Monday, September 7, 2015

50 Year Flashback - September 7, 1965

KIMN in Denver, Colorado, was showing a big comeback for The Kingsmen's record, too ... once again we find "Louie Louie" at the top of this week's chart.

Local band The Moon Rakers can also be found in The Top Ten with their latest "You'll Come Back" ... and Sonny and Cher are represented in some fashion three times on this week's survey ... "I Got You Babe" is at #8, Sonny's solo hit "Laugh At Me" is right behind it at #9 and "Baby Don't Go" is one of the week's biggest movers, climbing from #42 to #16.  (Ironically the Kathy Kirby version of "The Way Of Love" sits at #27 this week.  Cher would re-record this tune in 1973 and have a Top Ten hit with her remake!)

Check out The Rolling Stones' two-sided hit at #23 ... both are LP cuts unavailable for purchase in record stores.

And you can tell Barry McGuire's got a hit record on his hands ... "Eve Of Destruction" holds at #2 with a parody / answer record "Dawn Of Creation" by The Spokesmen is this week's 5-Star Pick Hit Of The Week.  (The Spokesmen included our FH Buddy John Madara, now trying to cash in on the folk / protest era with his latest record!)