Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Helping Out Our Readers

>>>I couldn't find the Lenny Welch track mentioned ... and am wondering if it is the same song that we featured by The Ramblers. Anybody know for sure? (kk)  
Yes, yes it is ...  
Tom Diehl  

>>>Thanks for the info on how high WATERBOY by Don Shirley got on WLS back in 1961. The version you posted was a little bit different than the one played here in OKC. My version (45 on Cadence) is 2:56 in length. Your version appeared to have the first 15 or so seconds cut out with the ending a little bit different. From what I was told years ago and know, the LP version is somewhat 4 minutes long. (Larry Neal)  
I remember this song, and the version you posted is also different from the version played on WLS, even though I've heard your version on Oldies Radio, including Real Oldies. I've attached the version that WLS played.  
Ed Erxleben  

As I stated at the time, I wasn't familiar with the song at all ... and went with the only copy I had, coming off a compilation CD called "Instrumental Gems". If your copy comes from the Cadence single that charted, I'd have to agree that it's the one that radio most likely played. At the time, I suggested listening to Randy Price's excellent Instrumental Series, currently available through outlets like Collectors Choice Music and Amazon. Randy has compiled EVERY charted instrumental hit from the '60's and is releasing them year by year through an arrangement with Eric Records. (You can also order these CDs ... and a host of others ... through Eric's website ... link below) kk  
Click here: ERIC RECORDS: Original Versions & the Highest Quality Sound     

The stereo version of "Water Boy" on the 1961 edition of Complete Pop Instrumental Hits of the 60s matches the Cadence 45 release. (The mono single version can be found on The History Of Cadence Records - Vol. 2, Varese VSD-5579). Note that the Complete Pop Instrumental series of CDs is being released on the European Complete 60s label (not Eric Records), even though they are available for ordering on the Eric Records website (http://www.ericrecords.com/index.html). 
– Randy   

>>>That leaves me with one last forgotten hit from that year (1960). It doesn't appear on any searches but I can almost recite it word for word. The title (pretty sure) was "Let Her Go". Singer was male, solo artist, sounded a little like Bobby Rydell, Frankie Avalon or maybe Johnny Tillotson. George Hamilton IV and Bobby Vee would both be a bit of a stretch and in reality I think it was a one-hit wonder who just had a good-sounding voice. So far nothing appears when I do a search.
I can almost recite the entire song lyrics if that will help. It starts out this way:
"Let her go - - run away. Let her go I - - didn't say.
I'll pretend - this will end, so I won't have to -
Let her go. No, no, no, no -
(Second verse) similar to first.

"I know she'll never find love as ah... true as mine.
"One day she'll find me away and -
"She - will pi-i-ne"
"Let her go ... (repeat first verse) ... (repeat last line). (Fade & end)"
Best I can do after fifty-three years. I was twelve then. I'll be sixty-five this year.
I'd just like to find out who did this one before I kick the bucket.

Thanks for all you do. You guys are tops. Really you are.
Best Always-
Bill Fife,
Ocala, FL
>>>Somebody out there is going to know this one. (Nothing in Joel's Billboard book titled "Let Her Go" from the early '60's) ... but these lyrics I'm sure will spark somebody's memory out there ... so stay tuned! (kk)

And it didn't take long at all! FH Reader Tom Diehl got back to us later that same night!
Bill Fife, I can guarantee that I have found your song. Why Kent didn't ask me to begin with, I don't know!
It's "Let Her Go" by Randy Hard on the NRC record label from ... 1959.
It's a nice little
song that I first heard in January, 2012 (at least, that's when I downloaded it after I heard Alex Galbraith play it on his Platter Party show on Top Shelf Oldies) and I had forgotten about since then ... until it turned up in a search of my computer for songs called Let Her Go ... it was the first one (out of many with that title) that I checked, and I feel I didn't have to check further.
-- Tom Diehl
Here you go, Bill ... is this your song? (kk)

There is a Heaven!!
I know because you guys are proof.
How can I thank you enough??
... I Can Not Believe What I Am Hearing.
OK. I take back what I said.
... Now I believe in miracles.
No ... I better not say any more.
You guys are beyond the Top.
I can die now.
Thank You.  
Bill Fife,
Ocala, FL
Originally from
Atlanta, GA
You really DID it!)
Last time I heard this I was eleven!
(Not sure ... but I THINK what he's saying is ... Thanks, Tom!!!) kk
I'm always glad to be of as much help as I can be. If Bill had simply said "the title is Let Her Go" I would've come up with several different titles, Bill's having even a partial memory of lyrics certainly helped in a big way. And I just love being able to flood someone's memory banks by reintroducing them to a tune they haven't heard in decades ... long before I was even on this earth. It just goes to show that somehow, someway, somewhere, this music will still be around long after I'm gone, too.
-- Tom Diehl  

Hi, Kent,  
Just one last question -  
Whom do I have to THANK for this unbelievable FIND!  
For years searches would turn up everything from Country songs to Hip Hop / Rap of every description -
I was beginning to think that maybe I'd just dreamed it all up. I really had right about 99% given up. But there is always that tiny thread of hope -
I have some more thoughts on this record. Like why it was forgotten when it seems like such a well-produced and professionally polished work. And another surprise: Randy Hard and the Hi-Lites had something in common with me and Tommy Roe: he is also from Atlanta! Hiding in plain sight looks like ... I mean who knew?
I just wanted to say thanks to whoever it was that unearthed this little gem from my best years. The soundtrack of our lives was never more true than was this ...
So - All My Best To All Of You;
May Neither You, Nor Forgotten Hits, Ever Be Forgotten!
The guy who came up with it was Tom Diehl ... and I passed your note of appreciation along to him. Tom has helped us out numerous times in the past ... he's a GREAT resource for this kind of thing.  These are the kind of stories that make for good reading in Forgotten Hits ... honestly, I think we're batting somewhere around 95% ... we have a HUGE network of readers who LOVE this music as much as we do ... they also enjoy helping to add music and memories that matter to other like-minded individuals out there ... and together, this all makes for a pretty good combination. Glad we could help! (kk)