Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another Look At The Happy Together Again Tour

A couple of weeks ago, we told you all about The Happy Together 25th Anniversary Tour ... a GREAT night of music and memories, featuring some of the hottest acts of the '60's: The Buckinghams, Mark Lindsay (former lead singer of Paul Revere and the Raiders), Rob Grill and the Grass Roots, Micky Dolenz (of The Monkees) and Flo and Eddie (aka The Turtles, featuring Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman).

Incredibly, in between dates performing with this incredible line-up, all of the participants are also booked solid headlining their OWN shows!

Nick and Carl will rejoined the rest of The Buckinghams for the following dates:
July 3rd - Hoffman Estates, IL
July 22nd - Brooklyn, NY
July 23rd - LaPorte, IN
August 4th - Bensenville, IL
August 7th - Sparks, NV
August 15th, 16th and 17th - Des Moines, IA (at the Iowa State Fairgrounds)
September 26th - Pamona, CA

You can catch Rob Grill and the Grass Roots at:
June 17th - Del Mar, CA
June 24th - Del Mar, CA
June 25th - Tower, MN
July 1st - Layton, UT
July 22nd - Brooklyn, NY
August 6th - Oyster Bay, NY
August 7th - Columbus, OH
August 12th - Mount Gretna, PA
August 13th - West Allis, WI
August 19th - Sedalia, MO
August 22nd - Des Moines, IA
August 27th - Maricopa, AZ
September 3rd - South Woodstock, CT
September 26th - Pomona, CA
October 2nd - Lubbock, TX
October 23rd - Waxahachie, TX
November 13th - Miami, FL
December 4th - Allentown, PA

Mark Lindsay will be appearing:
June 26th - Mount Pocono, PA
September 9th, 10th and 11th - Super Mega Show in Fairfield, NJ
September 17th - West Springfield, MA

You'll find Micky Dolenz:
June 26th - Mount Pocono, PA
July 3rd - Bangor, ME
July 17th - Lakeside, OH
July 18th - Milwaukee, WI
August 29th - Woodland Hills, CAOctober 3rd - East Berlin, CT

And finally, Flo and Eddie / The Turtles will be appearing:
July 4th - Dundalk, MD
July 9th - Hamden, CT
July 18th - Woodinville, WA
August 1st - Littleton, CO
August 7th - Alto, NM
September 18th - Las Vegas, NV
September 2th - Pomona, CA
October 9th and 10th - Sonoma, CA
October 14th - Fresno, CA
November 10th - November 20th - several dates in Australia
(Please check The Turtles website for more details!)

As always, all dates are subject to change ... and NEW dates are being added all the time. Be sure to check the artists' websites for the most current, up-to-date information:
Click here: The Buckinghams - Home Page
Click here: - Rock Vocalist, Songwriter & Bass Guitar Legend - Rob Grill - The Grass Roots!
Click here: Mark Lindsay, Former Lead Singer of Paul Revere & the Raiders
Click here: MickyDolenz.Com
Click here:

Meanwhile, here is a list of the remaining HAPPY TOGETHER DATES:
July 20th - Glenside, PA
July 21st - Peekskill, NY
July 22nd - Brooklyn, NY
July 23rd - Gilford, NH
July 24th - Hyannis, MA
July 25th - Cohasset, MA
July 27th - Jacksonville, FL
July 28th - Atlanta, GA
July 29th - Hollywood, FL
July 30th - Daytona Beach, FL
July 31st - Clearwater, FL

And finally, here are some of your recent comments ... along with some amazing, vintage '60's Flashbacks (courtesy of Clark Besch!)

Kent ...
Mark Lindsay posts pictures from all stops of the Happy Together Tour on Facebook. Before that he was on a cruise ... sent pictures of the ship and all stops along the way.
I think this is a great idea. Wondering why more artists aren't doing the same thing. We might be able to go to one show. By posting these pictures, you get the feeling you were on tour with Mark.
Frank B.
The Happy Together Tour MUST get some saltwater taffy tonight... on Twitpic
Actually, I think it's a GREAT idea ... and you're right ... more of these artists could make their fans feel part of their lives by doing something like this! Thanks, Frank. (kk)

>>>If you're sixties music fans, or just want to turn your children on to the great hits that you experienced while growing up, I guarantee you'll get a lot of bang for your buck out here with us this summer. Thanks, everyone. (Howard Kaylan)
Speaking of "bang for your buck", this 12/6/69 Cash Box ad proves the Turtles wanted to turn on their grown up fans now, too!! Bring on the 70's, eh? Great song. Would this ad replace Whipped Cream in 70's for Kent??
Clark Besch

>>>FH Reader Gary Renfield (of R.I.P. Renfield fame) sent us this local newspaper clipping from Memorial Day ... great press (other than the fact that the journalist got several of the facts wrong!!!) First of all, the photo caption mis-identifies Carl Giammarese, who reporter Mark Voger interviewed for the piece. (How do you spend time interviewing somebody and then NOT know which guy in the band he is?!?! Especially the FRONT man of the band!!! For the record, that's Bob Abrams holding the guitar ... who isn't even part of the Happy Together Again Tour!) It also incorrectly credits Carl with editing in the psychedelic interlude found in their hit single "Susan" ... ALSO not true. Due to a badly worded sentence, it's all but lost on the reader that it was producer James Williams Guercio who made that call ... to the complete surprise of the entire band. (Oh well, thank God there are oldies publications out there like Forgotten Hits to continue to set these stories straight!!! lol) kk
OK, Let's set some records straight with some vintage things of the Bucks' glory days of 66-68. Besides the Mr. Norm's jingle I sent a few months back, here's some groovy things that Mark Voger might want to know.

Hard to believe that ANYONE with knowledge of the band would not know of the "Susan" midsection part and the firing of Guercio and thus also the ending of the James Holvay association with the band. Here's some photos for the Buck fan-addicts:

1. From early 1967 -- making a deal with the devils -- Clive and JWG. After the photo, James tries to sell Clive on a new band, the Arbors, but Clive wants him to deal him Chicago. OK, a year or so later, anyway? For James, the future is so bright he has to wear shades!! For Clive, he'll get his with Columbia, after he edits Chicago one too many times in the 70's.

2. According to THIS article, just 24 hours after "Kind of a Drag" hits #1, Columbia signs the Bucks (some 3 months after signing my Cryan Shames friends) and flies in from LA "a disc-producer" (Guercio) to quickly record the new Columbia 45, "Don't You Care". Maybe it would have been #1 had USA not released "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" ("Laudy Miss Claudy" on some 45's!) just before it and "Summertime" just before "Mercy, Mercy" in the summer of love, 1967!

3. Photo of the quick session for "Don't You Care" in NYC circa Feb 67 just as "Mr. Unreliable" was issued by Columbia as the Shames second Columbia release.

4. An early 1968 Bucks poster sold to fans thru Gawdawful Graphics of Hollywood. $2 per poster or 3 for $5! What a great price!! Came in blue or orange and were 13 x 20 size.

5/6/7/8. Early 1968 - Jon Jon with his fave film "The Making of Whipped Cream and Other Delights"!! Other early 68 photos and lastly, 1968 sees a new lead singer from Exceptions coming in complete with songs from his old group ("This is How Much I Love You"). Newby Marty Grebe (Grebb) seen just ready to record "Back in Love Again" (A GREAT RECORD!!!) with a still happy Clive, but newly fired Guercio looks a bit unhappy, don't you think? Haha.
Clark Besch

OK, time for some Raiders / Monkees clips. I pulled these for my FH good buddy, Michael Thom, as they are Raiders / Monkees hitting the midwest gigs of mid-60's, mainly Oklahoma, where Mr. Thom is legendary. 1. In early 68, there was "a Revolution going on"!! That's how the Raiders said it, anyway. Here, Drake and Phil hold the pic sleeve of 67's great "Him or Me" while sporting the attire from that sleeve. BUT, things were changing and within a year or so, they'd "drop" those outfits and the "Paul Revere &" part of their name. Too bad, as their best music was in this era of 65-68. Here they are before a show in Oklahoma City. Larry Neal is lurking around, I'm sure?? Charlie Tuna is no doubt (his KOMA era).

2. Hey, hey, we're the Raiders and people say we ride in a Vox Raidermobile! Too Much Talk and not enough action? Not with this gasser!! What a great car for Pauly and Co. in early 68.

3. Monkee Mike visits Tulsa in early 68 with entourage. I think I see Michael Thom in the background after stealing Mike's hat. The cops are unhappy!! :)

4. Hey, hey, we're the MONKEES ... and we will not be outdone by a Raider-mobile. We will take to the skies in 68! (Even if we have to climb in the back of a pickup to get in our plane!!) The Sundowners were back ups this tour.

More on Micky's new solo album:
Brian Wilson's music director Jeffrey Foskett is producing an album on "Monkee" Micky Dolenz
-- Fred Vail
BEACH BOYS BAND VETERAN JEFFREY FOSKETT PRODUCES "KING FOR A DAY" A new album by former Monkee Micky Dolenz entitled "King For A Day" will be released on August 24. The album was produced by Jeffrey Foskett, the former Beach Boys band member and current bandleader for Brian Wilson's band. "Micky is an incredible vocalist and musician," said Foskett. "Working with an accomplished artist of his caliber made it easy to produce this record. I'm proud to be part of this project." "King For A Day" is an homage to singer / songwriter Carole King. A prominent songwriter for The Monkees, Carole King penned a number of the group's most memorable hits, such as "Pleasant Valley Sunday," and "Sometime In The Morning" as well as the title song to The Monkees' film "Head" ("Porpoise Song"). The album includes 15 classic songs from the Carole King catalog. The first single from the album is a duet with teen-star Emily Osment from TV's Hannah Montana on the King classic "I Feel The Earth Move." The single is NOW available at iTunes EUROPE, click here then change iTunes stores as directed:"

"Sometime In the Morning" is one of my favorites too! Larry does a great cover:
David Lewis

And how would you like to be on the new Micky Dolenz album??? Check THIS out!!!

Gigatone Leverages Classic Artist Brand Equity with myRecordFantasy Business Model Provides Classic Artists Recording Outlet, New Revenue Streams New York - May 18, 2010 – Gigatone Entertainment, a next generation entertainment company based in Sacramento and Hollywood, announced plans today for a series of new recording projects with Classic artists that provide both the artist and label a number of new and compelling revenue streams, powerful and compelling marketing and promotion tools, and an up-close fan experience event, all in the context of the making of a new album. myRecordFantasy brings the fan into the studio with the classic artists in the making of a new album. Fans get the opportunity to audition to record on the album among other up-close and unique experience in the three-day event. Gigatone has announced its first two myRecordFantasy fantasy camps with Monkees lead singer Micky Dolenz and Starship frontman and lead singer Mickey Thomas. Gigatone has a number of additional classic artists in negotiation and the company will be making further announcement in future weeks. “Classic artists have incredible brand equity and have legions of fans looking to participate in unique and compelling ways” said Mitchell Koulouris, CEO of Gigatone Entertainment. “With myRecordFantasy, Artists have both an outlet to record and release new music, have fans participate in the album in a unique behind-the-scenes way, and create new and previously unavailable revenue streams.” myRecordFantasy places the super fan in the middle of the recording of a new album by a fan’s favorite artist. The three-day fantasy camp includes a number or unique, up-close, and behind-the-scenes experiences including the opportunity to audition to perform on the album. In addition, all fans attending a myRecordFantasy event receive Executive Producer credit on the album, forever associated them with an artist they love. Each myRecordFantasy events is capped off with a special VIP private concert from the artist featuring their memorable hits as well as selections from their new album. Each myRecordFantasy event is limited to 30 fans making each experience extremely limited, unique, and special. Pricing for each myRecordFantasy will vary depending on the project. "Music fans of all stripes are looking to engage with their favorites artists in unique ways” said Mitchell Koulouris, CEO of Gigatone Entertainment. “myRecordFantasy takes the super fan behind the scenes with their favorite artist in a one-of-a-kind experience that forever associates them with an artist they love”. Gigatone’s business model is unique in that it combines the best and most familiar aspects of the traditional recording industry with new and innovative components of an evolving industry that reduces risk for artist and label, and creates new, previously unavailable revenue streams and marketing vehicles for the artist and label. “We have been overwhelmed with the positive response from myRecordFantasy from fans and artists alike” said Koulouris. “Fans clearly want access to unique experiences that get them as close to their favorite artists as possible. Artists want an ongoing outlet for recording new music in a way that makes sound creative and financial sense. Gigatone’s myRecordFantasy addresses this unique market condition.” myRecordFantasy will be for the forthcoming album from Micky Dolenz, “King For A Day”, a 15-track tribute to legendary songwriter Carole King that will take place in Sacramento August 2-4, 2010. The second myRecordFantasy will be for the latest release from Starship’s Mickey Thomas featuring 16 new tracks including covers of his musical influences, contemporaries, and followers. The myRecordFantasy event for Starship’s Thomas will also take place in Sacramento in September 2010. Dolenz was the drummer in the successful 60’s band, The Monkees, and was lead singer on most of the band’s hits including “I’m A Believer”, “Last Train To Clarksville”, and “Pleasant Valley Sunday” among others. Starship recorded some of the biggest hits of the 1980’s including “We Built This City”, “Sara”, “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now”, and “Find Your Way Back” among others. Thomas also was the lead singer on Elvin Bishop’s top five 1976 hit “Fooled Around And Fell In Love”. Gigatone CEO Koulouris is a seasoned entrepreneur and former NASDAQ CEO. He serves on the Board of Governors for The Recording Academy and has completed a number of Angel, Venture, and Public capital raises including a $38 million NASDAQ IPO of Digital Music Group, Inc. in February 2006.


Sounds like Micky's been moved by this whole BP Oil Spill, too ... just minutes ago I received this announcement from David Salidor, Micky's publicist:

Gigatone Supports Gulf Oil Spill Disaster with Launch of myRecordFantasy Launch Event with The Monkees’ Micky Dolenz to Help with Gulf Relief
New York - June 15, 2010 – Gigatone Entertainment, a next-generation entertainment company based in Sacramento and Hollywood has announced plans to support the efforts of the Gulf Relief Foundation with a portion of the proceeds from the company’s myRecordFantasy events. The first event, scheduled for August 2-4th, 2010, in Sacramento is a three-day event with Monkees-Lead Singer Micky Dolenz.
“The aftermath of the oil spill in the Gulf is so overwhelming in size and scope that we felt we should do everything within our powers to assist the cleanup effort” said Mitchell Koulouris, CEO of Gigatone Entertainment. “Our focus is to take action by helping the Gulf region via myRecordFantasy events by providing much-needed support to the people and wildlife in the area.”
The August 2-4th, 2010 myRecordFantasy event takes place in Sacramento at The Track Shack Studios and features the ever-popular lead singer of The Monkees Micky Dolenz. myRecordFantasy is a one-of-a-kind experience that allows the super fan the chance to get into the recording studio with their favorite artist in the making of their new album. In addition, fans get the chance to audition to perform on the album, receive Executive Producer credit on the album, and be treated to a number of adventures and special surprise guest appearances. The three-day event culminates with a special concert featuring Micky Dolenz and surprise guests performing hits by The Monkees and tracks from his forthcoming album, “King For A Day” featuring 15 classic songs written by legendary songwriter Carole King.
“This project is near and dear to my heart” said Dolenz. “The chance to work with my fans in the studio on my new album while making a contribution to and have a positive impact on the terrible disaster in the Gulf region is a like a fantasy and dream come true for me. Having the opportunity to provide much-needed assistance and make a difference in the Gulf region through the myRecordFantasy event shows our commitment to this importance cause.”
In addition, a portion of the proceeds from Dolenz’s forthcoming album “King For A Day” will also go toward the Gulf Relief Foundation. The album, a 15-track a tribute to legendary songwriter Carol King will be released on August 31, 2010.

More information can be gound at the Gigatone website: