Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Saturday Surveys (November 15th)

This 1965 chart from KLMS out of Lincoln, Nebraska, shows you what "Local Hits" were all about!

Topping their chart is "Mr. Moon" by The Coachmen, who knock The Rolling Stones out of the top spot this week!

You'll find some other surprises in their Top 20 as well ... records that didn't chart anywhere NEAR as well as they do on this Lincoln chart ...

Jackie DeShannon at #3 with "Lifetime of Loneliness" ... Nini Rosso at #6 with "Il Silenzio" ...  Horst Jankowski (who we just featured with his biggest pop hit a few weeks ago) at #8 with "Heidi" ... Lurch (from "The Addams Family") at #18 with his hot new dance record "The Lurch" ... even tracks like "Early Morning Rain" by Peter, Paul and Marry (#10), "Trouble With A Woman" by Kip and Ken (#19), "Sinner Man" by Trini Lopez (#29) and "Don't Pity Me" by Peter and Gordon are faring MUCH better than they would nationally.

Always cool to see a "Nifty Fifty" chart in the day of Top 40 radio!

Speaking of which, about about a chart showing The Swingin' Sixty?!?!?

And look at THIS #1 ... "Point Panic" by The Surfaris!!!  I've never even HEARD of this one!!!

How about "Splash Down" by Bob and the Messengers???  Ever hear of this one before???

"Dominique" by The Singing Nun is one of their pick hits this week ... and that hand-written note "Let's do something with this one" was inspiration enough for me to feature "Detroit City #2" by Ben Colder!

And finally, ANOTHER Top 50 chart from Cleveland's WHK (who also use the "Tunedex" brand on their weekly survey.

This one dates back to 1959 ... and features then-rocker Conway Twitty on top with his version of the old standard "Danny Boy".

I've always been partial to "Uh-Oh" by The Nutty Squirrels if only because it's got a great bit of scat-singing in the middle ... and is probably as close as "jazz" was going to get to The Top 40 during rock's early, formative years!

Our FH Buddy Freddy Cannon's got the highest debut of the week with "Way Down Yonder In New Orleans" ... so let's give THAT one a spin, too!