Saturday, April 7, 2018

The Saturday Survey (April 7th)

Looks like "Denver" tops the Denver chart this week as Steve Alaimo holds off The Beatles for a second week on top of the KLZ Chart!  (I'm guessing that whoever picked up this particular survey at their local record mart wasn't too fond of The Irish Rovers' new Top Ten Record "The Unicorn," which took a leap of 22 points from #32 to #10 this week.  They've crossed it off completely and written in "Jesus" instead!  Not quite sure what that means ... but it can't be good!  lol)  Pretty cool to see a Top 70 Chart 'tho!  (kk)

4-5-68 - KLZ-FM - Denver, Colorado (Also, KIMN 4-6-68)

KLZ-FM was one of the early FM stations in the US to play rock 'n roll.  Despite being up against legendary top 40 AM giant KIMN, KLZ-FM had a huge playlist and enough stereo listeners to be of interest in the late 60's and early 70's in the Mile High City.  

There was a lot of carry over from the AM to FM giants, musically, including FH members.  Denver was one of few markets to play TWO versions of the Bobby Russell mega-hit "Honey," both at #3 -- the national hit by Bobby Goldsboro and a slightly earlier release by former Kingston Trio member Bob Shane.  They would both be #1 on both stations the following week.  Maybe that is what sent our Chuck Buell packing for the Windy City that month?  

Lots of syrup to hold the Beatles off #1 and the Epic Records "Jennifer Sisters" at #6 and 11.  Cool obscurities abound here, but we'll choose former "Where The Action Is' show regular, Steve Alaimo to feature, since his song "Denver" is #1.  Interestingly enough, one of KIMN's various hits LPs (below) released later that year included, as a bonus (?), a copy of the Alaimo 45 WITH the LP inside the cover!  Maybe Atco made too many copies of the 45???? 

Checking both charts, you'll find little difference other than 70 to 50 song listings.
-- Clark Besch


It's a Denver Chart Twin-Spin this week ... 

Again, I just LOVE the chart diversity of ranking Mom and Pop Favorite, Little Ole Wine-Drinker Dean Martin right next to The Godfather of Soul, Soul Brother #1 James Brown, who comes in just ahead of British Rockers, 
Instrument-Smashers, The Who!!!
(And I've just GOTTA play my Michele Lee / Forgotten Hits favorite "L. David Sloane," too, while I've got a chance.  
It ranks at #29, several years before Lee will join the cast of television's Night Time Soap Opera Hit, "Knots Landing!"  (kk)


THIS WEEK IN 1968:  

4/3/68:  Simon and Garfunkel’s new album Bookends is released on Columbia Records

4/4/68:  Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. is assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee.  Rioting breaks out in major cities across The United States.

Also on this date, Bobby Goldsboro receives a gold record for his #1 Hit “Honey”

4/5/68:  Soul and Funk Master James Brown goes on TV to make a nationally televised appeal to stop the rioting in an “appeal for calm” in wake of the assassination of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.