Thursday, December 15, 2011

On The Ninth Day Of Christmas ...

Here is a Christmas song with a 'message' that needs to be heard.

The 'idea' starts in the second verse so listen all the way through. 
It's about TIME somebody said something in a song about how it has actually become too 'insensitive' for some retailers to mention CHRISTMAS, even during the CHRISTMAS SEASON ! !  How CRAZY have they gotten??
And "HOW LONG" will Americans put up with it.  (reminds me of the song "How Long ... Has This Been Going On"  by Ace ... with a simple but great guitar lead in it ... Remember that one??) 
All the best Kent,  Keep up the great work. I wish I had your energy. 
Van Dorn 

Every time I hear it, that Mariah Carey Christmas tune (All I Want For Christmas Is You) blows me away!!! Not sure who did the writing and arrangement, but they should be given a Grammy!!!
It's a GREAT recording ... and a real throw-back to the '60's.  She even had fun doing the video (in a Ronnie Spector sort of way!!!)  Definitely has that whole wall-of-sound feel to it.  (I know, I know ... there we go, singing the praises of The Wrecking Crew again ... but I'll tell you what ... these guys knew how to make a hit record!!!)  kk


Kent ...
Do you remember Leon Russell's "Slipping Into Christmas" from 1972?
Check out "Christmas In Chicago", too ... it was the flip side.  
Click here: Rock Flashback: Leon Russell’s “Slippin’ Into Christmas”  
Frank B.  
Ron Smith wrote in a few days later to tell me that "Christmas In Chicago" and "Slipping Into Christmas" are two of HIS favorite "neglected" Christmas tunes, too!  Thanks, Frank ... you NEVER hear these tracks on the radio!  (kk)  

Last week we received three or four YouTube clips from The Monkees' Christmas Episode.  (You remember the one ... with Butch "Eddie Munster" Patrick as the poor neglected rich kid, right???)
And nearly every year since we started doing our "Twelve Days Of Christmas" salute ... we've been asked to feature The Monkees  a capella version of "Riu Chiu" ... so THIS year we'll run the clip ... of the song ... and the ending where they wished their entire crew a happy holiday!  (Special thanks to David Lewis for sending in this one.)  kk


And, finally, here are a couple of Christmas tunes sent in to us by regular Forgotten Hits readers Davie Allan and Ian Lloyd.

First up ... Davie Allan's "King Of Fuzz" version of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" ...


followed by Ian Lloyd's Christmas single from last year, "Everybody's Happy 'Cause It's Christmas Time"  (kk)