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The Sunday Comments ( 05 - 25 - 14 )

re:  Michael Jackson:  
I am happy to have new (to us) Michael music. In some ways I am really happy to hear him again. I truly miss his talent. As you stated, it was a good decision to release the Justin / Michael version and the Michael by himself version. When I first heard the Justin, Michael version I didn't really like the song. When I heard the Michael only version, it was pure Michael. I love the song. When the video for the Justin / Michael version came out, I completely changed my mind about that version. Now I totally love it. There is just so much of Michael, from the clips of him to the signature dance moves that are shown in his previous videos and then recreated in this new one. I think Justin Timberlake is really cool in it, too. He doesn't take away from Michael ... he enhances him.  
Now ... having said all that ... I don't think Michael would be happy about any of this. There was a reason why Michael never released this song when he was alive ... maybe he didn't think it was good enough ... he was a perfectionist. It feels like grave robbing to me.  
Now as  for the Billboard Music Awards crap!!!!! Oh, did I give away how I feel about that? I barely made it through 60 seconds of "Slave to the Rhythm". Creepy is a good description ... but what came into my head was ... Dance Puppet Dance.  I know Michael wouldn't be happy about this crap at all. I hope he haunts these people.  
Bottom line ... it's all about the almighty dollar. It makes me sad for his true fans, the ones that miss him, the ones that wish he was still here ... the ones that never believed the controversy about him and will probably buy this album. I have listened to all of the songs on the album. In my opinion, two or three are good ... a couple are okay ... and the rest should have stayed in the vault.  
I agree that Michael wouldn't have been happy about any of this ... the re-releases and especially the Billboard Awards hologram performance.  Yet coming to town soon is the Cirque du Soleil tribute to Jackson as well.  
Unfortunately when you reach the level of celebrity that Jackson did, it's hard to escape (or would that be Xscape?) these "cash-ins" on his fame.  (Then again with all the debt and back taxes owed by his estate, some of this may just be a necessity.)  
As a fan, it's cool to hear some of what we missed.  I think the Michael / Justin remix is just pure genius ... it will appeal to old fans and new ... of BOTH artists ... and should deservedly go to #1.  It's a great shot in the arm for Paul Anka, too, who got pretty much ripped off with his last collaboration with Jackson, "This Is It", from the film made of Michael's rehearsals for what was supposed to be his HUGE return to live performing.   (Stories circulated about how the tapes Jackson and Anka made of this song mysteriously disappeared from Paul's possession ... and then Anka's name was left off the song-writing credit on the first issue of this "new" material.  VERY bad form, Michael!!!  Although by then he was dead and gone and really didn't have much of anything to do with it.  But it has never been revealed how or why those tapes disappeared.)  

You'll find some more VERY interesting details about these recordings below ... from a guy who was THERE at the time!  Read on!  (kk)   

Kent ...  
Just a brief correction to your latest post on "Love Never Felt So Good".  
I was Paul Anka's producer at Columbia Records as well as United Artists Records in the 70' and 80's.   
We just came off the"Hold Me 'til the Morning Comes" hit and Paul wanted to do a duet record next. He and Michael wrote two songs at Paul's house in Monterey, California.  That's where I did most of his "Walk A Fine Line" album.  
The first was a song originally called "I Never Heard" which became "This is It". The second was "Love Never Felt So Good". Michael was set to sing background vocals and ad libs on the Johnny Mathis version of "Love Never Felt So Good" (which was the first recording of the song).   
That afternoon, the original 24 tracks of both songs went missing. I'll leave it at that. 
Later that day, I cut the  song in Johnny's style to get it done. If you listen closely, you just might be able to hear a little of  Michael in the backgrounds of the Johnny Mathis version.  
THE CORRECTION ... There was never a Michael Jackson version cut. It was a piano, vocal and finger-snap demo. Nothing was ever added to those tapes until Michael passed. 
Michael loved Anka. The fact is that the "This is It" record was done without the knowledge or permission of Anka. But I will say this ... the writing of these songs is classically Anka.  
I know ... I was there. I still have two cassettes of the original demo session.   
Wow, I didn't know about the Johnny Mathis version ... will have to search that one out!  The stripped down "vocal, piano, finger snap" version that Michael did is very powerful in its own right ... really shows off the strength of both the artist and the song.  
There seems to be no question that Paul Anka was taken advantage of here ... I'm SO glad that he's now being properly recognized and honored for his work.  The combination of Michael Jackson and Paul Anka seems like such an unlikely pairing ... yet it absolutely worked ... and the proof is in the music.  Thanks, Denny!  (kk)

And Lionel Richie (who cowrote "We Are The World" with Michael back in 1985) says he was a "little freaked out" to see the hologram performance at The Billboard Music Awards ... Click here: Lionel Richie "Freaked Out" by Michael Jackson Hologram ~ VVN Music  

re:  On The Radio:  
Throughout the long Memorial Day Weekend, The Drive will be playing down their version of The Top 500 Rock Songs of All Time ... a list compiled by the deejays at the station.  (That means almost ANYTHING can show up here!!!)  Should make for some fun listening.  And YOU can listen, too, thanks to this Listen Live link: Click here: 97.1fm The Drive   

And here's a radio station after my own heart ... The Loop ... is featuring "Forgotten Tunes" all weekend, too (although, quite honestly, I've yet to hear one that mattered!!!)  You can try YOUR luck here:  Click here: 97.9 The Loop
Kent ...
Every day since he started at WCBS-FM Scott Shannon has been thanking listeners who made the switch with him from his old station.
Today, I sent Scott a Facebook message. Here's what I said:
"I'm tired of hearing about listeners who made the switch.  I've been listening to WCBS-FM before you got here. I listened to Dan Taylor and Harry Harrison on the morning show. I also listened to Don K. Reed's 'Doo-Wop Shop.' Don't us long-time listeners count?"  
At 9: 17 AM (EDT) , Scott mentioned my name and  said he was sorry for not including long time listeners.
I told him that I was reviewing his show and telling you my thoughts so you could print them in Forgotten Hits!
Glad to hear that Jay Proctor is feeling better. I can add him to my "All Jay Show."
(Jay Black; Jay Siegal (Tokens); the late Jay Traynor (original Jay of Jay And The Americans); Jay "Bird" Uzzell (lead singer of the Corsairs) and Jay Proctor.
Frank B.
And then you can put together a one-hour oldies music radio special hosted by Big Jay Sorensen!!!  And STILL be able to listen to WCBS-FM!!!  (Now how cool is that?!?!)  kk
Kent ...
And, speaking of Scott Shannon, here's a recap of his First Annual Summer Blast-Off ...
Tommy James played a slowed down acoustic version of "I Think We're Alone Now." He said this version will be used at the end of his movie.
Frank B.   

I've mentioned Harvey Kubernik's new book "Turn Up The Radio!" several times now.  Today you can hear Harvey discuss this exciting era in his own words live on the radio with Pat Baker on KCSN-FM.  Details below ...   
Sunday 2:00 pm PST Harvey Kubernik to guest "Twisted Roots" radio program hosted by DJ Pat Baker on KCSN-FM (88.5 FM).   Hear it live on the web at
Kubenik's interview on his Turn Up The Radio! Rock, Pop and Roll in Los Angeles and his selected music playlist to be heard.
The California Music Show Radio May 25th and June 1st broadcasts from England with host / DJ Mike Grant to spotlight Harvey Kubernik and Turn Up The Radio! Pop, Rock and Roll in Los Angeles 1956 - 1972.  
Sunday, May 25th and June 1st, 5 - 7 pm UK time. 9 - 11 am Pacific Standard Time. 
The site is -  to listen
This is the link to download shows:
(MediaFire is a simple to use free service for that lets you put all your photos, documents, music, and video in a single place so you can access them anywhere and share them everywhere.  

Harvey Kubernik's personally selected playlist and supplied radio program comments for May 25th and June 1st live broadcasts:    
Beach Boys: Dance, Dance, Dance  
A Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson and Mike Love writing credit. Mike Love’s lead vocal soars. Glen Campbell is the acoustic guitarist on the track. Hal Blaine the drummer. Done at Western Studios in Hollywood.  In my “Turn Up The Radio! Book, I interviewed Kim Fowley, who told me about an encounter he had with Brian Wilson one afternoon at Gold Star around the time Kim was producing the Murmaids. “I ran into Brian Wilson and he asked me who the Murmaids were. I asked him, “What is the basis of your songwriting?” And he said, “Well, school is nine months a year and the summer holidays are three months, and you write about that and getting in trouble with your parents.”
“Dance, Dance, Dance” was a view of life after our school bell rang. Current KROQ-FM DJ, Rodney Bingenheimer heard the debut of this record on KYA in the San Francisco area when he was attending Graham Junior High School.  He saw the Beach Boys perform at the San Jose Civic Auditorium on February 26, 1965, and it further convinced him to immediately move to Hollywood.
“Please Let Me Wonder”
Brian Wilson told me in 2007 that the it was cut at 4:30 in the morning. “I went to the studio in the middle of the night. I called my engineer, Chuck Britz, at Western, so  my wife (Marilyn) and I went to the studio. We were there 5-8 a.m. One of my favorite recording sessions I ever had in my life.” 
The Seeds: Trip Maker:
One frantic rockin’ expedition. I first hear it on KBLA, an AM radio station in Southern California on Dave Diamond’s “The Diamond Mine” shift in 1967. Dedicating it to Dave who left the physical planet earlier this month. By the way, both John Peel, Lord Tim Hudson and Tommy Vance had DJ stints in the Southern California region in the mid / late ‘60s.
Yes, there are Psychedelic aspects to these two recording by the Seeds,  but I suggest listeners try and realize the Sky Saxon and Daryl Hooper songwriting team were quite capable of some sonic gems.
“I Can’t Seem To Make You Mine”
From their epochal "Web of Sound” album from the GNP Crescendo record label. GNP now celebrating a 60th year anniversary. Mark Volman of the Turtles was a big Seeds fan. ‘They are not to be dismissed as silly flower power. Not at all,” he said to me in my “Canyon of Dreams” book. “They were a really good, organized group.  They had a unique sound that was piano-driven.” They get overtly tagged with this flower power moniker, but as keyboardist Daryl Hooper explained to me, “the words were kind of flowery, and girls used to toss flowers at us on stage. So it became ‘flower power.” Some of the Seeds’ records, like “I Can’t Seem to Make You Mine” utilized minor chords. It was a dark sound.” Garbage later covered this tune.     
Love: Between Clark and Hilldale (From their Forever Changes Album)
A melodic bomb from fellow Pisces visionaries Arthur Lee and Johnny Echols. As Johnny told me, “Forever Changes” could only happen in L.A. at that particular point in time, because you had that cosmopolitan freedom.” Yes, inside the tune is a reference to the Whisky a Go Go nightclub located between Clark and Hilldale. Johnny also mentioned to me in an interview for the book that “The magic of Forever Changes” is that it is unexpected. It just came all of a sudden, like the atom bomb.”
I interviewed Arthur Lee in the mid-seventies. He, like Johnny Echols, attended Dorsey High School in Los Angeles. Baldwin Hills area. I learned to swim in the Dorsey High pool. Arthur’s Flying V guitar currently hangs in the Grammy Museum as part of the Laurel Canyon Music exhibit I helped curate along with Henry Diltz and Gary Strobl.
Bob & Earl: Harlem ShuffleBarry White helped arrange this L.A. anthem with Gene Page. Barry himself told me he worked in the studio with them.  It first came out in 1963. Fred Smith wrote it. Pete Townshend liked it. Bob was Bobby Day, of “Rockin’ Robin” fame, and Earl, was Earl Relf, who as Jackie Lee had a major R&B / Pop smash, “Do The Duck.” Barry White was the road drummer for Lee.  Listen closely to “Harlem Shuffle” and hear the influence of this track on Sly & The Family Stones’ “Dance To The Music.”  The Rolling Stones later did a version with Bobby Womack on vocals.
The 5th Dimension:  “Carpet Man” and “California Soul”
Both superb records engineered and produced by the legendary Bones Howe. Bones, engineered sessions for Elvis Presley, Jan & Dean, Johnny Rivers and the Mamas and the Papas. He actively worked with music publishers and picked these two tunes for the 5th Dimension.  “California Soul” was a Valerie Simpson and Nickolas Ashford song. Jimmy Webb wrote terrific items for the group.
In my "Turn Up The Radio!" book Bones underscored, “From one record to the next, I began to find things that could get played on the radio. Jimmy Webb would sit down at the piano and play his songs live, with these beautiful harmonies. There were no demos. He was the hippest songwriter in town. All of his songs have major sevenths and major ninths and elevenths—all those altered chords, like you find in jazz. So that was what I thought was very attractive. He also wrote beautiful melodies. Suddenly, here is a guy doing all these hip chord changes in a pop song.”
Bob Alcivar was the vocal arranger. Drummer Hal Blaine was on all the tracks. Bassist was Joe Osborn.  Jazz cats Dennis Budimir and Tommy Tedesco were on guitar. This is the real and reel sound of L.A.
Doors:  Texas Radio and the Big Beat:
One penetrating track from the Doors’ “L.A. Woman” album. The band reminding us about the influence of U.S. border radio stations on their tough stuff sound. The R&B-driven signal of XERB and DJ Wolfman Jack acknowledged by Jim Morrison during his narrative vocal. Recorded at the Doors’ rehearsal studio in West Hollywood on a street called La Cienega. In Spanish La Cienega means The swamp.  
Buffalo Springfield:  Flying On The Ground Is Wrong:  
An early example of Neil Young’s lyrical imagery.  The tune was written in an apartment complex called Commodore Gardens just above Hollywood Blvd.  The Guess Who did a wonderful cover version in 1967 when they recorded it in England.  Neil’s composition was recorded with Buffalo Springfield at Gold Star with engineer “Doc” Siegel. Young included a new re-worked rendition of the tune in his 2014 solo show in Hollywood at the Dolby Theater.
Buffalo Springfield: Pretty Girl Why:
It was a big hit in the Los Angeles market when Buffalo Springfield’s “Last Time Around” album was first released. Cut at Sunset Sound. Jim Messina might have been the engineer. Stephen Stills wrote it about Nancy Priddy, the mother of actress Christine Applegate. I saw the Buffalo Springfield twice in 1967. 
Bobby Womack Across 110th Street: 
Bobby wrote this tune for a movie of the same name in his apartment in Westwood California. As he told me, “I grew up in the ghetto and I knew how to write about it.” Actress Pam Grier is on the background vocals.  Decades later the same recording served as the title song and ending song for Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown which starred Grier.  I just saw Bobby Womack at a supermarket in Southern California. He’s a neighbor. BW hugged me and had tears in his eyes. He had read my “Canyon of Dreams” book and I gave him a nice taste and positioned him as a former Laurel Canyon resident. He even covered “California Dreamin’.”
“I told him about the new “Turn Up The Radio!” book where he is also displayed multiple times.  I was also seen on a 2013 BBC documentary on Bobby. “I love England. They have always taken care of Bobby Womack.  I got your book, and man, you are definitely tellin’ the real deal for once.  ‘Black Santa’ is gonna take care of you this Christmas!”    
Monkees - For Pete’s Sake:
Peter Tork and a guy named Joseph Richards wrote the song that was recorded for the Monkees’ Headquarters” album. Produced by Chip Douglas at RCA. Mickey Dolenz sang the lead vocal and it was cut at RCA studios on Sunset Blvd. The recording was edited and subsequently used as the closing theme for the Monkees’ second season TV series.   
Saturday’s Child:
A gem from the Monkees’ 1966 debut LP. Mickey Dolenz on the probing vocal and songwriter / producer Tommy Boyce on backing vocals. It was penned by David Gates, later a principal in the group Bread. The Monkees could rock when they wanted to. Larry Taylor of Canned Heat fame plays bass around a three guitar lineup of Louie Shelton, Wayne Erwin, and Gerry McGee, whose own credits include stints would include stints with the Ventures and Delaney Bonnie and Friends.  
Sonny & Cher:  Just You
A beautiful album track from their first LP from 1965 Look at Us on the Atco label. Done at Gold Star with engineers Stan Ross, Larry Levine and “Doc” Siegel. Wonderful production by Sonny Bono. Harold Battiste’s arrangement cushion the song’s vocals. Cher kicks it off, Sonny joins her during their audio journey and you believe every fuckin’ word of the lyrics. Don Peake is one of the guitarists heard on the golden sound mix.       
Thee Midniters: Whittier Blvd.
Our musical brothers from East Los Angeles. Done with engineer Bruce Morgan at Studio Masters. A room across the street from Paramount Studios. Same place which housed very early Beach Boys’ sessions in 1961.  It’s a cruising anthem.  The instrumental birthed from a warm up Thee Midniters did after playing the Rolling Stones’ “2120 S. Michigan Ave,” their own ode to Chess Studios in Chicago.   

And, in the world of "What's REALLY Important In Radio", THIS seems to have been one of the top priorities this past week ...  

Chicagoland Radio and Media is reporting ...   

Just when employees at WLS-FM thought their working conditions couldn't get any weirder, a new memo gets circulated this week. This one say that no station employee may use the station's name, logo, or information on their social media pages without prior written approval from station Program Director Jan Jeffries. Those who wish to use their picture standing in front of the logo (for example) must first submit a written request. Sounds odd? It gets worse. Nobody is allowed to contact Jeffries directly with the requests. Those written requests must first be submitted to afternoon traffic reporter Jen DeSalvo, who will then give the request to Jeffries, who will then make a decision on the request. If you see a lot of profile pictures being changed this week by WLS-FM employees, that would be why. (Note: the following logo is not used by permission...)

Shouldn't Jan Jeffries be more concerned about his station falling from the top five to something like number 17 in the ratings since they flipped to this new God-awful, repetitive "Classic Hits" format that at least three or four other stations in town are already playing?!?!  Or, perhaps the BETTER question would be ... why is he even still here?!?!?  (kk)   

re:  The Saturday Surveys:  
WKBW Buffalo never printed a chart for the public, but I have the access to the entire Top 30 surveys for the entire run of the station when they were Top 40 format.  I have attached a couple of charts from 1959 and 1961.  I am in the process of pulling them all off a website and saving them. I know that don't look anywhere as cool as the ones that the public was able to get in other cities, but the regional hits make them worth looking at ... like Neil Darrow and the Quarter Notes, who singularly and as a group had a lot of records out late 50s early 60's.    
We'll try to run some of these over the summer, Clay ... right now we're "pre-posted" through June ... but we need more charts from the 1955 - 1963 era ... so these will make for some nice website variety.  Thanks!  (kk)  

I just picked this survey up last week. I have never seen a survey that showed the four previous week's positions. I'm trying to figure out how they devised their point system. Maybe someone in FH, is from Seattle and has more info.

KEEP IT OR CAN IT??? ---> Reaction to our new Saturday Surveys feature has been mixed at best ... going into our sixth month, we have found that the folks who are into it are WAY into it ... and we continue to receive new surveys every week.  But we have also noticed that readership drops by about 70% on Saturdays ... so I'm concerned that maybe this just isn't for everybody.  (We used to not publish on Saturdays at all ... and these take a bit of work to prepare ... so if nobody's reading them, it's a bit discouraging to put forth all the effort.)
So ... we've decided to put it to the readers ... The Saturday Surveys:  Keep 'em or Can 'em???  Let us hear from you ... from BOTH sides of the equation ... and help us make the right decision.  Maybe you'd rather just see a spot survey here and there incorporated into our regular postings.  Or maybe this is the one thing you look forward to every week.  (In keeping with the Forgotten Hits format, we try to feature at least a couple of songs every Saturday that you just don't hear on the radio anymore ... and the hope is that seeing some of these titles on the published lists just might inspire some of the more "free thinking" deejays on the list to give THIS one a spin one more time on their own programs!)  But hey ... we'll follow your lead on this ... so please voice your choice!  (kk) 

re:  Satisfaction:
Is there a different mix of "Satisfaction" that's making the rounds at stations where no one knows the music? I was listening to the radio last week and heard the beginning of "Satisfaction" and cranked it up to listen more closely. The vocals sounded softer (less edgy) and there was some extra reverb that doesn't appear on the mix we all know inside out. I called and asked what that mix was from, and of course the DJ had no idea since "we outsource the music".
This has been discussed a few times here on FH, and it seems it's even worse in the "Live DJ" community than on the radio. We attended an event last weekend where a great mix of 60s and early 70s songs were being played, and within 45 minutes we counted four tracks that were the original artists but were quite different takes from the well-known versions.
David Lewis
There's no telling WHAT you'll hear these days in an era where the music is "piped in" through a service, played and/or monitored by people who weren't even born at the time.  I think I've noticed a cleaner, clearer mix of "Satisfaction" the past few years but just attributed that to some better technology on one of the reissue CD's ... the one I heard actually sounded pretty good.  (Think about it ... back in the day we went crazy buying the best tuners, the largest speakers, $200 deluxe headphones ... and today we're all perfectly content to listen to it out of a one or two inch computer speaker or iPod!  Dylan was right ... the times, they are a-changin'!)  kk

re:  This And That:  
A while back we featured a piece on Scott Ebright and the OTHER Ides Of March from Essexville, Michigan.  Our FH Buddy Mike Dugo has just posted a nice piece on his website ... you can check it out here:   

More good press for the new "Wages of Spin II" documentary, put together by our FH Buddy Shawn Swords.  Check out this link from the UK's Daily Mail website, one of the most visited links on the planet!
Here is the link to The Daily Mail News Site (U.K.) Feature on Wages of Spin II "Bring Down That Wall": 
The Daily Mail News Site is the most visited News Site in The World taking 11.7 Million Hits Daily.
And check this out!!!
We haven't even had time to fully digest the first one yet ... but Joel Whitburn is telling us that Volume Two of his new "Top Pop Playlists" series is just about ready to go to the printer!  (Volume One covered 1955 - 1969 ... this new edition picks up in 1970 and carries on through 1984.  No word yet on whether or not a 1985 - 2014 edition is in the works.)
In addition, you're now able to pre-order Joel's latest book spotlighting the songs that just missed making Cash Box's Top 100 Chart ... orders are being taken now for the brand new "Looking Ahead" book with an anticipated publication date of late June! More info on The Record Research Website:
Click here: Joel Whitburn's Record Research | Music & Billboard Charts Data   

Look for a brand new, deluxe edition of ZZ Top's Greatest Hits ... (actually, they're calling it "The Very Baddest Of ZZ Top" ... and it'll be released as both a single disk and 2-CD edition.)  Everything you could ever want in one place is on the deluxe edition ... and it's got a street date of July 22nd.  

Texas Trio Delivers A Double Dose Of Lone Star Boogie With Two New Collections Packed With The Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer’s ‘Baddest’ Hits, Available July 22 From Warner Bros. Records ... Summer Tour Kicks Off In Europe Before Teaming With Jeff Beck This Summer For A Highly Anticipated U.S. Tour
LOS ANGELES – ZZ TOP underscore their bad and nationwide bonafides with two new hits collections packed with many of the biggest songs that have made "that little ol’ band from Texas" among rock's most legendary groups. Over the course of more than 40 years together, their recordings have sold more than 50 million units around the world.Warner Bros. Records will release THE VERY BADDEST OF ZZ TOP in both single disc ($18.98) and double disc ($24.98) versions as the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers kick off their summer tour, with dates in June across Europe before a run of U.S. dates with guitar legend Jeff Beck, starting in late July. Both collections will be available on July 22. The music will available digitally the same day.  
"We're glad that material originally issued by three different labels over the course of all these years will now be housed under one 'roof,' so to speak.  It's kind of a big, bad family reunion on some level," notes Billy F Gibbons who, along with Dusty Hill and Frank Beard have maintained ZZ TOP's original line-up since the band's founding at the end of 1969.  
The single disc VERY BADDEST version delivers a concentrated dose of Lone Star State rock, boogie and blues and is loaded with 20 tracks that span three decades. All of the signature hits are here, from classics like “La Grange,” “Tush” and “Cheap Sunglasses” to MTV staples “Gimme All Your Lovin’” and “Sharp Dressed Man,” plus more recent tracks like “Rhythmeen” and “Mescalero.” Several “Single Versions” of these hits are included, which are currently unavailable on CD or digitally. 
The two-disc VERY BADDEST version doubles down on the band’s music with 40 tracks that form a more detailed snapshot of the trio’s stellar career. In addition to including every song heard on the single disc collection, VERY BADDEST digs deeper into early albums to uncover killer tracks like “Pearl Necklace,” “Just Got Paid” and “(Someone Else Been) Shaking Your Tree.” The collection also spotlights later albums like XXX (1999) and Mescalero (2003) with “Fearless Boogie” and “Que Lastima.” Appropriately, the collection closes with ZZ TOP’s unique take on the immortal “As Time Goes By,” a song made famous by the 1942 movie Casablancaa and a tacit commentary on the group's unparalleled longevity.  
ZZ TOP kicks off a full slate of European dates in June with a gig at Bergenfest in Norway on June 11. After wrapping up in Europe, the trio will head home to join forces with Jeff Beck for a U.S. tour this summer. For their first tour together, fans will be treated to full sets by Beck and ZZ TOP. At the end of the show, the artists will take the stage together for a set that promises plenty of six-string fireworks.   

THE VERY BADDEST OF ZZ TOP - Single Disc Track Listing
1.     “Gimme All Your Lovin’” – Single Version
2.     “Sharp Dressed Man” – Single Version
3.     “La Grange”
4.     “Tush”
5.     “Doubleback”
6.     “I Thank You” – Single Version
7.     “Cheap Sunglasses” – Single Version
8.     “Legs” – Single Version
9.     “Tube Snake Boogie”
10.   “Waitin’ For The Bus”
11.   “Jesus Just Left Chicago”
12.   “I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide”
13.   “Pincushion”
14.   “Got Me Under Pressure”
15.   “Rough Boy” – Single Version
16.   “Velcro Fly” – Single Version
17.   “Rhythmeen”
18.   “What’s Up With That?”
19.   “Mescalero”
20.    “Viva Las Vegas” – Single Version

THE VERY BADDEST OF ZZ TOP - Double Disc Track Listing
Disc One:
1.     “Gimme All Your Lovin’” – Single Version
2.     “Sharp Dressed Man” – Single Version
3.     “La Grange”
4.     “Tush”
5.     “(Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree”
6.     “Francine”
7.     “Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers”
8.     “It’s Only Love”
9.     “Arrested For Driving While Blind”
10.   “I Thank You” – Single Version
11.   “Cheap Sunglasses” – Single Version
12.   “Tube Snake Boogie”
13.   “Pearl Necklace”
14.   “Just Got Paid”
15.   “Waitin’ For The Bus”
16.   “Jesus Just Left Chicago”
17.   “Heard It On The X”
18.   “I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide”
19.   “Dust My Broom”
20.   “Velcro Fly” – Single Version
21.   “Party On The Patio”
Disc Two:
1.     “Viva Las Vegas” – Single Version
2.     “Pincushion”
3.     “Legs” – Single Version
4.     “Got Me Under Pressure”
5.     “Sleeping Bag”
6.     “Rough Boy” – Single Version
7.     “Doubleback”
8.     “My Head’s In Mississippi”
9.     “Give It Up”
10.   “Just Got Back From Baby’s”
11.   “Blue Jean Blues”
12.   “She’s Just Killing Me”
13.   “What’s Up With That?”
14.   “Rhythmeen”
15.   “Loaded”
16.   “Fearless Boogie”
17.   “Mescalero”
18.   “Que Lastima”
19.   “As Time Goes By”

11            Bergen, Norway              Bergenfest
13            Oulu, Finland                  Raatth Football Stadium
14            Helsinki, Finland             Kaisaniemen Puisto
16            Stockholm, Sweden         Grona Lund
18            Aalborg, Denmark           Skovdalen
20            Cologne, Germany          Tanzbrunnen
21            Stuttgart, Germany        Schleyerhalle
22            Hinwil, Switzerland         Rock The Ring Festival
24            Amsterdam, Netherlands Heineken Music Hall
25            Brussels, Belgium           Forest National
26            Esch Sur Alzette, Lux      Rockhal
28            Nimes, France                Festival De Nimes
29            Lyon, France                  Festival Les Nuits Fourvieres
30            Milan, Italy                    City Sound Open Air
2             Saarbrucken, Germany    Saarlandhalle Saarbrucken
26            West Bend, WI               Washington County Fair Park      
27            Cincinnati, OH                The Shoe          
29            Louisville, KY                  Iroquois Amphitheater
1             Bethlehem, PA                “Bethlehem Musikfest” at PNC Plaza At Steelstacks            
6             Sturgis, SD                     “Sturgis Rally” at Sturgis Buffalo Chip      
Appearing with Jeff Beck:
8             Missoula, MT                   Ogren Park at Allegiance Field      
9             Woodinville, WA              Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery      
10            Eugene, OR                    Cuthbert Amphitheater    
12            Saratoga, CA                  The Mountain Winery     
13            Los Angeles, CA              Greek Theatre    
15            Murphys, CA                   Ironstone Vineyards        
16            Las Vegas, NV                 The Joint @ Hard Rock Hotel / Casino      
20            Englewood, CO                Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre        
22            Oklahoma City, OK          Oklahoma City Zoo Amphitheatre
23            Kansas City, MO              Starlight Theatre            
24            Maryland Heights, MO     Verizon Wireless Amph. St. Louis            
27            Clarkston, MI                  DTE Energy Music Theatre          
28            Highland Park, IL            Ravinia Festival At Ravinia Park  
31            Mashantucket, CT           MGM Grand At Foxwoods          
2             Boston, MA                     Blue Hills Bank Pavilion
3             Columbia, MD                 Merriweather Post Pavilion          
4             Wantagh, NY                  Nikon At Jones Beach Theater      
6             Alpharetta, GA               Verizon Wireless Amph. At Encore Park    
7             Saint Augustine, FL        St. Augustine Amphitheatre         
12            The Woodlands, TX        The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

ANOTHER FORGOTTEN HITS GIVE-AWAY!!! --- >  And check this out ... courtesy of Bob Merlis Promotions, we've got THREE copies of the brand new, not-yet-released double CD to give away to our Forgotten Hits Readers!!!  Wanna win a copy???  Drop me an email and just write "ZZ Top Is Bad And Nationwide" in the subject line and we'll enter your name in the drawing.  (You do NOT have to be from Texas to win!!!  lol)  Seriously, this sounds like an absolutely AWESOME set ... so get YOUR entry in today!  (kk)

Speaking of new releases, this one sounds like a winner ... 

Leon Russell, Steve Morse & Pat Travers Lead A Stellar Cast Of Music Superstars On This Tribute To The Legendary Allman Brothers Band! 
Also features Commander Cody, Molly Hatchet, The Oak Ridge Boys, Artimus Pyle Band, Reese Wynans (Double Trouble), Tinsley Ellis, Robben Ford & more!
Los Angeles, CA - One of music’s biggest and most influential juggernauts gets the respect and admiration they so richly deserve on this brand new tribute album available May 27th from Cleopatra Records! Featuring an eclectic group of rock, country, and blues legends, Midnight Rider - A Tribute To The Allman Brothers Band offers energetic new covers of the classic hits “Midnight Rider,” “Ramblin’ Man,” and “Whipping Post” as well as one of the most famous instrumental songs in all of rock music “Jessica,” alongside many more Southern fried favorites!
“The Allman Brothers were a central part of my roots,” proclaims guitarist Steve Morse, who shreds his way through a smoldering version of “Whipping Post” on the album. “Living in Georgia much of my life, they were the local legends that everybody loved. They had the swing, the inventive double guitar parts, the ability to jam just long enough to keep the audience, and that golden voice of Greg’s! When my instrumental rock band, the Dixie Dregs, played, we often played ‘Jessica,’ which automatically makes any audience start moving and smiling. I’ve been lucky enough to sit in with many of the members at various times, and we have shared a lot of common ground. I’m still a fan!”
Duane Allen, lead vocalist for country legends The Oak Ridge Boys, declares, “‘Ramblin’ Man’ is the national anthem of Southern Rock & Roll, so it is a huge honor to be asked to be a part of this tribute.” Allen’s sentiments are echoed by several other participants including blues guitarist Eric Gales who considered it a “great honor” and Tinsley Ellis who also speaks enthusiastically of the group as “one of a handful of musical acts, along with Ray Charles and Willie Nelson, that are considered to be a genre unto themselves. It is a great honor to be among the other stellar acts paying tribute to such a legendary and influential American band.”
Speaking for a next generation of blues rock artists, Eli Cook offers both high praise and a word of advice: “The Allman Brothers’ story of talent, hard work, and blind devotion to creating an honest and unique sound is one that every artist should study and imitate. Just as they cut their teeth on Taj Mahal, Cream, Elmore James, and all the great early R&B artists, today’s players are wise to woodshed with the Eat A Peach and Live At The Fillmore albums.” Or just pick up a copy of Midnight Rider - A Tribute To The Allman Brothers Band and let these boys show you how it’s done!
1. Midnight Rider - Pat Travers
2. Ramblin’ Man - Oak Ridge Boys, Tinsley Ellis & Kevin McKendree
3. Melissa - Molly Hatchet
4. Blue Sky - Artimus Pyle Band
5. Whipping Post - Jimmy Hall & Steve Morse
6. Jessica - Roy Rogers, John Wesley & Jim Eshelman
7. One Way Out - Robben Ford & Martin Gerschwitz
8. Soulshine - Debbie Davies & Melvin Seals
9. Statesboro Blues - Eli Cook
10. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed - Eric Gales
11. Southbound - Commander Cody & Sonny Landreth
12. I’m No Angel (Greg Allman solo) - Leon Russell, Reese Wynans & Ronnie Earl
To pre-order the CD at Amazon, visit:
To pre-order the digital version on iTunes, visit:

Paul McCartney ended up cancelling this leg of his "Out There" tour due to illness.  (Macca has only missed a handful of shows spread out over his entire career ... but this "undisclosed virus" had him down for the count ... reports of McCartney being hospitalized in Japan last week were all over the news.)  Wishing him a speedy recovery ... he's got eighteen US dates booked already!  Get healthy and take some rest and relaxation.  The fans want to see you as much as you want to see them!  (kk)

I think this one deserves to be your Clip of the Week:
Frank B.
Well it's pretty darn entertaining, that's for sure!  Watched it a few times now and I still have absolutely NO idea how the heck he does ANY of this!!!  (KK)

Speaking of great clips, we are STILL obsessed with the music of The Alan Parsons Project since we saw their INCREDIBLE show at The Arcada Theatre a few weeks ago.  I've been listening to their "Definitive Collection" CD virtually non-stop for almost two months now ... and may finally bite the bullet and order their new 11-CD Complete Collection Box Set.  But in the meantime (after rave reviews from some of our readers), we picked up their "Live In Madrid" concert DVD "Eye 2 Eye" ... and it is EVERY bit as good as everyone's been telling us.  With virtually an entirely different band (PJ Olsson is still featured on lead vocals ... and Drummer Steve Murphy is a welcome surprise ... Man, what a voice this guy has!!!) they feature the now very-familiar play list forever embedded in our brains with very few modifications.   (There seems to be some dispute as to exactly when this was recorded.  By all counts, it appears to be a concert from 2004 ... TEN YEARS AGO!!! ... but I've also heard 2010.  I'm thinking that maybe 2010 is when it was finally released on DVD ... as it DOES feature a memorial shout out to Eric Woolfsen during the end credits.)  Nevertheless, it is an OUTSTANDING performance, documenting once and for all what this band is capable in a live setting.  Until the live show filmed at The Arcada sees the light of day, this one will have to serve as the definitive representation ... but I still think the show we saw last month was even better!)  kk

And, speaking of great shows ...

re:  Recent and Up-Coming Shows:  
We've got one heck of a killer weekend planned for next week!  It all kicks off on Thursday Night with Burton Cummings at The City Winery (a sold out show on both Wednesday and Thursday!), followed by Peter Noone and Herman's Hermits (with Jay and the Americans) on Friday at The Arcada Theatre (another sold out show), then The Monkees on Saturday Night at The Star Plaza Theater in Merrillville, Indiana (my first time EVER to see Michael Nesmith), capped off by Paige's High School Graduation on Sunday, June 1st!!!  (Dang, this was a WHOLE lot easier to do when I was 30!!!  lol)  But hey, I'm taking one for the team ... watch for full concert reviews coming soon to Forgotten Hits!  

And, speaking of June 1st ...   

TAKE YOUR MOM!!! --- >  Engelbert Humperdinck will be appearing at The Arcada Theatre for ONE NIGHT ONLY on June 1st!!!  (Hey, if YOU don't want to go, TAKE YOUR MOM!!!  Make it a belated Mother's Day Gift!!!  Or just do something nice and treat Mom to dinner and a show!)   Click here: oshows   

The Paramount Theatre in Aurora, IL, has added some interesting acts to their summer and fall schedule.  
August 22nd the 2014 Edition of the Happy Together tour hits town, this year featuring Chuck Negron of Three Dog Night, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad and (of course) The Turtles!  
Donny and Marie will perform seven shows between August 27th (my birthday!) and August 31st.  (Now THAT would be a really cool birthday present!!!)  
They've even got some great comedy shows lined up ... starring Jerry Lewis (October 26th) and Penn and Teller (October 17th)  
More information on the Paramount Theatre website:  Click here: The Paramount Theatre - Aurora, IL   

Fans of Justin Hayward can join him for a live Q&A / Chat on May 30th ...  

Justin Hayward, the legendary lead guitarist and vocalist of The Moody Blues, will participate in a chat via Google Hangout on Friday, May 30 at 4 PM EST.  
To participate, fans can submit their questions for Justin to before 11:59 PM EST on Tuesday, May 27. Hayward will answer a few select questions, and three lucky entries will earn the opportunity to join him in the Hangout!  
Performing and recording for more than 40 years with The Moody Blues, during which the group has sold more than 60 million albums, Justin Hayward wrote such beloved songs as “Nights In White Satin,” “Tuesday Afternoon,” “Question,” “The Voice,” and “Your Wildest Dreams.” He is currently trekking the US in support of his recent solo album, Spirits Of The Western Sky (released February 2013 via Eagle Rock Entertainment – see tour dates below). This summer, fans can expect a new live release – Spirits … Live - Live At the Buckhead Theater, Atlanta – on DVD, Blu-ray, and CD, as well as digital formats.  
Tour Dates:  
05/25/14     Charlotte, NC                 The Neighborhood Theatre
05/27/14     Houston, TX                   House Of Blues 
05/28/14     San Antonio, TX             Charline McCombs Empire Theatre  
05/30/14     Scottsdale, AZ               Talking Stick Resort   
05/31/14     Tucson, AZ                    Fox Tucson Theatre  
06/02/14    Los Angeles, CA              Troubadour  
06/03/14    San Juan Capistrano, CA The Coach House  
06/04/14    Agoura Hills, CA             The Canyon Club 
06/06/14    Oakland, CA                   Yoshi’s  
06/07/14    San Francisco, CA           Yoshi’s  
06/08/14    San Francisco, CA           Yoshi’s  
06/10/14     Portland, OR                 Aladdin Theater  
06/12/14     Seattle, WA                  The Neptune  
06/13/14     Richmond, BC, Canada  River Rock Casino Resort  

And, talking about great shows, check out THIS one ... coming up in June!   

Hey Kent ...  
Check out this amazing show coming up in June! We played this show last year ... and Cousin Brucie and Steve Leeds at Sirius / XM were nice enough to ask us back this year.  Gonna be a fun day! 
More later. 
Happy Memorial Day all!!  
Mitch Schecter / The Rip Chords

That looks like a GREAT line-up, Mitch!  (We just ran a concert review of Neil Sedaka a few weeks ago in FH ... several other great names on the bill, too.  Check this out if you're able!  (kk)    

This year's Malt Shop Memories Cruise has assembled quite a line-up, too ...  
Peter Noone and Herman's Hermits; Brenda Lee; Dion; The Temptations; Lloyd Price; Martha Reeves and the Vandellas; Jan and Dean's Beach Party; Charlie Thomas' Drifters; The Duprees; Ricky Nelson Remembered (that great show we just saw with Matthew and Gunnar Nelson); Little Peggy March, Jerry Blavat and more.  
Complete details here:  Click here: Malt Shop Memories Cruise   

And it's been confirmed ... Boy George and Culture Club have reunited for fifteen shows in the UK ... no word yet if they'll be taking their show across the ocean.  (kk)   

4th of July Weekend looks pretty exciting at the Elgin Grand Victoria Casino.  On July 3rd (at the adjacent Festival Park Fairgrounds) you can catch Three Dog Night with CTA - A Tribute To Chicago (featuring original Chicago Drummer Danny Seraphine along with Chicago vocalist Bill Champlin and Larry Braggs, vocalist from Tower of Power) ... followed on the 4th by Dennis DeYoung, performing the music of Styx along with Creedence Clearwater Revisited and The Chicago Six. featuring Chicago Bears Super Bowl Champs Dan Hampton, Otis Wilson and Steve McMichael.  

And the fun doesn't stop there ... coming soon to Festival Park are Deep Purple with The Orchestra (former member of ELO) on August 20th and Molly Hatchet, The Outlaws and The Marshall Tucker Band on August 3rd.  (kk)   

re:  And On The Tube!:  
FH Reader Tom Cuddy tells us about a new PBS Music special coming up ... in fact, it sounds like this may be a SERIES!!!   

Hollywood, CA: Legendary performer Chubby Checker will co-host “My Music: ‘50s & ‘60s Party Songs” with oldies impresario TJ Lubinsky, premiering on May 31st on PBS stations nationwide. TJL Productions has planned an interactive event in which viewers will sing and dance to the tunes of the ‘50s and ‘60s.  
“My Music: ‘50s & ‘60s Party Songs” will be the first episode of the popular My Music series to showcase the upbeat sounds played at parties during the magic baby-boomer era, beginning with the explosion of Checker’s The Twist and ending with the frat-rock sounds of The Kingsmen’s Louie, Louie. These otherwise lost performances have been remastered by TJL, providing viewers with a never-before-seen look and sound of their favorite blasts from their party past.  
Checker and Lubinsky will guide viewers through the sounds of the late ‘50s and into the late ‘60s from their own perspective, while Danny & The Juniors and The Dovells will reunite for special interviews.   
Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul and Former “My Music: Soul Rewind” host notes, “As artists and as fans, we can count on both TJL and PBS to preserve, protect and present the great treasury that is our musical heritage.”    
“The youthful, edgy sounds of performers like Little Richard, Tommy James and Martha Reeves are as relevant today as they were at their time of release,” said My Music creator, director and producer, TJ Lubinsky. “For me, music connects us with the past and bonds older and younger generations.”   
Society today continues to reference the ‘50s & ‘60s in music, film, television, theater and books. For example, Clint Eastwood’s anticipated film Jersey Boys musically chronicles the story of the 1960s rock group The Four Seasons this June. Also debuting this summer is the James Brown chronicle Get On Up, directed by the critically acclaimed Tate Taylor.   
The party starts with the following popular songs in Act 1: The Early ‘50s: Rock Around the Clock, Tutti Frutti, Great Balls of Fire, Blueberry Hill, Splish Splash, Rockin’ Robin, At The Hop, Bristol Stomp. The show will move into Act 2: The Early ‘60s: The Twist/Let’s Twist Again, Hanky Panky, Dancing in the Street, Keep on Dancing, Wooly Bully, Do You Love Me, and Louie, Louie. Cruising along, Act 3: The Mid ‘60s: Get Ready, Mickey’s Monkey, Do Wah Diddy Diddy, Hang On Sloopy, Mony Mony and Land of 1000 Dances.    
The show will then conclude with Act 4: The Later ‘60s: Respect, Build Me Up Buttercup, Brown Eyed Girl, Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In and Na Na Hey Kiss Him Goodbye. The companion CD set includes original hit recordings from Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Chuck Berry, The Four Seasons, Temptations, Aretha Franklin, Tommy James & The Shondells, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels, Wilson Pickett, Van Morrison, The 5th Dimension, The Isley Brothers, Lesley Gore, Sly & The Family Stone, The Kingsmen, Four Tops and many more.  

Meanwhile, that Tom Hanks-produced CNN 60's Special will finally see the light of day next week.  The ten-week series premiers on Thursday Night with an episode entitled "Television Comes Of Age", featuring clips from The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, "I Dream Of Jeannie", "Gilligan's Island" and more.  Check your local listings ... but it looks like this comes on at 8:00 Thursday Night here in Chicago!   

And finally, the 3-Hour Recap (of a ceremony that took over FIVE HOURS live!) of this year's Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony begins airing Friday Night on HBO.
If you can make it through the long-winded E-Street Band (edited down from a 50 Minute Acceptance Speech!!!) and the politics of KISS, you're sure to enjoy the beautiful tribute to Linda Ronstadt and the music of the long-denied Darly Hall and John Oates!
(Speaking of Hall and Oates, if you happened to catch "The Voice" finale last week, you were most likely bowled over by the KILLER rendition of the Hall and Oates classic "She's Gone", put together by five of this year's male "losers".  I can't imagine The Backstreet Boys doing it any better (or more soulful.)  Certainly one of the show's highlights!  Unfortunately nearly a week later I've yet to be able to find a clip of this on YouTube ... VERY surprising as good as it was.  If you get the chance to seek it out (I know it's running OnDemand but you'll have to sit through the first 35 minutes of the show to see it), it is well worth checking out.  Probably one of the best performances of the entire season!  (kk)