Friday, January 23, 2015

The Friday Flash

re:  Coppock's Topics:  
We called it!  "Let the controversies and debates begin!!!"  

Our latest edition of "Coppock's Topics" spurred a few immediate responses, most of which came to the defense of Paul Evans ... but you'll find a few sports comments here as well.  (I love it ... and so will he ... it's always GREAT to get the blood flowing and spark our passionate readers to comment!!!)    

>>>Paul Evans, "Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Backseat - Kissin' and a Huggin' With Fred." - The first real gimmick song I can recall. It basically tells you how square the world was during the Eisenhower years or how dull Cousin Brucie Morrow remains. Sadly, some guy who owns the publishing to this flawed pinkie ring is still making a buck.  (Chet Coppock) 
>>>OK, I've gotta be REAL careful with this one ... Paul Evans has been a Forgotten Hits list member for several years now ... and he certainly has always had a way with a clever lyric and a catchy melody.  As such, this one doesn't bother me so much (and let's face it, based on today's programming, you're rarely going to hear it anyway.)  I can think of a couple other songs that I find FAR more annoying and obnoxious ... "Playground In My Mind" by Clint Holmes and "Sing" by The Carpenters immediately come to mind.  These recordings were created for the SOLE purpose of eating away your brain cells and filling your head with mindless clutter. A Paul Evans composition that you don't hear much anymore (yet might find a bit more enjoyable) would be "When" by The Kalin Twins ... let's give THAT one a spin, shall we???  (kk)   

I don't know Chet Coppock, and he's certainly entitled to his opinions, but Paul Evans is an incredibly successful songwriter.   
When "Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat" was a hit, it was 1959, an  era for novelty records.  "The Chipmunk Song" was the # 1 hit for the first two weeks on Billboards' Hot 100 chart.  Then in March "Charlie Brown" by The Coasters hit # 2 and The Chipmunks were back with "Alvin's Harmonica" at # 3.  That May, TV actors Edd Byrnes and Connie Stevens saw their novelty hit with "Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb" climb to # 4.  The Coasters' "Along Came Jones" came and went during the summer of '59, but not before it made it to # 9.  Writer / producers Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller wrote and produced The Coasters to a third Top Ten chart hit in October with "Poison Ivy".  And in November of '59, when Paul Evans "Seven Little Girls" climbed to # 9, radio and TV DJ Wink Martindale's spoken word novelty hit (although it wasn't supposed to be funny) "Deck of Cards" was at # 7.Paul Evans certainly doesn't need me to defend him.  I'd be more than happy with the royalties Paul has received over the years for writing "Roses Are Red".  The fact is, Paul's written a half dozen songs that Elvis Presley recorded, a # 5 hit for The Kalin Twins in 1958, "When", and songs that have recorded by Johnny Tillotson, LaVerne Baker, Frankie Lymon, Jackie Wilson, The Coasters (there they are again), Jim Reeves, Jimmy Dean and Reba McEntire.He wrote the song "Happiness Is", which became a hugely successful jingle for Kent cigarettes in the '60's.Novelty records are fun.  They're not meant to be serious.  And they're pretty much a dead genre these days.My personal favourite Paul Evans song (that he recorded himself) is "Happy Go Lucky Me".  It's infectious.  
Doug Thompson in Toronto  

Hi Kent - THANK YOU for "defending" Paul Evans' tune "Seven Little Girls".It was a favorite of my late Mother!!!!!Keep up the G R O O V Y** work...**What would Chet Coppock think of "Treat Her Groovy, Take Her To A Movie" by Ronnie Rice / New Colony Six??? LOL  
Actually Chet was probably right there in the studio with them when The New Colony Six recorded that track ... he was their roadie at the time!  (lol)  kk   

EMOTIONAL RESCUE!!! Are you kidding me? I had completely forgotten about that record! 
I want you to know I did make it through EMOTIONAL RESCUE by the Stones.  However, without getting into specifics, it took a little bit longer that the posted time of 5:38. Hadn't heard it in years. Speaking of Paul Evans, and reading what was said about him, I immediately thought of a record he came out with in 1961 on Carlton Records, said record being AFTER THE HURRICANE. I had to get it out and play it. Don't know if that record by him has ever been discussed or mentioned in FH. 
Larry Neal  

Hello Kent,  
What else would you expect from someone whose Hockey Team gets Jimmy Buffett to sing a disparaging song about their Worthy Opponents The Boston Bruins Hockey Club to celebrate there Stanley Cup Triumph?  
Plus you must take into consideration the Jesuit School he represents who at one time rose to the rank of #1 in the Football Standings only to be smacked down as revealed in the glorious T-Shirt from the '93 game at South Bend:  "God Made Notre Dame #1 & BC made them #2". 
So it is with a grain of salt and much skepticism that ponder his rantings about the songs that offend him. 
Certainly Pat Boone's cover can't compare to the original, but it is not a hated attempt. 
Convoy is certainly not a highly ranked 'Oldie' ... however it is beloved for its introduction to a tangential offshoot of Rock 'N Roll. 
My Ding-A-Ling an anthem to the angst of millions of young people searching for their niche and allowing them to experience a playable albeit 'salty' song with its double-entendres and sheer naughtiness. 
Paul Evans is an under-appreciated singer / songwriter who espoused the joy and innocence of the fifties. 
I can't speak to the others ... and certainly Chet is allowed his preferences ... but I disagree with his choices. 
Unfortunately, I, too, am tainted since I am a Patriots Fan, the cheatingest team in all sports! ha ha! And wouldn't all the 'Haters' give their first 45 to have them as their team !! ha ha 
Love Forgotten Hits!!!  

Kent ... 
With the Super Bowl coming up, I want to ask Chet a sports question.  Controversy = The New England Patriots cheated in the Championship Game by using under inflated footballs. 
Everybody is blaming the coach, the quarterback & the ball boy.  
I say it's the referee's fault. The referee touches & spots the football before every play.  
I'd like to know how an illegal football can get by the referee & into the game.  If the referee allowed the football to be used, it couldn't have been obviously under inflated like some players claim it to be.  
What do you think Chet?  
Frank B. 
This "football gate" stuff is nonsense ... 
One ... if you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin' ... 
Two ... the loss of two pounds of pressure on a football just wouldn't be noticeable to an official, despite the fact that they do check all footballs to be used in game before kickoff time.  
YO, KENT, THANX FOR RUNNING MY PIECE ON YOUR BLOG ... U ROCK, BUDDY! Looking forward to seeing you sooner rather then later at the Ronnie Onesti Palace.  
I don’t have to tell you that I'm a shameless self promoter and part time, 18 hours a day, hustler. So, just a reminder that my new book "Buffone", the story of legendary Bears linebacker, Doug Buffone, will be out later this year. I hope the F.H. regulars will leap on this silver platter of football yarns, laughs, physical anguish, nights that never ended, and uppers along with so damn many little yellow pills.  Just 20 bucks. Will help me pay for the cycle I plan to buy to celebrate my 67th birthday in April.  

re:  This And That:  
Elk Grove Village has announced another killer line-up for their Summer Free Concert Series, which takes place every Tuesday in July. 
This year, they're kicking things off on Saturday, The 4th of July, with Kenny Rogers, followed by a great fireworks show! 
The summer series kicks off in earnest the following Tuesday (July 7th) with Kansas, followed by .38 Special on July 14th, country-rocker Travis Tritt on July 21st and closing down on July 28th with an '80's double-header featuring Christopher Cross and Air Supply! 
All of the Tuesday shows begin at 7:30 pm (and trust me, they WILL be crowded!!!)  Hopefully a better, more-organized seating arrangement will be worked out this year.  Kenny Rogers' July 4th Show will begin at 8 pm and held at Community Park, East of Lions Park ... all other concerts are held at The Village Green.  (kk)  

Speaking of Kenny Rogers, did any of you tune in to watch The First Edition reunion last weekend, held at The Kenny Rogers Exhibit at The Country Music Hall Of Fame?  Due to other commitments, I only got to see about the first 25 minutes ... but in that time, some interesting tidbits were revealed.  (I don't know if this has been archived at the site or not but it's well worth seeing.)  One that surprised me (after years of reporting that Glen Campbell played the psychedelic lead guitar on The First Edition's first hit "Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)") was the revelation at SEVERAL musicians took a crack at the guitar spots on that record ... and, when all was said in done, Campbell's guitar-work DID make the cut ... but only as the backwards guitar you hear there at the beginning.  The balance of the guitar work was handled by the band's own Terry Williams.  (kk)  
UPDATE:  I spoke with Michael Manning of The Country Music Hall Of Fame about the possibility of them posting the interview on their website so that others could enjoy it as well ... and he said that they would.  Keep watching these pages for an update ... and a link to this archived pieces as soon as it becomes available.  (kk)   

Kent ... 
The truth about the dirty music business. 
I like to remember Jackie Wilson as "Mr. Excitement."   
Frank B.