Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Sunday Comments ( 08 - 21 - 16 )

It's been awhile since we ran a comments page ... so let's get right to it and do some catching up!  

re:  TOTO:  
Hi Kent,  
Good review as usual. 
I suspect they keep the new stuff in their set to keep themselves from going crazy. I also think they are bigger in Europe and Japan than they are here these days so just use the same set. Have no idea though.
I was a big fan through their first five albums and then it *did* sort of sound like a rehash of what had come before so I lost interest. I haven't heard all the stuff since the 5th album, but bits and pieces. They are just monster players though and I'd still love to see them. 
Lukather is an absolutely amazing guitar player. He know's when to show off his technique, but also has a wonderful sense of melody in his playing.  
They sure played a lot on other folks albums as well. 
Plenty of chances to catch them this summer (depending where you live, of course!)  
Click here: Toto Tour

A very fair, accurate and honest review.  Thank you.

Thank you for reviewing the Toto concert in your current issue of Forgotten Hits. I really enjoyed it and felt it was, as always, your honest appraisal of what you heard.  
I think I generally agree that Toto is a "Love 'em or Hate 'em" band - and I'm firmly in the "Love 'em" camp. I have seen them three times and I'd gladly see them once again if the opportunity arises. I had the fortune of seeing them on their Toto IV tour with Timothy B. Schmit singing backup vocals, sitting directly against the stage as they ripped through one great song after another, barely stopping to catch their breath. As always, it was a superb show where several members shared the vocals and the spotlight. It was a musical journey filled with great moments and won't be forgotten.  
To be fair, as you stated, it's tough to tie these guys to any one style of music, and that adds to their overall sense of wonder. I have several live cps and dvds and enjoy them all. May they continue to entertain their fans for many more years to come.  
Jim Hill 
Ellicott City, Maryland   

Hey Kent, 
Interesting review of the Toto concert at the Arcada. I have always thought that the band was a revolving door of musicians over the years, so I was curious and found a list of all the members, since Toto was formed in 1977. One of the "players" listed was Rascal Flatts on vocals and guitars. What? Really?? Yes, the group Rascal Flatts actually sat in with the band at the Musicians Hall of Fame Awards one year. Lead singer, Gary LeVox (who changed his real last name to "The Voice"), hit all the high notes, and the two groups looked like they had fun on stage. This is a chopped up, amateur video I found, but it gets the feel of the night across. 
- John LaPuzza  

re:  SWEET 16's:  
A few more for your money list:
"You Never Give Me Your Money" - The Beatles
"Money For Nothing" - Dire Straits
"Free Money" - Patti Smith
"Money Changes Everything" - Cyndi Lauper
and ...
"Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth With Money in My Hand" - Primitive Radio Gods
If all goes well I'll be speaking with the Honorable John Hall of Orleans in a few days.
Be Well,
Carl Wiser  

We actually featured quite a few of these (The Beatles, Dire Straits and Cyndi Lauper) as part of our SWEET 16 salute.  I LOVE that Primitive Radio Gods track ,... haven't heard it i ages! ... but would have NEVER thought of it as a money song  (kk)  

Hola Kent,
There is no greater treat than an American Road Trip, replete with Oldies blaring from the speakers and a sense of freedom unmatched anywhere else in the world. So I have to comment on your 'Road Trip Songs Tribute' collection. How could you not have included "Route 66" the seminal road song of our youth, and still a great route to enjoy times past. Michael Parks' "Long Lonesome Highway" is also a credible candidate ... certainly there are others that were overlooked.  I can only surmise that this Summah's "Heat Dome" has effected your thought process. 
The 'Wild Wild West' show was a great TV offering and it just goes to show haw vast the entertainment that was available to us that you totally missed it.
Well I'm off ... Kingman, Barstow, San Bernadino ... getting my kicks, loving life and listenin' to the Oldies.
Happy Motoring,
As mentioned several times before, you can only squeeze so many in when you limit yourself to just sixteen tracks within a given theme.  (I actually considered holding off on my "road trip" baker's dozen because I easily could have turned that into a SWEET 16 segment, too.  Still kicking myself for leaving of "Rockin' Down The Highway" by The Doobie Brothers!!!)  Your suggestions are excellent candidates, by the way ... just couldn't go over my limit.  
And the truth is, we've only got so many SWEET 16 opportunities left ... I'm thinking 8 or 9 at best before we hit 2017 ... and "Sweet 17" just doesn't work.  (Besides, we've already got an amazing Forgotten Hits extravaganza planned for next year ... and I can't wait to unveil it!)  kk

I look forward to The Sunday Comments every week ... so was disappointed to see that this weekend you weren't able to post because you were on a "road trip".  Well, I guess everybody deserves a break now and then! 
This was a very busy weekend between the Toto concert on Saturday and then driving the youngest back to school (an eight hour round trip on Sunday) ... add in a 65 hour work week and there was little time for anything else.  But we're more than making up for it with this weekend's JUMBO EDITION of The Sunday Comments today.  (kk)

re:  OOPS!: 
>>>And on this date in 2010, Bobby Thomson (whose "shot heard 'round the world" won the 1951 World Series for The New York Giants), died.  (kk)  
Just the National Pennant in those ancient days when it was more meaningful than the semi-final it is today.  
Yep, I really blew it on this one ... another case of typing quickly, thinking ahead of what I wanted to say ... without reading the complete facts of the calendar at hand.  To cap it off, it was a three game playoff series between the Giants and the cross-town rival Brooklyn Dodgers and game in the 9th inning of Game 3 with The Giants trailing 4-2.  I've seen the clip a thousand times ... and still passed along the wrong information on the site today.  Damn!  (kk)

(Just TRY to watch this without smiling!!!)  kk

Hi Kent -
I just got back to Chicagoland after having been gone most of the year. I flipped on The Drive and noticed a jarring change almost immediately.
For lack of a better word, The Drive is now Radioey. They are giving patronizing shouts out to people in various suburbs and even handing over certain benchmarks to listeners. Like Suzy from Crystal Lake, who submitted today's 10 at 10 with songs about her favorite colors, etc.
Also they are obsessed with history and backstory. That's your thing, Kent. I don't need to be constantly reminded how old the music is and how old I am lol.
Is it just me or is anybody else bothered by this? The music is still good but the presentation, which used to seem so magically effortless, now seems forced and gratuitous. 
Also I notice a few familiar DJs are gone.  It seems like they are paving paradise and putting up a parking lot.
Jim Shea 
You're right ... The Drive doesn't seem to be quite the station "all about the music" that it used to be ... but it's still a great selection of Classic Rock songs.  (And nothing beats their A to Z specials)  See if you can pick up 87.7FM (Me-TV-FM) while you're around the area and let me know what you think.  50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and even a few newer tracks thrown in here and there ... but a playlist of over 3000 songs including LOTS of Forgotten Hits you never hear anymore.  (It leans a little soft rock ... and the obscure album cuts they play are neither timeless nor memorable ... but the variety is just killer.)  kk
Yeah the Drive has really changed. They're doing listen for the sounder call in and win contests and all kinds of clutter that they would have been too cool to do a year ago. They're gonna play Sugar Sugar any day now, wait for it.
I'll have to check out that station. Keep up the great work!!!

Hi Kent -
Living in the NY area, I remember well the WMCA "Good Guy" Dandy Dan Daniels. It was a nice tribute to him, the video on your website, and his talent.  He was a very good announcer and, as you can see, so good at multi tasking.  He was a warm and friendly personality and easy on the ears. He was in love with his wife.  He would close the show saying something like "Can't wait to see you, especially you, 'size 9'." (His loving wife.)  I guess it's not pc but who cares. The love was there. Those were the good old days of radio.  I listened to him and all of the good guys constantly. But I must confess, that  I would switch stations when I didn't like the song and go to WABC their competitor.  I express my condolences to his family for their loss. 

To My Friends and Fans,
Those of you on FaceBook may already know this, but just to make sure, I'm emailing you advance notice:
You may be aware that PURE POP RADIO, the preeminent online rock station, has been playing cuts from my new album MAGELLAN WAS WRONGEven better, Alan Haber, the station's founder and program director, has done an in-depth interview with me all about the songs on the disc.
I was in a super-loquacious mood that day and rapped the dude's ear off till he was able to scrape me off the phone. But he's whittled the interview down to about an hour.
He also spoke with musician / producer extraordinaire Jamie Hoover, about his contribution to the album. Jamie produced, arranged, sang back-up and played on many of the cuts.
But it won't be all talk all the time. Alan will also be playing some of the songs.
The show will air at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, August 23rd, at 8 p.m.
Here's the link to listen live:
Of course I realize some of you turkeys are as flaky as I am and won't retain this ... so I will send out a reminder closer to the time.  But for those of you who like to plan ahead, and who might be interested, consider this a "first call." 
Bob Lind
Bob and his manager Jill were kind enough to allow Forgotten Hits to "sneak peek" a track from his new album a couple of weeks ago in Forgotten Hits.  (Scroll back to August 4th to give it a listen.)  Hope the album's a huge success, Bob ... 'cause I'm still banking on my lunch with you at your favorite Chicago Irish Restaurant, McDonald's!!!  (kk)

Hi Kent - 
What about Jimy Sohns & The Shadows of Knight Reunion Concert?   Was it this past weekend?
If so, I hope someone took photos or can give a comment or two??
It was supposed to be on the 14th, but if it happened, we missed it ... maybe someone else on the list was there and can file a complete report? 

Meanwhile, FH Reader David Lewis (who lives in Nashville!) tells us about ANOTHER Shadows Of Knight / Jimy Sohns Tribute Show scheduled to happened yesterday ... I honestly don't know if this is second show or if the original show planned for last weekend was postponed and moved to this weekend.  (I'm so confused!!!)

Anyway, here is David's report ...

In case you didn't see this additional info elsewhere. Dick Biondi! Jim Peterik! Jim Pilster! Rick Barr! Ted Aliotta!  And, among the original band members, Hawk Wollinski who lives near us. Wish we were headed up there to see the show this weekend too. 

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:Dick Biondi (WLS-FM) and Jim Peterik (The Ides of March) will be MCing The Shadows of Knight Reunion Concert on August 20th! This is your chance to be part of history. Don't miss it. Wear your best stuff because everything will be filmed! 
Here's the lineup:
Starting off the show will be

Kevin Lee & the Kings 8-8:40

The CURRENT Shadows of Knight including special guests Jim Peterik of The Ides of March, Tom Doody (Toad) and Jim Pilster (Hooke) of The Cryan' Shames, Rick Barr of The New Colony Six (Rick also plays drums for The Shadows Of Knight these days), Bobby Koll and Chris Minardi of Hot Rocks, Lorrie Kountz and Patti Prendergast from Bitch, Jeff Millar-Sax, Ted Aliotta of Aliotta, Haynes, Jeremiah will play harp on all Shadows songs: 9:00-10:15
The ORIGINAL Shadows of Knight including Jimy Sohns, Jerry McGeorge, Hawk Wolinski, and Tom Schiffour with Mike and Cindy Gotshall, and Greg Brucker: 1015-11:30

And, in other local news, here's a tidbit on an upcoming New Colony Six appearance ...

Open to the public ...
The New Colony Six, live in concert, Thursday, 9/29/2016, 7 to 9 PM
Get your tickets now to this "indoor"concert event
Call Del Web / Sun City at 847-515-7650 or visit the website:
Tickets are available now ... $25 advance OR on event day:$30
Register by phone 847-515-7650 - Discover, Master Card, American Express
Location:  12880 Del Webb Blvd. / Huntley, IL 60142 
A meet and greet will be held before and after the concert.
Be there!
Thank you,
Pass the word!   

Ringo Starr became a Great-Grandfather last week as his son Zak's daughter Tatia gave birth to a son on August 14th.  (Yep, we're ALL getting older!!!)

On a related note, Paul McCartney captured the cover of the brand new issue of Rolling Stone and when I went to buy a copy at Barnes and Noble the check clerk (a woman well into her 70's) looked at Paul's picture and exclaimed "Oh my God, is that Paul McCartney?!?!"  Once again I said, "Yep, we're all getting older" to which she replied "I know ... but not a Beatle ... this isn't supposed to happen to a Beatle."
So, once again I had to explain that when The Beatles first hit here in America and I bought the "Meet The Beatles" album, Paul McCartney was TWICE as old as me ... in 1964, he was 22 and I was 11 ... and yet, as time has passed over the last 50+ years he's now only eleven years older than me ... and somehow this just doesn't seem to be fair.

Sir Paul also re-signed with Capitol Records this week, too ... and reportedly has a new album in the works.  (His complete solo catalog comes with him ... and Capitol is planning some major reissues for next year.  Yeah, like rebuying "The McCartney Collection" at about $100 a pop isn't already enough!)  Actually, I hope this series continues ... too many great LPs still to be given the royal treatment!  (kk)
I think when John Lennon made his "Bigger than Jesus" comment he wasn't so much condemning religion or Christianity as he was expressing dismay and personal amusement at the way the general public idolizes mortal celebrities -- as if they have some sort of divine or metaphysical nature about them. 
Tal Hartsfeld
This is absolutely the case.  It was more a jab at society for putting its faith in false, fly-by-night heroes ... and not a jab at Christianity or religion at all.  But it was taken completely out of context and turned into "bragging rights" about how popular The Beatles were at the time ... which was nowhere even remotely near the intent.  (kk)
I can't wait for the new Ron Howard film to open.  (September 9th in theaters) Paul seems very high on the film, too ... and wants "Let It Be" to finally come out on home video as well.  (How is it possible that this STILL is not available in commercial release when their entire catalog, including a deluge of previously unreleased studio tracks, live tracks and BBC broadcasts are now available???)  The new "Hollywood Bowl" CD is also coming out on the 9th.  It's time for "Let It Be" to be available again.

I think instead of people supporting these Beatle copy bands they should watch Help! and A Hard Day's night and listen to their albums.
Billy J. Kramer



Groundbreaking and ahead of its time, Pet Sounds -- the 11th album by The Beach Boys -- was a pioneering feat in production, sound, and songwriting ... a work that continues to inspire musicians and fans to this day.
On September 23, 2016, Eagle Rock Entertainment will give fans a behind-the-scenes look at its creation with the release of Classic Albums – Pet Sounds, the latest addition to the acclaimed & award-winning Classic Albums series.  Released on DVD and Blu-ray, [MSRP $21.98 Blu-ray, $15.98 DVD] this film tells the story behind the making of Pet Sounds, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.
The DVD / Blu-ray features over 30 minutes of additional interviews not included in the broadcast version, and clocks in at over one and half fascinating hours. Classic Albums – Pet Sounds features cuts from many of the iconic Pet Sounds album tracks including “God Only Knows,” “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” “Sloop John B,” “I Know There’s An Answer,” “Let’s Go Away For A While,” and “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times.”
Pet Sounds was recorded in late 1965 and early 1966 about a year after Brian Wilson had withdrawn from playing live with The Beach Boys in order to concentrate on composing and studio work. While the rest of the band were out on tour, Brian Wilson worked in the studio creating multi-layered compositions with painstaking attention to detail utilizing orchestration, sound effects and unusual instruments. When the band returned from tour, they went into the studio to add their trademark complex vocal harmonies. The new direction of the music caused some consternation within the group. The program explores the band’s relationship at this time as well as the creation of the music through interviews with all the surviving Beach Boys and others involved in the creation of the album.
The US press didn’t know what to make of the album at first, although it later became acknowledged as both important and influential. Contrarily, the album was immediately acclaimed and commercially successful in the UK, peaking at No.2 in the albums chart and remaining in the Top 10 for 6 months.
Pet Sounds is now universally regarded as one of the finest albums of the sixties and thoroughly merits its place in the Classic Albums series.
Click here to view trailer:
Pre-order here:
This is JUST what I need ... an excuse to buy "Pet Sounds" for the 16th time in yet another configuration!!!  I'm sure it's great ... and the sound is pretty incredible ... but seriously I've owned these recordings in every format known to man ... and now they're presenting it in two more?!?!  (kk)  
On the other hand, this one sounds really interesting ... plus they're even giving you duplicates within the same box set!!! 


16LPs /15 CDs with Original Brilliantly Recorded Mono Versions from 14 Studio Albums 
and a Collection of Single and E.P. Tracks from the '60s 
This year, for the first time ever, all mono studio recordings released by The Rolling Stones in the 1960s will be available in one unique historic collection. On September 30 ABKCO Records will make available world wide the vinyl and CD box sets of The Rolling Stones in Mono as well as Standard Digital, Mastered for iTunes and True HD (96k/24 bit, 192k/24 bit and DSD). The collection will contain a total of 186 tracks, 56 of which have never before been heard in mono since the advent of the digital age. 
The Rolling Stones in Mono pre-order links:  
Spanning the era between 1963 and 1969, The Rolling Stones in Mono covers the formative years of “The Greatest Rock & Roll Band in the World.”  During this era, most rock and pop recordings were originally recorded in mono, with stereo often an afterthought, dealt with only following the completion of the original (mono) version of a given track.  In short, mono reigned and this was, indeed, the case for the Rolling Stones during the period. While typical playback systems of the time were less than sophisticated, the original mono recordings, especially as heard through quality components, were of the highest audio quality and had a powerful and very direct impact. "You felt you were in the room . . . listening to exactly what went down in the studio, no frills, no nothing," Keith Richards wrote in his autobiography, Life. "Rock was a completely new musical form," Mick Jagger explained in a 1995 Rolling Stone interview. "It hadn't been around for ten years when we started doing it . . . You felt like one of the chosen few, one of the only ones in the world who would get to play with this new toy. We had evangelical fervor."  Late recording engineer Dave Hassinger explained how he mixed his ’64-’66 work for the Stones in mono, "They always played together at the same time," Hassinger said. "They would run the parts down, work out the changes here and there, nail it down, then start recording."
Rolling Stone senior editor David Fricke, in his 5,000-word essay that accompanies the set, writes, “The Rolling Stones in Mono is the full studio account of that first decade of history and mayhem, newly remastered with unprecedented fidelity and revelatory detail.” His commentaries are included with the vinyl and CD box sets as part of a 4-color deluxe 48 page lie flat book that features numerous rare photos by renowned photographer Terry O’Neill. The 16 LPs or 15 CDs are housed in the original full color album jackets that fit along with the book into a one piece specially crafted box.
The Rolling Stones in Mono was mastered by acclaimed GRAMMY® award winning engineer Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering. For the project he utilized Direct Stream Digital (DSD) transfers from the original master recordings, with a sampling rate of 2,822,400. Lacquer cutting for vinyl was performed at Abbey Road Studios by Alex Wharton and Sean Magee. All vinyl box sets will be numbered and pressed on 180-gram vinyl.  The Rolling Stones in Mono project has been overseen by Teri Landi, ABKCO’s Grammy award winning Chief Audio Engineer.
The Rolling Stones In Mono [16 LP vinyl box set; 15 CD box set] (all tracks also available digitally)
1) The Rolling Stones (UK, 1964)
2) 12 X 5 (1964)
3) The Rolling Stones No. 2 (UK, 1965)
4) The Rolling Stones Now! (1965)
5) Out of Our Heads (US, 1965)
6) Out of Our Heads (UK, 1965)
7) December’s Children (And Everybody’s) (1965)
8) Aftermath (UK, 1966)
9) Aftermath (US, 1966)
10) Between the Buttons (UK, 1967)
11) Flowers (1967)
12) Their Satanic Majesties Request (1967)
13) Beggar’s Banquet (1968)
14) Let it Bleed (1969)
15) Stray Cats (a new collection of single A & B sides plus E.P. tracks)

Experience Hendrix L.L.C. and Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, are releasing Machine Gun: The Fillmore East First Show 12/31/69, fully documenting the debut performance of Jimi Hendrix’s short-lived but eternally influential Band of Gypsys on September 30. The group played four historic concerts at the Fillmore East in New York City – two on New Year’s Eve 1969, and two on New Year’s Day 1970. Never before has the first of these sets been available in its entirety. The vast majority of the performances have never seen the light of day in any configuration.  
Machine Gun: The Fillmore East First Show 12/31/69 was produced by Janie Hendrix, Eddie Kramer and John McDermott, the same team who have overseen all of Jimi Hendrix’s audio and audio visual releases by Experience Hendrix L.L.C. since 1995. Kramer served Jimi Hendrix as his primary recording engineer throughout his lifetime and the newly mixed Machine Gun: The Fillmore East First Show 12/31/69 from the original 1” 8 track master tapes. The album was mastered by Grammy Award winner Bernie Grundman and will be simultaneously released, on CD, 2 LP 180 gram vinyl, high resolution SACD and digitally. Machine Gun: The Fillmore East First Show 12/31/69 is available for pre-order on CD: and Vinyl:
Machine Gun: The Fillmore East First Show 12/31/69 marks the first ever Jimi Hendrix SACD and high resolution digital release. Additionally, Experience Hendrix is also releasing People, Hell & Angels on the same day. People, Hell & Angels, a collection of previously unreleased studio recordings, peaked at #2 on Billboard’s Top 200 Album chart in March 2013. The album features studio versions of many of the songs featured on Machine Gun: The Fillmore East First Show 12/31/69.
Over the course of four extraordinary years, Jimi Hendrix placed his indelible stamp upon popular music with breathtaking velocity. Measured alongside his triumphs at Monterey Pop and Woodstock, Hendrix’s legendary Fillmore East concerts illustrated a critical turning point in a radiant career which boasted of indefinite possibilities.
The revolutionary impact Jimi Hendrix, Billy Cox, and Buddy Miles had upon the boundaries and definitions of rock, R&B, and funk can be traced to four concerts over the course of two evenings on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. These performances were first celebrated by Band Of Gypsys, which featured six songs from the two January 1, 1970 concerts including “Machine Gun,” the album’s dramatic centerpiece. Issued in April 1970, Band Of Gypsys challenged and surprised the guitarist’s wide following with its extended arrangements and vibrant mix of rock and soul. Nonetheless, the album proved to be a runaway commercial success and sadly, with his death in London in September 1970, would become the last album Jimi Hendrix personally authorized for release.
Machine Gun: The Fillmore East First Show 12/31/69 documents the first of the group’s four legendary Fillmore East concerts. This set presents an assortment of fresh, exciting new songs such as “Earth Blues,” “Ezy Ryder,” “Stepping Stone,” “Burning Desire,” and “Machine Gun”—none of which had ever before been issued on disc. Moreover, nearly all of the group’s material had never been performed before an audience. “We decided that we couldn’t do any songs that had already been released,” explains Billy Cox. “We wanted to give them something different. So we went at the project in a joyous, creative posture and ultimately developed the repertoire of the Band of Gypsys.”
While promoter Bill Graham had advertised the concerts as ‘Jimi Hendrix: A Band Of Gypsys’, few could have anticipated what Hendrix had in store. “We had two shows New Years Eve and two shows New Years Day,” remembered Cox. “We didn’t know what to expect from the audience and the audience didn’t know what to expect from us, but from the time we hit that first note, they were in awe. You had Jimi Hendrix, a drummer who had been with the Electric Flag and Wilson Pickett, and I was the new kid on the block.”
With the anticipation of the sold out Fillmore audience heightened to fever pitch, Hendrix led his trio through a scintillating, seventy-five minute opening performance. None of the eleven songs presented had yet to grace an Experience album. In the place of signature songs like “Purple Haze” and “All Along The Watchtower” were confident renditions of “Power Of Soul” and “Hear My Train A Comin.’”
Jimi generously extended center stage to Buddy Miles, providing a showcase for “Changes” and a charged rendition of the Howard Tate R&B hit “Stop”. “We had rehearsed “Changes” and a few others for Buddy,” explains Cox. “All of the songs we performed had been rehearsed. We didn’t look at it as Buddy’s part of the show. We were all there to give. We were all there to help and material went on whether it was written by Jimi or not. Former Rolling Stone senior editor David Fricke, who authored this collection’s liner notes, describes “Stop” as being something akin to “a psychedelic power-trio Temptations.” Hendrix’s scalding version of Elmore James’ “Bleeding Heart” is the set’s only other cover, underscoring the new band’s emphasis on the blues.
As the Fillmore audience roared with approval, the Band Of Gypsys left the stage confident that they had validated Jimi’s new music before his loyal followers. “After the gigs were finished, Jimi was quite relieved,” remembers Cox. “We felt the concerts went well. I might add that in previous gigs with the Experience he had used a fuzz face [tone control pedal] and a Wah-Wah pedal, then at Woodstock he used a fuzz face, Wah-Wah pedal and Uni-Vibe, but at the Fillmore East he used a fuzz face, Wah-Wah pedal, Uni-Vibe and Octavia and it was incredible. In fact you could hear all of it kicking in on ‘Machine Gun.’ It was incredible. There were people in the audience with their mouths open.”
“Machine Gun” stands as one of Hendrix’s finest and most influential compositions. Hendrix pushed Delta blues into places its pioneers could not have imagined, fusing his extraordinary instrumental skills within his passionate expression of man’s inhumanity to his fellow man. “Machine Gun” endures as a classic amongst the already classic-drenched Jimi Hendrix canon. Fricke notes of this version, the first that Hendrix and company had ever played in concert, “..Here it is, after 46 years, another revelation – a stunning essay in pain, rage and determined survival, fully formed in its initial outing.”
Long sought after by the guitarist’s worldwide following, Machine Gun: The Fillmore East First Show 12/31/69 presents the complete performance in its original sequence.
Jimi Hendrix - Machine Gun:  The Fillmore East First Show 12/31/69  (release date:  September 30)
1) Power Of Soul
2] Lover Man
3) Hear My Train A Comin’
4) Changes
5) Izabella
6) Machine Gun
7) Stop
8) Ezy Ryder
9) Bleeding Heart
10) Earth Blues
11) Burning Desire

This is a VERY cool looking cover for this package ... Hendrix fans are chompin' at the bit to pick up a copy of this CD!  (kk)  


If you aren’t acquainted with Pete Townshend’s Deep End, get ready to be introduced when Eagle Rock Entertainment releases Face The Face as a DVD+CD set / Digital Formats on September 16, 2016 [MSRP $21.98]. This is the first official release of this 1986 show on either DVD or CD format.  

Pete Townshend’s Deep End featured a diverse and celebrated line-up of musicians. For this show in particular, Townshend is joined by Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour on lead guitar, Simon Phillips on drums (of Toto fame), and percussionist Jody Linscott, along with Peter Hope-Evans (harmonica), Chucho Merchan (bass), John “Rabbit” Bundrick (keyboards), The Kick Horns (Simon Clarke, Roddy Lorimer, Tim Sanders, Pete Beachill & Dave Plews), and backing vocalists: Billy Nicholls, Ian Ellis, Chris Staines, Gina Foster, and Coral Gordan. Pete Townshend leads the pack on guitar and vocals.

Filmed for the famous German TV series Rockpalast at MIDEM in Cannes on January 29, 1986, Face The Face captures Pete Townshend’s Deep End while they were in the midst of touring in support of Townshend’s solo concept album White City: A Novel. The set list boasts tracks from the White City album, additional Pete Townshend solo tracks, The Who classics, David Gilmour’s “Blue Light” and a couple of surprises.  The set booms with performances of “Face The Face,” “Secondhand Love,” “Rough Boys,” “Slit Skirts,” “Give Blood,” “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” “Behind Blue Eyes,” “Pinball Wizard,” and more.

Face To Face is a fascinating and compelling release. Pete Townshend and the band deliver an outstanding performance that showcases him as a solo artist distinct from his work with The Who.
Pre-order here:

1) Won’t Get Fooled Again  

2) Secondhand Love  

3) Give Blood  

4) Behind Blue Eyes           

5) After The Fire  

6) Slit Skirts  

7) Blue Light  

8) I Put A Spell On You*  

9) Hiding Out       

10) The Sea Refuses No River  

11) Face The Face  

12) Pinball Wizard  

13) A Little Is Enough  

14) Rough Boys  

15) Night Train

* = not on CD  

With seven Billboard Top 10 albums to their name, multiple Platinum album certifications all over the world and a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the legendary ZZ Top have the distinction of having the longest running original line-up of any major rock band. Now after over 45 years together, the Texas trio are finally set to release their first official live album, LIVE - Greatest Hits From Around The Worldon September 9th on Suretone Records.
Recorded over the course of several tours in cities all around the world, Live - Greatest Hits From Around The World picks the greatest moments and biggest hits from ZZ Top’s illustrious back catalogue captured with the phenomenal energy of their renowned live performances.
Greatest Hits From Around The World covers everything from their breakthrough hit "La Grange" plus three snappy blues-rock classics from the 1973 album Tres Hombres, through to their huge crossover hits – "Gimme All Your Lovin’,” "Sharp Dressed Man,” “Legs" – and then to the present day.  In point of fact, the album includes their recent London collaboration in London with Jeff Beck on the Tennessee Ernie Ford / Merle Travis standard "Sixteen Tons,” the first time that the song has been included on any ZZ Top album release.  
"We spend the biggest stretch of every year out on the road, whippin' wire, poundin' skin, and rockin' it way up,” says Billy F Gibbons. “This is the true document of life de la ZZ.  In an abstract surrealism style, this collection is a definitive chronicle of the band hangin' together for four plus deluxe decades, getting down to do what we get to do. Enjoy and listen to loudness!”
The album will be on released on CD, gatefold LP*, and digitally through all streaming and download stores.  
Pre-orders are open at Amazon 
(CD: / vinyl: / and iTunes
Listen to “Sixteen Tons” here: and note that those who place album pre-orders now will receive an instant download of “Sixteen Tons.” 
Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard formed ZZ Top in Houston late in 1969. Their third album, 1973’s Tres Hombres, catapulted them to national attention with the hit "La Grange,”  which is still one of the band’s signature songs today. The band’s momentum and success built during its first decade, culminating in the legendary World Wide Texas Tour, a production that included a longhorn steer, a buffalo, buzzards, rattlesnakes and a Texas-shaped stage.
1983’s Eliminator album mixed their fiery blues roots with tech-age trappings that soon found a visual outlet with the nascent MTV. The trio became music video icons throughout the album’s three smash singles, "Gimme All Your Lovin’,” "Sharp Dressed Man" and “Legs." The melding of grungy guitar-based blues with synth-pop was seamless and continued with the follow-up album Afterburner as they continued their chart juggernaut.
ZZ Top had accomplished the impossible; they had moved with the times while simultaneously bucking ephemeral trends that crossed their path. They had become more popular and more iconic without ever having to be flavour of the week. They had become a certified rock institution, contemporary in every way, yet still completely connected to the founding fathers of the genre.
Along the way, they performed in front millions of fans through North America on numerous landmarks tours as well as overseas where they’ve enthralled audiences from Slovenia to Argentina, from Australia to Sweden, from Russia to Japan and most places in-between. The band’s discography continued to grow throughout, most recently with 2012’s fifteenth studio album La Futura, co-produced by Rick Rubin and Billy Gibbons. The Guardian’s review stated: “The band sound both timely and timeless… It's an unexpectedly wonderful return from an undervalued band.” 
*2 LP set available September 16 
Greatest Hits From Around The World track listing with location of each track’s recording 
Got Me Under Pressure - New York 
Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers - Las Vegas
Cheap Sunglasses - Paris
Waitin’ For The Bus - Chicago
Jesus Just Left Chicago - Chicago
Legs - São Paolo
Sharp Dressed Man - Los Angeles
Rough Boy (with Jeff Beck) - London
Pincushion - Berlin
La Grange - Dallas
I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide - Vancouver
Tube Snake Boogie - Rome
Gimme All Your Lovin’ - Houston           
Tush - Nashville
Sixteen Tons (with Jeff Beck) - London   
For full tour dates and ticket information please visit 

Keyboard Icon Rick Wakeman To Issue Five New Releases!
As prolific as ever, keyboard icon Rick Wakeman will be releasing five new titles on the RRAW label through Gonzo MultiMedia in Summer / Fall 2016! Best known for his work with progressive rock legends YES, as well as his illustrious solo career, Rick Wakeman's five new titles to be released are “Starmus 2015”, “Phantom of the Opera”, “Gastank”, “Gospels” and “Rainbow Suite”
Starmus is festival of music and astronomy on the beautiful island of Tenerife. It is the brain child Garik Israelian, the astrophysicist who led the team which found the first observational evidence that supernova explosions are responsible for the formation of stellar mass black holes.
Rick Wakeman has made several appearances at this festival. The most notable was in 2015 where he was joined on stage by Dr. Brian May, the iconic guitarist from Queen, where Rick Wakeman and English Rock Ensemble performed amongst other tracks from throughout Rick’s career a legendary version of Starship Trouper. This DVD is a must for all fans of Classic Rock!
For more information:
Release Date: 29th July 2016
Rick Wakeman - “The Phantom of the Opera”
The legendary 1925 Lon Chaney film is brought to life with a specially commissioned Rick Wakeman soundtrack. This is the first time this version of the film has being issued on DVD, as such the images have been fully restored and the sound track remastered. The DVD also has several bonus features; Rick Wakeman commentary, Christopher Lee introduction Rick and the Phantom – featurette, original trailer. The soundtrack double CD is the original Rick Wakeman unedited soundtrack and contains the original mixes of the songs which are different to what eventually appeared on his album “Phantom Power”.
There are two versions of this project available:
Special Limited Edition boxset containing
Single DVD
Double CD
Signed by Rick Wakeman and numbered certificate
2 x Reproduction Lon Chaney
10˝ x 8˝ photos
4 x A4 Reproduction “Lobby Cards” taken from the original artwork
Standard Edition
Single DVD and Double CD
For more information:
Release Date: 5th August 2016
Rick Wakeman - “Gastank”
Gastank was an English television show that aired between 1982 – 1983 on Channel 4. Hosted by Rick Wakeman the show featured a mix of interviews with 1970s musicians and impromptu performances where the guest artist would join Rick and his house band in playing re-arranged versions of their classic songs, or entirely new pieces created for the show. The format was very informal with the setting likened to a bar where Wakeman would interview the guest over a drink or two followed by their performance in front of a small studio audience sitting in groups at tables. Wakeman would frequently cite the show as an opportunity for musicians from different bands to get the opportunity to work together. During its run, the show featured guests as diverse as Ian Paice, Steve Hackett, Andy Fairweather Low, John Entwistle, Godley and Creme, Eric Burdon and Phil Lynott. Now for the first time on DVD all the episodes of Gastank along with a CD of these now seminal music performances of Rick and his guests.
Special Limited Edition Boxset containing
Double DVD and a Double CD
Signed by Rick Wakeman and numbered certificate
Gastank T Shirt
Rick Wakeman - The Gastank Interviews book
Reproduction AAA pass
Standard Edition
Double DVD and Double CD
Available to pre-order from
For more information:
Release Date: 16th September 2016
Rick Wakeman - “Gospels” (Deluxe Box Set)
The Gospels evolved because Rick Wakeman was asked to perform at an organ recital to raise money for the Camberley United Reform Church, which was in desperate need of a new organ. Rick pondered what to play and the more he thought about it and what the evening should mean, the more he felt that something very special was about to take place. Thoughts of the New Testament kept creeping into his mind and he decided to write an instrumental piece to the settings of the four Gospels. He began working but after a couple of hours realized that there was no way he was going to get across the feelings he wished to portray without singing. The music seemed to cry out for an operatic tenor. Amazingly enough, just a few weeks earlier, Rick had met the famous tenor Ramon Remedios at a charity concert in which they both performed and he plucked up courage to ask him if he would kindly agree to perform the New Gospels with him. The concert was a tremendous success and Ramon’s feeling and understanding of the music moved many people to tears. The complete Gospels is a limited edition box set containing all the known recordings of the project both audio and visual. Along with a reproduction A4 x 12 page concert program.
Special Limited Edition Boxset containing
Signed by Rick Wakeman and numbered certificate
DVD containing over two hours of footage including an in depth interview with Rick about the project.
Double CD 1, The Original Gospels - with Robert Powell as the Narrator
Double CD2, The New Gospels DVD / CD of The Gospels performed live in California – never seen before
Reproduction A4 x 12 page concert program
For more information:
Release Date: 21st October 2016
Rick Wakeman - “Rainbow Suite”
This is a brand new orchestral piece written and performed by Rick Wakeman and the Orion Orchestra. This is a specially written piece of therapeutic music designed for people with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder to enjoy as well aficionados of good quality instrumental music. This is Rick and Orchestra at their finest !!!
Available to pre-order from
For more information:
Release Date: 25th November 2016  
Catch Rick Wakeman on tour with ARW (Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin & Rick Wakeman) this Fall 2016!
Rick Wakeman's official website:
Featuring Material From His Solo Albums and Moody Blues Classics 
Eagle Records is delighted to announce the release of the brand new album All The Way via digital formats (as All The Way – Tour Edition) on September 2, followed by a CD release on October 14 [MSRP $11.98]. A compilation from Justin Hayward’s solo career,  “All The Way” includes Justin’s solo songs, a recording with The London Philharmonic Orchestra, solo live performances and unique versions of classic Moody Blues tracks and the brand new song “The Wind Of Heaven.” 
Justin Hayward is the possessor of one of the finest and most distinctive voices in melodic rock. Guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for The Moody Blues since 1966, Justin continues to perform with the group, and alongside his work for The Moody Blues, he has developed an acclaimed and successful solo career. All The Way brings together many of his best-loved tracks from his work outside the group. From his top ten hit song “Blue Guitar”, included here in its original version recorded with members of 10cc, through his global smash “Forever Autumn” from Jeff Wayne’s musical version of War Of The Worlds and on through tracks from solo albums “Songwriter,” “The View From The Hill”, “Classic Blue”, “Moving Mountains” and “Spirits Of The Western Sky” before concluding with the brand new track “The Wind Of Heaven,” written for the film of the same name, All The Way is the perfect collection for any fan of Justin Hayward.
Pre-order here:
1) Blue Guitar  
2) Forever Autumn  
3) Broken Dream  
4) Troubadour  
5) The Best Is Yet To Come  
6) One Day Someday  
7) One Lonely Room  
8) In Your Blue Eyes  
9) Vincent  
10) Nights In White Satin  
11) Raised On Love  
12) It’s Not Too Late  
13) The Story In Your Eyes  
14) The Western Sky  
15) The Wind Of Heaven

Hello Kent,
Happy 50th Anniversary to The Monkees' first release of "Last Train To Clarksville!"  (August 16th)  Hey! Hey!
Huge hugs to you and Frannie!
Peace, Love & Happy Days Ahead,
Gary Strobl
Hey Gary, long time no talk!  (How's the Davy Jones book coming???)  I saw that entry for the 16th listed as the "release date" for "Last Train To Clarksville", which struck me as kind of odd since it didn't debut on the pop charts until September 3rd.  Then again, the single came out before a single episode of the television series ever aired ... so The Monkees were already on the charts before their TV debut!
Micky and Peter hit The Genesee Theatre on November 4th as part of their 50th Anniversary Tour.  (I was fortunate enough to see them with Michael Nesmith last year at The Star Plaza and meet with them backstage for a little while.  First time I've EVER seen Mike live so it was quite a thrill.) 
Can't make the Genesee show (we've got tickets to see Dionne Warwick at The Arcada that night) but I'm hoping they play to a packed house.
Good to hear from you!  All the best!  (kk)

Speaking of The Monkees, it sounds like we missed a live televised concert!
Check this out ...

Lots of fuss last week as Ed Sheeran was accused of ripping off the classic Marvin Gaye tune "Let's Get It On".
Kent ...
I say Marvin Gaye team improves Lawsuit record to 2-0.
Frank B.

Actually the suit was filed by the heirs of co-writer Ed Townsend and not Marvin Gaye's estate this time ... although I fully expect them to jump in now that the opportunity has presented itself.  (How could they pass this up?!?!) 
Personally, I think it's a GREAT mash-up of Gaye's "Let's Get It On" and Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud", which is one of my favorite songs from the past year.  They fit together perfectly and sound great together ... but I don't know that I really see this as a rip-off ... people have been creating medleys for years and this pair seem to have the perfect groove.  (There's even a little bit of The Temptations' "My Girl" thrown into the mix, hinting that Marvin may have borrowed a little bit from his label mate Smokey Robinson ... if you view the whole thing with a cynical enough state of mind.  If you haven't already heard this, give it a listen ... I really like it!  (kk)

Check out this clip sent in by FH Reader Tom Cuddy ... Reelin' In The Years Productions has acquired the rights to all of the music performances from "The Red Skelton Hour" ... clips that haven't been seen in fifty years.
Sounds like it's another licensing deal ... but it SURE would be cool if they would release this collection for home video so the real fans who would appreciate seeing it all again could purchase a copy for their personal collection.  (Looks like quite a few of these are live clips ... VERY cool!)  kk

I'm sure you intentionally timed the interview to coincide with Billy J. Kramer's birthday on Friday.
Uh ... actually, no ... I had no idea!!!  (lol)
Happy Birthday, Billy!  (kk)

Is it CHARLIE "Rembrandt" GRACIE? 🎸🎨😜
Philly's very First R&R Star appeared yesterday with JANE GOLDEN, Executive Director of Philly Mural Arts, her husband Tony, KATE JACOBI, Assistant Director -- and ERIC OKDEH the commissioned artist for the new "South Philly Musicians Remix" members of the community gathered to participate in the actual painting of this new and exciting creation. The event was held at the DiSilvesto Recreation Center. 
The mural will be installed on the highly visible corner Broad and Tasker Streets on the heart of South Philadelphia this October.

On a related note ...
Kent ...
It looks like some of your favorites will be appearing in the next few months.
Frank B.  

Here's an opportunity to support the Philadelphia Music Hall of Fame in their mission to promote regional artists and more of the music you want.
* Note: more shows are planned in September and October with the Soul Survivors, the Rip Chords and Charlie Gracie!
4 Days Until the Philadelphia Music Hall of Fame Summer Concert! 
Greetings! Just a reminder that PMHOF kicks off their Fall Concert Series Sat. Aug 20. If you're free, come out to Cannstatters and show our support!  Got a great show lined up! Steve Kurtz WVLT Crusin' is the host and will emcee a live radio broadcast! The acts are The Belairs with Billy Carlucci, Frankie and The Fashions, Relatives By Appointment, and The Sam Reed Quartet. Tix are only $15. Members can take $5 off ticket price!
Food and drink are available for purchase at the venue!
Thanks and we hope to see you!
Rick Penny
Events PMHOF
The Philadelphia Music Hall Of Fame (PMHF) mission is to preserve,
collect, protect and honor the diverse musical culture of Philadelphia.
View this email in your browser

Only 4 Days Left!!!

Join us this Saturday, August 20th, for our first of three shows at the Cannstatter Volksfest Verein in Northeast Philly. Enjoy live entertainment by the Sam Reed Quartet (from the Philadelphia Clef Club), the Belairs featuring Billy Carlucci, Frankie and the Fashions and Relatives by Appointment! 
Steve Kurtz, from Cruisin' 92.1 WVLT, will be broadcasting live at 4:00 pm from the event.
Glenn Yarborough, former lead singer of The Limeliters (who also scored a Top 20 solo hit in 1965 with "Baby, The Rain Must Fall") passed away on August 11th.  More info here:   

A few days ago when Earl wanted to know who was doing that particular version of SUMMER PLACE, I immediately thought of Dick Roman. I got my 45 out and played it and agree with you, I think it's Dick Roman (Harmon Records).
As for theme songs from TV westerns, I agree with you that BONANZA was just great, of course, I am talking about Al Caiola's version out of 1961. Now as for theme songs from western TV show, I always did like the theme from the late 50's - early 60's show RAWHIDE. Just loved to hear Frankie Laine belting out that tune before and after the show.
One final thing if I may on theme songs for TV westerns. During the late 50's - early 60's one of the many westerns that I used to watch religiously every week on television was THE LIFE AND LEGEND OF WYATT EARP with actor Hugh O'Brien. For some reason, I always did like the theme to it. Now singer Bill Hayes in 1956 recorded it on Cadence. I can't remember if Bill Hayes' version was the one used on the TV show or not. Bill Hayes was the same singer that a year earlier recorded the #1 song THE BALLAD OF DAVY CROCKETT, which again was a television show. It wasn't a weekly series, but just three episodes for a period of the same time that Walt Disney made for the ABC network. Actor Fess Parker who played Davy Crockett also recorded some. Would you believe I just thought of another show I always watched every week religiously. Thursday nights at 7:30 on ABC was ZORRO with actor Guy Williams. Who could ever forget the theme from ZORRO put out by the Chordettes in 1958, again on Cadence.

A couple of weeks ago we were raving about how great The O'Jays sounded on "Live At Daryl's House" ... and suggested that Ron Onesti try and book them for an appearance at The Arcada Theatre. 
Well, before the blink of an eye, they were already snagged to do a show at The Star Plaza in nearby Merrillville, Indiana.
It ain't cheap ... but here is the information on how you can get tickets for the concert ... as well as special dinner / theater and a VIP overnight stay package.
The show takes place on New Year's Eve ... and tickets are going fast ... so if you want to ring in 2017, you'd better act quickly!

And in January the "Salute to the '60's" is back starring Herman's Hermits featuring Peter Noone, The Buckinghams and The Grass Roots.

We ran into Buckinghams guitarist Dave Zane right before the Toto concert last week and he said The Bucks had just come back from an appearance at The Golden Nugget in Las Vegas ... and were already booked for a couple more.  Zane also plays guitar for Jay and the Americans, who'll be returning to The Arcada Theatre in September for a show with Felix Cavaliere's Rascals.  (kk)

And, speaking of great concerts, FH Reader Tom Apathy files this report (and some more great pix) from the Peter Yarrow concert he attended last week ...

Hello Kent
It was a magical evening on August 11th at Hoover Auditorium in Lakeside, Ohio, when folk legend Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary took the stage.  At 78 years young, Peter had stories to tell and his voice and guitar sounded as good as ever.
The evening started with Music Speaks Louder Than Words, in which he already had the audience singing along with him on the chorus.  Then, the beautiful Leaving On A Jet Plane which, of course, had everyone singing.
Peter then shared stories on his activism, marches, and projects he was working on, mixing in songs like Don't Laugh At Me, and Listen, Mr Bilbo (a song from the 40's but still very relative today).  He ended the first set with the fave Puff The Magic Dragon.
After a short break, in which he signed and met fans (for about 20 minutes), he was back on stage to do only requests.  Where Have All The Flowers Gone, Lemon Tree, If I Had A Hammer, This Land Is Your Land, and We Shall Overcome.
What I will take from this show is that Mr Yarrow truly believes in what he sings.  During the intermission, as I was getting some albums and photos signed, a member of the venue staff stated that Peter was only going to sign things from the Merchandise table.  Peter immediately said NO, that this night was about Friendship and not Money, and proceeded to sign my things and chat with me.  Great guy!
Tom Apathy

There's been a lot of talk of late about the reunion of Tony Orlando and Dawn for a couple of shows in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.   

Vintage Vinyl News files this report ...

Tony Orlando & Dawn, with singers Joyce Vincent and Thelma Hopkins, performed together last Wednesday and Thursday night at The Sands Bethlehem Event Center in Pennsylvania. 
The reunion came at the urging of the managers at the venue where Orlando has done his Christmas show for the last 23 years. The group was a mainstay on the radio throughout the first half of the 1970's before Hopkins went off to be one of the most constant actors in television for the last three decades and Vincent took on a solo career.
The show started out strong with three of the first four songs being major hits for the group. They continued to sprinkle in many of the rest of their best known songs throughout the night mixed in with a few album cuts and, in the middle of the show, a salute to Orlando's early days with two of his 1961 hits along with the days that Hopkins sang backup at Motown and on Isaac Hayes' Shaft (she is the voice of the line "Shut Your Mouth!".
The show reportedly ran about 75 minutes which, unfortunately, could have been slightly longer as they missed a few top forty hits including Summer Sand, What Are You Doing Sunday?, Look in My Eyes Pretty Womanand Mornin' Beautiful.
The set list:
  • Sweet Summer Days of My Life (from Dawn's New Ragtime Follies, 1973)
  • Candida (from Candida, 1970)
  • Knock Three Times (from Candida, 1970)
  • He Don't Love You (Like I Love You) (from He Don't Love You (Like I Love You), 1975)
  • Daydream (from Dawn's New Ragtime Follies, 1973)
  • Say Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose (from Dawn's New Ragtime Follies, 1973)
  • Funny Valentine / Cupid (from To Be With You, 1976)
  • Who's in the Strawberry Patch With Sally (from Dawn's New Ragtime Follies, 1973)
  • Steppin' Out (With My Baby Tonight) (from Dawn's New Ragtime Follies, 1973)
  • Halfway To Paradise (single, 1961) / Bless You (single, 1961)
  • Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (recorded by Orlando in 1961 but not released)
  • Have I Told You Lately (costume change interlude sung by piano player)
  • The Motown Song (Rod Stewart cover)
  •     Medley: 
    • I Heard It Thru The Grapevine (Marvin Gaye cover)
    • Sugar Pie Honey Bunch (Four Tops cover)
    • Reach Out, I'll Be There (Four Tops cover)
    • Stop! In the Name Of Love (Supremes cover) 
  • Theme From Shaft (Isaac Hayes cover)
  • Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree (from Tuneweaving, 1973)
  • You're All I Need to Get By (from To Be With You, 1976)
  • If It Wasn't For You, Dear (from Dawn's New Ragtime Follies, 1973)
  • Who's In The Strawberry Patch With Sally (reprise)
  • You're All I Need To Get By (reprise)
An Evening with THE BOX TOPS
Three Nights at the historic Egyptian Theatre -
(home of the sundance film festival)
AUG 25 26 27!!
Songs, and stories of 60s Memphis!!
RICK LEVY ... manager / guitarist

Vinyl's big comeback?
The first vinyl record ever played IN SPACE!  Two hours of video as it rises into the upper reaches and then returns to earth with turntable still spinning.  The needle unfortunately gets knocked off outside edge when it reaches peak, but that's happened to me on Earth a few times with my tone arm too, so no biggie.  Maybe they should have used Alan Parsons' "What Goes Up."  If you play full screen, you can skip most of the two hours by looking ahead.  Anticlimactic at the end except for it being placed into a van with a HAM radio license plate!!
Clark Besch  

Thanks for all you do to keep the great music of our youth alive!
Bob Verbos