Friday, April 3, 2009

It's A Shame - Part 3

Since we seem to be stuck on a "shameful" topic this week (or would that be "shameless"???), I'm going to feature one of MY all-time favorite songs of the '60's today.

Once a COMPLETELY Forgotten Hit, this one's made a bit of a resurgence lately on the oldies stations ... and deservedly so.

Back in 1968, The Magic Lanterns took their biggest hit, "Shame, Shame" into The Cash Box Top 20. (Once again, this was an even bigger hit here in Chicago, where it peaked at #4 on the WCFL Chart.)

Catchy as hell, this one's SURE to stick in your head today ... and there's absolutely NOTHING to be aSHAMEd about there!!! Enjoy!

Give your favorite oldies deejay a call today and ask him to play this song ... it's a GUARANTEED listener pleaser!!!

FOR THE RECORD: Despite NUMEROUS published reports, Ozzy Osbourne was NOT a member of The Magic Lanterns!!! Formed in Lancashire, England, in the early '60's as The Sabres. their early line-up consisted of Jimmy Bilsbury on vocals, Peter Shoesmith on guitar, Ian Moncur on bass and Allan Wilson on drums. By the late '60's, a number of line-up changes had already occurred. Although Ozzy Osbourne was NEVER a member, the duo of Godley and Creme, later of 10cc, WERE early members ... and, AFTER they hit the charts with "Shame, Shame", Albert Hammond (of "It Never Rains In Southern California" fame) also came onboard in an effort to keep things going. With Bilsbury as the main constant, a group consisting of Alistair (aka "Bev" and "Les") Beveridge, Peter Garner, Harry Paul Ward and Mike "Oz" Osborne ... (whose inclusion can most likely be blamed for fueling all those "Ozzy" rumors over the years) ... ultimately placed three singles on The Billboard Chart ... but only "Shame, Shame" made much of an impact. Incredibly, it did NOT chart back home in Jolly Ol' England.

DIDJAKNOW?-1: The Magic Lanterns' ONLY British Hit was a recording of the song "Excuse Me Baby", written by Forgotten Hits' very own Artie Wayne!!! Despite three separate chart entries, spread out over six weeks, it never cracked The British Top 40. They also recorded non-charting versions of "Knight In Rusty Armour", later a hit for Peter and Gordon and "Auntie Griselda", covered by The Monkees on their second album and featuring a VERY rare Peter Tork lead vocal.

DIDJAKNOW?-2: The horn arrangement on "Shame, Shame" was done by none other than John Paul Jones who, a year later would be climbing the charts himself as a member of the ultimate hard-rock band Led Zeppelin.

DIDJAKNOW?-3: Early on in their career ... after their name change to "The Magic Lanterns" ... the band actually used to incorporate a magic lantern light show into their stage act which went on in the background to their musical accompaniment. Despite their ultra-cool '60's-era name, this was evidently as "psychedelic" as they ever got ... despite their name and the late '60's era, these guys were pretty much pure power pop (with just a twinge of R & B) at their very best.

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