Monday, March 29, 2021

Monday Morning

64 years ago yesterday (March 28th, 1957), Elvis Presley made an appearance at Chicago’s International Ampitheatre.  Reportedly in the audience that day was a young Ral Donner, who would go on to sound just like Elvis a few years later on his Top 40 Hits “Girl Of My Best Friend” (#19, 1961), “You Don’t Know What You’ve Got (Until You Lose It),” #4, 1961, “Please Don’t Go” (#30, 1961) and “She’s Everything (I Wanted You To Be),” #10, 1962.

Fifteen years later on this very same date, Elvis recorded “Burning Love,”  his last #1 Record.  (kk)

>>>Without mentioning who the young girl was on the motorcycle, was that on purpose, or do you not know who that before-she-was-famous girl is? That's Jan Smithers, also known as WKRP’s Bailey Quarters.  (Uncle T. Jay)

>>>I would NOT have guessed that … VERY cute girl.   (kk)

RE: The 1966 cover of Newsweek photo that I sent you . . .

I did not know!  I just thought that they booked a representative teen girl model for their photo! I remember thinking when I came across this cover that she was so extremely cute!

And I recall later on, I always thought her role was under used and under appreciated on WKRP.  I certainly wasn't the only one who had a "celebrity crush" on her at the time!

CB ( which stands for "Cover Boy!" )

Gotta agree with you there …

All the focus was centered on Loni Anderson …

But it was Bailey who got MY blood boiling!  (kk)

[At least SHE looked like a real girl!!!]


I-I-I-I b-b-elive t-that y-y-ou are r-r-ght a-a-bout t-the Joe P-p-perkins r-r-ecord not b-being a rec-record that st-stutters. I-I- re-replayed it a-and it ap-apears n-n-not to b-b-e o-one.


I’ve run this track before but I’ve just GOTTA run it again.

On Burton Cummings’ first solo album, he paid tribute to his former songwriting partner (and Guess Who bandmate) Randy Bachman by cutting a lounge version of BTO’s #1 Hit “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet.”

As if the arrangement itself wasn’t tongue and cheek enough, Burton’s ad-libs REALLY make the record.  Enjoy!  (kk)

When Actress Jessica Walter passed away last week, all of the news stories I read seemed to center around her work on “Arrested Development” and the “Archer” animated series …

But I still remember when Clint Eastwood played “Misty” for her back in 1972!

A creepy film that was way ahead of its time.  (kk)


Just saw a commercial for the first time. I believe it's brand new on the air. It's for Hershey's Milk Chocolate Candy Bars, is some 30 seconds or less in length and Eddie Cochran's C'MON EVERYBODY is used in the background as music.

Liked the record as well as the candy bar.


We watched four of the NCAA Tournament games this weekend and heard commercials featuring “Homeward Bound” (Simon and Garfunkel), “Lookin’ For Love” (Johnny Lee), “Build Me Up Buttercup” (The Foundations), “Born To Be Wild” (Steppenwolf), “Magic” (Pilot) and “Baby, Let Me Take You” (Detroit Emeralds).  (There was also a very abbreviated piece of Led Zeppelin’s “The Immigrant Song” being used in a car commercial that aired several times.)  I even heard a little known Wilson Pickett track called "Hello Sunshine" ... again, very briefly in a new advert.

In addition, we heard a few "classics" used in TV shows this past week, too.  "This Is Us" featured America's "Lonely People" TWICE on last week's episode ...

And it SURE was nice to hear Grand Funk Railroad's "Heartbreaker" on an episode of "Snowfall."  (When's the last time you heard THAT one?!?!"

I’m just lovin’ the fact that advertisers are digging back for classic music to promote their new products and ad campaigns.  (kk)

I haven’t looked at The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Tote Board for a few weeks so I wanted to see where things stood as the month of March started winding down.

Still on top (and I don’t know if I’ll ever understand why) is Fela Kuti with 365,000 votes.

Right behind (and already gaining momentum) is Tina Turner with 362,000 … and I expect her to move up even more quickly in the ranks now that her HBO documentary has started airing.

Rounding out The Top Five are The Go-Go’s (263,000 … so about 100,000 behind), Iron Maiden (261,000) and Foo Fighters (258,000), making those three artists practically standing shoulder to shoulder.

Falling off pace a bit are Carole King (she’s sixth with 236,000 votes) and Todd Rundgren (175,000).  Devo is next with around 164,000 and, incredibly, Dionne Warwick (NOT the first name I think of when I think of Rock And Roll!) is about 5000 votes ahead of Rage Against The Machine.

The two artists at the bottom of the list … BOTH still short of 100,000 votes … are LL Cool J and Jay-Z … but then again, maybe that’s because neither one of THESE guys are Rock And Roll either.  (Just sayin’!)   

Just over three million votes have been cast thus far ... 

And the polls close on April 30th.  The Top Five vote-getters will be tabulated as the "Fans' Ballot" ... and counted alongside those cast by the voting members of The Rock Hall.  You can cast YOUR votes (for up to five artists) here:


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