Friday, April 27, 2018

Chuck Buell

One of the perks of doing Forgotten Hits has been meeting some of the artists and disc jockeys who filled our lives with musical joy during the most impressionable and formative years of our lives.   

As such, we have really enjoyed being able to bring you many of Chuck's comments over the past few years  (and I think he kinda digs Forgotten Hits, too!)

So today's tribute, put together by Clark Besch, a major Chuck Buell fan and regular FH contributor, is just our way of saluting one of the voices that enriched our lives back in the day.


Hey, I wanna stay at that 1967 hotel, not the 1962 one!  Chuck has the wrong year for me!  

I listened to Chuck from Dodge City when he was at KIMN and then WLS, as I could receive both stations.  KIMN was always trial and error, but at 950 sandwiched between 890 WLS and 1000 WCFL on the close knit top 40 dial that was also sporting great top 40 radio from 900 KEYN Wichita, 910 KLSI Salina, Ks, 930 WKY OKC, 940 KIXZ Amarillo, 990 KNIN Wichita Falls, Tx, we were not searching long on ANY one station often, except for my Chicago faves.  However, KIMN often had a different music choice, as their surveys showed. 

Here's a short bit from summer of 66 we brothers taped mentioning Chuck playing "Along Comes Mary" on the survey countdown show he did then, followed by two years later at the BIG 89 playing the crudely cropped station edit of "Those Were the Days." I have a tape somewhere of KIMN playing an exclusive (they said so in the middle of the song, as stations did back then) of "No Milk Today" as it was a UK 45 months before turning up here in the US.  The tape was November 66 and it was charting on KIMN as an exclusive, but was not available until the 45 here in January, 67. 

Also, I have the New Seekers' "Buy the World a Coke" jingles I had on tape that Chuck thought might have his voice overs.  The only ones I found with voice overs don't sound like him, but are attached.  There were probably many DJs who did those voice overs, tho.  

Here's a whole bunch of small files that I think should come thru to you from newspapers. Also, back in the early 1980's, KIMN had a reunion of the jocks and pulled out stuff from the closet (Djs included?) and spent 30 hours reliving 30 years as a top 40 station.  The great radio newspaper of the day was "Radio & Records," which I LOVED reading as much as Billboard in that day and age, and KIMN put together a 30 minute composite of the 30 years in 30 hours special that actually came on cassette WITH the newspaper that year in one issue!!!  Can you believe how cool that was to get back then for a 60's radio maniac like me???  Anyway, I have transferred the tape to digital and you can download the 30 minute 28 MB clip below.  Lots of Buell and more (or should I say Moore? -- inside joke for KIMN followers). 

Hope you enjoy all this Chuck Buell remembrances.  I'll sign off as:
Clark Besch, the guy who liked listening to Chuck Buell SO much that he asked for the same initials!

Hey Chuck ... hopefully you'll find a few things here missing from your own collection!  Enjoy!  (kk)