Monday, April 8, 2019

Brand New Music From Two Rock And Roll Classics

Got this clip from Jim Peterik yesterday ... fresh  home from his trip aboard the Flower Power Cruise.

It's a track from the forthcoming World Stage CD due out on the 26th of this month.

Hi Kent!  
Long time no see!  
Here is the video of Proof Of Heaven by Dennis Deyoung and me. It’s a song we wrote and is included on my soon to be released Jim Peterik and World Stage album on Frontiers. (out April 26). Perhaps you can post it. It’s already getting some awesome response. 
I’m also sending you some shots from the Flower Power Cruise that the Ides just returned from. 
Hope you are doing great!  
Peace and love ... 
and Rock on!!  

And here's a shot with Cathy Richardson of Starship onstage with the Ides, performing the brand new Ides track, Blue Storm Rising.