Thursday, June 14, 2018

Thursday This And That

Sounds like Paul McCartney just filmed a segment for the James Corden show (which leads to the speculation that a carpool karaoke may be forthcoming!)  
That should be a real treat.

Ultimate Classic Rock is reporting that McCartney did a special "by invitation only" concert in Liverpool last week and Corden was there to film segments for his late night television program.

Beatles tunes “Love Me Do,” “I Wanna Be Your Man,” “Back in the USSR,” “Birthday,” “I’ve Got a Feeling” and “Hey Jude” were all performed as part of the concert, staged at the Liverpool Philharmonic Pub.  UCR says that before the show, McCartney and Corden were spotted in Penny Lane, at Paul’s old home in Forthlin Road and at the Beatles statue at Pier Head. 
After the pair were seen in a car together on Allerton Road, it was speculated that they’d recorded an episode of Carpool Karaoke. 

Updates indicate that the episode should air sometime next week.

McCartney also performed a brand new song at the Liverpool concert … “Come Home To You” … which may be released as soon as TOMORROW on a brand new, top secret Paul McCartney album!  (That’s quite a surprise as, with no advance fanfare, fans couldn’t even pre-order a copy!)  I guess now all you’ve gotta do is find a place that still sells CDs!!!  (kk)

Some sad news …

Richard Irwin, creator of Reel Radio site has passed away.
There will NEVER be a site like Reel Radio again.  Uncle Ricky brought all our radio memories back to us after we never dreamed we would hear those voices that made us laugh and sing long ago.  Uncle Ricky was a living icon of radio fantasies and he gave us the REAL thing!  He will remain a legendary face of radio and be remembered fondly by all who accessed his site and chatted with him online.  He fought battles to keep his site going recently and worked tirelessly along with his care providers to keep his life and website going as long as possible.  I will miss one of the great radio men of all time. 
Clark Besch
For those of us who loved the glory days of Top 40 Radio, Ricky’s Reel Radio site was a Godsend … vintage airchecks from back in the day, exactly as they happened … when personality was king.
The site underwent some difficult but mandatory changes over the past several years … and then warned us that it would be going dark if enough funds weren’t raised to keep it going.  I was unaware that Ricky’s health was also an issue so I guess in the scheme of things it seems only fitting that Reel Radio died with him.
Still a sad day for God knows how many hundreds of thousands of radio fans who were frequent visitors.  Reel Radio had airchecks from Top 40 stations from all over the country … decades of clips … it would be awesome to find a home for these so that fans could continue to enjoy them for many more years to come … even something like a Broadcasting Museum … anything to help make the accessible.  I would LOVE to be able to get access to everything he had WCFL-related so that JR Russ could start airing them again on his website!  Any chance you or anybody out there knows of any contact person on that end who could help accommodate this?  It would help keep Ricky’s work and endless dedication alive in some fashion for many more years to come.  (kk)

Speaking of sad news, did you happen to see the A&E David Cassidy special we told you about?  It was truly sad and painful to watch.
I cannot help but wonder what even motivated them to film what would ultimately become his final recording sessions.
“Songs My Father Taught Me” is available as a five song EP / digital download.  (When I saw David do his Q&A thing at The Arcada Theatre, this was the album he was there to promote … as well as talk about his decades’ long bout with alcoholism … and lifelong feeling of abandonment from his father, actor Jack Cassidy.)
It is especially hard to see him in the prime of his career … walk away from this success after a fan was crushed to death at one of his concerts … and then find himself literally facedown in the gutter a few years later.
His biography, “C’mon, Get Happy” is a truly fascinating read … highly entertaining and highly recommended, whether you were a fan or not.
I’m debating putting together a series spotlighting the rise and fall of one of the all-time biggest Teen Idols pop music has ever seen.
Look for this program On Demand … but be prepared … some of it is very hard to watch.  (kk)

Is that Dick Biondi "driving the car" on that “The Teenagers” album cover?
JR Russ
It sure is … and, reportedly, wearing a sweater made for him by Pam Pulice, the woman putting together the biography documentary right now.  (Can you please confirm Pam?  How cool is THAT?!?!?)  kk

I loved the WLS chart of my handwritten one.  Also, glad to read Jim Peterik's review of Johnathan Cain's book.  I was happy when I got his early 45, "Til It's Time To Say Goodbye," which was a national hit BEFORE he became REALLY famous!
Also, have you featured the new Peter Noone song yet?  Here's the video and story.  Good tune.
This tribute to John Lennon from a few years ago is not bad either.
Clark Besch

Hi, Kent!
I realize that what I'm sending you is a bit off-the-wall, but since Clark Weber is a reader of FH, I decided to trot out this wonderful (and rare) LP that came out in 1967: an album of instrumental versions of songs from "Sgt. Pepper's ....".
The music is so-so, but after owning the LP for a number of years, I made an accidental discovery last year - the "artwork" on the cover is not only a parody of the Beatles' LP, but hidden throughout the cover are pictures of radio personalities from all over the USA!  Look closely in the upper right area and you'll spot Clark Weber, Dick Biondi, and Wally Phillips.
There are many more scattered around the cover, but I don't recognize them.  The big surprise is that in the lower right corner there is a young girl who appears to be Vicki Lawrence ("Mama" from the Carol Burnett Show, and "The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia" singer.  She'd have been 18 years old at that time.  Wish I could contact her and find out.
I made a little "insert" picture showing the Chicago people.
Hope you enjoy this little treasure, and maybe you'll find some other "famous" people on the cover.
Mike Wolstein

It seems to me that this has come up before but I can't remember in what context it may have been.  REALLY odd to see so many deejays pictured here … maybe a marketing ploy to get them to play it on the air???

Would LOVE to hear more about this unusual LP … (I’m thinking our best bets are probably the two Clarks … Weber and Besch) but if ANYBODY else out there can help to shed some light on this, please let us hear from you!  (kk)

Indeed we HAVE discussed this album before.  I tracked down a copy of it after reading about it in Billboard in THIS article from Billboard July 15, 1967, amazingly only a month after the original Beatles LP came out here in the US!  60 DJ's!!!  Who are all of them? 

Can you imagine that THIS is what the label brought out that summer in consecutive order?  Talk about VARIETY!!!  Peter Knight's crazy LP is between Timothy Leary and Dave Dudley!!!
  • MG 21122   Sarah Vaughan - It's A Man's World
  • MG 21123   Chuck Berry - In Memphis
  • MG 21124   Spanky And Our Gang
  • MG 21125   Horst Jankowski - With Love
  • MG 21126   Sil Austin - Plays Pretty For The People Again
  • MG 21127   The Rattles - Greatest Hits
  • MG 21128   Tony Randall - Warm And Wavery
  • MG 21129   Keith - Out Of Crank
  • MG 21130   The Robbs
  • MG 21131   Dr. Timothy Leary - Turn On, Turn In, Drop Out
  • MG 21132   Peter Knight - Instrumental Beatles Themes From Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  • MG 21133   Dave Dudley Country
  • MG 21134   Dick Smothers - Saturday Night At The World
  • MG 21135   The Mauds - Hold On
  • MG 21136   Lori Burton - Break Out
  • MG 21137   Big Jim Sullivan - Sitar Beat
  • MG 21138   Chuck Berry - Live At The Filmore Auditorium - San Francisco
  • MG 21139   The Best Of Moms Mabley
From this article in August 27 Cash Box, there's no mention of the cover, but "Within You, Without You" was released as a single.

From below Cash Box of September 9, 1967, we find that the LP was one of the first two albums released in England's new Mercury Records organization!

BUT, WHY the DJ pictures and release of this album at all?  It seems to be tied to the new format of cassettes being offered in England, possibly?  The below article from the beginnings of the summer of love (May 27, 1967 Cash Box), tells us that Philips’ line of cassette machines for cars, home and carry has opened the doors to 45 hits being issued on TAPE in STEREO for the first time and it is going over WELL!  One of the first car cassettes will feature the Peter Knight Orchestral stuff -- likely from THIS album!  Now, maybe the US ALBUM release was just the same thoughts, or maybe just to keep in line with what was issued in the UK?  With the lineup of LPs above, who would know, right???  Maybe adding DJ pics would have been a good thought for DJs to start playing orchestrated pop music?  Would Mr. Weber remember?

To top this all off, Peter Knight thought his orchestral instrumental pop recordings might go over with the kids and in November, 1967, PETER KNIGHT was the conductor of the London Festival Orchestra with backed the Moody Blues of their groundbreaking "Days of Future Past" album.  So Knight went from the Beatles to the Moodies and hardly anyone noticed this achievement -- except Forgotten Hits did!
Clark Besch

Sitting in a parking lot in Aurora and scrolled through today’s edition of Forgotten Hits ... Please send my thanks to Clark for the audio cut of “Can You See Me Cry” as well as the kind words!
Coming up to Summerfest? 
Ray Graffia, Jr.
No Summerfest for me this year … but hoping to catch the Cornerstones Of Rock performance in November back at The Arcada Theatre.  And aren't you guys playing as part of that Chicagoland Street Festival thing, too???  (Send more info so we can pass it along!)  kk

Wild Wayne played this song on his "Memory Machine" last night. 
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Strikes again.

We listened to the new Beach Boys / Royal Philharmonic CD all weekend and, as is usually the case with these, some tracks lend themselves to this treatment better than others.
“Fun Fun Fun,” for example, is the track they seem to be pushing … I’ve heard it several times on the new Sirius / XM Beach Boys Channel … it just doesn’t fit.  This is a flat out rock and roll song, right down to the borrowed Chuck Berry guitar riff that kicks it off … and it just doesn’t need ANY orchestral enhancement.  “Sloop John B” is another track that seems forced to fit the format.
“California Girls” is already symphonic in nature … the opening build is orchestral with just the use of your most basic instruments.  The extra treatment takes away from the beauty of the original concept, which was already uniquely strong to begin with.
Brian put so much thought into his arrangements … listen closely to the original Beach Boys recordings and you’ll be amazing at just how much is going on in the background on these tracks … the way he blended instruments to get certain sounds … this is where the true “genius” of Brian Wilson shined.  (If you’ve never heard it, pick up the “Stack-O-Tracks” CD … it features several of The Beach Boys’ best known recordings stripped down to the instrumentation only … all of the vocals have been removed.  Capitol has also released several cuts over the years featuring just The Beach Boys’ vocals only without ANY instrumentation … on both levels these are excellent examples of how this band shined in the recording studio … I promise that you’ll be blown away.)
That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some GREAT tracks on this new LP … among my favorites are the new, beautiful arrangements of “In My Room,” “Disney Girls,” “Here Today,” “God Only Knows,” “Darlin’,” and my personal favorite, “You Still Believe In Me.”  The truth is, Brian didn’t use a lot of strings on his original recordings (other than The Beach Boys Christmas Album which, in my opinion, suffered because of it), so this is a new, added treatment of these songs we know so well.  Overall, this one’s a winner.
The Royal Philharmonic has already revamped the music of Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Aretha Franklin and now The Beach Boys … hopefully new audiences will continue to discover this timeless music and thus continue to enjoy it for many years to come. 
(One of the big shows cancelled when Brian Wilson recently went in for back surgery was The Brian Wilson Band accompanied by The Nashville Symphony Orchestra.  One cannot help but wonder if hearing his music in this new context might not spark some new ideas for similar arrangements in other major cities to present his catalog in a whole, new fashion.  I think this one’s gonna be big!)  kk  


Neil Diamond, Emmylou Harris, Queen, Tina Turner, and others to be honored at third annual awards and tribute concert

The Recording Academy™ will honor its 2018 Special Merit Awards recipients with "GRAMMY Salute To Music Legends®," an awards ceremony and live tribute concert on Saturday, July 14, 2018, at Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. This year's Lifetime Achievement Award honorees are Hal Blaine, Neil Diamond, Emmylou Harris, Louis Jordan, the Meters, Queen, and Tina Turner. Additional Special Merit Awards honorees to be celebrated include Bill Graham, Seymour Stein, and John Williams, who are this year's Trustees Award honorees, and Tony Agnello and Richard Factor, who are the Technical GRAMMY Award recipients. Also being honored is Melissa Salguero, this year's recipient of the Music Educator Award™. Led by GRAMMY®-nominated industry icon Greg Phillinganes as musical director, the tribute concert will feature rare performances by honorees and never-seen renditions by those they've inspired. Currently scheduled to appear are eight-time GRAMMY winner Herb Alpert, who will honor Blaine; past GRAMMY nominee Micky Dolenz, who will be honoring Diamond; GRAMMY winner Sammy Hagar, who will pay tribute to Graham; 13-time GRAMMY winner and Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Harris; past GRAMMY nominee Ledisi, who will salute Jordan; and three-time GRAMMY winner Trisha Yearwood, who will pay tribute to Harris. Presenters for the evening include actress Angela Bassett and GRAMMY winner Henry Rollins. Additional performers and presenters will be announced shortly. Tickets for the event will be on sale via Ticketmaster beginning today.

"We are thrilled to once again partner with THIRTEEN Productions and PBS to bring our 'GRAMMY Salute To Music Legends' awards show and tribute concert to life at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles," said Neil Portnow, President / CEO of the Recording Academy. "We look forward to celebrating the tremendous contributions of our Special Merit Awards recipients and honoring their outstanding accomplishments."
The Recording Academy will produce "GRAMMY Salute To Music Legends" in partnership with THIRTEEN Productions as part of the "Great Performances" series on PBS, set to air later this year. Previously held during GRAMMY Week, this is the third year the Recording Academy has celebrated the Special Merit Awards with a stand-alone TV event and musical tribute. In addition to the tribute concert, special celebrity guests will present recipients their award statues and guests will enjoy never-before-seen video packages celebrating each of the honorees' contributions to the music industry and our cultural heritage.
A production of THIRTEEN Productions LLC for WNET, "GRAMMY Salute To Music Legends" will be written by David Wild and directed for television by David Horn, with Mitch Owgang as producer, and David Horn and Portnow as executive producers.
The Lifetime Achievement Award honors performers who have made contributions of outstanding artistic significance to the field of recording, while the Trustees Award recognizes such contributions in areas other than performance. Both awards are determined by a vote of the Recording Academy's National Board of Trustees. Technical GRAMMY Award recipients are determined by vote of the Academy's Producers & Engineers Wing® Advisory Council and Chapter Committees. The award is presented to individuals and companies who have made contributions of outstanding technical significance to the recording field. 

About the Lifetime Achievement Award Honorees:

Starting his career in the 1950s, Hal Blaine is best known as the primary drummer and founder of the legendary Wrecking Crew. He has recorded with iconic artists such as Elvis Presley, the Beach Boys, Frank Sinatra, and many more. He lent his artistry to Phil Spector’s "Wall of Sound" productions, creating one of rock and roll’s most recognizable beats. However, Blaine’s talent does not stop at the conventional drum kit. Some of his best-known songs include him drumming on Sparkletts water jugs for the Beach Boys' "Caroline, No" and dragging tire chains across a concrete floor for Simon & Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water." During his impressive career, Blaine has worked on nearly 6,000 tracks; of those, 350 have been Top 10 hits, and 40 have been No. 1s (including fellow honoree Neil Diamond’s "Song Sung Blue"). He worked on six consecutive Record Of The Year GRAMMY-winning tracks between 1965 and 1970.

Throughout an illustrious and wide-ranging musical career, Neil Diamond has sold more than 130 million albums worldwide and has dominated the charts for more than five decades with 38 Top 40 singles and 16 Top 10 albums. Before becoming one of the most noted and successful recording artists in the world, Diamond’s early recognition came as a songwriter. His recorded songs have become a part of the fabric of America’s songbook with a wide range of international hits that include "Solitary Man," "Cherry, Cherry," "Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon," "I'm A Believer," "Red Red Wine," "Holly Holy," "Thank The Lord For The Night Time," "Sweet Caroline," "Kentucky Woman," "Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show," "Cracklin' Rosie," "I Am…I Said," "Song Sung Blue," "You Don’t Bring Me Flowers" (with Barbra Streisand),  "September Morn," and "Heartlight," among many others. Diamond has won a GRAMMY Award, a Golden Globe Award, the Sammy Cahn Lifetime Achievement Award, and a Kennedy Center Honor, and has been inducted into both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriter's Hall Of Fame. In 2009, he was honored as MusiCares® Person Of The Year.

A 14-time GRAMMY winner and Country Music Hall of Fame member, Emmylou Harris' contribution as a singer and songwriter spans 40 years. She has recorded more than 25 albums and has lent her talents to countless fellow artists’ recordings including Linda Ronstadt, Bob Dylan, Mark Knopfler, Neil Young, Gram Parsons, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Roy Orbison, Ryan Adams, Beck, Elvis Costello, Johnny Cash, Lucinda Williams, Rodney Crowell, and Lyle Lovett. Harris’ distinctive voice has allowed her to cross musical boundaries and made her one of the most influential and admired women in contemporary country music. Few in music have achieved such honesty or revealed such maturity in their writing. Forty years into her career, Harris keeps proving that she never stops looking ahead.

Louis Jordan* enjoyed his greatest popularity from the late 1930s to the early 1950s as the King of the Jukebox. The American musician, songwriter, and bandleader helped pioneer the sound of rock and was dubbed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as the Father of Rhythm & Blues and the Grandfather of Rock and Roll. Jordan’s talent, combined with his comedic flair, helped him shatter race barriers, achieving popularity with both black and white audiences. Throughout his lifetime, he was able to duet with some of the biggest artists of his day, including Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, and Louis Armstrong.

The Meters—Art "Poppa Funk" Neville, George Porter Jr., Joseph "Zigaboo" Modeliste, Cyril Neville, and Leo Nocentelli—are considered by many to be the founding fathers of funk and, for more than 50 years, they have grooved their way around the globe. They have toured and performed with such artists as the Rolling Stones, Dr. John, Robert Palmer, Patti Labelle, Earl King, Allen Toussaint, and Lee Dorsey. Their trademark sound of syncopated layered percussion intertwined with gritty grooves on guitar, bass, and organ, blends funk, blues, and dance rhythm with a New Orleans vibe that is regarded as one of the most influential in music history. The Meters' unique place as a touchstone for countless artists across many genres and as one of the most sampled groups in all of hip-hop and pop music, have kept them relevant to contemporary audiences in a way that few groups can claim.

In a career spanning more than 40 years, Queen has amassed a staggering list of sales, awards, and hall of fame inductions. Their impressive string of No. 1 albums and top-charting singles continue to put Queen in the Top 10 of all-time iTunes sales. The band has received multiple Ivor Novello Awards, an MTV Global Icon Award, and two recordings enshrined in the GRAMMY Hall Of Fame®—"Bohemian Rhapsody" and "We Will Rock You" / "We Are The Champions," which also remain popular songs at sports events and arenas around the world. Recently, Queen became the first artist ever to sell more than 6 million copies of an album in the U.K. with their Greatest Hits album. Even with the tragic loss of their uniquely talented frontman Freddie Mercury*, Queen remains one of the most revered bands in rock and pop history, able to claim one of the most enduring song catalogs of all time. With their sterling song craft, virtuoso musicality, and colossal spectacle of their live performances, Queen—John Deacon, Brian May, Mercury, and Roger Taylor—captured hearts and conquered charts, a legacy that continues to live through the ongoing work and concert performances fronted by May and Taylor, presently joined for concert performances by the extraordinary American vocalist Adam Lambert. 

Tina Turner has been the Queen of Rock and Roll since she started her musical career in the 1950s. She is well-known for her extravagant live performances and impressive raw voice. Globally, her concert ticket sales have broken records with every tour. Turner’s albums have all consistently charted on the Billboard 200 and have sold more than 50 million copies worldwide. Her grandeur has been admired by many other prominent figures, including BeyoncĂ©, Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart, and David Bowie. Her determination and sheer talent has crystallized her as a household name around the globe.

About the trustees Award Honorees:

At the Fillmore Auditorium, Fillmore West, Winterland, and Fillmore East, Bill Graham* created the modern rock concert. He discovered and managed artists such as Santana, and organized national tours for Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, and George Harrison. Having arrived in America as a 10-year-old Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany with not much more than the clothes on his back, Graham raised millions of dollars for charitable causes by staging Live Aid as well as many other benefit tours.

Seymour Stein's cutting-edge consciousness for the next wave in music can be traced all the way back to the late 1960s, when he began his career at Billboard magazine at the age of 15. Having founded Sire Records with producer Richard Gottehrer in 1966, Stein's eccentric taste in music combined with his knack for predicting what the next big thing in music will be, has continuously proven to be prosperous. His talent has earned him the title of Vice President of Warner Bros. Records along with being co-founder of Sire Records, a subdivision of Warner Music Group, and inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Some of Stein's most notable discoveries include Ramones, the Pretenders, Talking Heads, k.d. Lang, Barenaked Ladies, Echo & The Bunnymen, the Cult, the Cure, Tom Tom Club, Spacehog, Primal Scream, Seal, Madness, Madonna, Depeche Mode, the Smiths, Ice-T, and the Undertones.

John Williams is one of the most prolific and celebrated film composers of all time. He has won 23 GRAMMY Awards spanning the last 50 years, with various honors for composing/scoring, performance, and arranging. In addition to his GRAMMY Awards, Williams has won five Academy Awards, four Golden Globes, seven British Academy Film Awards, and four Emmys. His 1977 soundtrack to Star Wars was an Album Of The Year nominee and was inducted into the GRAMMY Hall Of Fame in 2007. Some of Williams' most notable scores include Jaws, the Star Wars series, Superman: The Movie, the Indiana Jones series, E.T. The Extra-TerrestrialHome AloneHookJurassic ParkSchindler's ListSaving Private Ryan, the first three Harry Potter films, Catch Me If You CanMemoirs Of A GeishaWar Horse, and Lincoln.

*Denotes posthumous award honoree.

About the Recording Academy:

The Recording Academy represents the voices of performers, songwriters, producers, engineers, and all music professionals. Dedicated to ensuring the recording arts remain a thriving part of our shared cultural heritage, the Academy honors music's history while investing in its future through the GRAMMY Museum®, advocates on behalf of music creators, supports music people in times of need through MusiCares, and celebrates artistic excellence through the GRAMMY Awards®—music's only peer-recognized accolade and highest achievement. As the world's leading society of music professionals, we work year-round to foster a more inspiring world for creators.

For more information about the Academy, please visit For breaking news and exclusive content, follow @RecordingAcad on Twitter, "like" Recording Academy on Facebook, and join the Recording Academy's social communities on Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube.

I sent our special congratulations to Drummer Hal Blaine for this prestigious honor … and got this back from him …

The best to you as well.

And, speaking of amazing drummers, check out this clip of an eight year old girl jammin’ along with Led Zeppelin’s “Good Times, Bad Times”!!!  (We’ve run clips of Yoyoka Soma before in Forgotten Hits … safe to say she’s no Karen Carpenter!!!)  This clip comes from the "Hits Like A Girl" competition ... damn!  This chick has got it down!  (kk)

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