Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Some Of Your Mid-Week Comments

e:  The Saturday Surveys:  
Keep the Saturday surveys.... I don't often get to them due to lack of time but they're a neat feature...and unique (you want to stand out from the crowd, right?)  

For the record, I look forward to the Saturday Surveys every week.  As a long time radio station survey collector, I find the various stations, many of whom I am previously unfamiliar with, to have interesting and fascinating information especially regional and local records that I was previous unaware of.  Please keep this feature!   
Clay Pasternack   

I do not get the chance to study each Saturday Survey, but I enjoy perusing them and getting a feel for each time-frame represented.  Carry on if you will.  If you choose not to ... I will still be on your site daily. 
Shelley J Sweet-Tufano  

Hi Kent,
I love the Saturday surveys and hope you keep them going.
I hate the Saturday Surveys 'cause I'm blind and I believe they are scanned images and screen readers can't read them. <grin> 
How's that? 
I don't wanna create more work for you by transcribing them to text though, so keep those comments on them coming on Saturdays. It's a great feature and Oldies freaks should love them. 

Keep 'em.  I scan each day's report, but spend more time looking at the old charts ... it's an emotional experience.
BTW, the old adage may be true about not appreciating things in one's own back yard.  I live about five blocks from the Arcada Theatre and rarely get there. It's too claustrophobic for me.  I used to be friends with the son of one of the owners back in the 60s and had many backstage tours then, even operated the projection booth a few times.  

Radio. It's a sound idea! 

Hey Kent,
Please keep the Saturday surveys! I really enjoy being able to see where a song was at a given time. Songs always evoke memories and having that info really enhances the reminiscing.
Eddie Burke
Orange, CT

I can see where the survey feature can get boring for those who aren't into it. But for those of us like you and I, and mutual friends, it's interesting to see what songs were huge hits, when they were mere blips in our respective towns. And what songs were blips everywhere but in Chicago. I just got is about 180 charts the other week and just when you think you've seen every variation there is, up pops a survey like the one from KING Seattle, which I sent to you, that had features I had never seen before. I think as long as you don't over do it and try to space out the years, I think you should keep on doing the feature, or switch to another day and take Saturday off.  

First, I personally like you posting surveys from various radio stations from 50 (plus or minus) years ago. I really like to see what records were played in other markets that weren't played here in the OKC area. However, if the majority of your readers take somewhat a negative feeling
on it and you have to drop it, then I for one would understand.  

Your posting of Seattle's KING radio survey showed that song position #20 was Tex Ritter's (I DREAMED I WAS IN ) HILLBILLY HEAVEN. That record was big also here in OKC but I remember that Tex Ritter re-recorded it using names of the various DJ's who were working here in OKC at the time on the station that was playing it. I assume he did this as well for other stations around the country. I of course do not have a copy and really don't know of anyone here in OKC who does.  
Yeah, we covered this one a long time ago in Forgotten Hits ... and, believe it or not, somebody sent in the WLS version at the time!  (kk)

I think the Saturday Surveys function as the perfect time capsule for revisiting that moment in time.  I enjoy seeing which songs made the list each week in the various cities that you feature - and watch for those that were much bigger hits in other parts of the country than they were at home.  I also enjoy your music clips as they often feature tracks that you won't hear anywhere else - not even on the best oldies stations because the local / regional aspect of radio has disappeared forever from the airwaves. I'm one of those who looks forward to this feature each week - so I hope you'll continue to make this a part of our weekend - even if it may not be your most popular feature.  (As you said, those who enjoy it are REALLY into it!) 

re:  This And That:  
Hey Kent,  
I watched the CBS Sunday morning show this morning and they had a segment about Barry Gibb. He is touring solo for the first time. What I liked about the story is that one of his sons ... a heavy metal guitar player ... and Maurice's daughter are touring with him. Barry and Maurice's daughter sang "The First of May" together and it was fantastic. Seeing this helped take some of the sadness out of the loss of Robin and Maurice. Barry seemed happy, too.  
Wish I could have seen that.  Barry was here this week (Tuesday Night) and, from the looks of things, good tickets were still available.  (Maybe that's because Main Floor seats were going for something like $375 apiece!!!  I think that would be a tough sell even if it was the original Bee Gees performing together again!)  Too bad ... as I would have loved to have seen this show ... but add in parking and dinner and you're up to about a $900 night ... I can buy The Bee Gees' complete album collection for that kind of money ... TWICE!!!  (What are some of these promoters thinking?!?!  And then these artists end up playing to half-full houses!  It just doesn't make sense!)  kk   

New York – Actor, writer, director, performer MICKY DOLENZ (of The Monkees) has been confirmed for the lead role in Mike Reiss’ new play Comedy Is Hard! , premiering Wednesday, September 24, at The Ivoryton Playhouse in Ivoryton, Connecticut.   
Dolenz, who just began a tour with The Monkees last week, has delighted audiences with his performances in such theatrical productions as the Elton John/Tim Rice production of Aida; Grease; Pippin’;  A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum; and, most recently Hairspray in the West End playing Wilbur Turnblad. 
Reiss’ play is set in a home for retired actors and the play takes an affectionate look at the relationship and rivalry between a retired stand-up comedian and a classical actress.  
A renaissance-artist of the highest order, Dolenz has continued his recording career as well, most recently with a solo album entitled Remember, released last year. He’s also participated heavily in the several Broadway charities; most notably for Rockers On Broadway. In fact, he was just announced as recipient for their yearly award; to be presented in November. 
Said Dolenz, “The opportunity to originate this role in Mike’s new play is terrific. I am ready to un-leash my inner-comedian.”  
Reiss, the acclaimed writer of I’m Connecticut and writer and producer for the animated series The Simpsons; also created the animated series The Critic. He’s also written the webtoon Queer Duck and worked on the screenplays for Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs; Horton Hears a Who!; The Simpsons: The Movies; and, My Life In Ruins.


>>>Is there a different mix of "Satisfaction" that's making the rounds at stations where no one knows the music? I was listening to the radio last week and heard the beginning of "Satisfaction" and cranked it up to listen more closely. The vocals sounded softer (less edgy) and there was some extra reverb that doesn't appear on the mix we all know inside out. I called and asked what that mix was from, and of course the DJ had no idea since "we outsource the music".   (David Lewis)  
>>>I think I've noticed a cleaner, clearer mix of "Satisfaction" the past few years but just attributed that to some better technology on one of the reissue CD's ... the one I heard actually sounded pretty good.  (kk)  
Well, there are at least two different stereo mixes of the song that Abkco has released ... the more recent one was remixed to sound more like the original mono 45, but in stereo. Perhaps after hearing the 1980's stereo mix for so long, you've forgotten what the original 45 version even sounds like ... so a remix that is closer to it than the original mix might not sound right to you. 
Tom Diehl  
That's the downside of radio not always playing the correct version.  (Bob Stroud recently played the single version of the Loggins and Messina hit "Thinking Of You" and it just sounded wrong ... we've heard the LP version for so long now that it most of our minds, THAT has become the accepted, definitive version.)  
The version of "Satisfaction" that I've heard seems to be much "cleaner" ... you can hear a lot more detail in the mix ... I noticed things I hadn't heard before, even after 50 years of repeated listening ... so to me, that's a good thing ... it's probably closer to what The Stones heard in the studio when they recorded the song.  (I know all The Beatles reissues from a few years ago touted the same philosophy ... but quite honestly I've noticed VERY little that I didn't hear the first time around.)  kk  

The New York / New England regional Beatles festival, "Danbury Fields Forever," will "come together" Saturday, July 26 & Sunday, July 27, 2014 at Ives Concert Park in Danbury, Connecticut. Doors will open at noon, and the music will continue until 8 pm daily.  
The Music, Foods & Arts Festival is in its third year, with 10 bands per day playing the music of The Beatles, solo material and songs from the 60s. The full line-up of performers has been announced. Acts include The Hofners, The Oh-Nos, The Mystery Tour, AfterFab, Fools On The Hill, Charlie Guitar, Studio Two, Beatlehead, Thunder Road, The Way-Back Machine, Rotary and the national touring group Beatlemania Again. There will be live tributes to George Harrison by Pete Santora (formerly of Broadway's "Beatlemania"), Sir Paul McCartney by Mike Miller's "One Sweet Dream," John Lennon by Dave Pal in his "Lennon Legacy" show and to Elton John by Bill Connors. Students from School of Rock in both New York and Connecticut will have their star students performing sets of Beatles classics. Also, the winners of the web talent search project will be performing. 
To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles' U.S. arrival in 1964, one-day "Ticket to Ride" admissions to the Festival start at only $19.64, but these special discounted early-bird advance prices are only good until May 31st. Advance ticket available at: There are also V.I.P. tickets available, discounted two-day passes and hotel packages. Tickets will be higher at the door.  
Ives Concert Park is located at 43 Lake Avenue Ext. on the campus of Western CT State University in Danbury, CT. This year there will be more Beatle and memorabilia dealers and vendors, exhibitors, along with a larger variety of food options available. For guests staying overnight, there is a reduced rate hotel package which includes accommodations and breakfast for only $79 per night. Visit and check the FAQ page for hotel info.  
The weekend's MCs are Ken Michaels of the "Every Little Thing" radio show and Gary Theroux of's "History of Rock 'n' Roll."  
"Danbury Fields Forever lll" is presented by Charles F. Rosenay!!!'s Liverpool Productions, the same company that presented "NYC FAB 50," The Beatles' 50th Anniversary Celebration in New York City in February, and organizers of the annual Magical History Tours to Liverpool & London ( A portion of ticket proceeds will benefit a designated charity.  
For further info, visit website:
or phone (203) 795-4737.  
As The Beatles sang, "It's guaranteed to raise a smile."

Don't forget to get your entry in for the brand new Two-CD Collection of Greatest Hits by ZZ Top ... (they're bad ... and nationwide ... and Forgotten Hits is giving away THREE copies of the new double CD, courtesy of Bob Merlis Promotions.)  Wanna a shot at winning a copy?  Just drop us an email (with ZZ TOP in the subject line) and we'll throw your name in the hat!  (kk)   

Hey Kent ...  
Speaking of Shawn Swords' great Documentary, "Wages Of Spin II", you'll find lots of great music on the soundtrack ... including a bunch of my original instrumentals performed by me!  I'm honored to be a part of Shawn's great project.  Mitch Schecter / The Rip Chords  
Shawn is sending me a "screener" copy this week for review purposes ... and I can't wait to see it.  The YouTube clips look amazing!  Guess now I'll have to listen closely to the background, incidental music, too!  (lol)  Thanks, Mitch!  (Now if they'd only send me a screener copy of "Jersey Boys" ... and that new Boyce And Hart documentary!!!  We are ALWAYS happy to review these films in advance to let other oldies music fans around the world know of their existence.)  kk    

And, speaking of "Wages Of Spin II", here's MORE buzz on this hot new film ...    

A lot of people have been calling and emailing about where they can get a copy of the "The Wages Of Spin II - Bring Down That Wall" DVD. 
Well, I am happy to report that you can pre-order  it thru our company site for delivery this Summer at   
We have industry screenings coming up at The Great Minds Salon Series in Beverly Hills and Film Media (L.A.) in late June.  We will be meeting industry reps at the screening in June and will probably decide who is going to distribute the film during that week.  There is a lot of media coming up over the course of the next several weeks. 
Here is the link to The Daily Mail News Site (U.K.) Feature on Wages of Spin II "Bring Down That Wall": The Daily Mail News Site is the most visited News Site in The World taking 11.7 Million Hits Daily.   
Wages of Spin II-Facebook Fan Page:          

>>>Wow, I didn't know about the Johnny Mathis version of "Love Never Felt So Good" ... will have to search that one out!  The stripped down "vocal, piano, finger snap" version that Michael did is very powerful in its own right ... really shows off the strength of both the artist and the song.  (kk) From the biggest Mathis fan on the planet directly to you. Hil  
Actually, I think it's a great arrangement ... but another "undiscovered gem" from Johnny.  Maybe now that Michael's version has drawn some attention to it, folks will take the time to investigate the original.  Johnny Mathis recorded another GREAT single in 1984 called "Simple" that absolutely should have been a hit ... but I guess radio considered his 1974 comeback hit "Too Much, Too Little, Too Late" (recorded with Deniece Williams) his limit.  And that's a shame ... because "Simple" is a great recording, too!  (kk)

Kent ...
I know you're not a Facebook guy ... but TJ Lubinsky recently started posting Doo-Wop Wednesday.
Here's one featuring The Four Tops:
And this was the first one ... Herb Cox and the Cleftones:
Frank B.  

And this is a real shame ... it sounds like Ron Riley had to bow out of his Hard Rock hosting duties on June 24th due to health reasons back home in Baltimore.  (His wife is ailing and he wants to be there with her during this time.)  Meanwhile, Clark Weber assures us that he will soldier on alone ... and believe me, he'll have some GREAT stories to tell from the podium that day!  
More details are still to come ... but all of this ties into Ringo Starr's brand new Art Exhibit which will be on display (free of charge) at The Hard Rock Cafe Chicago.  Ringo caps off the week-long event with his concert at The Chicago Theater on June 28th (with his All-Starr Band).