Monday, January 5, 2015

50 Year Flashback - January 5, 1965

WLS kicks off 1965 with something old and something new ...

The Current Top 20 Hit Records here in Chicago ...

Along with the 20 Biggest #1 Hits of 1964.

Topping BOTH charts are The Beatles ... FIVE of the Top Eight #1 Records from 1964 belonged to The Fab Four ... that's over 60%!!!  And their latest two-sided hit, "I Feel Fine" / "She's A Woman" sits on top of this week's Silver Dollar Survey as well.  

(What is it exactly with all the "apostrophe s's" shown on these charts???)

The Beatle's
The Supreme's
The Waikaiki's (also spelled wrong!)
The Shangri-La's

I just don't get it!!!

Anyway, this year we'll continue to flash back 50 years and look at the biggest hits in any given city, hot new premiers, biggest movers, and (especially) Forgotten Hits that you just don't hear on the radio anymore ... no matter HOW big they were at the time.

As such, here are three such goodies from this week in 1965 ...

The aforementioned Waikikis ... along with Roger Miller (who was SUPER hot at the time) and Dick and DeeDee ... three songs that we DARE the disc jockeys on our list to play this week!!!  Enjoy!