, and one that I will visit often. 
My band from the 1960s was The Penetrations (of South Carolina) and we recorded on a couple of occasions in 1966 at Atlanta Sound Recording Studios, owned by Johnny Brooks and his wife Gaye Brooks. I was introduced to Mike Dugo online about ten years ago and I wrote a band article for Mike's website about our band.  Just recently I discovered his site is not online. Seemed kind of sudden because I for one visit it fairly often!  Do you by chance know what might be going on with that?  Thanks for your help and advice, and PLEASE keep on grooving with your site!
Tom Hanley
Anderson, SC 29621
It has been quite a while since Mike Dugo and I last talked ... I absolutely cannot believe that our joint venture counting down The 50 Greatest Garage Bands Of All-Time was four years ago already!!! Man, where does the time go?!?!?  
My search also came up empty so I shot Mike a quick email to see if everything was all right.  (Thought maybe he had just moved his site to a new location ... but even a quick google search came up empty. 
The good news is that I did hear back from him right away ... and all is well ... he's just not posting to his '60's Garage Bands site anymore.

Here's his letter so that other fans of Mike Dugo's site know the scoop, too.

Thanks for writing, Kent.
I have indeed called it a day for That particular part of my hobby lasted 14 years; prior to that I was writing for The Lance Monthly for another four years. I greatly enjoyed it ... but eighteen years is a long time. 
When I started, many of the musicians I tracked down were in their 40s. Their recollections were vivid, and they didn't mind typing out answers to my never-ending list of questions (all my interviews, close to a thousand, were completed via email). Today, the members of '60s bands are nearing (or over) 70; their recollections aren't as strong, and their desire to type out answers to questions is deservedly less than it was. Therefore, it was getting harder to find willing subjects. And the market for local / regional '60s music has also greatly decreased, with new releases becoming fewer and far-er apart (which makes the Monkees' resurgence so enjoyable). It was fun while it lasted! 
I am still going to be supporting all the music labels that work hard to turn up new "discoveries" of '60s rock and roll by purchasing each and every release. I will continue to buy and read all the '60s music books and magazines.  I will always check out my favorite music websites (including Forgotten Hits, which I visit daily). I will also continue to amass and archive as much info on "the scene" as I can (so if you ever need photos / histories of obscure groups, I'll still be able to assist). And I will be a fan / collector for life, but my documentation days are over. 
I appreciate you checking in, and I look forward to many more years of Forgotten Hits. 
Great to hear that you're doing ok and still enjoying all this great music.  (Yeah The Monkees comeback is pretty amazing ... I just read that Rhino is putting together a new 3-CD box greatest hits collection that will include music from throughout their entire career, including this latest release.  Who'd have thought?!?!?)
And you're right ... interviews are getting tougher ... and lots more fact-checking is required.  The hardest part for me these days is having to transpose all this stuff which can sometimes takes hours and hours of additional work when back in the old days you could simply cut and paste!
But I love the music too much to quit ... so I've been hangin' in there, too, trying to keep the memories alive.  (The original lifespan of Forgotten Hits was supposed to be five years tops ... in November of this year it will have been SEVENTEEN ... pretty incredible, eh???)
Take care ... and do chime in from time to time ... especially if we're doing a special feature on an artist you can shed some special insight on.  (In fact, here's one for you ... did you ever work up anything on The Princetons?  I've heard from a couple of second generation family members of guys who were part of the original group ... would love to compare notes as some point if you've got files on these guys.  They did that GREAT pop song "Georgianna" back in 1966 that was a big hit here in Chicago.
Thanks Mike ... and take care!  (kk)

Kent ...
Scott Shannon played this song on his Sunday show.
He says that Jim got the idea for this song seven years earlier at a Sly & The Family Stone concert.
Frank B.

It's a GREAT song!  And Jim's remake from his new CD "The Songs" is far and away my favorite from the LP ... give a listen to this new "Jamaican" interpretation!  (kk)

Look what's coming out ... man, I haven't heard this in DECADES!!!

“The Beatles and WWII”

Featuring Peter Gabriel, Elton John, Brian Ferry, Keith Moon, Rod Stewart, Jeff Lynne, 'The Bee Gees and Others To Be Reissued On 2 CD / DVD Set

Music sung by: Elton John, The Bee Gees, Bryan Ferry, Jeff Lynne, Leo Sayer, Keith Moon, Rod Stewart, David Essex, Tina Turner, Helen Reddy, The Four Seasons, Lynsey De Paul, The Brothers Johnson, Richard Cocciante, Henry Gross, Status Quo, Peter Gabriel, and Frankie Valli  

London, UK - The legendary musical tribute “The Beatles and WWII” will be issued on CD / DVD by Gonzo Multimedia UK on July 15, 2016! Take a group of some of the most famous artists of the 70's - Elton John, Tina Turner, The Four Seasons, The Bee Gees, Peter Gabriel, Bryan Ferry, Rod Stewart, Leo Sayer, Keith Moon, Helen Reddy, Jeff Lynne & Frankie Valli - get them to sing cover versions of some of the most famous Beatles songs ever written. Add a considerable dollop of authentic documentary footage of the Second World War telling the story of that epic encounter ... and what do you have? 
“The Beatles and WWII”!!! 
Sound crazy? It is. But enormously entertaining, and occasionally very chilling. A unique blend of music and film like no other. Of that much we can be absolutely certain.
“The best collection of Beatles covers in a film EVER”  
In an article written by Ronnie Dannelley editor of Ear Candy Magazine: “The old 1976 film was the strangest mix of cinema and rock 'n' roll, combining World War II images (newsreels and Hollywood films made at that time) with the music of The Beatles (not The Beatles original recordings, but by various artists). The old movie combined a pastiche of World War II-themed film segments (both period films and post-war action films) with the backdrop of the music of The Beatles (NOT the original songs, but cover versions by various artists). Strange concept huh? A long story, but the end result was disastrous. The original distributor junked the film so completely that no copies survived, and the film took on its iconic status.”  
Says legendary director Tony Palmer of his new film, Although the original 1976 film had disappeared, thanks to the indifference and stupidity of the original distributor, instinctively I felt the central idea, and the material, and of course the music, were just too good to be lost forever. 
“So for those fans who have had to rely on a few very poor quality extracts on YouTube, the 2016 film is a completely new experience, much of it in HD. Yes, we have used some of the original tracks, but added a lot of new archive footage, some never seen before. In addition, I have often used totally different music. The film starts with Vaughan Williams, and ends with Shostakovich, taking in Rachmaninoff en route and including many of the famous 2nd World War speeches by Roosevelt, Churchill, Montgomery, Chamberlain, Joe Kennedy and Hitler.  And the film makes reference to war-torn Syria and the massive problem of immigration along the way. 
“It is a far more complex film than the original, and I hope will give everyone pause for thought about the troubled world in which we live.”  
Produced by Sandy Lieberson 
Directed & Edited by Tony Palmer  
For more information:

Hi Kent,
I had the privilege of being back on Ron Gerber’s excellent Crap From The Past radio show this past Friday night (July 8).  
We played and discussed some forgotten hits from 1979, including the most forgotten one of all-time!  For 37 years NOBODY (including Joel Whitburn) could find a copy of “Ready ‘N’ Steady” by D.A.  That is, until Record Research finally cracked the case!   
Here’s a link to the Wikipedia article on the song: 
Here’s a link to the radio show (the D.A. segment starts at the 44 minute mark):   
Paul Haney 
Record Research

Peter Noone is quite an entertainer plus a great human being. My understanding is when Mike Smith(Dave Clark 5) was paralyzed, he was helping with a drive to get Mike a fully functional handicap van. I applaud entertainers like that because they give of themselves, when so many do not. 
'Tis true - we helped promote this drive and made a contribution as well. Sadly, as I recall, right as the vehicle was about to be purchased, Mike passed away unexpectedly.  Worse yet, he missed his long deserved and wrongly overlooked induction into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. 
We saw Mike Smith perform a solo show shortly before his accident that crippled him for the rest of his life ... still, to this day, one of the best shows I've ever seen.  He is always in our hearts and memories ... a GREAT voice in rock and roll history, too often overlooked because of the trendy favorites who get all the attention.  (kk)   

Last weekend FH Reader Jack Levin gave us the scoop on the upcoming Record Survey Collectors Convention coming up in Kansas City, Missouri in September. 
Today, FH Reader Clark Besch fills is some of the blanks. This would be a very cool thing to go to ... I'm just not sure we can work it into our schedule ... but I'm sure many others on the list would care to partake so here's the scoop as we know it ... more information is likely to come as we 
get closer to the event. 

Hi all,
Just some info on the first radio survey convention to be held in Kansas City on Saturday, September 10, from 1:30 PM throughout the afternoon.  As it is the FIRST such event of its kind, it's hard to tell what will go on other than probably trading and selling of radio charts of radio stations from all eras and states (countries?).  So sad that my friend, Richard Fatherley, could not have lived to see this in his city.  
The survey convention is FREE to my knowledge.  For $55, you can attend other great radio things.  Below is the schedule for the $55 charge.  It's all geared for radio geeks like me.  It will take place at the Hyatt Place KC Missouri Airport at 7600 NW 97th Terrace.  If you have the time and inclination, Quality Record Pressing has its plant in Salina, Kansas.  My brothers toured the plant that presses thousands of current high quality vinyl albums for labels such as Sundazed and Sony from Beach Boys to Monkees and more.  Plant info here:  
It sounds like a pretty awesome time in KC, even if just for the free survey event. 

In theory you pull in on Thursday evening, register eat and hang out.  

6:30-9:00 AM Breakfast in Hotel Lobby (Free if you registered)  
8:00-9:00 AM Registration 
9:00 AM Assemble outside hotel front door for car pools to tours.  
        1. Tour of WDAF-TV 9:45 
        2. Tour of KMBZ-980 / KCSP-610 Studios 
        3. Lunch  
        4. Tour of cumulus Media KCMO-710  2:00 
        5. Tour of Truman Presidental Library ($8.00 fee) 
6:00 - Pizza party at Minsky's Pizza 7007 NW Barry RD.  Included in registration fee. 
8:00 - IRCA annual business meeting - meeting room 
8:30 - Gathering in meeting room 
Midnight -  Good night

6:30 - 9:00 AM Breakfast 
8:00 Meeting room opens 
8:30 Tech Talks  
         1. Mark Durenberger - Square Kilometer Array 
         2. Randy Schulze - NE FCC Monitoring Station Grand Island 
         3. Nick Hall-Patch -  Antenna Alternatives 
         4. Dave Fischer / Skip Dabelstein - Beverages & NEBe  
            5. Mike Lantz - Miami Radio 
12:30 Lunch 
1:30 Drive by of Truman Sports Complex 
         6. Gregg Ottinger - History of Music Surveys 
3:00 - 4:30 Discussion, plus buy, sell, trade surveys 
5:15  Gather outside for group photo 
6:00  Gathering banquet in meeting room (included in registration)  
         Guest speaker: newsman Dan Verbeck, newsman KFEQ, KCUR, KMBZ 
8:30  NRC Business meeting in meeting room. 
         Paul Swearinger 
8:50  Auction in meeting room - Phil Bytheway
Midnight Good Night 

6:30 - 9:00 AM Breakfast 
9:15 The gathering quiz. Door Prizes. Winner gets a prize 
Noon - Gathering ends.  

Reminder ...
We've got TWO great give-aways going on right now in Forgotten Hits ... 
One lucky reader will win a copy of the brand new Joel Whitburn / Record Research Book TOP POP SINGLES, 1955 - 2015 
And TWO lucky winners will each receive a pair of tickets to see Bobby Rydell perform at The Arcada Theatre on November 26th. 
But you can win EITHER of these prizes if you don't enter the contest!!! 
So drop me an email (to either or and put in the subject line either TOP POP or BOBBY TICKETS and we'll enter your name in our drawing. 
Stay tuned ... we hope to pick our winners by the end of next week. 
GOOD LUCK!  (kk)  

Great site!
Richard Gray

Kent ...
Please add me to your mailing list. 
I am a member of a Facebook group: "I WAS A DJ WHEN DJS JOCKIED DISCS ... AND I DON'T MEAN CDS".  We 5,600 members have all worked professionally as air personalities ... many of us at Top 40 stations back in the Drake format era.   
I wanted to initiate a discussion of "What's Your Favorite Double Sided Hit 45?".  In my research quest, a Google search led me to your site. What a fantastic resource you have created, and are maintaining and updating!  It's a quite an extensive wealth of knowledge with many topics I know the group will enjoy. I am going post your URL link for the members to check out. Some may even relate their stories and provide comments.     
Thanks so much for your hard work!   
Bob Lee 
Thanks, Bob, I appreciate the kind words.
This was our most successful poll ever ...
First we tabulated (by the accumulated points earned by BOTH sides of a two-sided hit record) The Top 200 Biggest Two-Sided Hits Of All-Time. 
Then we opened up the poll to determine America's Top 200 Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides ... and received OVER 65,000 VOTES in the process ... a pretty definitive list, if I do say so myself. 
This entire topic lends itself well to a PERFECT weekend radio special ... we've done a couple in the past (and even counted down The Top 20 on Dave The Rave's Relics And Rarities Show a few years back.)  But it makes for the PERFECT programming idea ... a "See Ya On The Flip Side" weekend. 
Would love to hear from some of the jocks on your list ... everybody loves hearing those "fly on the wall stories" from back in the day.  Please DO help to spread the word. 
Thank you!