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The Sunday Comments ( 12 - 12 - 10 )

We were so sorry to learn that our good friend, Jimy Rogers, of The Mauds’ fame has passed away. Nick and I, along with all The Buckinghams, offer our deepest sympathy and condolences to his family. Jimy and The Mauds were a big part of the Chicago music scene starting in the late 60's and into the present. His contributions and the soul he gave to music will be truly missed. This kind, gentle soul, who gave his all to the music, enriched our lives and leaves a body of work that will last for generations to respect and enjoy.

Attaching the YouTube link to Joan Gand’s video:
As he sang so eloquently for the Blue Road Live CD, “People get ready; there's a train a-coming. You don't need no baggage; you just get on board. All you need is faith, to hear the diesels humming. Don't need no ticket; you just thank the Lord.”
People get ready, indeed. Jimy, God bless.
Carl Giammarese

Hey Kent,
This is the saddest of weeks for those of us in the Chicago music business, as we mourn the loss of Mauds singer extraordinaire Jimy Rogers. Here's a link to my piece on
We know Jimy is jamming in Blues Heaven with Otis, Curtis, and all the rest.
Guy Arnston in Algonquin
I never made it to the Friday Night Tribute Concert ... between late work hours and a shower wall in the bathroom collapsing (don't ask!), I just couldn't drum up the energy to go back out again ... but we'd love to hear from some of you who were there so please drop us a line and we'll run one more Jimy Rogers follow-up piece in the days to come! Thanks! (kk)


Thanks to the hundreds of friends and fans who came out last night to celebrate the life of Jimy Rogers at the Memorial Celebration.
For those of you who have asked about downloading or purchasing CDs by Jimy Rogers with Blue Road, information is at the bottom of this email.
The magical evening included performances by:
Blue Road
The Mauds "Souldier On" band
Ronnie Rice
J.C. Hooke and Mike from the Cryan Shames
Bob Abrams
Cruise Machine featuring Dia Madden
Bev Perron
Steve Temkin
Graham Nelson
Billy Shaffer
HERE to read Tribune Obituary
Other Obituaries:
Daily Herald
See our websites for more photos, videos, full calendar
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Thought you might find this article interesting.
Actually, this is an AWESOME website ... VERY well done ... and very professional looking. We'll be checking back from time to time! (kk)

Kent ...
A while back we posted the top ten girl name songs. Here's ten more to round out the top Twenty. I like this set better than the first ten. A song I kidded about last time made #1 this time.
Frank B.
The (Next) Top Ten Girl Name Songs - Rock The Jukebox - Oldies Music Trivia

NEW YORK (Nov. 29, 2010) – Tomorrow marks the historic day that the sudden pop culture resurgence of (I’VE HAD) THE TIME OF MY LIFE and all things DIRTY DANCING reaches a level of impact not seen since the low budget movie beat all odds to make pop culture history 23 years ago.
In an unusual – and perhaps unprecedented – industry coincidence, two new versions of the classic Oscar-winning theme to the 1987 box office smash romance will be released tomorrow on two of the holiday season’s most hotly anticipated new albums. “The Time (The Dirty Bit),” the new BLACK EYED PEAS hit single built around the unforgettable chorus of “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life,” will appear on the new Peas album, The Beginning. And the cast of GLEE will debut its new rendition of “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life,” on Glee: The Music, Volume 4. Dianna Agron (Quinn) and Chord Overstreet (Sam) are scheduled to performing a duet of "Time of My Life" on tomorrow night’s episode (8 p.m. EST, FOX).
All this activity comes a week to the day after DIRTY DANCING star Jennifer Grey's amazing and courageous win on this season's DANCING WITH THE STARS brought back the heart-tugging memories of her and Patrick Swayze dancing in the movie Grey later revealed to Good Morning America that she resisted “enormous pressure” to dance to “(I've Had) The Time Of My Life” on America’s most-watched TV show because the song holds too special of a place in her heart.
With “The Time (The Dirty Bit)” currently at No. 13 in Billboard and the enormous popularity of the previous Glee soundtracks, the two new albums are sure to fight it out near the top of the Billboard Top 200 chart. Both renditions of “Time of My Life” are exposing the song to an enormous new generation of fans, most of whom are too young to remember the original during its original ‘80s glory.
Furthering the coincidence, FRANKE PREVITE and his “Time of My Life” co-writers are currently exposing the world to the original demo recording that Grey and Swayze danced to during the filming of the movie’s iconic final scene. Previte, an artist in his own right (‘80s hitmakers Franke and The Knockouts), was inspired to release and donate proceeds from the sale of his newly available DIRTY DANCING: THE ORIGINAL DEMOS CD to the Patrick Swayze Pancreas Cancer Research Fund at Stanford after sharing his personal memories of the dancing duo during the making of the DIRTY DANCING “Keepsake Edition” DVD gift package. Lionsgate released the “Keepsake Edition” earlier this year to an audience that has been reminded of the movie for years by the well-known commercials for Sandals Resorts. Just last week, Sandals renewed the contract to continue using the song in their spots for years to come.
“Talk about being blessed,” says Previte. “When I wrote ‘Time of My Life’ I never expected anything like this 23 years later. But the song has new legs and it’s running again -- maybe even faster than the first time. The next generation has spoken and I love it. Thanks to all. “
Amid all this incredible momentum – the most he’s seen surrounding the song since the film’s 1987 release – this week Previte will be celebrating the cultural rebirth of “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” by announcing a charity contest where fans can revel in their love for the movie and its trademark song by dancing to it themselves. DANCING WITH THE DEMOS welcomes fans to show their moves and record a video of themselves dancing to the original demo recording of “(I've Had) The Time Of My Life” in original and creative ways that stay true to the spirit of the film. The contest is designed to excite and engage all fans of the music and movie around the world while helping battle pancreas cancer in Patrick Swayze’s memory.
Contestants will record a video of themselves dancing to Previte's ORIGINAL DEMO RECORDING of “(I've Had) The Time Of My Life” and post it as a response to the video contest announcement. Winners will be chosen by Franke Previte for top prizes that include stays at the two resorts in North Carolina and Virginia that were the primary filming locations of “Dirty Dancing.”
“Please join in with me this holiday season and make a difference,” says Previte. “The gift of giving always feels better when the cause is great. So when you purchase the ‘Dirty Dancing Demos,’ know that this is helping the Patrick Swayze cancer fund and ‘Dance, Dance, Dance!’ ... And who knows? Maybe I'll see you at one of these prize sites.”
Official rules will soon be posted at
DIRTY DANCING: THE ORIGINAL DEMOS are available on iTunes, CD Baby and all other major digital download destinations.
Samples all ORIGINAL DEMO tracks at
Learn more about the Patrick Swayze Pancreas Cancer Research Fund at -- submitted by Randy Alexander / Randex Communications
Twitter: @dirtydancingdem

With all the Christmas Music that we've been featuring lately, one might expect the mere mention of "Grammy" to be followed by "Got Run Over By A Reindeer"!!! But we've actually got some pretty exciting Grammy News to share with our readers today, courtesy of Merrell Fankhauser! (kk)
Kent -

I just received this from Rhino Records ... The 60's box set I am in is nominated for a Grammy! We're up against The Beatles in the same reissue category!
It's an honor to be nominated and I've already gotten 180 congrats in emails!
I am going to be on the Kenny Loggins Christmas TV special in Santa Barbara

Ch 3, Saturday, December 11th, from 6 - 6:30 ...
Also, my 1962 version of "Wipe Out" by my group, The Impacts, is coming out on a CD compilation titled "Surf Hits" with The Beach Boys, The Lively Ones and other early 60's surf groups. It will be available soon in all Wal Marts worldwide.
Hope you can give all of this a mention. I got a lot of response from the Egyptian Theater promo event you published.
Thanks for your support.

Best for 2011,
Well, add OURS to the list of "congrats"! And please keep us posted. Great news about the "Wipe Out" release ... and glad we can help to spread the word. Thanks, Merrell!

By the way, the CD reissue compilation in question is the "Where The Action Is" Box Set, which we cover in great depth last summer. (In fact, we even filed a couple of eye-witness reports from the CD release party!) kk

Thank you so much, Kent!
I've got some interesting releases coming out in February that I will pass on news to you.
Thanks For All The Support, and Happy Holidays!


>>>My dad had silver hair at 40 – I’d probably have the same if it wasn’t for Lady Clairol
-- Alice Cooper
Published: 24 Nov 2010
EACH week our no-nonsense (and frankly eccentric) Mistress Of Modern Manners quizzes a nervous celebrity about ethics and standards.Here, rock legend ALICE COOPER is grilled about his skin-cleansing routine, what makes him blush and stretchy trousers.
BETTY BRISK: WE share a love of make-up, Alice, though I hope mine is a little more subtle. Clogged pores can be a nightmare. Are you scrupulous about removing it all at bedtime?
ALICE COOPER: I never remove it. If you looked good the night before, why not wake up looking good?
BB: NO one will ever see Betty Brisk's real hair colour. I plan to dye until I die. How about you? Ever tempted to go grey and get a short back and sides?
AC: My father had a full mane of silver hair when he was 40 - it was magnificent. I would probably have the same hair if it wasn't for Lady Clairol. Jimmy Page has the only honest hair in rock and roll.
BB: IT must be strange seeing people dress up like you at Halloween. Do you think you could win an Alice Cooper lookalike contest?
AC: A top ten finish would be nice.
BB: YOU'VE reached an age where many would be reaching for clothes that have a little more "give". Don't you ever yearn to ditch the denim for something comfy in stretch polyester?
AC: Not in the least, my body is still 25 years old. I can still fit into clothes from college.
BB: WHAT else is part of your daily beauty regime? Facials? Manicures? Head massage? Would Alice ever consider plastic surgery?
AC: I absolutely hate being pampered. Massages and spas would be hell, and I'd never have plastic surgery.
BB: ARE you handy around the house with the Hoover?
AC: Not with the Hoover but I am with the toolbox. I've built many a shelf.
BB: I MUST say the thought of you in an apron is strangely appealing. If Mr Brisk and I invited you round for dinner, would you offer to do the washing up?
AC: NO!!!
BB: DO you book restaurants in the name of Alice Cooper? Or do they think you must be pulling their leg?
AC: Of course I do - I always get a good seat. When they get the booking they don't believe it but then I show up with ten people.
BB: I'D love to think there was a guillotine in the corner of your living room.
AC: If you like to think that ... then there is. Actually, I live in a 10,000 sq ft Spanish hacienda on Camel Back Mountain in Phoenix overlooking the city, with its own movie theatre complete with popcorn machine and Diet Coke on tap.
BB: MOST kids are embarrassed by their parents at some point - what made yours cringe most about you?
AC: My daughter wrote in her high school year book that she tried to rebel until she realized her parents were cooler than all of her friends.
BB: I REALISE it's hard to tell, behind the mask of Alice, but is there anything that ever makes you blush?
AC: I did when I gave the female lead singer in my band, Tiffany, something called a Rammstein Box set as a present. I had no idea of its contents, which turned out to be an assortment of anatomically correct but exaggerated representations of the band.
BB: YOU love antiques. If you spotted something in a shop that the owner didn't realize was valuable, would you let on or walk out with a bargain?
AC: Certainly I'd tell him. Right after I bought it from him.
BB: I'M rather careful (some may say tight) with the Brisk purse strings, whereas you once splashed out 27,000 dollars for the O in the Hollywood sign. Would you say you're a bit reckless with money?
AC: I'm reckless with excess money. After the first cheque I received for 100,000 dollars I bought three Rolls-Royces. But the bulk of the fortune's secure and safe. Alice Cooper's live DVD Theatre of Death is out now on Universal.
Read more:
-- submitted by Bob Merlis

Chicago Working On A New Album With Help From Phil Ramone « WCBS-FM 101.1
Kent ...
I figure you people in Chicago would like to know what Chicago's doing these days.
Frank B.

Hey Kent,

I have some big news and I'd like to ask your help in sharing it with your readers. It's oldies related and Christmas related, in that it would make a unique gift for retro fans. (Unfortunately, I'm currently set up to only sell in the USA).
For the first time, I have released on CD my major debut album, Appetizers.
This LP featured two #1 hits I wrote, each of which eventually sold 2 million copies. "Angie Baby" had already been a #1 hit for Helen Reddy in 1974. "Undercover Angel" was everywhere on the air in the summer of '77 and went #1, buoyed in part by an apparent listener connection to the popular "Charlie's Angels" TV series and the amazing Farrah Fawcett.
The CD sounds great. Along with the #1 hits, it's loaded with a bunch of other killer tracks laid down by a group of the west coast's top session players and produced by Steve Barri and Michael OMartian. It's all beautifully remastered here and ready to take people on a trip back to the thrilling analog sounds of yesteryear. The album features a bonus track, and is available "sealed", or "unsealed & personalized", with free shipping for a limited time.
I appreciate the opportunity to share this with you.

Here's wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season!
Happy to see what seems like an upsurge of interest in FH.

Alan O'Day
Happy to help spread the word, Alan ... and I can't wait to hear it for myself! Happy Holidays to you and yours ... and you're right ... this is JUST in time for Christmas gift-giving!

And, speaking of Gift-Giving ... Alan is going to sign one of these brand new CD's and let us give it away to one of our Forgotten Hits Readers!!!
Just drop me an email telling me that you want to enter your name in the Alan O'Day Free CD Give-Away ... and then we'll pick a winner next week ... hopefully PLENTY of time to get your Christmas Gift into the mail! Do it now: ... and good luck to all! (kk)

Hi Kent,
On December 16th at 9 a.m., Vance will be on WUSB 90.1 FM, a public radio station broadcast from Stony Brook University in New York (Long Island). The host of the show is John Tabacco, the person responsible for rescuing and remastering "Christmas Dream" and making the release possible. It should be an interesting and fun interview, maybe even a little impromptu live performance from Vance.
We’re talking “Behind the Music” on Vance and HIS music ... it may even include a rare LIVE performance by Vance of his own music! Only his local NY fans from his solo years prior to Peter Noone have heard him sing his own songs.
There are “tune in” links to listen to the show online at: .
Listening works best using the Winamp media player – download the current version FREE at: or for those who already have Winamp or another player they want to use here’s the URL to bookmark:
Speaking of John Tabacco ... along with his Clam Radio show on WUSB, he's a mastering engineer, composer, musician and plays with a tribute group called "Mostly Moptop". In a message to me he said, “I am an archivist of the music I’ve been involved with over the last thirty years. So I’m glad I could help rescue Vance’s song from obscurity.”
Have a good week, Kent!
We featured both sides of Vance's Christmas Single last week in Forgotten Hits ... another FINE example of great new Christmas music being released (and then totally ignored by conventional radio.)
Sounds like a fun and interesting radio special, Dana ... we'll have to check it out! (kk)

Most of us think of December 8th as the day that John Lennon died ... or, perhaps more accurately, was murdered. But we lost another music legend that day, too ... just two years later (albeit not in quite so tragic or unthinkable a way):
This evening 28 years ago (December 8, 1982, also a Wednesday) Marty Robbins died, a week after being hospitalized during his final heart attack. I'd known from news reports that he was in serious condition, but his death still came as a complete shock. He'd survived heart attacks and car crashes, and I fully expected him to survive this. So did everyone else, I'm sure. He was 57.
Fourteen years ago tomorrow, December 9th, Faron Young finally gave in to his long-running depression. His friends were used to his suicide threats, which he treated as jokes, and no one realized he wasn't joking. Looking back, it's easy to see he showed classic signs of a depressed man heading for suicide. He died 24 hours after shooting himself. He was 64.
These were the only two singers whose deaths ever propelled me to send sympathy cards to their unknown families. Who could have dreamed I would someday write their biographies?
As for an update on my "Twentieth Century Drifter: The Life of Marty Robbins" book contract: I've sent the photo spread to the University of Illinois Press and am waiting for the last of the permission forms to be returned to me, so I can send them in. Then I wait for the copy edited manuscript to come back for review.
Diane Diekman

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA

And, speaking of John Lennon ...

It is bizarre to think it's been 30 years since John Lennon was shot. Maybe you can run a special thing - "Where Were You When You Heard About John Lennon"? Unless you've done that one already.
Honestly, we've kind of stayed away from it ... I've always been one more in favor of celebrating the BIRTH of these artists rather than their deaths ... especially one as cruel and unnecessary as this one. Certainly, we want to remember John and his music on this day ... and all the joy it brought us ... but I'd rather pay tribute to the man who GAVE us the music on the date of his birth, rather than in ANY way shape or form acknowledge the man who took that music away. Just my way of thinking ... but I've held true to it for as long as FH has been around. (kk)

Kent ...
How ya' doin'? On the 30th Anniversary of John Lennon’s death, I recall the time I spent with him and how I acquired the cloud painting on the “IMAGINE” album cover.
Artie Wayne
Cool story, Artie! Yeah, I'd guess it was worth more than a hundred dollars. (kk)

After recently being honored in Washington D.C. with the Gershwin Award, it looks like Paul McCartney is being feted once again! (kk)
Kent ...
You can watch it on December 28.
Frank B.
And, you can bet that I will!!! (kk)
Paul McCartney Spends Weekend In D.C. « WCBS-FM 101.1
Paul McCartney was in Washington, D.C. this weekend where he was one of the honorees at the Kennedy Center Honors, which recognizes those in the performing arts.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who admitted to having “several waves of teen girl hysteria” over The Beatles, hosted a dinner for the honorees, which also includes Oprah Winfrey, country singer Merle Haggard, composer Jerry Herman and dancer Bill T. Jones, Saturday night. Macca, who was honored in D.C. in June with the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song, said, “You know, great things just come in bundles. I am a big fan of this president, and I think he’s a great man whose got some difficulties. … I’m very honored to be with him and his family, and I’m also a big fan of Hillary’s, too.“
Last night, a number of celebrities came together to pay tribute to this year’s honorees at the Kennedy Center. Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler honored McCartney by singing a few songs off the Abbey Road album. Highlights will be shown on CBS on December 28th.
Past honorees include Bruce Springsteen, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, Brian Wilson, Elton John, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan and B.B. King.

And did you see Macca on Saturday Night Live last night? Lots of focus on the recently reissued "Band On The Run" package ... word is McCartney is looking to revamp his entire catalog for the Starbucks Record Label ... and the fans are going to be treated to some long hidden gems along the way! Meanwhile, last night he performed both "Jet" and "Band On The Run" on SNL. Honestly, it appeared to be a real vocal effort ... while the band sounded great, McCartney seemed to be reaching for every note ... parts of it were a little painful to watch ... and this coming from a lifetime Macca-Fan. His comedy bits were pretty funny, 'though, in this his THIRD Saturday Night Live appearance. Doesn't matter to me ... I'll always love seeing him ... and will probably be first in line to pick up the newly released catalog with all kinds of bonus extras like unreleased tracks, DVD concert and promo video and, in the case of "Band On The Run", a coffee-table type book that accompanies the complete package. (kk)

Looks like Paul has been having some fun lately ... here he is on Jimmy Fallon's show last week:

Not many people can say that they have sang with The Beatles, but Jimmy Fallon can! On last nights “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon“, he had the honor of singing with his guest, Paul McCartney! You may be surprised with which song they decided to sing together!They duo, McCartney and Fallon didn’t sing a classic Beatles or McCartney song, instead they sang “Scrambled Eggs”, which is set to the music of “Yesterday”. It was very funny and exciting to watch!Watch the video below and enjoy some “Scrambled Eggs”.

Good response already to the "Ross On Radio" Favorite Oldies Radio Station poll. Remember, you can cast YOUR votes here:
Thanks, Kent!
Definitely appreciate the plug. It all was meant to generate this kind of excitement for everybody.
Sean Ross
I think you'll find our readers VERY responsive to stuff like this ... we are nothing if not passionate about our oldies! (kk)

Hello Kent ...

I know this comes as a shock to you, but I voted for WCBS-FM. LOL!

Have a Great Weekend
Frank B.

No Way!!! Really?!?!? I NEVER would have guessed! (lol) kk

Hello, Kent,

I am Rockin Lord Geoff from England and here are four internet radio stations from the UK. The live shows are on a Saturday but because they are on line can be listened to anytime. Anybody who mails them please mention my name.
First gent in Geoff Barker on Log in and find last Saturday’s date, click on it and find his programme Rock “n” roll party and click on it to bring up the listening to box.
The second is Ted Reynolds on

Log in and find last Saturday’s date, click on it and find his programme Fabulous fifties and click on it to bring up the listening to box.
The third is Bernie Keith on

Log in and find last Saturday’s date, click on it and find his programme Bernie Keith and click on it to bring up the listening to box.
The fourth is Dave Cash who has 2 shows 1 Saturday and 1 Sunday on

Log in and find last Saturday’s date, click on it and find his programme Dave Cash and click on it to bring up the listening to box.
Great sheet you put out almost daily
Rockin’ Lord Geoff

I promised you that when I read Connie Szerszen's book I would give you a review. I don't know if you read it yet, but I think it would be worth picking up, for anyone as in to the Chicago radio scene as we are.
While I was struck by the brevity of Clark Weber's book, that is not the case here.
"Top Rock Girly Jock" is 346 pages long.
The first 60 pages recount Connie's childhood in great detail. As a fellow Chicagoan who grew up about the same time, I found it interesting
The best part, though, begins when she recounts her adventures at WCFL. Names and places and sometime pictures are provided. It's amazing the amount of detail that she remembers. The book is also peppered with facetious asides and double entendres like those that got her radio show compared to Larry Lujack's. For example, after reading about her adventures with Neil Diamond, the chapter title "Cherry, Cherry" seems doubly appropriate. I finished this book in less than a day, it was a very fast, entertaining read for me.
Ed Erxleben
I have NOT read this yet! (Sorry, Connie!!!) It's been sitting on my bookshelf for MONTHS now but I get SO many interruptions lately that it's hard to concentrate and stay on one subject for very long without falling further and further behind on all the day-to-day FH stuff ... but I DO want to read it and promise to do so.
I know Ron Smith gave it an EXCELLENT review when it was first released (and I went out and bought it the very next day!!!)
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, too ... but (quite honestly) now I want to hear more! (Talk about brevity!!! Share a little more insight into the whole package!!!) kk

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Declares "Million Dollar Quartet Day"
Kent ...
It was December 4th. Wish I knew about this before ... I would've worn my black suit and my blue suede shoes.
Frank B.
Having just recently seen this here in Chicago (where it's been extended AGAIN because folks just can't get enough of this fun night of music), I can only say "Kudos to Mayor Bloomberg!" (kk)


Thanks for the lullaby mention. Hope you get a chance to check out the list.
Not much overlap between your list and mine -- one, I think: "Goodnight My Love." That's part of the fun, of course -- no one list by either of us -- or anyone else -- could possibly be comprehensive on any of these subjects! But I think you'll find some surprises -- and I was truly curious to see what baby boomer parents (now many of us grandparents) and modern-day parents sang / sing to their kids.
Don Effenberger
One that COMPLETELY slipped by me was done by one of my favorite artists, Emitt Rhodes, who we've featured many times before in Forgotten Hits. Probably never made the connection because of the title ... "Lullabye"!!! (lol) Sometimes the MOST obvious is still the most obscure!!! I remembered "Lullabye Of Birdland", too, after our piece last ran.
You're right, though ... ask 20 people to come up with a dozen songs on any given topic and you're likely to come up with a list of a hundred ... 'cause we're ALL gonna think of something different (as it relates to our own musical choices.) Neat idea, actually! (kk)

Just found your website ... I’ve been singing that song for 40 years now ... my kids think I’m nuts …. I love the links to the music!
Thanks so much & keep up the GR8 work,
Herb Sherman
Lafayette, CA (formally from Chicago Area)

Hi Kent,

As I recall The Shape of Things to Come was on the Rhino Nuggets series. I wonder if the folks at Rhino have any more info on the tune since they do a pretty good job of researching? Just a thought.

I'm hoping that we're on the right track with this ... if we can get a response from either Mike Curb or Paul Wibier, we should FINALLY be able to nail this down once and for all ... and a response from BOTH of them would REALLY be the icing on the cake! (Of course SO far we haven't heard from EITHER ... but I don't give up quite that easily! lol)

In that "Shape Of Things To Come" was our very first Forgotten Hits feature over eleven years ago ... and in that the COMPLETE story behind the recording (and the identity of Max Frost and the Troopers) has never truly been told ... we would consider this to be a real coup to get the facts straight here in Forgotten Hits. It's all part of our "Most Accurate Truth" campaign ... so, like I said, I haven't completely given up yet. Hey, it's been over 40 years since this hit record came up ... any statutes of limitations MUST be over by now ... so please allow us to give the fans the REAL scoop behind this great track. The Rhino Nuggets Liner Notes are already several years out of date and won't really offer us any new information ... as you saw in our anniversary feature, WRONG facts continue to circulate about this recording all these years later. But stay tuned ... we haven't given up on this one yet! (kk)

... and, speaking of Mike Curb ... check THIS out!!!


We told you that Robin Luke would be joining us in Forgotten Hits next week. Well, it'll all take place TOMORROW, so be sure to drop back and visit with us then.

Meanwhile, here's an EXTREMELY rare track ... we all know Robin's big One Hit Wonder was "Susie Darlin'", a Top Five Smash back in 1958 ... but DIDJAKNOW that music extraordinaire Mike Curb ALSO recorded a version of this song back in 1962? Yep ... and we've got THAT one to feature today. (Of course you'll hear a COUPLE of versions by Robin Luke tomorrow ... along with the very interesting story about why there ARE a couple of versions ... but today enjoy Mike Curb's arrangement ... not a bad pop record at all!)

When you talk to Robin Luke next week, maybe you can ask him for an update on his sister, "Susie Darlin'".
Frank B.
In fact, we did exactly that ... and here's ANOTHER "tall tale" you can chalk up in the "Mystery Solved" column on our "Most Accurate Truth" campaign.

I'm sure that it has really bothered Robin that for the past 50-some years people think he wrote "Susie Darlin'" for his dying sister ... when nothing could be further from the truth. (These are the kinds of stories we do our best to dispel in Forgotten Hits ... COMPLETELY erroneous tales that keep getting repeated as "fact" simply because nobody bothered to dig a little bit deeper.)
Here's a quick "Sneak Peek" of tomorrow's piece, where Robin told us:
I did NOT write Susie Darlin' as a tribute to my sister Susie (11 years younger than me). I simply put her name on it to keep me out of trouble with the other girls at Punahou School (my high school and where President Obama graduated exactly 20 years after me in 1978). There have been many chat groups that say that I wrote this song upon her death, illness, and other gruesome such stories. Susie is alive and well and living in Columbia Missouri!
-- Robin Luke

>>>The one I've been wanting to pick up is "Midnight Special", which had a LOT of great guests on it in the '70's and often featured "live" rather than lip-synced performances from its guests ... cool hosts, typically, too.Click here: The Midnight Special DVD Collector Video LibraryI've seen this advertised as both the COMPLETE SET as well as a "subscription" series, where they send you a new episode every four to six weeks. It'd still be cool to collect the entire series. Check out the Guest List on the website! (kk)

Hey Kent,

I've been getting that Midnight Special DVD Collection by subscription and I can tell you it is excellent. Picture and audio are fantastic and the discs are compiled by the year, so you get a selection from several shows from a given year. They also have a few that are individual shows, but they are limited I suppose by licensing agreements. Overall, a great collection. We can only hope that they dig a little deeper and release some of the more rare stuff, as you see on the website, there is an incredible amount of stuff in their vaults. I would certainly love to see either Don Kirshner's or ABC In Concert become available. I can only imagine what they must have!!


Orange, CT

Paul Fraser Collectibles 'And the bids went higher...' Johnny Cash memorabilia makes $700,000 at auction
Kent ...
Have you ever thought of being a collector? Seems like these things always sell for more than the expected price.
Frank B.
I was recently reading about a guy who only does "celebrity auctions" ... he auctions off the memorabilia OWNED by these celebrities ... souvenirs they've picked up along the way that they just don't have the space for anymore ... a means of helping them "clean out their collections." I think that would be a GREAT gig!!! Have the authenticity to show just what this stuff is and who it belonged to, go out and sell it to the REAL fans to whom it would mean the most ... and then collect a small percentage for handling all the legwork. Yeah, I could see myself doing that!!! (kk)
Paul Fraser Collectibles Elvis's powder blue Mercedes-Benz car sells at Bonhams for £80,700
Kent ...
More evidence that collectibles would be a good investment.
Frank B.

Hi Kent.

Happy holidays and prosperous New Year to you and your ladies.Likely I've missed this somewhere, but despite being a Paul Revere & the Raiders fan, I had never heard their version of "Tobacco Road" (attached) until recently.
Sent this around to friends, who had also never heard it before.
I was surprised by the arrangement ... they really made it uniquely PR&R.
Mark Lindsay's vocals are tough and gritty, very impromptu stylings. I need to Google this one for who arranged this tune for them, but I'm so curious why this seemed to not get airplay (assumption 'cause I never heard it?), that it deserves.Curious how many FH readers, also PR&R fans, might have missed this one.Thanks, redundantly, but sincerely, for the INCREDIBLE job you always do!Ron Kolman / Highland Park, IL.
Checking further ...
Whoa! Do you know how many recordings of "Tobacco Road" exist?
Quite a few.

John D Loudermilk (1960, Columbia 41562) NOTE: Loudermilk is the actual author.

Frank Ifield (1960/61, Columbia 4658 UK); Johnny Duncan (1961, PYE 7N-15358, the English / Australian Johnny Duncan & Blue Grass Boys, not the US C&W Johnny Duncan); Buck Floyd (1962, Derby 100); John D Loudermilk (1962, LP 12 sides of John D Loudermilk, RCA version); The Blue Grass Gentlemen (1962, LP The Blue Grass Gentlemen); Bobby Brinkley (1962/63, Monument 803); Lou Rawls (1963, Capitol 5049, studio version; 1966, Capitol 6069, live version); Bayside Singers (1963 / 64, MGM 13223, a folky 45); Nashville Teens (1964, London 9689, #14 US hit and UK top 10, Mickie Most product with good rockin' piano); The Roamers (1964, Hit Records 151, Nashville budget label cover); Dick Rivers (1964, LP Dick, French lyrics); Mike St Shaw Trio (1964, LP The Mike St Shaw Trio, folk group credits John B Loudermilk); The Browns (1964, LP Rockin' Rollin' Browns); Johnny Kongos & G-Men (1964, RCA 41.754 (RSA); The Typhoons (1964, Embassy 30422, budget beat); Luis 'Vivi' Hérnandez (1964, Mexico, Spanish version "Tabaco Road"); Richard 'Groove' Holmes (cd Book of the Blues, ±1964 unissued recording, instrumental by jazzy soul organist); I Nobili (1965, 45 on MRC, Italian lyrics by Georgio Calabrese); Billy Lee Riley (1965, LP Whiskey A GoGo Presents, live bluesy version); Serendipity Singers (1965, LP We Belong Together, folk); Bill Ramsey & Paul Kuhn (1965, LP Songs From Home); The Gamblers (1965, Polydor 421011, Deutsche Beat with Mathew Fisher, later Procul Harum, on organ); The Shanes (1965, LP Shanegang, popular Swedish beat group); The Shadows (1965±, LP Hit Parade, Canadian, not the Hank Marvin group); Jefferson Airplane (1966, LP Takes Off); Blues Magoos (1966, Mercury 72590); Ramsey Lewis (1966, LP Wade In The Water); Brother Jack McDuff (1966, Atlantic 45-5075, LP Tobacco Road, instrumental version); Swamprats (1966, unreleased demo, cd 2003 Disco Still Sucks); The New Scorpions (1966, CNR 9858(NL), UK beat group popular in Holland); The Deejays (1966, LP The Deejays, UK group active in Germany & Sweden, good organ psych version); The Leaves (1966 LP Hey Joe, Garage-rock); Tommy Cash (1967, UA 50185); (Eric Burdon &) The Animals (1967, bootleg LP From London to Frisco); Yesterday's Children (1967, Mon-Art MM 991, wild freakin' New Orleans garage band); Jimmy Bryant (1967, LP Wingin' it with Norvel and Ivy); The Underground (1967, Mercury 16337, LP Psychedelic Visions); Beethoven's Dream Group (1967, In 67102, NY underground); Los Walkers (1967, LP Los Walkers, Argentines doing phonetic English); The Electric Piano Playground (1967, LP Psychedelic Seeds, produced by Shelby Singleton); The Nova Local (1967, LP Nova 1, psych freakin' hard rock); Davy Jones & Pocomania (1967, LP Live at the Lucky Star, Canadian soul brother Davy Jones live in a Amsterdam club, backed by Dutch 'pop-art' group Het); Peabody Company (1967/68 acetate, cd A Fistful of Fuzz); Love Society (1968, Scepter 12236); Thackeray Rocke (1968, Castalia 268); Love Affair (1968, LP The Everlasting Love Affair); Junior Wells (1968, LP Coming At You); Bobby Gentry (1968, LP Delta Sweete, I would nominate this cover for having the most wrong, weird & wrecked arrangement); Spooky Tooth (1968, LP It's All About); The Jackson Five (1968, unissued audition recording for Motown); The Aliens (1968?, Tela-Star 1401); The Jaguars (1968±, popular Japanese rock band); Outlaw Blues Band (1968, LP The Outlaw Blues Band, unusual funky version); Glen Garrison (1968, LP If I Lived Here); The Lords (1968, Emi-Columbia 22848, remake in 1989, Germany); The Greatest Soul Band (1968, LP In The World, a J J Jackson project); David Clayton Thomas (1969, LP David Clayton-Thomas); Aum (1969, LP Blues Vibes); Rare Earth (1969, LP Get Ready); The Web (1969, LP Theraphosa Blondi); Almeta Latimer (De-Vel 6754, soul); Bo Haynes Blues (PA 1057, early 45 of jazz / bluesman Bobby Haynes); Roberta Wolfson (LP Girls in the Garage); The Jou (Copper State 1081, obscure Tucson garage psych)Mystic Siva (cd Under The Influence, prev unrlsd 1969/70 tracks); Don Fardon (±1969 recording, released on compilation LP The Love Story of Don Fardon); Mind Garage (1970, RCA 9812); The Fifth (1970, Franklin 635, a Canadian Black Sabbath epigone); The Rogues (1970, Boss City 160); Jamul (1970, Lizard 21001, Billboard #93); Edgar Winter (1970, Epic 10618; also released in South America as "Camino Del Tabaco", Epic 501001); Johnny Winter (1970, 2-cd Second Winter, live 1970 bonus cd, Edgar's brother doing a boring freaking version); Eric Burdon & War (1970, LP Eric Burdon Declares War); Shocking Blue (1970, LP Venus, and in 1973 Polydor 1881 a 45rpm release in Japan); Dew (1970, cd Lost Blues Days, a heavy garage jam by Japanese blues band with Fumio Nunoya); Blues Creation (1971, cd Live '71, another cover by Japanese Fumio Nunoya, over 11 minutes of annoying guitar freaking); Paul Revere & Raiders (2cd Legend of Paul Revere); David Allan Coe (±1970, SSS 825); Jimi Hendrix (live recording, his last session); John D Loudermilk (1971, LP Elloree, WB-version); Network (1971, Decca 13123, UK); Greenwich Park (1971, Splendid 4009, Switzerland); Orange Peel (1971, LP Orange Peel, German band trying hard to imitate Deep Purple); Zakons (1973, LP The Sounds Of Zakons '73); Barrelhouse Jazzband (1974, LP Rebecca, Rebecca, Take Your Fat Legs Offa Me); Brenda Kristian (1974, LP Brenda Kristian, part of a medley); Albatross (1975, GULL GULS-16, German band); George Perkins (LP Crying In The Streets, 1970s soul on ACE); Mud (1975, LP Mud Rock II); Hot Jam (1975, SunDyl 101, psych garage); Creation (1975, LP Creation, Japanese band, formerly 'Blues Creation'); Steve Young (1976 LP Renegade Picker, 1991, cd Solo/Live); Little Bob Story (1977, LP Little Bob Story, good punk-pub rock); Benny & The Jets (1978, ATA K-6638, Neo Rock&Roll from Newcastle, Australia, B-side of JOK, a Johnny O'Keefe tribute); Louise Williams & NY Community Choir (1977, LP Don't Blame The Children); Richie Lecea (1978?, UA 1243); Jimmy Johnson (1978, LP Tobacco Road); Bob-A-Relli (1978, Channel 104 7"single, good funkin' disco); Bob-A-Rela (1979, Channel 106 12"single); Miguel Flores (1979, LP At The New Morning Blues Festival, live in Geneva); Hobo Blues Band (1979, Hungarian hitversion: "Dohány út"); G Wayne Thomas (1979, Polydor 2079152, Kiwi-born Aussie); Dogs (1980, LP Radiator, Finland); Rick Derringer & Edgar Winter (1981, Bootleg-LP Party at the Palladium); The White Animals (1981, EP Nashville Babylon, medley with "Somebody To Love" by Nashville garage punk band); LSDAP / AO (1982, LP Die Kirche der Ununterschiedlichkeit); Chris Stamey (1982, LP It' a Wonderful Life, retitled "Get A Job", lyrics over a nearly all-drums background); Task Force (1982, LP Forbidden Fruit, heavy metal from Canada); Dick Smith (1983, WB 2037, soul); Pugh Rogefeldt (1983, LP Face, Swedish rock); Peter Lipa and Miluška Voborníková (1984, LP Blues Z Lipového Dreva, Czech translation as "Můj Rodnej Dům"); Dan Seals (1985, LP Won't Be Blue Anymore); Boogie Boy (1986, LP Live!, Boogie Boy is an alias for Belgian Paul Ambach); David Lee Roth (1986, WB 2547, DLR also recorded it as: "La Calle Del Tabaco" in Spanish); The Blues Band (1986, cd These Kind Of Blues, band with UK sixties veterans like Paul Jones and Tom McGuinness); Roy Clark (1986, SilverDollar 770001, tiny C&W hit); Bobby and Laurie (1987, cd The Very Best Of, bonus track prev unrelsd ±1965 song); The Believers (1987, Cleopatra 221, Aussie vinyl 45); Restless (1987, Daft 701, UK neo rockabilly); The Marsupials (1986, LP The Four Of Us Are Dying); Backsliders (1987, LP Nobody Rides For Free, Finland); The Purple Helmets (1988, LP Ride Again, group formed out of ruins of UK punk groups The Vibrators and The Stranglers, with J.J Burnel); Masters Apprentices (1988, LP Do What You Wanna Do, part of a live medley by Australian rock veterans); Monty Sunshine Jazzband (1988, LP Midnight Special, UK); Tinsley Waterhouse Band (1988, LP I've Been Dreaming, Australian blues); The Purple Toads (1988, 2LP Love Songs For The Hard of Hearing, Canadian punk rock); Toto (1988, bootleg Seventh Odeon, live in London); Ian Cussick (1989, cd Treasure Island, bonus live track); Robin Henkel (1989, cd Blues 90); '68 Comeback (1990, Sympathy For The Record 292, parts 1 & 2, garage punk rock); Mofungo (1990/91, unreleased, unfinished last album of NY cult band, made up their own lyrics); Dukes (1990, Mystery Scene 008, German garage R&B); Michael Finthammer & the Groove (1991, cd Roundabout Jazz); Bruce Springsteen (1991 live, cd Bruce's Club-Hopping Summer); Foolhouse Blues Band (1991, LP 5 Years of Cottonpickin', Live in Wurzburg); John C Marshall, 1991 cd Same Old Story, London born blues session veteran); Broderick Smith (1992, cd Suitcase, an Australian folkie); Le Grand Blues Band (1992, cd Le Grand Blues Band, features Jean Jacques Milteau on harmonica); Smak (1992, MC odLIVEno, Serbian (Belgrado), 12 minutes boring live rock); Mark O'Connor (1993, cd Heroes); Every Mother's Nightmare (1993, cd Wake Up); Black Crowes (1993, live bootleg Big Toe at the Hollywood Troubadour); Aunt Mary (1993, cd Blue Prints, Norway); Nightcrowd Bluesband (1993, cd I Have My Fun); Mad Dogs (1993, cd Live at Big Mama, Italy); Jack o'Fire (Mike Carroll & Tim Kerr) (1994, EP Pumpkin, Estrus ES755, punk); Roy Loney & Longshots (1994, cd Full Grown Head, guitars like chain saws); Magyar Atom (1994, cd Jimi Hendrix Emlékkoncert, a Hungarian JH tribute); Eric Burdon & Brian Auger Band (1995, 2cd Access All Areas, a boring 12 minutes live version); Tav Falco (1995, cd Shadow Angels & Disapearing Dancers); Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown (1995, cd Long Way Home, JDL joins in on vocals); Hank Williams Jr. (1995, cd Hog Wild); The Agents (with Jorma Kääriäinen) (1995, cd Forever, Finnish: "Mies Yksin On"); Jean Jacques Goldman / Fredericks Goldman Jones (1995, cd Du New Morning au Zénith, a platina live 2cd); The Yardbird Experience (1996, cd British Thunder, ex Nashville Teens' Ray Phillips doing the song once more now in a group with former members of The Yardbirds and Jimi Hendrix Experience); The Lonesome Strangers (1997, cd Land Of Opportunity); Cicadas (1997, cd Cicadas, a Rodney Crowell project); Sons of Champlin (1998, cd The Sons of Champlin live, a reunion album); Bill Wyman & Rhythm Kings (1998, cd Struttin' Our Stuff, vocal: Paul Carrack); Disciplin A Kitschme (1998, cd Heavy Bass Blues); Don Johnson (1998, cd Donald Ray, not the Miami Vice star); Big Brian & Blues Busters (1998, cd Size Does Matter); DaBlueth (1999, cd Custom Ride, German blues); Texas Boogie Connection (cd Texas Boogie Connection #2, German blues rock); Richie Kotzen (2000, cd Bi-Polar Blues); Dead Prez (2000, intro to their rap Psychology using sample of Lou Rawls' version, cd Let's Get Free); The Ventures (2000, cd Acoustic Rock, Japan); Sinelefante (2000, cd Buscas Problemas, Spain); Poduene Blues Band (cd Kucheto Na Kraina Kravtal, Bulgaria); Suie Paparude (2000, cd Urban, Romanian techno band doing an instrumental 'War remix'); The Agents (2001, cd Agents in Rock! English version by neo-rock band who did the cover in Finnish in 1995); Buddy Miles (2002, cd Blues Berries); Ides of March (2002, cd Beware! The Ides Of March Live); Corey Craven (2002, cd The Lords of Karma- Tribute to Vai Satriani); Caneza (Mexican version: La Calle Del Tabaco); Nightcrowd Bluesband (2002, cd Bluesin' Live); Aldis & Blue Cats (2002, cd Mosquito Water)Ash Grunwald (2002, cd Introducing Ash Grunwald, Aussie blues); Doug Williams (2002, cd Check It - Live at The Basement); Bottle Up & Go! (2002, cd Storyteller, Austrian blues); Cherry Valence (2002, 12" EP Revival); Slaptones (2003, cd Simplify, Swedish rockabilly); Status Quo (2003, cd Riffs, a good, fast version!); Chuck Owston (2004, cd Down Highway 61); Stiff (2004, 2cd Live at Fat Jak's, US hard rock, a 1987 live recording some month before their split); Siggi Schwarz & The Electric Guitar Legends (2005, cd Woodstock, German hard rock); Southern Culture on the Skids (2007, cd Countrypolitan Favorites)
Yep ... looks like "quite a few" to me, too!!! (lol) Proof again that this is one of those "timeless" tracks ... and a great song to boot!

The first one I thought of was the one by The Ides of March, who used to do a KILLER version of this as part of their live set. (They did not perform it the last time we saw them, however ... but it was always one of the concert highlights.) We featured their "live" version (from the "Beware! The Ides Of March" live CD) a few years back in one of our Ides tribute columns. Yep, that's quite a list. Thanks, Ron!

As for Paul Revere and the Raiders, the biggest hit of their career came courtesy of John D. Loudermilk ... he wrote "Indian Reservation" and it became The Raiders' only #1 Hit. One would think that the band would have cut "Tobacco Road" pretty early in their career, when the bulk of their albums consisted of cover material ... but this is not the case. Just like "Indian Reservation", "Tobacco Road" was first recorded as a Mark Lindsay SOLO single ... and not until 1977. (The record never charted.) When Columbia Records was compiling the "The Legend Of Paul Revere" Anthology CD, they issued a remixed version as part of this package (which I'm guessing must be the source of YOUR recording.) For the record, the original Lindsay single was executive produced by Ritchie Lecea (with the help of Mark Lindsay.)

I'm still hoping that we hear back from either Paul Revere and/or Mark Lindsay on this track, as they're both Forgotten Hits Readers ... I'm sure that between them, they can shed a whole lot more light on this topic. (kk)

The short answer to your question -- at last -- is that I got to your site via a link on And I am glad I did!
Henry from Connecticut
That's what we're all about!!! (kk)

I don’t know how you manage to keep up with all the info, but you do a great job! Thanks!