Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Beatles On The Ed Sullivan Show

We need your help!!! 

On February 7th, 1964, The Beatles touched down in America for the very first time. Two nights later they made their record-breaking first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. Back in 2004, Forgotten Hits ran a 40th Anniversary Series spotlighting these historic events.  

My intention was to rerun that series this week as we now approach (incredibly!) the 49th Anniversary!!!  

Unfortunately, this, too, appears to be lost forever, thanks to The Great Computer Crash of 2012.  

If ANY readers out there can find a copy of this in your own archives, I'd LOVE to get the entire series. (As I recall, it ran for an entire week ... one of the very first week-long series we ever did ... so it most likely would have been dated sometime between February 5th and February 15th of 2004.) Who knows ... if we strike gold on this one, we just may be able to pull enough material together in time to properly salute the 50th Anniversary next year!!!  

If you have any portion of this series, please email me at  

Thank you very much! (kk) 

Meanwhile, here are some vintage shots from this era ... along with The Fab Four performing "All My Lovin'" on The Sullivan Stage. 

And, for more early Beatles fun, check out our 2008 interview with Garry Berman ... along with a review of his book "We're Going To See The Beatles!", a GREAT profile written by the lucky fans who actually got to see The Fab Four back in the day.  (I've told the horror story many times before of actually having a ticket to see The Beatles perform at Comiskey Park ... only then being told by my dad that I couldn't go because he didn't feel like having to drive all the way back out to Deerfield to pick me up the next day.  Yes, Deerfield was far ... probably 45 minutes from home on a good day ... but the funny thing is I make that very drive sometimes as many as three times a week now myself ... and it ain't that bad!!!) 

Anyway, Garry's book totally captures the excitement of this era ... absolutely worth checking out!  

Click here: Forgotten Hits: We're Going To See The Beatles!