Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Kudos For Forgotten Hits

Thanks for all the nice words as Forgotten Hits celebrates its 16th Anniversary.  (And to think I was going to call it a day after five years ... who'd've EVER thought we'd go on for over three times that long!!!)
Check out THIS article ... I hearby take FULL advantage of my bragging rights to be mentioned in the same article that also includes "Star Wars" and NBC's live broadcast of "The Wiz"!!!
RICK LEVY... bandleader / manager
Happy Anniversary!!!  Thanks again for all your hard work and the energy you put into a project ... I truly enjoy being a part of.   
Kent ...
Happy  Anniversary to you.
Frank B
Congratulations ... and on this week of giving thanks, thanks for all you do!
Danny Guilfoyle
Hi Kent,
And Many, Many more years of Forgotten Hits!
You do such a GREAT JOB!!!!
Your Fan,
Kent ...
Congratulations on keeping Forgotten hits alive!!! I just punched up The Angels' "Thank You and Goodnight", which I used as my sign off during my WHK days in Cleveland.
All the best and here's to another 16 years!!
Johnny Holliday
World class congrats, champ! You're gonna be jumpin' and jivin' when you're 80!
Forgotten hits rocks - big time! Your passion and devotion to the music we love makes my life one helluva a lot happier ... you da man!
Chet Coppock 
Happy Anniversary, Kent! Thanks for the memories! 
Jack Mongan 
OK, now I feel like Bob Hope!  (kk)
Hey Kent,
Happy Anniversary! 
Wow ... Max Frost! I recognize the tune, but had no idea who the artist was. 
All the best,
Congrats Kent ...
Man, that's an accomplishment for sure.
Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving, my friend.
Take care and shout anytime.
Happy birthday. Jimi Hendrix would have been 73 today.
Ken Voss  
Happy sweet 16 and I hope you have 16 more!  
Jimy Sohns
Happy Anniversary!
Davie Allan
Haven't known you for your full 16 years, but glad we "met" along the way.  Happy Anniversary Forgotten Hits and Kent Kotal!
Shelley J Sweet-Tufano   
Hi Kent,  
Thanks for the 16 years, Kent! During that time you’ve broadened our musical horizons, as you have discussed music from the 1950s through to the 80s. Your concert reviews are a delight – it’s as if we’re right there along with you.
Same goes for your reviews of CDs and DVDs, which are not just suck-ups. If you don’t like what you’re reviewing, you give a reasoned explanation. Of course, if you DO like it, your enthusiasm is contagious. I bought the Jeff Lynne “Live In Hyde Park” DVD based on your recommendation. “Very nice” was how I think you described it! I thoroughly enjoyed the DVD of the show and the accompanying documentary reviewing Jeff’s achievements.  
As Bruce Channel said, “Keep On”. Or better still, please keep on. 
Best wishes,  
Mike Edwards 
LOL ... yeah "very nice" ... that sounds like me ... sort of the watered-down version of our review!  (lol)  Thanks, Mike!  (kk)
Congratulations on your 16th Anniversary!   
I started reading your daily posts several years ago.  I grew up listening to Top 40 radio during the 1970s, but my interest in the Billboard charts (and the Whitburn books) led me to discover oldies radio starting around 1980.  I quickly got an education on the hits of the ‘50s and ‘60s and many of those songs became some of my all-time favorites.  I envy those of you that got to experience all of that wonderful music first-hand.  Your passion for the music comes through in all of your posts.  Here’s looking forward to another 16 years of forgotten hits!  
Paul Haney 
Record Research
You may be sweet, but not 16 ...
Happy Anniversary!
Hi Kent,
Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen to Forgotten Hits ... wish I was there to light the Sixteen Candles!
Tim Kiley
Congratulations, Kent!!!