Thursday, December 27, 2018

We're Closing In On The Top 20 Hits of 1968!

And the countdown continues ...

As we reach The Top 20!

#20 - The Horse - Cliff Nobles and Company

#19 - Lady Willpower - Gary Puckett and the Union Gap

#18 - Green Tambourine - The Lemon Pipers

#17 - Grazing In The Grass - Hugh Masekela

#16 - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly - Hugo Montenegro

#15 - Cry Like A Baby - The Box Tops

#14 - Those Were The Days - Mary Hopkin

#13 - Little Green Apples - O.C. Smith

#12 - Judy In Disguise - John Fred and his Playboy Band

#11 - Hello, I Love You - The Doors

Tomorrow in Forgotten Hits ...

The Top Ten Hits of 1968! 


Everybody loves a good countdown ... and here are two more you may want to check out ...

As they do every year (I believe this is either their 20th or 21st in a row!) Rewound Radio is counting down Your All-Time Favorites Oldies as voted on over the past several months by their listeners.  (Listeners are asked to name their Top 10 Favorite Oldies ... and then all those votes are tabulated to compile the final list.)

The concept revolves around the old WABC Top 77 Year-End Survey ... but this countdown is SO much more than that.

In all, over 3000 songs will be featured non-stop during the week between Christmas and New Year's ... meaning that even songs that only received one vote are likely to receive some airplay.  (The Official Top 77 Countdown happened yesterday ... which, I'm told, is the ONLY time all 77 songs will be counted down in order.  They actually played The Top 154 ... or DOUBLE the intended final count ... and it was absolutely awesome.  I listened for over 12 hours and STILL missed The Top Ten!!!)

Yes, you'll hear a number of the expected tunes that make every one of these fan lists ... but you'll also hear SO much more in the way of surprises and fan favorites.  (And it's just like listening to the radio when you were a kid growing up ... as you jot down the titles next to their respective ranks on the list until your list is complete!)

Tune in to Rewound Radio from now until New Year's Day ... and be prepared to be blown away.

Also hosting a countdown this Friday Night will be long-time FH Reader and contributor Ken Freck, who co-authored the "Milwaukee's Radio Chart Hits" book, featuring a list of every record to hit Milwaukee's WRIT Radio Station Survey from 1960 - 1974.

This week he'll be counting down (along with Dewey Gill) the Biggest Hits of 1968 ... which is exactly what WE'VE been doing all week long ... on Dewey's Corner on WMSE, starting at 6 pm Central Time on Friday Night.  (The shows are also archived so you can listen later if you miss it.)  And, as Ken always stresses, "We Play Records."

You can tune in to listen live here: