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The Sunday Comments ( 10 - 20 - 18 )

Let The Great Debate Begin!
Hey Kent,
Wow ...
Didn't mean to get you so upset over that list of the most overrated records of all-time. But, different than you, right away, I thought it was stupid and laughable. I see this kind of stuff every day on the homepage I wake up to; someone's best this or that, top 10 this, bottom 10 that. Since the list was about popular music hits, and your site is about just that, I thought I'd send it your way.
You're probably right about the writer being so young that he didn't "live through" the times when the songs made it to the airwaves.
One recording I completely agree with you on is Toto's "Africa," which is one of the few pop hits I consider a masterpiece. I always get into it with irate fans about "For What it's Worth."  Even though it was a song, reflective of our times, I believe the Buffalo Springfield got into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame based solely on that one-hit wonder, when other groups, that have an impressive body of hits, are still waiting to be inducted. I don't care about how some of the band's members became super-stars later on.
I am also in total agreement about the ridiculous amount of airplay some of those songs, and many others, have gotten over the years. Remember "It Never Rains in Southern California?"  AHH!
As you say, it's one man's opinion. When he finally finds your comments, he'll probably send both of us death-threats.
Have a nice day. :-)
John LaPuzza
For the record, I heard Aerosmith’s “Dream On” FOUR TIMES on Friday, spread out over three different radio stations.  I love the song ... but honestly, once a day is enough for me!
If you haven’t already tried it, check out Me-TV-FM … the variety will blow you away … although you just may hear “It Never Rains In Southern California”!!!  (kk)

You are Captain Courageous to venture into this territory (which is why I always enjoy your lists / comments!) 
"Imagine" sounds to me like an hypnotic lullaby and (forgive this preacher for saying so) too preachy. I'm sure many enjoy the simple (bordering on simplistic) message, but not being convinced of the benefits of all the "imagine there's no..." makes it a difficult listen for me.  
(full disclosure: diehard Beach Boys fan /
I fully expect to get some flack for my John Lennon comments … and I cannot stress enough as to what a HUGE fan I am of this man’s music.  But when looking back with my eyes wide open to his earliest John And Yoko adventures, they really DO come across as pretty corny in hindsight.
I think “Imagine” is a beautiful song … in fact, I used to sing it in my band at the time … and even went so far as to have used some of the lyrics on my Christmas cards two years in a row … but all these years on, I think it comes across as pretty weak lyrically … and thus (within the context of this particular poll) over-rated.  (kk)

Seems most people who get paid (note: important aspect) to write music criticism today:
1 - Do not know ANYTHING about rock and roll history without looking it up on Wikipedia;
2 - Are of such a young age that the debut of MTV is of their parents or grandparents era;
3 - Possess ZERO credibility regarding their craft.
That stated, I took a peek at the link before reading your rebuttal, Kent, and when I spotted "For What It's Worth" at #9, I quickly X'd off the page.  I didn't bother to read any further. 
"...Worth" is a classic, still resonates all these years later, and not dated ... albeit hardly my personal fave song from Buffalo Springfield (my top pick is "On The Way Home" and that is just Richie Furay with studio guys). But, seriously ... over-rated? 
I concur with "Stairway To Heaven" and Hotel California" as being truly worthy of over-rated status.  Top 3, certainly in the over-rated of all time category. Never liked either one, and the saturated airplay at the time annoyed me to no end to the point where I cannot listen to either song to this day. Classic rock anthems … but do we need to hear them every single hour or two? No.  Both the Eagles and Led Zepplin have far better songs in their respective recorded legacy, IMO that surpass both of those.
I have a hard time picking a #3.  Insert just about any song recorded after 2000, I guess.  Bland and boring product geared for sales, then immediately forgettable and disposable.
Mike Markesich

The list is stupid because the top 1000 are all rap tracks except for “You’re Having My Baby” !!!
Ken Freck

As far as overrated songs go, you have to separate between overrated, overplayed, and just plain dumb. An overrated song to me, is one that someone has decreed the pinnacle of perfection, there will never another like it, and in the case of an overrated song, one can only hope. I may be a minority of one here, but my vote goes to Hey Jude. It was the first song that came to my mind when I read your post this morning. Now at dinner time, I haven't changed my mind. Runner up is Beat It. 
Jack Levin

Hey Kent, How are ya?
In regards to the highly overrated Up Around the Bend (lol), I am a big CCR guy, too, and, for what it’s worth (see how I worked that in), it is one of my favorite singles of theirs. Of course, it's pretty subjective. The CCR catalog is outstanding and they are definitely not overrated. John Fogerty's output since is fairly head-scratching ... very few top flight songs, IMO, but that does not detract from CCR's importance and great string of hits.
As for Imagine, I agree with much of your assessment. It is a very nice sounding song, but if one listens to the lyrics, it is really an ode to godless communism ('imagine there's no heaven," "imagine no possessions,” etc). It has also become, since his death, an anthem for gun control. Sorry, but as an avid supporter of personal freedom and the 2nd Amendment, it's hard for me to warm up to this sentiment. Having, said that, I loved Dr. O'Boogie very much and miss him like all other Beatle fans.
Greg Favata  

The Saturday Survey
To quote our mutual friend Rich Appel, that Temptations record "Really Shoulda-been" a much-bigger hit! 
I don't remember that at all, and barely remember the Ox-Bow Incident tune ...
Bob Frable

You mentioned "Sookie Sookie" as a great B side 45.  Indeed, it was.  However, it was also originally the A side to their second single, months before they became a huge success with the follow-up, "Born To Be Wild." 
Before that hit, Steppenwolf (and the song itself) seemed to have a huge identity crisis in the trades.  The 45 would be listed in columns as "Sooky Sooky" and Steppenwolf would be referred to as "Steppin' Wolf"!  Even the songwriter and original performer had that situation. 
"Sookie Sookie" was a B side for Don Covay in 1966, but was flipped to A side status.  "Watching the Late, Late Show' was the "plug side" but the flip took over, especially in Houston on R&B station KYOK.  "Late Show" got a BB POP prediction of Top 60, which never materialized.  The side reached 101 on the Hot 100 chart, while "Sookie" did better on the R&B side and eventually, in March, 1966, got plugged by Atlantic Records as the A side.

Fast forward from February, 1966, to February, 1968, and "Sookie Sookie" becomes Steppenwolf's second A side single as Dunhill 4123 and the band's first LP is released.
It got some trade predictions as a good one, too, in both Record World and Cash Box.  (see below)

That month, Cleveland's WIXY and WKYC (below) charted the 45 in their top 40 (#40 below)

Once "Born to be Wild" broke big in May (first at KPOI in Honolulu -- check out our early June KPOI survey in FH) and then Cincinnati a month later, some stations began playing the old "Sookie" 45 as below, the big hit is #11 and the old one now #4!!!

Altho no Billboard predictions for "Sookie," came when the next single, an original John Kay tune, "Magic carpet Ride" was paired with the earlier 1968 A side, the old track again raised it head proudly, particularly on WSAI in Cincy and KIMN Denver, where Chuck Buell had just departed from.

The result was an interesting "test" of the two sides.  Dunhill released DJ copies of EACH side (one Dunhill 4160 and the other 4161).  Both ended up winning in various markets including KIMN.  On the KIMN year-end chart, "Sookie" ranked #51 for the year of ‘68 and "Magic Carpet" lower at #60!

Clark Besch  

Concert News:
Art Garfunkel returns to The City Winery in December for shows on December 14th and 15th … both sure to be sell-outs as were his last two appearances.  (Wish we could go to this one but we’ll be in Nashville that entire weekend.)  Hopefully he’ll return to The City Winery again next year and the third time will be the charm for us to finally see him live in concert.  (kk)

However, if you ARE fortunate to make it to this show … you need to be aware of the Garfunkel concert protocol:

Right from the website , comes a pre-warning to all of those interested in purchasing tickets …

Due to the intimate nature of this show, dinner service will conclude 15 minutes prior to the start of the performance and drink service will be limited during the performance in the first section on the main floor. The service restrictions will apply to guests seated in seats 1-92, 400-417 and 520-521. Doors will open two hours prior to the show and we encourage you to arrive early if you would like to dine in the concert venue

(And you guys thought Aretha Franklin was a diva!!!)  Still, I’d love to see him again … so hopefully the opportunity will present itself sometime soon.  (kk)

Also coming for two shows in December is Macy Gray … and upcoming concerts include Jim Messina (this Sunday, the 21st), The English Beat (October 24th), Peter Asher and Jeremy Clyde (November 6th), Peter Wolf (November 14th), Canned Heat (November 28th), Randy Bachman (January 24th and 25th), 10,000 Maniacs (February 14th – 16th) and Procol Harum (February 20th and 21st)

And you just can’t stop the momentum of these Cornerstones Of Rock shows here in Chicago …

Besides two November dates (one at The Genesee Theatre on November 4th and the other at The Arcada Theatre on November 24th), Ron Onesti has just booked a return performance for next April 14th!!!  (Incredible!) This will be a 3:00 start and tickets are on sale now at The Arcada Online Box Office:

This week at The Arcada:  Paul Anka is in town for two nights, presenting his “Anka Sings Sinatra” show, on Monday and Tuesday, October 22nd and 23rd.

Forgotten Hits Readers have earned a 20% discount on tickets.  (Locals on the list were notified last via a special emailed announcement.)  If you live in or around the Chicagoland area and would enjoy catching some of your favorite oldies artists performing live in concert, we think you might like to join our “Locals List,” offering local concert information and special ticket offers.  Just drop me a line and we’ll add you to the list as we LOVE passing these special offers along to our readers.  (Typically, these special announcements and ticket offers go out by email only … but since this is a pretty major show, we’re also posting it here on the website, too, in case any of you out there might want to journey in to see one of these great shows featuring the incredible Paul Anka.)

Here's your chance to see one of the great entertainers of our time ...
Paul Anka returns to The Arcada Theatre Monday and Tuesday Night (October 22nd and 23rd) with a brand new show billed as "Anka Sings Sinatra" ... and we've got a special ticket offer exclusively for Forgotten Hits Readers.

We saw Paul a couple of years ago and he blew us away ... he's the consummate entertainer ... pure class ... and first class all the way. 
This is your chance to be there as Anka brings a little bit of Vegas to St. Charles, Illinois!

Paul Anka himself describes the show this way ...

The "Anka Sings Sinatra" tour will honor a great artist who has influenced me more than anyone else throughout my career, Frank Sinatra.  It will also feature the hits that have spanned my career on this 60th anniversary year.  It will be a night filled with His songs, My songs, My Way!

So whether you're a Sinatra fan, a Paul Anka fan, or just someone who loves a night of great, top-notch entertainment, don't miss your chance to see this show-biz legend, live in concert, at The Arcada Theatre, next Monday or Tuesday Night.

Head over to The Arcada Online Box Office ...

And type in the special promo code HITS20 when ordering your tickets ... and you'll receive a 20% discount on your entire ticket order.  (regular processing fees apply)

You'll be talking about this show for a long, long time to come.  Hope to see you there!  (kk)

Our FH Buddy Lou Christie performed at Proctor’s in Schenectady this past Saturday Night, along with The Lettermen.  If any of our readers were able to attend this concert, we would love to hear from you.   

Meanwhile, you can read a great interview with Lou here:

And tonight (Sunday, October 21st), The Genesee Theatre is hosting The Roy Orbison Hologram Show.  (I really wanted to see this one ... but a completely unexpected tooth extraction yesterday has knocked me to sidelines.  What's going on here???  Over the past two weeks, Frannie and I have both had to go in for emergency surgeries!!!  We're barely out of our teens!!!) You'll find more on The Big O below!  (kk)

Also tonight, Jim Messina is performing at Chicago’s City Winery.  (A couple of Forgoten Hits Winners will be attending that show.)

More Sad News:   
Wild Wayne is reporting that Dominick "Randy" Safuto has died at 71 years old.  He was the lead singer of Randy & The Rainbows. The group comes from Maspeth, Queens, New York. They started out as the Dialtones. 
This was their biggest Hit from 1963. Later the same year they also sang "Why Do Kids Grow Up."
“Denise” was a Top Ten Hit that year … truly a One Hit Wonder … but a memorable one.  “Why Do Kids Grow Up” only reached #95 as the year ended.  Sorry to hear of Randy’s passing.  (kk)

We are sad to report the passing of Dominick "Randy" Safuto, original lead singer of Randy & the Rainbows, who had a smash hit with "Denise" in 1963. Dominick had been performing with his brother Frank (also an original member of the group) until recently when he suffered a heart attack as he prepared for a routine medical procedure. The group put their hometown of Maspeth, Queens on the map, musically speaking, and Dominick was still living nearby in Queens at the time of his passing. Recommended listening for fans of the music: "Why Do Kids Grow Up," "Happy Teenager" and Randy & the Rainbows' cover of the Elegants' "Little Star."
John LaPuzza

And, speaking great falsettos (anybody out there remember our Falsies Series from the early email days of Forgotten Hits???), Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon hooked us up with Jay Siegel of The Tokens this past week.  Jay is off to do some shows out of the country but we’re hoping to talk some more later this year when he returns. 

Purely by coincidence, we received a couple of Tokens-related emails this week!  (I told Jay that his group comes up fairly often in Forgotten Hits!)

Play the instrumental songs A SWINGING SAFARI and AFRIKAAN BEAT, and notice the resemblance to MBUBE and WIMOWEH in terms of chords and melody. 
Tal Hartsfeld

kk …
Did I already send you this one ?
Jay Siegel and Freddy Cannon will both be at "Bowzer's Rock & Doo -Wop Party - Volume 18" at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut on January 20, 2019. 
And, speaking of Jay Siegel and The Tokens, did I ever tell you that I won a T-Shirt, because of this song? 
It was on Mickey B's radio show.
QUESTION = What was the Tokens’ first hit? 
Everybody called up answering "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."
"Tonight I Fell In Love" was the correct answer.
Mickey B even let me sing it!
Frank B. 
Frank also let us know that yesterday (October 20th) was Jay Siegel’s 79th birthday!  So Happy Birthday, Jay!  (Man, he’s got one HELL of a voice for a guy who’s nearly 80!!!)  kk

This And That  

Unchained Melodies: Roy Orbison with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra is being released November 16th through Sony Music’s Legacy Recordings in partnership with Roy’s Boys LLC, the Nashville-based company founded by Roy Orbison’s sons to administer their father’s catalog and safeguard his legacy. Available on CD and digital formats on November 16th, and double vinyl LP on November 23rd, this brand-new album infuses Orbison’s best original vocal performances with the emotion and world-class musicianship of the Royal Philharmonic, London’s most notable orchestra.   
With the production team of Don Reedman and Nick Patrick again at the helm, Unchained Melodies is a fitting follow up to last year’s sensational A Love So Beautiful: Roy Orbison & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Reedman and Patrick have an unparalleled track record in this field, having also produced If I Can Dream: Elvis Presley with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and The Wonder of You: Elvis Presley with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Roy’s sons Wesley (guitar), Roy Jr. (guitar) and Alex (drums), contribute additional instrumentation on select tracks and are occasionally joined by the “Orbison women” on back up vocals – Wesley’s daughter Emily Orbison (whose husband, Cameron Davidson, engineered the session), Wesley’s fiancé Jennifer Hicks, Roy Jr.’s wife Åsa Orbison, and Alex’s wife Erika Wolf Orbison all participate, truly making Unchained Melodies a cross-generational family affair.
Pre-order Unchained Melodies: Roy Orbison with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra here:  
Watch video about the making of Unchained Melodies: Roy Orbison with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra here:  
Where last year’s A Love So Beautiful focused more on hits, the repertoire selection for Unchained Melodies is driven by material that specifically lends itself to the orchestral format. Some tracks are included as the result of a poll where fans were asked what should be included on the project. The top six were “Walk On,” “Leah,” “Crawling Back,” “Blue Bayou,” “Danny Boy” and “California Blue,” all of which are represented. The material spans between 1963 and Roy’s 1988 recording sessions just before his untimely passing in December of that year. 
“These brand new orchestrations are truly spectacular,” said Roy Orbison Jr. “From the control room in Studio 2 at Abbey Road back in June, I indeed tried to close my eyes and ‘guess’ at which song we were recording next based on the prelude building from the room below. Listen closely to ‘Danny Boy’ and ‘Unchained Melody’ for perfect examples of where we tried to break new ground with this record.” 
“The challenge was, how do we make an album that equals and goes beyond what we achieved on A Love So Beautiful?” postulated co-producer Don Reedman. “We knew we needed to delve deep into the vast body of work that Roy had created in his recording career.  There were exciting moments where I felt that we could make something that would be a natural progression, but also surprise many of Roy’s fans with songs that were new and fresh sounding, and therefore make our new album exactly that – a new album.” 
A late addition to the CD / digital versions of Unchained Melodies is an alternate version of “Heartbreak Radio” that features a virtual collaboration between Roy and country music sensation Cam. The California-born singer / songwriter emerged as a breakthrough artist with her international hit “Burning House,” which garnered Cam her first platinum record, #1 country single, and Grammy® Award nomination for Best Country Solo Performance. Her 2015 major label debut album Untamed was met with widespread critical acclaim and instantly hit #2 on Billboard’s Country chart, becoming the highest selling debut country studio album of the entire year.  
Cam commented, "I grew up listening to my Dad sing Roy Orbison. Those melodies are so ingrained in my soul, when I’m mindlessly humming to myself these days it’s mostly Orbison tunes like 'Only The Lonely.' Singing on 'Heartbreak Radio' with him is unreal, I can’t fully believe it.” 
"It's nice that we get to have Cam sing on the new record,” said Wesley Orbison. “'Heartbreak Radio' sounds like a new, fresh track, which it is. She really brings a terrific energy to it – just so bright and creative."  
In Dreams: Roy Orbison in Concert – The Hologram Tour has kicked off on October 2nd.  
A collaboration between Roy’s Boys and BASE Hologram, the first ever holographic tour in North American history kicked off in Oakland, CA,  and will make its way through the West Coast, Midwest, Northeast, South and even parts of Canada. The 25-date trek, which utilizes Roy’s actual voice backed by a live orchestra, will culminate in Clearwater, FL on November 19, three days after the release of Unchained Melodies 

Unchained Melodies: Roy Orbison with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra CD/digital (available November 16)

1)      Unchained Melody

2)      Blue Bayou

3)      She’s a Mystery To Me

4)      Heartbreak Radio

5)      Falling

6)      Walk On

7)      The Great Pretender

8)      The Crowd

9)      The Comedians

10)  Crawling Back

11)  Danny Boy

12)  Too Soon To Know

13)  Careless Heart

14)  California Blue

15)  Heartbreak Radio (Duet with Cam)

Unchained Melodies: Roy Orbison with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 2LP (available November 23)

Side 1

1)    Unchained Melody

2)    Blue Bayou

3)    She’s a Mystery To Me

4)    Heartbreak Radio

Side 2

1)    Falling

2)    Walk On

3)    The Great Pretender

Side 3

1)    The Crowd

2)    The Comedians

3)    Crawling Back

Side 4

1)    Danny Boy

2)    Too Soon To Know

3)    Careless Heart

4)    California Blue

In Dreams: Roy Orbison in Concert – The Hologram Tour

October 21 – Waukegan, IL @ Genesee Theatre

October 24 – Grand Prairie, TX @ Verizon Theatre

October 26 – Sugar Land, TX @ Smart Financial Centre

October 29 – Washington, DC  @ MGM National Harbor

November 2 – Red Bank, NJ @ Count Basie Theatre

November 4 – Toronto, ON @ Sony Centre for the Performing Arts

November 7 – Orono, ME @ Collins Center for the Arts

November 9 – Bensalem, PA @ Xcite Center @ Parx Casino

November 10 – Brookville, NY @ Tilles Center For The Performing Arts

November 12 – Morristown, NJ @ Mayo Performing Center

November 14 – Greenville, SC @ Peace Concert Hall

November 15 – Atlanta, GA @ Fox Theatre

November 16 – Orlando, FL @ Walt Disney Theatre

November 17 – Fort Myers, FL @ Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall

November 18 – Fort Lauderdale, FL @ Parker Playhouse

November 19 – Clearwater, FL @ Ruth Eckerd Hall

FH Reader Tom Cuddy sent us this EXCELLENT article / interview with Jeff Lynne … can you believe it has been THIRTY YEARS since the first Traveling Wilburys album was released?!?!  Where does the time go?!?! We're barely out of our teens!!!  (kk) 

Here’s another shot of Micky Dolenz at that LATTC College event from last week, courtesy of Micky’s PR Guy, David Salidor … 

Micky Dolenz, was honored last week at L. A.’s LATTC College, on their campus, where he attended for right before his Monkees-success. His
sister, Coco delivered the video-introduction.
Here he is with LATTC’s David Ysai
-         David Salidor

Speaking of The Monkees, we told you about their brand new Christmas album, now available.  Now comes word that Detroit Rocker Mitch Ryder is also releasing HIS very first holiday album! 

Check it out here:  

Take A Ride This Christmas With Rock / Soul Legend
MITCH RYDER On His First Ever Holiday Album!
Of the many gifts given to the world by the Detroit music scene, from the compositions of Duke Ellington to the raw punk power of The Stooges and current Hall Of Fame nominees The MC5, one of the most enduring has been the unforgettable voice of Mitch Ryder. Whether performing with or without his Detroit Wheels, Ryder has been one of the most dominant figures in the Motor City’s bountiful music scene for the last four decades, stuffing the world’s musical stockings with such sweet hits as “Devil With A Blue Dress On,” “Jenny (Take A Ride)” and lots more!
This year he proudly presents a collection of brand new recordings to celebrate the spirit and soul of Christmas, called Christmas (Take A Ride), which finds the blue-eyed crooner offering fresh takes on holiday classics made famous by Elvis Presley, Stevie Wonder, and Bruce Springsteen along with seasonal favorites “Let It Snow,” “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” and more!
Christmas (Take A Ride) will be available on both CD and digital starting October 26 via Goldenlane Records, a division of Cleopatra Records, Inc.
Also be sure to watch for a new album from Ryder featuring very special guest appearances by James Williamson (The Stooges), Sylvain Sylvain (NY Dolls), Walter Lure (Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers), Joe Louis Walker, Brian Auger and more!
Track List:
1. What Christmas Means To Me
2. Blue Christmas
3. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
4. Someday At Christmas
5. Jingle Bell Rock
6. Santa Claus
7. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
8. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
9. Sleigh Ride
10. Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
11. Let It Snow
12. Put A Little Love In Your Heart
Buy the CD:
Buy the digital:

Beatles fans are going to have to get a second job in order to keep up with the wave of brand new (and mega-expensive!) releases still on the horizon between now and the end of the year.  (Some GREAT gift-giving ideas ‘tho, honey, if you happen to be paying attention!!!  Lol)

First up is the new deluxe 50th Anniversary White Album Box Set, coming out in just three weeks (November 9th)

Meanwhile, a brand new John Lennon “Imagine” Ultimate Collection (and “Gimme Some Truth” DVD and BluRay sets) are currently available, reportedly in EXTREMELY high quality with TONS of bonus material.

Paul McCartney just recently had the #1 Album in the Country with his latest release, “Egypt Station,” and now comes word that TWO more volumes of “The Paul McCartney Collection,” along with a special deluxe box set entitled “Paul McCartney and Wings, 1971 – 1973” that includes BOTH of these new box releases, (“Wings – Wild Life” and “Red Rose Speedway”), along with even MORE bonus material and never-before-released live music from Wings’ 1972 Tour of Europe.  (This one’ll set you back about $400!)  The “Red Rose Speedway” box also includes the never-before-commercially-available DVD of Paul’s “James Paul McCartney” television special from 1973 (on which he premiered “Live And Let Die” for the very first time … and also performed “Yesterday” for his Wings bandmates after previously refusing to feature any Beatles material in their live shows) and a long-lost animated feature called “The Bruce McMouse Show.”  (I remember reading about this at the time … about an group of mice who lived under the stage where Paul and Wings were performing … and then interacted with the band members in what has been described as a “Mary Poppins”-like scenario mix of live and animated action.)  I guess at these prices, I’ll have to start there … and then build myself up to the rest of this stuff.
The latest editions to The Paul McCartney Collection will be available of December 7th.  (kk)

Here are some pictures of the Wildwood Music Award Time Capsule Dedication Event.
Thanks for your help and continued support.
Paul Russo / Cool Scoops
p.s The man cutting the ribbons is Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Dick Richards, the 94 year old Original Drummer for Bill Haley and his Comets!  Rock Around The Clock!


On a similar note, FH Reader Frank B just sent us these pictures from The Hard Rock Care in Munich, Germany.  What do YOU guys think about these exhibits???  

kk …
My nephew is on vacation and sent me these photos from the Hard Rock Cafe in Munich, Germany.

As to Shelly's review of concerts, I gotta say that Herman's Hermits B-sides are among some of my grade school days faves.  "End of the World" was played "endlessly" on my record player.  I did not even know it was a cover, as with others such as Cliff's "Travelin' Light."  "I Know Why," "I Gotta Dream On," "My Reservation's Been Confirmed" -- ALL great stuff!!!!
Clark Besch  

Several of The Hermits’ B-Sides are also among my favorites … I would add “Walkin’ With My Angel” (a Bobby Vee cover), “Sea Cruise” (a rock and roll classic), “Got A Feeling,” “Hold On” (from one of TWO films Herman’s Hermits made), “What Is Wrong, What Is Right” and, of course, the only one that charted, “No Milk Today,” a HUGE hit in England that occupied the flip side of “There’s A Kind Of Hush” here in The States.  

I’ve said many times before that had this one and “I Gotta Dream On” been released separately on their own as A-Sides, BOTH would have been Top Ten Hits in America during that four year period where Herman’s Hermits could do no wrong on the U.S. Charts.

Half a dozen of these made our Top 200 Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides list as voted on by the Forgotten Hits Readers.

As for “No Milk Today” (a #7 hit back home in Great Britain but only a #29 B-Side hit here in The States), Peter explained to us why MGM threw it on the flipside of “There’s A Kind Of Hush” … 

It was our biggest selling record worldwide and was a B-side in the US because some boy band covered "There's A Kind Of Hush" and put it out in Ohio so we were afraid the radio wouldn't play "There's A Kind Of Hush" by us and we threw away No Milk in the US.

(The Ohio boy band that Peter was referring to was a pre-teen trio of brothers called Gary and the Hornets.  Ironically, their version of “There’s A Kind Of Hush” never even charted.  As such, “No Milk Today” was wasted here in The States as a B-Side, ultimately peaking at #33 in Billboard, while “There’s A Kind Of Hush” went all the way to #3.)  kk

No Milk Today was Herman's Hermits' best single and was put together by John Paul Jones, Mickie Most and me with Keith and Karl doing the back grounds.  No Milk Today became a B-Side because Mick most didn't actually like the song that much. It had been turned down by The Hollies so he thought it had something missing. Personally I think it is Herman's Hermits best recording, and perfectly captures the moment and the feel of Manchester terraced houses and what was the end of a British era. I recall it was made at Lansdown studios and that we recorded a few other songs that day … probably There's A Kind Of Hush, Dandy and No Milk Today.  This was in the period where we (Mick and I) had just stopped using The Hermits on the recordings and were using the best musicians available to us to try to keep up with what had suddenly become The British Invasion. We were supposed to deliver 48 tracks a year to MGM so we were always scrambling to catch up.  I recall that John Paul Jones played bass guitars (an upright and a fender bass) on the tracks and was also responsible for the arrangements which, I dare say, are brilliant on all three tracks but I know he liked No Milk Today and I would suggest that his arrangement turned this perfect Graham Gouldman song into a hit.  I think that after we had the tracks down then I did the lead vocal and then Karl Green, Keith Hopwood and I did the backgrounds.  The songs were mixed and that was it.

(Several years later, Peter Noone would produce a version of “No Milk Today” for its songwriter, Graham Gouldman!) 

You can read our vintage interview with Peter Noone here:
(OMG … what that REALLY thirteen years ago?!?!?  How is this even possible?!?!?  Frannie and I are barely out of our teens!!!)  kk

Have a GREAT week!!!