Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Saturday Surveys (February 17th, 1968)

2-17-68 KUOI Moscow, Idaho

Heading to another college town, this time, home of the University of Idaho, we still find Paul Mauriat leading the pack with "Love is Blue."  Besides this easy listening giant, there's plenty of rock and RNB and soul stuff to make for a great time listening to the local college station.  

A surprise to this hit list might be the Portraits' "Runaround Girl."  Our own Forgotten Hits contributor of (mostly) Wisconsin band information, Gary Myers, was a member of this 4 Seasons sounding band in the 60's. 

*Survey courtesy Gary Pfeifer and ARSA website

We've been talking about how big a hit "Love Is Blue" was for several weeks now ... so I guess it's time we finally feature it!

Also on my hit list ... the Glen Campbell track "Hey Little One," always one of my favorites that didn't enjoy the success I felt it deserved.  (kk)


2/12/68:  Chynna Phillips is born to Mama Michelle and Papa John.  In the 1990’s she will team with Brian Wilson’s daughters, Carnie and Wendy, to form Wilson Phillips … who will go on to have three of their own #1 Records

Also on this date, Jimi Hendrix is given an Honorary High School Diploma (as well as the Key to the City) in his hometown of Seattle, Washington.  He performs a free concert for the students at Garfield High School, his alma mater.

2/13/68:  10,500 additional US troops sent to Vietnam

2/15/68:  Blues harmonica great Little Walter Jacobs dies, age 37.

Also on this date ... The Beatles travel to India to study meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  Mile Love of The Beach Boys will join them.  While there, The Beatles compose a number of songs that will ultimately find their way to their double white album released later that year … including Paul’s Beach Boys-inspired “Back In The USSR.”

2/16/68:  Aretha Franklin Day is celebrated in Detroit, Michigan

Also on that day, Elvis Presley receives another gold record, this time for his Gospel Album “How Great Thou Art.”  It will go on to win a Grammy as well for Best Sacred Performance.