Wednesday, September 27, 2017

September 27th

The Beatles wrap up their recording sessions for "The Fool On The Hill" and "I Am The Walrus," both of which will be featured in their upcoming British television special "Magical Mystery Tour". 

Jeff March and Marti Childs tell us ...

The list of England's most prevalent recording session backup singers of the 1960s includes a choral group named the Mike Sammes Singers, an ensemble of 16 vocalists. They sang backup for hit singles by Tom Jones, Helen Shapiro, Anthony Newley, Tommy Steele, Engelbert Humperdinck, Olivia Newton-John and many other artists. They also sang on hundreds of radio commercial jingles, and recorded several albums of their own. But their most widely heard performance was also their least-credited work. 

The Mike Sammes Singers gathered in a recording studio at 7 p.m. on September 27, 1967, in London to perform a choral background layered over an orchestral score mixed with a rock music superstructure. Part of their assignment was to chant, "Everybody's got one, everybody's got one" repeatedly. The rock song, lyrics of which were inspired in part by a Lewis Carroll poem, also included lines of recitation from a BBC radio performance of Shakespeare's "King Lear." The session, which went into the early hours of the morning at EMI Studios, on Abbey Road, was for the Beatles' "Magical Mystery Tour" track "I Am the Walrus."

In one of the tightest pennant races ever recorded … and with just five days remaining in the 1967 American League regular season ... the possibility of a four-way tie for first place still remains.  (The Chicago White Sox, The Minnesota Twins, The Detroit Tigers and The Boston Red Sox are all locked in this intense competition.) 

Later today, however, the possibility of a four way tie is eliminated as both the Minnesota Twins and The Boston Red Sox lose their games.  This leaves Minnesota with a record of 91-69 and The Red Sox with a record of 90-70.  The only two games remaining for these two teams are against each other.

The RMS Queen Mary arrives in Southampton, completing its final transatlantic voyage.