Monday, December 14, 2015

50 Year Flashback - December 14th, 1965

OMG, can you EVER remember a time when a radio station had THIS many disc jockeys on staff?!?!  (Today we're lucking to find ONE "live" deejay in the studio!)

KOMA in Oklahoma City, OK, seemed to be following their own drummer anyway ... look at Elvis at #1 with "Puppet On A String", a song that never climbed higher than #13 nationally.  And right behind it is "Fever" by The McCoys, a #6 national hit.  (Hard to believe it ever climbed THAT high ... today you hear "Hang On Sloopy" several times a week ... but The McCoys actually had FOUR Top 40 National Hits.)

A big jumper this week is Ray Charles' hit "Cryin' Time", up to #9 from #29 the week before.  KOMA is also charting "Day Tripper" as the A-Side of the new Beatles Top Ten Single.

And when's the last time you heard "I See The Light" by The Five Americans?  I don't think I've EVER heard The Juveniles' version of "Bo Diddley" ... but it's a Top Ten Hit this week in Oklahoma City!  (It "bubbled under" in Cash Box only for two weeks, peaking at #140!  Must have been a local band, I'm guessing.)

A long-time favorite of mine, "Time" by The Pozo-Seco Singers, is at #13, again besting their national showing of #44 by a good 30 points.  And finally "Sounds of Silence" makes a BIG leap from #40 to #21 this week ... after already topping our Grand Rapids Chart from a couple of weeks ago!