Saturday, June 19, 2021


The ever resilient Chuck Buell comes thru once again with some great, last-minute Fathers Day gift ideas!

(Where would we be without him???)

[Well, I for one, would probably still be sleeping since it IS, after all, a SATURDAY!!!]

But for all of the rest of you out there chomping at the bit to do some last minute Fathers Day shopping, may we suggest ...

Our in-resident Forgotten Hits Fantasy Gift Shop Manager, Chuck Buell, now follows up his recent romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Giving Suggestions with his very special select Gift Giving Ideas for Father’s Day!


As usual ALL of these ARE actual items; some can be personalized; others he just added the FH Logo on them himself just for imaginary visual Fun!


So, here we go again!


The Dad Chef who loves to cook will be truly inspired when he begins creating his medley of his food specialties with this Forgotten Hits Turntable Design Heavy Duty Glass Prep Board!


Then to serve his culinary delights, this Truly Fine, Solid Wood, Cassette-Designed Space-saving Dining Table!


Dad can set his table with the Forgotten Hits, 12-inch, Heat-resistant, Silicone Cassette Table Protective, Record Design Placemats, complete with Grooves, that look like real 33 LPs in every expected detail!


He can pair them with these compatible 4-inch, Slip-proof, Silicone Cassette Table Protective, Record Design Beverage Coasters, complete with Grooves, that also look like real 45 Singles in every smaller-sized expected detail! 


Plus, their own Right-sized Miniature Turntable to Stack those Record Coasters on to be Ready to Play at another time!


After Dinner is done and the lights are down low and Dad's Relaxing, be sure he can easily find his Favorite Forgotten Hits Records with these special Glow in the Dark 45 Spindle Adapters!


When Dad’s done listening to his Favorite Forgotten Hits, he’ll want to protect his fine Headphones by placing them carefully and safely on his personal Walnut Finished Layered Wood Headphone Stand designed just like his own personal no-haircut pandemic year Hair Style, his Dead Head Fandom Hair Style, or his 1960s Hippie Hair Style of many years ago! 

Then, it’s off for his nightly shower. It’ll be a rockin’ song-filled Shower Concert every night, Standing Room Only, with this amazing, Detailed, Working Replica of the Classic Vintage Shure Model 55 “Elvis Mic” Shower Head Microphone!


This unique Shower Head Mic easily replaces his previous standard shower head!


(OK ... now THIS I love!!! - kk)


Why, it's just like the one Kent enjoys anytime in his own Personal Master Bathroom!

(Hit it, Kent!)


Just ANOTHER great service provided to you out there at home by your friends at Forgotten Hits.  


And VERY special thanks to our Personal Shopper, CHUCK BUELL, for making it all possible!  (kk)