Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Helping Out Our Readers

It's been a while since we did one of these ... so let's tie up a few loose ends this morning.

>>>The Deep End in Park Ridge came up in conversation the other day among some 60-something friends, and I was the only one who had ever been.  I'm pretty sure you mentioned a book recently that had some discussion of the Chicagoland clubs, but I can't find the reference. I'm genuinely curious as to what I missed way back when. I grew up just a few blocks from The Bat Cave in Old Edison Park and knew from the grapevine what it was. Alas, my parents thought of it as just half a notch better than a bordello. My friends with more liberal parents also went to The Deep End and The Hut in Des Plaines. Does anybody know where this was? Or The Deep End?  Finally, I'm pretty sure that there was a second music club in Old Edison Park for awhile, maybe a half block from The Bat Cave, circa 1966. I don't remember the name, but it looked pretty scruffy from the outside. I don't think it was there for very long. Would be interested to hear more about the clubs generally, and the ones in the NW quadrant specifically.  (Jeff Duntemann)  
I'm sure you've been deluged with Deep End and Hut info, but ...
Deep End was in Park Ridge at the corner of Touhy and Busse.  It was converted later into a Toyota dealership, and is now (alas) townhouses.  I have fond memories of being arrested for my very first time at the Deep End by the Park Ridge cops for committing the ultimate crime - Being from Chicago!!!  This Link may be of interest:  http://journaltips.blogspot.com/2009/08/deep-end-club-in-park-ridge.html

>>>My brother Clive said I should try and see if you can help me find the title to an unknown 60s song.  My previous searches on the internet and Shazam have come up zilch.  See attached mp3 file.  I really have no other information on it.  Thanks for any help you can give.  (Sterling Topol) 
The song Sterling mentioned is “Fun” by the Kasenetz-Katz Super Cirkus, issued on Buddah 90.    The personnel on this recording is pretty much the folks that also recorded as the Third Rail on Epic.   Here’s a copy of the full song, freshly recorded from the original vinyl 45.  
Jeff Lemlich

WOW!  Thanks Kent, I had really given up hope on this one.  This is why your site is the number one oldies site! 
-- Sterling   

>>> I was listening to some old air checks last night and came across this.  I thought I knew most every song from this era.  The check is from Spring / Summer of '74.  The jock is Madison Wisconsins' Charlie 'Rock And Roll' Simon.  Do you recognize this song?  (Phil - WRCO)    
Hi Kent:  
The record from the Madison aircheck from ’74 is by The Paul Bogush Band I believe. I think it’s “Whirlpool Of Love”. This 45 got a little play around the Midwest, at least in Madison & Milwaukee. It is on the RCA label. Not positive but I think so.  
We sent Phil a link to Gemm.com where he was able to purchase the record for around three bucks.  Mystery solved!  He then shared it with us so that other readers could enjoy it, too!  (kk)

Thanks very much.  I thought I knew every Madison area local hit. I knew I could count on Forgotten Hits!  This was the same era as one of the best bands from here to never make it, Clicker.  The single Keep On Trying got a lot of play in '74.  I bought the Paul Bogush record.  Since you helped, I thought I would send you your very own copy.
Thanks again.

Hello Kent,
Thanks for all your posts over the years. I’ve been lurking out there in cyberspace for a long time, and really appreciate Forgotten Hits. It’s one of the first sites I visit daily.

You recently posted “Leaning on a Lamppost” by Herman’s Hermits. That’s not the version I remember. The one I always heard had a “do-wacka-do-wacka-do” ending. Can you shed a little light on the recording you posted? Was it a newer recording by Peter Noone, or was it an alternative version of that song?
Thanks, and best regards!
Charlie Randisi
Rochester, NY
This one's always been very frustrating for me.  I, too, remember the hit single having that "do-wacka-do" ending (and a few stifled laughs early on) ... but the version that is most commonly circulated these days (when and if you ever get to hear it at all!) seems to be a completely different take.
It seems to me that one was a soundtrack version (the song was included in the Herman's Hermits film "Hold On") and the other was the "punched-up" hit single.  (I believe there was a soundtrack version of "Listen People", too, that differs quite a bit from the known, hit version.)  For whatever reason, it seems to be the less fun soundtrack version that is being used these days ... despite its "non-hit" status.
Just to see if my memory served me correctly, I dropped a note to Peter Noone to see if he could shine any additional light on the subject ...  but he wasn't quite sure what the difference was either ... or why two tracks exist ... so I'm just going with my gut on this one!  (kk)  

Here is the hit single version (far superior in my mind) ... followed by the one you're more likely to hear.  (I'm looking forward to visiting with Peter on Friday when he appears at The Arcada Theatre ... a show, I'm told, that is a complete sell-out!)

Excuse me, do you have any song with Ted Neeley as Claude in Hair? I'm searching but I can't find anything! Thanks form Spain!
When I think of Ted Neeley, I think of his role in "Jesus Christ Superstar" ... I wasn't aware that he did "Hair" (other than perhaps as some stage production at some point in his career ... but he certainly isn't known for it.)  Even his bio doesn't list it amongst his credits ... and checking both the Original Broadway Cast and Movie credits, I don't see him listed there either ... in any capacity. (Is it possible you've confused him with somebody else?)
I did a bit of track searching on this, too, but came up empty ... and if he did it, I would think there would be all kinds of material available to choose from.  Anybody out there got something we can share?
Meanwhile, perhaps this YouTube clip will suffice for the time being ...
It features "Gethsemane" from "Jesus Christ Superstar" as well as "Let The Sunshine In" from "Hair" ... but it's a fairly recent live stage performance ... and nothing from back in the day.  (Again, I couldn't find any listings on YouTube either.)  Sorry!  (kk)
Click here: Ted Neeley sings "Gethsemane" and "Let the Sunshine In" Mar 23, 2013, Ohio Theatre, Cleveland - YouTube 

Kent ...
For those who don't know him, Gus Gossert was a disc jockey.  He was popular in New York in the early 1970's. He had an Oldies Show on Saturday and Sunday,  6 PM  to  Midnight.  He was on WPIX-FM and WCBS-FM. Every week he would play a listener voted Top 10 Oldies.
I found an internet article about him. He left New York and went to Tennessee. Gus was going out with country singer Pam Tillis, Mel's Daughter.  The article said they had new information about Gus' death.  
He was found in his car, shot in the head three times. Didn't go into much detail. 
I wonder if your readers have any more information about this mystery. Reminds me of the Bobby Fuller Mystery ... he was also found dead in his car.
Here's what Gus looked and sounded like:
Frank B.
I don't know much about the Gus Gossert story ... but I'll bet we hear from a few fans who do!  It does sound, however, that the case surrounding his mysterious death is being reopened ... so one has to wonder what kind of new evidence may have turned up after all these years.  As they say in radio, stay tuned for more details!  (kk)