Saturday, September 30, 2017

September 30th

In an interview on The David Frost Show, John Lennon and Paul McCartney denounce the influences of Maharishi Mahis Yogi, citing numerous examples of where he failed as a spiritual leader (and also exhibited the tendencies of a dirty old man!)  Both would make references to their Maharishi experience in future song.   

Paul claims that "The Fool On The Hill" was partially written about him and his ridiculous giggle … while Lennon made no secret of the fact that the original lyrics to "Sexy Sadie" read "Maharishi … what have you done?  You've made a fool of everyone."  

To this day Beach Boy Mike Love says these sessions changed his life and he still makes time to meditate each and every day.  The most positive result we've seen musically is that The Beatles left India sufficiently inspired to write enough songs to fill a double album, which became The White Album in 1968.

Comedian (and recent Emmy Winning Dramatic Actor) Bill Cosby has the #3 Record in Chicago on the WLS Silver Dollar Survey with his Stevie Wonder take-off "Little Ole Man".  While I'm quite certain this was cause for one hell of a celebration, no one is saying if any "special cocktails" were served.