Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Tuesday This And That

Good Morning, Kent: 

I have to tell you, WKRP was big when I was in college, and the guys in my dorm (and who worked for the campus radio station down at the U of I) went for Bailey Quarters about 3 to 1, from what I remember.  And that includes me.   

Jan Smithers was the clear favorite. 

However, during my time at Weigel, I’ve talked to several staffers who worked with Loni Anderson on various promotions for WKRP, and they have nothing but positive stories about her and how she was a joy to work with.

By the way, we’re doing Fabulous Foursomes to celebrate the first weekend of the fourth month.  So, it’s ABBA through the Young Rascals and lots of people in between this coming weekend.


Rick O’Dell / Me-TV-FM

This whole Bailey vs. Jennifer thing reminds me a little bit of the Ginger or Mary Ann fantasy from a few years before.  The more obvious, voluptuous, sex symbol fell short both times.  (Well, except for Herb Tarlek’s and Burt Reynolds’ vote, I suppose!)

Be listening this weekend to some of the biggest quartets in music … including that Fab Four a time or two, too, I imagine.  SO many great 4-piece groups in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s.  It’s all happening on Me-TV-FM, kicking off at 7 pm on Friday Night.  (kk)

I wish more Chicago '60s groups would make some cool-looking, period-authentic logo or photo T-shirts.  I need more so I can wear 'em to work and befuddle all of the young-un's ...

I ordered one!

Mike Markesich

OK, now that one’s pretty cool …

And cheap, too!!! 

Don’t miss out on this great deal (and a way to show your support for our local heroes!!!  (kk)

Speaking of our local heroes …

>>>I love The New Colony Six and I would like to get the greatest hits one with I Confess and all the others. Do you have any idea where I can purchase a copy?

(Kathy from Skokie)

>>>This CD sells for big bucks these days on the collectors’ market. (You’ll find used copies on Amazon and/or eBay, along with something called “The New Colony Six Singles Collection,” which goes for about $25 … not a legitimate release with, I’m told, suspect sound quality … but everything other than their MCA material is there.)  I thought we were pretty close to a deal with Cary Mansfield’s Varese Sarabande label a few years ago regarding putting together a new career-spanning compilation.  (The Rhino CD is an EXCELLENT representation of the band’s best-known tracks … they charted 19 times nationally and eight of those hits made The Top Ten here in Chicago.  It was lovingly put together by New Colony Six Historian Jerry Schollenberger.)  Cary, if you’re out there, let me know if you’d like to revisit this project.  The world is in need of a clean and expansive New Colony Six collection, especially now that some “bonus tracks” have been located.  (kk)

UPDATE:  I picked up a copy of “The New Colony Six Singles Collection” CD I mentioned last week … and the audio isn’t anywhere near as bad as I was led to believe.  (There are some stereo separation issues that could be better … “Treat Her Groovy” in particular … which was also true on the import CD of the same name that came out several years ago … but overall, this is a pretty worthwhile CD to own … especially since the Rhino CD is out of print and fetching much higher bucks on the Internet.  This one can be had for right around $25 thru either Amazon or eBay.  (kk)

>>>"Pushbike Song" by The Mixtures (up 15 spots ... I don't even remember this one!!!  Does anybody else out there recall it?)  kk

"Pushbike Song" was pretty much a clone of Mungo Jerry's "In The Summertime" from the year before. I have an mp3 if you need it.

– Randy Price


Indeed, I do remember "The Pushbike Song" by The Mixtures (from Australia.)

No single on that week's Super Chart you presented was bigger in England.

It sounds like it could have been the follow-up to Mungo Jerry's "In The Summertime."  In fact, The Mixtures did release a soundalike cover of the Mungo Jerry smash hit for the Aussie market and theirs spent six weeks at #1 down under. 

Their original,"The Pushbike Song," knocked George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord" from its #1 perch in the land down under. In the UK, it was runner up at #2 to Harrison. Mungo Jerry's "Baby Jump" leaped over both of them to claim the UK #1 spot on March 6, 1971.  Mungo Jerry also cut "The Pushbike Song".

Both almost indistinguishable groups' styles have been described as a good time blend of skiffle and jug band music. They were both only one hit wonders in the US. Another fun fact: The Idle Race had a #1 hit in Argentina with "In The Summertime" and it also did well in Germany. This was after Idle Race founder Jeff Lynne left to join Roy Wood in The Move, which later became The Electric Light Orchestra.
Mike Gentry


This one never charted here in Chicago … thus my unfamiliarity with it.

A #1 European and Australian hit?  Now I’ve REALLY gotta wonder what they were thinking!  (lol) 

Looking at 1971’s UK Best Selling Singles, I’m surprised by quite a few … especially the number of hits recorded by American artists that were covered by someone else over in Great Britain … and, that they were as big as they were!

For example:

“Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep” by Middle of the Road was the THIRD biggest hit of the year!!!  Here in The States, The Mac and Katie Kissoon version only went to #17.

“Hot Love” by T. Rex was a hit here in Chicago … but nationally it stalled at #52 (and #72 in Billboard.)  They also placed on the Year-End Chart with “Get It On” (released as “Bang A Gong” here a year later, where it also performed very well) and “Jeepster,” a somewhat popular album cut.

Then again The New Seekers had the UK hit with Delaney and Bonnie’s “Never Ending Song Of Love and even Benny Hill had a Top 50 Hit with “Ernie (The Fastest Milkman In The West).”

A far cry from OUR US Year-End Chart (which you’ll see on the Forgotten Hits Webpage on New Year’s Eve!)  kk


I am rather surprised to see Tom Jones at the top of the chart, as the song never reached #1 in Billboard, but did reach the top in both Cash Box and Record World - although not the same week. 

Actually, the #1 song in both Cash Box and Record World this week is the song that sits at #2 on the Super Chart, Doesn’t Somebody Want To Be Wanted by The Partridge Family, while Billboard has the Temptations Imagining themselves at #1. 

I know 1971 was the year that my 10-year-old brain began to really pay attention to what was playing on the radio.

Thanks for keeping the oldies alive,

Joe Cantello

I asked Randy Price (who assembled all of The Super Charts) to take a quick look.

I know sometimes, because of the way the point system works, there were songs that reached #1 here that didn’t hit #1 on any of the national charts … a record at #2 on all three charts for example, would beat a song at #1 on one chart, #4 on another and #7 on a third.  Likewise, a track like “Good Vibrations” (the example I always like to use) topped all three national charts … but not on the same week … so it never officially hit #1 on The Super Charts.  (kk)

Randy’s explanation below bears this out …

The April 3 chart stats were as follows:

She's A Lady: #4 BB / #2 CB / #2 RW

Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted: #7 BB / #1 CB / #1 RW

Just My Imagination: #1 BB / #3 CB / #5 RW

So, the Partridge Family's #7 showing in Billboard (after peaking at #6 the week before) prevented them from surpassing Tom Jones on the Super Chart that week.

– Randy Price

So there you have it!

Over the weekend, you mentioned the artist Keith.   

The weekend that we sprang forward, a listener requested the Keith record, 'Daylight Saving Time.'  I was not familiar with it, but it is a pretty good song.  It did make Billboard’s Hot 100. 

After 35 years of doing a show, I can still learn from those in 'radio land.'

Phil - WRCO

“Daylight Savin’ Time” was a minor hit in 1967 … and another one of those had had a wide chart discrepancy between the three trades.  Record World charted it at #59 … but Billboard had it a full 20 places lower at #79 … while it fared even worse in Cash Box, peaking at #85.

Here in Chicago, it was a featured “premier” on WCFL … but never officially charted.  (I do remember Keith being pictured on the front of the WCFL Survey while “98.6” was riding high.)  It looks like it never made the Milwaukee Chart.  (kk)

We did a short piece on Keith back in 2010 …

Here it is again, in ‘60’s FLASHBACK Style …

EVERYBODY knows Keith's Top Ten Hit "98.6" ... it went all the way to #7 back in 1967 ... but Keith also had two OTHER Top 40 National Hits that seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth (and oldies radio) ever since.  

Today we'll feature the first of those ... in fact, THIS one pre-dates "98.6" by about three months.

In September of 1966, Keith (real name James Barry Keefer ... he later legally changed it to Bazza Keefer in 1988, after his mother!) debuted on The Billboard Chart with his first chart single "Ain't Gonna Lie."  It ultimately reached #39 in Billboard and rose to #31 in Cash Box Magazine. (Here in Chicago, it went all the way to #14 so we were QUITE familiar with Keith's earlier work!)

DIDJAKNOW?:  Keith's first two singles featured the background vocals of The Tokens.

Not to be confused with Keith Allison (as was often done back in the day ... Allison was a semi-regular on the hit afternoon television series "Where The Action Is" and the guys even looked a little bit alike), OUR Keith also made several appearances on this Dick Clark-produced program, including shows featuring Forgotten Hits Regular Preston Ritter and The Electric Prunes, the recently-departed Sky Saxon and The Seeds and The Blues Magoos.

Give a listen to "Ain't Gonna Lie" today and see if that doesn't spark a memory or two!!!

Keith's biggest hit may have been called "98.6" but you'll find that there was very little "normal" about his recording career.

Keith went from Top Ten '60's Pop Star, touring with the likes of The Beach Boys, The Hollies and Neil Diamond ... to draft dodger (Keith says it was all just a big misunderstanding ... he thought he was supposed to report at 8:30 am when he was REALLY supposed to be there at 8:30 pm ... or some such confusion ... after being arrested while out on tour, he was ultimately enlisted and served at Fort Dicks, where he said he was put to work "making coffee for generals") ... to part of Frank Zappa's touring band ... all within the span of about six years!!! (An oft-repeated Keith story tells of the time that John Lennon patted him on the back, telling him how much he liked his single "98.6" ... while both men were standing at the urinal peeing!!! lol)

His third and final Top 40 Hit was a remake of a song first written and performed by The Hollies.  "Tell Me To My Face" also reached #31 in Cash Box Magazine and, of his three Top 40 Hits, it's actually my favorite. (In fact, I love EVERY version of "Tell Me To My Face" I've ever heard, including The Hollies' original 1966 LP version as well as Dan Fogelberg's later '70's remake ... recorded with his "Twin Sons Of Different Mothers" partner, Tim Weisberg.)  In fact, as a special Forgotten Hits bonus, we'll feature all three of those recordings here today.






I've asked Keith several times over the years to say a few words to our Forgotten Hits Readers and bring us up to date on some of his most recent activities. I think we got exactly one response over the past six or seven years ... truth is, he declined to respond to our most recent request, too. Oh well, that's cool ... we'll still plug his website:

While there are no new upcoming performances posted on his website, Keith says he DOES still perform from time to time in various oldies revues.  (You'll even find a 2008 video of Keith performing his biggest hit, "98.6" on his website.)

You can keep up with all of the latest Keith news right here:  http://keith986.com

UPDATE:  It looks like Keith’s website hasn’t been updated once since we first ran this link back in 2010!!!  But he DOES have some interviews posted from the early 2000’s, including one from WGN, one with Rollye James and one from The Lost 45’s Show.  And, most amazingly, one conducted by none other than Phil Nee, dating back to 2002, who sent us today’s email that inspired today’s ‘60’s FLASHBACK!

[Don’tcha just love it when all this stuff ties together?!?!]  kk


Thanks a million for posting Johnny Mathis' version of MISTY. What a good example of rock and roll music; that being the softer side of rock. I immediately thought of other versions that came out through the years. For example, Ray Stevens' version as well as Lloyd Price's version in 1964, which he recorded, I believe, on his own label. And, of course, one mustn't forget Erroll Garner's earlier version before Mathis.


Johnny’s was the highest charting version … but Ray Stevens’ TOTALLY different take came pretty close … Ray’s version peaked at #14 in 1975 … while Johnny Mathis’ version hit #12 in 1959.  (The Erroll Garner version predates all of them … he wrote the tune, soon to become a jazz standard, for his 1954 album “Contrasts” … but, surprisingly, it never charted as a single.  (A new version by Garner appeared in the Clint Eastwood film “Play Misty For Me” in 1971.)

It was Johnny Mathis who asked that lyrics be written for it … and it quickly became his signature tune.  The song was soon being recorded by everyone from Frank Sinatra to Ella Fitzgerald, as well as Bing Crosby, Count Basie, Aretha Franklin, Lesley Gore, Sarah Vaughan and Wes Montgomery.  (Wouldn’t THIS make for a “Wow!” song, coming out of your radio once or twice a year?!?!)  kk

Former Singer / Game Show Host Peter Marshall is celebrating his 95th birthday today with an online birthday bash.  It all kicks off at 8 pm Eastern Time tonight on Peter’s YouTube Channel.

More info here:  https://theseconddisc.com/2021/03/29/hollywood-squares-host-peter-marshall-celebrates-95th-birthday-tomorrow-march-30-with-all-star-online-party-streaming-debut-of-albums/

I didn’t realize that Peter almost died earlier this year when he contracted Covid-19 … so THIS birthday is ESPECIALLY meaningful.  (Some of the guests appearing look a lot like a Hollywood Squares puzzle!  Lol)

Peter is also an avid animal lover … and donations are being taken to help animals in need.  (Again, check out ALL of the details via the above link.)  kk

And finally, FH Reader’s response to our Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Fan Ballot update yesterday …

>>>Still on top (and I don’t know if I’ll ever understand why) is Fela Kuti  (kk)