Friday, March 1, 2024

The Friday Flash

No less an endorsement from Sir Paul McCartney should help to solidify Foreigner’s chances at Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ...

Just read that our FH Buddy Rich Appel did a recent countdown of his listeners’ favorite television themes … and even MORE surprised that this is actually an annual event on his “That Thing With Rich Appel” radio program.

(Obviously, WE’VE done a few of these too … only ours were spaced about seven years apart) …

BOTH times the theme to “Hawaii Five-O” came in at #1 in our Forgotten Hits polls … and it looks like it was #1 in Rich’s poll last year, too.  (This year it fell to #2, behind the Theme from “Cheers.”)

You can read an analysis of Rich’s countdown (as well as view The Top Ten Favorites) here:

And you can ALSO vote for your favorite WOW! songs, too … another GREAT annual countdown he does which overs a wide array of forgotten hits that folks still love hearing on the radio, despite what ANY consultants are telling them!

>>>Happy Birthday to all Leap Year Babies.  (Our FH Buddy Chuck Buell is one of those ... and THIS year, he finally leaves his teens to celebrate "official" 20th birthday! Happy Birthday, Chuck!!!) kk

For some reason, John Fogerty got bumped from his upcoming performance at Australia's Queensland Country Festival "due to unforeseen circumstances" ... and John says he has absolutely NO idea what may have prompted it.  (Sounds like his "non-appearance" was news to him!)

The show was scheduled for March 30th and would have been Fogerty's first appearance in Australia in over a decade.  (And it was his ONLY show scheduled there at all!)

In a statement to Billboard Magazine, John said, “I’m bewildered.  I still remain able and ready and willing to do this show. I take the commitment of playing for the fans very seriously. Throughout my career, practically my whole life, there’s hardly ever been a cancellation.”  
Festival organizers have since said that contract negotiations for Fogerty's appearance "did not reach a final outcome" so they pulled the plug and are going in another direction.  (Sounds like the whole thing will end up in court in mid-March ... so John'll be in Australia after all ... but possibly just not for the reason he thought he would be.)
Fogerty says that in his mind, and as far as he knew, it was "all systems go" ... and he was looking forward to returning to the land down under once again ... so he was very surprised to hear that he was no longer going to be part of the show.  He issued an apology to Australian fans ... and even posted a video addressed to "all my loving fans in Australia," letting them know how disappointed he was to hear that he wouldn't be there to perform for them ... and then sang a solo, acoustic version of "Bad Moon Rising."
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