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Having not done a full blown Comments Page in over a week now, we've got an abundance of items to share with you today ...

Some not as "timely" as others, perhaps but good stuff nonetheless ...

So let's get ON with it!!!

It wasn't June 3rd, nor anything really to do with Bobbie Gentry. It was actually Thanksgiving, 1995, that this particular event took place. 
I was born and raised in Chicago and, outside of driving thru rural America on my way to somewhere else, I had never really experienced what rural life was all about, until that day. 
The future Mrs. Rock And Roll Never Forgets and I had pretty much made up our minds we we going to set up shop together by then and it was time for me to meet the folks back home in beautiful Wayne City, IL, population 1100 (maybe.)  There were maybe 6-8 people there. So there were the usual 20 questions for me and, of course, some sort of blessing before the meal, but this is where the tie in occurs. 
As we all know, the narrative sort of begins with the announcement of Billy Joe's demise and is interspersed with recollections and current events. Well, no one died that day, but the evening was filled with who got married, divorced, who got fired, hired, had kids, etc. Somehow I kept thinking that Brother Taylor was gonna stop by any minute, or how Becky Thompson bought a store in Tupelo. (They're probably selling Elvis memorabilia ...  every business there does ... I've been there!)  It was that way thruout the evening. Had someone said pass the black eyed peas, I might have ruptured my appendix from laughing too hard. They would have needed a spatula to scrape me off the floor. It was that similar. 
I didn't tell Laura this until a few years later and she thought it was great, and just wondered why I never said anything. I think something just spurred the thought into my head. I gained somewhat of an appreciation for the song, once I saw that's how life REALLY is in rural America. I've been here almost twnety years now, and nothing has changed, except now I don't go to family events for fear I'd yell out THIS ISN'T ODE TO BILLY JOE!  
Happy Third of June everyone.

It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for the Bachman Cummings show to come to town … and announced about a week ago that it looked they would be appearing here (at The Rosemont Theater) on August 14th as originally planned (after the first Covid postponement, of course!)

Well, this week they announced that several new dates were being added to the tour …

And, as if THAT news wasn’t enough, both Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings are talking about a brand new, upcoming Bachman Cummings 7-CD Box Set, spanning their work with The Guess Who and Randy’s Bachman-Turner Overdrive as well as their solo work and previous Bachman Cummings reunions.  (No official release date has been set ... nor are there any specifics yet as to just what it will include.)

You’ll find the update tour itinerary below.  All I can’t say is I CAN’T WAIT!!!  (kk)

Bachman Cummings 2021 Tour Dates

(new dates are shown with an*)

June 14th – Victoria, BC – Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre (Postponed)
June 15th – Vancouver, BC – Rogers Arena
June 17th – Medicine Hat, AB – Co-Op Place
June 19th – Edmonton, AB – Rogers Place
June 22nd – Saskatoon, SK – SaskTel Centre
June 23rd – Regina, SK – Brandt Centre 

June 29th – St. Catharines, ON – Meridian Centre
June 30th – London, ON – Budweiser Gardens
July 4th – Montreal, QC – Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, Place des Arts
July 5th – Toronto, ON – Budweiser Stage
July 8th – Moncton, NB – Avenir Centre
July 9th – Summerside, PEI – Credit Union Place
July 12th – Halifax, NS – Scotiabank Centre
July 15th – St. John’s, NL – Mile One Centre
Aug 7th – Saint Michael, ND – Spirit Lake Casino & Resort*
Aug 9th – Green Bay, WI – Resch Center Theater*
Aug 10th – Milwaukee, WI – Riverside Theater*
Aug 12th – Fort Wayne, IN – Foellinger Theatre*
Aug 14th – Rosemont, IL – Rosemont Theater
Aug 15th – Prior Lake, MN – Mystic Lake Casino Hotel
Aug 18th – Kansas City, MO – Kauffman Center for the Perf. Arts*
Aug 19th – St. Charles, MO – The Family Arena
Aug 21st – Huber Heights, OH – Rose Music Center
Aug 22nd – Akron, OH – Goodyear Theater at East End*
Sep 18th – Deadwood, SD – Deadwood Jam*
TBA – Tama, IA – Meskwaki Bingo Casino Hotel
TBA – Winnipeg, MB – Unite 150 (Free outdoor concert)

Tuesday Morning (June 1st) TWO Chicagoland Radio Legends got together for a short visit on Bob Sirott's WGN AM720 morning show when Ron Riley (a guy who dominated the Chicago airwaves and ratings books while he was with WLS in the ‘60’s) stopped by via phone to talk about life in general and the brand new Ron Riley Documentary that we’ve been telling you about for the past couple of months.

You can listen to this entire exchange here via Bob's podcast:

(I will admit to being a little disappointed in Bob's Salute To Summer Saturday Night ... billed as "Bob's Summer Record Collection," there was hardly any music featured during the two hour program.  I had no idea going in that there would be SO many interruptions.  Between and abundance of commercials (yeah, I know, that's what pays the bills ... but c'mon, this was special programming and should have been treated as such), news report, weather, etc., I'm not sure that much more than a dozen tunes were played during the course of the two hour program.  Not what I was hoping for ... and annoying enough that I bailed early.

C'mon, Bob Sirott is one of the PREMIER Disc Jockeys of the Rock Era here in Chicago ... 

Let him do his thing so we all can enjoy it too!!!  (kk)

I turned it off after four songs, just because he didn't make it special, IMO.  Not much chatting at all.  Today, he said they could not post his show but if someone recorded it, they could on their sites.  haha


The soundtrack to the Cameron Crowe film “Almost Famous” is getting a MAJOR overhall for its 20th anniversary, expanding to FIVE DISCS of music with TONS of bonus tracks, classic audio clips from the movie, and Nancy Wilson’s sound score.  This includes an entire disc of Stillwater tracks, unique-to-the film versions of “Tiny Dancer,” “Amazing Journey” / “Sparks” and much, much more.

You’ll also get live cuts by Steely Dan (“Reelin’ In The Years”), The Allman Brothers Band (“One Way Out”), The Guess Who (“Albert Flasher”), Neil Young (“Cortez The Killer”) and David Bowie (“I’m Waiting For The Man”).

It all happens on Friday, July 9th.  (Less expensive … and MORE expensive versions will also be released, including a 5 CD / 7 LP box set / 1 45 rpm single box set that also includes a 40-page book, faux Stillwater ticket stubs, the complete William Miller cover story for Rolling Stone, Stillwater tour posters, prop replica backstage passes and business cards, and photo prints of three cast members.)

The film itself also gets an overhaul with a brand new BluRay version featuring all kinds of extras.  (This one hits the streets four days later on July 13th)  kk

Speaking of anniversaries, The World's Most Famous Recording Studio is celebrating its 90th Anniversary this year ...

EMI Studios, renamed Abbey Road after the album's release in 1969.

The Beatles, of course, recorded almost their entire catalogue at Studio Two and so many other artists recorded their classics in these hallowed halls as well.
To honor the 90th anniversary event, The Zombies will perform the entire Odessey & Oracle album and more, LIVE from Abbey Road Studio, where it was originally recorded. This will be their only concert this year, and you can be a part of this live event on
Saturday, September 18th at 3 PM Eastern. Don't miss this historic World Wide Event!. CLICK HERE for tickets.  (Note:  Ticket prices will increase the day of the concert.)  With a purchased ticket, you also have rewatching privileges until October 3rd.)  There are also special Q&A tickets available for $15 more.  All the details can be found via the link above.  (kk)

A new Cher biopic is in the works.  Eric Roth (“Forrest Gump,” “A Star Is Born”) is writing the script with Cher’s full cooperation.  (Cher has been hard at work on her own biography for YEARS now … so this film will encapsulate the highlights in a two hour time frame.)

Wouldn’t it be cool if Lisa McClowry, one of the world’s premier female Cher impersonators (notice how I HAD to make that distinction?!?!?) were selected to portray Cher on the big screen!!!

Judy Craymer and Gary Goetzman, who worked with Cher on “Mamma Mia” are also onboard.  No release date has been announced.

(Funny, when I think about Cher I always have to smile when I think about her “Farewell Tour” lasting for something like ten years … or her first appearance on “Will and Grace” when Jack tried to best her with HIS Cher impersonation … or how after she and Sonny broke up, Cher wasn’t convinced she could do it as a solo act … so she actually looked into having herself CLONED in order to perform with more confidence.  She was going to bill the act as Cher and Cher Alike.  OK, OK … I made that last one up … but it STILL makes me smile!!!)  kk

And, since I mentioned Lisa McClowry, we're still receiving good feedback and positive comments about her new video with Carl Giammarese of The Buckinghams' hit "Don't You Care," a completely new reimagining of the tune.  (In fact, we’ve heard from several FH Readers who have liked it so much that they’ve posted the new, slowed down duet version on their own social media sites!)  The other day, I went to check it out again on YouTube and found SIX different postings there, too, of the same clip … so I can only conclude that people are digging this new arrangement.  (I’ve heard that a few of the jocks on the list have even played it on the radio … so how cool is that!)

Never meant to replace or compete with the original (How the heck do you do that?!?!  The original went to #5 … and all the way to #1 here in Chicago!), this is just a totally new interpretation and reimagination of the tune.

The pure power of the duet REALLY hits you when you see the video … incredibly filmed separately in Chicago (Carl) and Atlanta (Lisa) with the common wall only helping to accentuate the common heartbreak of two former lovers who seem to have lost their way.

For the benefit of anyone who hasn’t yet seen it, here it is again …

Case in point …

What a week!

SATURDAY AFTERNOON = Glen Fisher played a Vito and the Salutations song for me on his 10th Anniversary "DOO-WOP REVIVAL" Show.

SATURDAY NIGHT = Cousin Brucie played " IF I WERE A CARPENTER " by Bobby Darin for me on his "ROCK AND ROLL PARTY."

SUNDAY MORNING = I sent the new version of the 1967 Buckinghams’ hit “Don’t You Care” that you posted to Dr. Bop and asked him to play it on his "OLDIES OVER EASY" show ... and he did.

Before you accuse me of living in the past, check the date that this NEW / CURRENT version of this 1967 Buckinghams hit was posted.

HEY, SCOTT ...  Can I add your name to my list?  All you have to do is play this song on your show.

FLASHBACK  =  For 20 Years, I called WCBS-FM and never once got through on the phone.


It wouldn’t surprise me at all to find out that Scott Shannon has already played the new “duet” version of “Don’t You Care” on his show … it would fit on both his WCBS-FM Morning Show AND as a special treat on The True Oldies Channel.  (And if he hasn’t, then he should!  Lol)  kk

I asked Jim Holvay, the guy who WROTE “Don’t You Care,” what HE thinks about the new arrangement … and this is what he told me …

Hey Kent:

I thought Carl and Lisa did an excellent job in taking a whole new approach at the song.

Not everybody can do that. It’s a mark of a true artist.

And I agree with you that video really brings it home.



Regarding “Don’t You Care,” apparently many people don’t.

You touched on a subject that annoys the hell out of me, too.

Since I have access to many of the same sources as you, I don't necessarily cite FH as the primary source of information I circulate.

However, in the case of Don't You Care, it was a new one on me, and when I reposted it on my Facebook page, I gave credit, where credit is due.

While I am not a fan of easy listening music and found the song much too wimpy for my taste (sorry Carl), I know others would enjoy it, so I posted it so that others could do so.

Too many times others share my posts and not give credit. Many a time extensive research goes into some of these posts. We're certainly not doing it for the money. (By the way, I've gotten good response on the song as well.)

Speaking of credit (and you always give credit to me, thank you), years ago I suggested in FH that Sha Na Na should be in the RRHOF for the very exact reason your reader gave the other day. You did not agree with me then, but evidently now you do? Either it is, or it isn't!


I’m not sure I know which post you’re referring to … I don’t remember anything coming up on Sha Na Na recently … but to answer your question, No, I absolutely do NOT believe Sha Na Na should be in The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame.

All they did was recreate the music of an era that already existed (most often having a little bit of fun with this music along the way.)

They artists who SHOULD be in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame are the ones who created all this great music in the first place.  (Johnny Maestro, for example, whose voice MADE The Crests’ version of “Sixteen Candles” … and also graced so many other great hits of the ‘60’s, capping things off with Brooklyn Bridges’ “The Worst That Could Happen.”  Now THIS topic came up recently in FH … perhaps that is what you are referring to???)

Sha Na Na had their niche … and they certainly introduced a whole new generation to the music of the late ‘50’s and early ‘60’s … but they were just the vehicle and soundboard for doing so.  They had absolutely nothing at all to do with creating this great music.  As such, I say reward and honor the incredible artists who DID … and yet have still remained ignored for the past 35+ years.  (Funnily enough, I think we’ll see more and more of these SONGS inducted as time goes by … but not the artists themselves who created them.  Thus, “The Twist” is in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame … but Chubby Checker is NOT … nor has he ever made the ballot … and that, to me, is just wrong.)  kk

I think that the new recording of “Don’t You Care” is beautifully done and the video is impossibly well executed by them. 

By the way, Rollie James interviewed radio legend Norm N. Nite this week.  Many remember his Rock On books that were early books on rock history.

You can download the interview here:

Clark  Besch

Norm N. Nite’s “Rock On” books were among the first of their kind to offer profiles of all the major artists to hit the charts during the ‘50’s, ‘60’s and ‘70’s.  At the time, they were considered to be the definitive biographies and revolutionary in their nature.  (Unfortunately, as is often the case, a lot of erroneous facts have popped up during the thirty years since … and these books could use some serious updating.)

I have often thought about taking up that task myself … but there just isn’t the time and the energy available to devote such a project.  Sadly, SO many of these artists are gone now that you can’t even nail down specific and accurate facts on most of them.  (I think a lot of Norm’s information on the more obscure groups came from promo material handed out by the record companies at the time … or off the liner notes printed on the back of the albums.)  Other artists who have since proven to be significant were ignored all together as either not important enough at the time to cover or omitted due to insufficient information.

That being said, while some artists are only worth of a paragraph or two of information, it would be virtually impossible to pin some of these artists down to a four paragraph biography these days.  Again, a near insurmountable task at this stage of rock and roll history.

But I will admit to referring to his books numerous times over the past 22 years of doing Forgotten Hits, if only to challenge another opinion of the facts as we knew them then.  Regardless, I tip my hat to his original efforts as he pioneered all new territory.  (And who better to do it at the time!)  kk

And I guess this is the perfect place to remind you again that the brand new launch of Gary Theroux's completely revamped HISTORY OF ROCK 'n' ROLL kicks off this weekend at stations all over the country.  

Scroll back to Tuesday's post for more information.  (kk)

After years of refusing to perform any of his music from his time leading Creedence Clearwater Revival, John Fogerty is now returning to Las Vegas with a six night residency at The Encore Theater in The Wynn Hotel for a show featuring nothing BUT his CCR material.  (By the way, John also celebrated a birthday last week … his 76th … on May 28th.)

After Creedence first split and Fogerty went solo, he was sued by his record label, Fantasy Records, for falling behind on his commitment of recorded material agreed upon by his original contract.  That and a long, on-going legal battle with Saul Zaentz, owner of Fantasy, prompted John to disassociate himself from the music that brought him to the attention of the world.  (Other than their first chart hit, a cover of the Dale Hawkins tune “Susie Q,” Fogerty wrote and sang EVERY hit that Creedence Clearwater Revival ever had.  And that, my friends, was a WHOLE bunch of ‘em!!!)

Being billed as “Travelin’ Band”:  John Fogerty:  Performing His Creedence Clearwater Revival Hits,” Fogerty said in a released statement: 

“Las Vegas! I can’t wait to be back at Wynn.  This will be my fourth year playin’ at Encore Theater. It’s good to be back with my Las Vegas family. It’s gonna be a big celebration. I can’t think of a better way than to throw a rock and roll party playin’ all my hits for you.”

Show dates are October 6th, 9th, 10th, 13th, 15th and 16th and tickets are available now thru Ticketmaster or thru the Wynn Hotel Box Office.

(By the way, it was EXCEPTIONALLY cool to hear Fogery’s CCR hit “Tombstone Shadow,” performed by his family as Fogerty’s Factory, on the season finale of Chicago P.D. last week!)

If you’re a Creedence fan, you’ll want to check out our special series first run in 2003 and now permanently posted on the other Forgotten Hits website …

You can flashback to a 2015 interview John did with Rock Cellar Magazine here:

Joel Whitburn completes the series of his Top Pop Playlists books with the release of the brand new 1985 – 1999 edition

It’s a monthly recap of the biggest hits for each month during this era, the wind-down of the pop single market that began in the mid-50’s.

You can preorder now and save five bucks.  Complete details are on the Record Research website.  Previous volumes covering 1955 – 1969 and 1970 – 1984 are also still available.  (These are beautiful books, by the way, done up in full color, with lots of interesting photos of old picture sleeves and publicity shots.  A nice edition to any music book collection, especially if you enjoy putting together “themed” programming like we do.)  kk




New lyric videos for The Rolling Stones’ 1968 smash hit single “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” and its relatively obscure B-Side “Child of the Moon” have just been released by ABKCO.  Both tracks, newly remastered by twelve-time Grammy-winning mastering engineer Bob Ludwig, have also be released digitally as a single on all streaming platforms.


Stream the EP Here 

The story of “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” was inspired by Jack Dyer who was Keith Richards’ gardener. When Mick Jagger, who was overnighting at Keith’s home, was awakened to the sound of Dyer’s footsteps, Richards put the blame on “Jumpin’ Jack.” The duo penned the song and the band recorded it in April and May of 1968 with Jimmy Miller producing at Olympic Studios. All five original members played on the recording, with bassist Bill Wyman providing Hammond organ, and Richards on bass as well as lead guitar. Richards’ guitar part was famously played entirely on an acoustic through the microphone of a tape recorder for a distorted effect. The opening lyric, “I was born in a crossfire hurricane” refers to Richards being born in Dartford, England during WWII when air raid sirens were a regular occurrence. First released as a single in the UK almost exactly 53 years ago (May 24, 1968) and one week later in the US, “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” was a commercial and critical triumph, hitting number one on the UK Singles chart and US Cash Box Top Singles chart. To date, it has been played live more than 1,150 times by the band, making it their most performed song.

“With 'Jumpin' Jack Flash' being among the greatest Rock 'n Roll singles of all time we knew we had to create a visual that somehow matched the swagger and excitement of the track,” stated music video directors Tom Readdy and Lucy Dawkins of London-based creative design studio Yes Please Productions. “With that guitar riff and Jagger's exceptional searing vocal we set out to create animations that hit and emphasized every beat, guitar part and syllable sung. The simplicity of the color palette, along with rough, hand drawn elements all come together to create an energetic visual to accompany the joyful rush of adrenaline that is 'Jumpin’ Jack Flash'.”


Like its A-Side, “Child of the Moon” was recorded at Olympic Studios with Jimmy Miller and was also written by Jagger and Richards. Lyrically a love letter to the singer’s then-girlfriend, recording artist Marianne Faithfull, the song features saxophone by Brian Jones and is more in line with their recently released psychedelic albums Between the Buttons and Their Satanic Majesties Request than “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” which points to the more stripped-down direction the Stones would head in with Beggars Banquet and Let It Bleed.

Tom Readdy and Lucy Dawkins of Yes Please Productions explained, “Our lyric video for ‘Child Of The Moon’ is inspired by the natural landscape and elements in the promo video for the track from 1968 directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg. The song was unfinished during the sessions for Their Satanic Majesties Request and often seen as the postscript to the psychedelic era of the band. We leant into this vibe to create ‘60s inspired bespoke illustrations of flowers, leaves and patterns that grow in and around the ornate typeface. This typeface incidentally featured on an original 7" picture sleeve for 'Jumpin’ Jack Flash’/‘Child Of The Moon’."

And finally, we are very excited that Me-TV-FM will once again be running their A-Side / B-Side weekend, playing BOTH sides of the records as they first came out way back when.  (So excited that this has turned into such a popular feature with them!)

It all kicks off at 7 pm tomorrow night (Friday, June 4th) and runs all weekend long.

You can listen live here:

And check out The Biggest Two-Sided Hits of All Time here:

As well as a couple hundred more B-Sides Favorites here:

Much more tomorrow in this week's Friday Flash!  (kk)