Thursday, February 2, 2023

Poe-TAY-Toe / Poe-TOT-Toe ... It's National Tater Tots Day!!!

Now, from our Forgotten Hits Curator of Tasty Historical Events, Chuck Buell …


Today, February 2nd, is National Tater Tot Day!


In 1934, two brothers, Nephi and Golden Grigg, along with their brother-in-law, rented a frozen food plant near the Oregon and Idaho border. Because their main focus was on making French fries, they found that all the leftover potato waste that was being saved and fed to cattle seemed like quite a lot.


So, they came up with a Great Potato “Eye” dee-ah! 


Taking those scraps and shredded bits of potato excess, they formed them into small bite size bits and blanched and fried them, thereby creating the first “Tater Tots!”  


Things went so well for the guys with their concept that by 1952 they bought the plant they were renting and established the Oregon Frozen Foods Company, that later became what we know today as Ore-Ida! The name was inspired by their location near the … Oregon and Idaho border!


Me, I love Tater Tots!  And they’re the “Next Best Thing” when you find you’re out of Hash Browns. Just take a Handful of Tots and simply mash ‘em up!


And whether you say “Poe-tay-toe” or “Poe-tot-toe,” with those potato thoughts in mind, here's my “Next Best Thing” to a “Tater Tot Medley,” my “Chuck Buell Tater Tots Potato Mash-up Minute Medley!”


“CB ( which stands for Potato "Chips Boy!" )   


Due to a couple of scheduled pre-posts, we've got a bit of catching up to do again this weekend ...

Look for our salute to The Day The Music Died (courtesy of FH Reader LJ Coon) tomorrow in Forgotten Hits ...

And then new reports this weekend on The Class of 2023 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Nominees (fourteen new artists made the ballot this year ... and fan voting has already begun ... a few more details can be found below) ... the latest update on The Dick Biondi Documentary (we were invited guests to see the first screening of what is currently being called "the final edit" of the one hour film) ... some more sad death notices for January ... and plenty of your new comments.  Look for new postings on both Saturday AND Sunday (if we can pull them together in time!!!)


Nominees for The Class of 2023 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame include:

Kate Bush, Sheryl Crow, Missy Elliott, Iron Maiden, Joy Division / New Order, Cyndi Lauper, George Michael, Willie Nelson, Rage Against The Machine, Soundgarden, The Spinners, A Tribe Called Quest, The White Stripes and Warren Zevon

Fan voting has already begun.  (You can cast your votes ... for up to five artists ... here:  Once you've registered, you're allowed to vote once per day until the polls close on April 28th.

The standings (after one day of voting ... and just over 357,000 votes) show Cyndi Lauper first with approximately 38,000 votes, George Michael second with approximately 35,000 votes, Willie Nelson third (with just under 35,000 votes), Soundgarden fourth (34,000 votes) and Iron Maiden fifth (with about 32,000 votes)