Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Another Major Anniversary

More from our FH Buddy Chuck Buell ...
For the week of April 4th, 1964, the Beatles accomplished a record that has not been duplicated in the last 57 years. 

For that week, on Billboard Magazine's Hot 100, ALL of the Top Five records were by the Beatles. Even if you don't have a guess as to which songs they were, you'll certainly recognize each one of them!

In this Special Beatles Montage, produced by Forgotten Hitter Chuck "Beatle Boy" Buell ... and first heard exclusively on his earlier Radio Shows ... you'll hear them all, edited only slightly for brevity, from Number Five to Number One, in order, in just Eight Minutes! The songs here were all recorded from original pristine 45 rpm vinyl singles.

Best to turn your speakers up full, kick back and bring back your own Special Beatle Memories!


And here's another amazing statistic to go along with that incredible accomplishment ...

Not only did The Beatles command The Top Five positions on that week's chart ...

But the following week they also had a total of FOURTEEN songs spread out amongst the nation's Top 100 Hits ... and this at a time before people could just mass download a brand new album and have all of the songs appear on the chart for a week, simply by dialing in thru your phone, laptop or computer ... this was back in the day when, if you actually wanted a song, you had to get up out of your house, DRIVE to the record store and BUY the record in order to bring it home and play it.  (Of course, airplay also had some impact on the charts back then ... and you could rarely go fifteen minutes without hearing another Beatles song back in April of 1964 ... in fact, some of their album tracks were played nearly as often as many of their hit singles ... but back then, an album track couldn't chart on Billboard's Hot 100 ... it had to be a 45 rpm single that you actually had to go out and buy in order to make the list.  Otherwise, they might have captured 25% of the entire list!!!) kk

Those fourteen tracks were:

#81 - Love Me Do 

#78 - Roll Over Beethoven

#74 - There's A Place

#61 - Thank You Girl

#52 - From Me To You

#50 - All My Loving 

#48 - You Can't Do That

#38 - I Saw Her Standing There

#14 - Do You Want To Know A Secret

#9 - Please Please Me

#7 - I Want To Hold Your Hand

#4 - She Loves You

#2 - Twist And Shout

#1 - Can't Buy Me Love

In addition, novelty hits like "We Love You, Beatles" by The Carefrees and "A Letter To The Beatles" by The Four Preps were also popular radio tracks ... they truly had captured the hearts of the American Record Buying Public ... and the kids couldn't get enough.

Other popular LP and singles tracks available in April of 1964 (and heard in at least semi-regular rotation) included "All I've Got To Do," "Anna,""Ask Me Why," "Boys," "Chains," "Devil In Her Heart," "Don't Bother Me," "Hold Me Tight," "I Call Your Name," "I Wanna Be Your Man," "I'll Get You," "It Won't Be Long," "Little Child," "Long Tall Sally," "Money," "My Bonnie," "Not A Second Time," "Please Mr. Postman," "P.S. I Love You," "A Taste Of Honey," "This Boy," "Till There Was You" and "You Really Got A Hold On Me," many of which would go on to chart on their own as Capitol, Swan, Vee Jay, MGM, Atco and Tollie Records continued to flood the market with "new" Beatles product, all targeted to a rabid teenage audience ready, willing and able to scoop them up!  (kk)


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