Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Sunday Comments ( 09 - 07 - 14 )

re:  Recent Passings:  
Of course the BIG news last week was the passing of Joan Rivers ... but we ALSO received quite a few emails about the passing of one-time Survivor front man Jimi Jamison ...  
While not the original lead singer, Jimi DID sing a number of their biggest hits ... and returned to the fold on a couple of subsequent occasions ... once even teaming with Dave Bickler who WAS the original lead singer!  (In fact each lead singer had a MAJOR Survivor Hit with themes from the "Rocky" movies ... Bickler scored first with "Eye Of The Tiger" from "Rocky III", #1 for six weeks ... but then four years later with Jamison at the helm, Survivor scored again with "Burning Heart" from "Rocky IV", which peaked at #2.)  kk      

Survivor and Cobra frontman Jimi Jamison died of a heart attack Sunday night in Los Angeles. He was 63.  The energetic singer, who originally was with Cobra, joined Survivor in 1984 after the band's frontman Dave Bickler (the voice on "Eye of the Tiger") left because of vocal-health issues.
Ken Voss    

I never knew he sang the theme from "Baywatch"!!!

There was a theme to "Baywatch"?!?!?  Most people I know just turned the sound off during that show and enjoyed the jiggle.  (kk)   

This week started out quite sad for me as I lost a true old friend. David Anderle passed away September 1st from cancer after a two year battle at age 77. He was a behind the scenes guy so you may not have heard his name, but the music he was responsible for and the people he championed I am sure are part of your forever musical lives. He started out in promo at MGM Records in LA where he grew up and went to high school with Lou Adler, Jerry Moss and Herb Alpert, and Phil Spector.  
He talked MGM into signing Frank Zappa and allowing Tom Wilson to produce him. He managed Van Dyke Parks when Van lived over a garage and nobody knew who he was as well as Danny Hutton pre-Three Dog Night. He ran Brian Wilson's label, Brother Records and put Brian together with Van Dyke. He got me involved in the Monterey Pop Festival as assistant stage manager with Chip Monck. In return I got him a job in A&R at Elektra Records and he produced Judy Collins and signed Delaney & Bonnie. He then went to A&M Records for an extended stay of decades and he produced Rita Coolidge, Kris Kristofferson, got me to produce The Tubes, and all this time was an amazing portrait painter. He painted famous canvases of Brian Wilson, Bob Dylan and the back cover of my album Black Coffee. He retired a few years ago and turned out a voluminous amount of paintings at that time.  
We went through a lot together and this leaves another big space in my life. RIP  
@l k%per  

This one falls more into the "Sick Bay" category ...
We've been talking quite a bit lately about the upcoming British Invasion Tour ... so we were sad to hear from FH Reader / Contributor Shelley Sweet-Tufano that Gerry Marsden will be unable to participate for health reasons. (Gerry has had health problems in the past so this is all that much more disturbing news.)  kk

We are sad to announce that word reached us today from Europe that Gerry Marsden has taken seriously ill and that his doctor has barred him from any travel until he recovers. As a result, he will unfortunately have to miss the upcoming British Invasion Tour dates. We ask for your support and good thoughts towards his healthy recovery. "It is with deep regret that Gerry has had to withdraw from the British Invasion US Tour due to a sudden illness,” said Marsden’s spokesman today. “Gerry is extremely sad to be letting his fans down; however he hopes the tour is a great success and wishes his fellow artists a happy and wonderful tour." All ten of the dates will go ahead as scheduled with Denny Laine, Billy J. Kramer, Chad & Jeremy, Mike Pender's Searchers and added guest, Terry Sylvester (of the Hollies, Swinging Blue Jeans and Escorts). They promise a stellar night of beat music and sonic surprises. Peter Asher will also join the tour as a guest at The Ridgefield Playhouse and Saban Theatre. Other dates include The Wellmont Theater, Sands Bethlehem Event Center, The Keswick Theatre, Harrah's Resort Southern California, Mountain Winery Concerts, The Palace Theatre and NYCB Theatre at Westbury 

re:  This And That:  
Another famous Brit who's been receiving some (not so favorable) press of late is Cliff Richard, England's equivalent of Elvis Presley back in the day.  Hot on the heels of the Rolf Harris child indecency story a few months back, word has been spreading quickly of Cliff's endeavors in this area. 
Cliff himself issued a statement last week ...  
Hi everyone,  
This is just a brief message to thank all of you who have shown support, including those in the Press.  I wanted to let you know that I'm doing ok and it goes without saying that I fully intend to clear my name.  Just to be absolutely clear, the allegation is completely false and I will continue to cooperate with the police should they wish to speak to me again.  
Once again ... many thanks.  
Cliff Richard

Hi Kent -  
Here's a fabulous pic of TOMMY ROE about to go on stage headlining International Beatle Week at the CAVERN in Liverpool, August 26, 2014.

TOMMY ROE, an American pop rock LEGEND, headlines International Beatle Week, 2014  
Available now for USA and International touring.  
Here is DIZZY and EVERYBODY, performed live at the CAVERN in Liverpool for International Beatle Week with TOMMY ROE.   
Tommy is one of the great American pop rock 60s legends.  Dizzy hit number 1 all over the world ... Everybody went to number 3.  23 Billboard Chart singles in all.  
I am Tommy's tour manager and bandleader.  
Tommy was backed by the SHAKERS, the resident band at Cavern.  
Great fun!  Hot and sweaty like the old days! 
Rick Levy  

I really appreciate your site.  As a southerner who grew up in the 60's and 70's, the diversity of the music played on AM radio of the day is truly missed.  But, what's really missed are the regional artists that are no longer given the time of day.  
Here we had The Swingin' Medallions, Chairmen of the Board, Clarence Carter, Tony Joe White, Mother's Finest, etc.  Scattered hits, but great to go see in concert.  
I had never heard of The Mauds until I read your column.  Curiosity peeked so I bought the only cd I could find of them (Soul Attitude).  Just want to say THANKS!  
If I didn't know better, I would have sworn this was a southern R&B band.  Tight, soulful, and a true sound.  Delbert McClinton meets Booker T.  Been listening in the car and just smiling from the sound.  Wish I could've seen them play in the day.  I know the energy is there to have been a great show.  
No telling what each of us missed depending on where we were when.  
Again thanks for introducing me to Jimy Rogers and The Mauds.  
Greg Campbell  
We heard from so many people who discovered The Mauds thanks to our little mini-series a couple of weeks ago ... including a number of readers from foreign countries who helped to spread the word.  Don'tcha just LOVE discovering "brand new" old music you may have missed at the time???  (Too bad radio isn't paying attention ... they'd rather give you the same 200 selections over and over again instead.)  kk

Bread: A Sweet Surrender: The Musical Journey of David Gates, James Griffin & Co. Paperback - Release date in the U.S. - September 9, 2014   
Researched in detail, Bread: A Sweet Surrender includes exclusive interviews with founding member Robb Royer, along with friends, family, and former musical associates of the band. This first-ever biography of Bread reveals the story behind the group members' formative years, their coming together, the rise of Bread, and the subsequent break-up and the messy lawsuits that were to dog them in later years. Also features exclusive insights into their successful but short-lived 1990s reunion.   
Malcolm C. Searles is a freelance rock music writer and lifelong Bread fan.  He lives and works in Essex, United Kingdom.  
Kent - here is a photo taken of David Gates a few years ago at an industry event.  
Tom Cuddy

I believe this book has been "coming" for close to a year now ... I know folks who have had it on pre-order for about that long, waiting through delay after delay after delay.  What I DIDN'T know is that the story was going to be told from the perspective of only one member, Robb Royer, who wasn't with the band for their duration ... so I'm a little less than pleased to hear this.  However, since I, too, am a lifelong Bread fan, I'll probably still want to read it.    

I hate the idea that David Gates has retired from the business ... he has given us SO much great music over the years..  (That being said, if I passed him on the street today, I wouldn't recognize him, judging by this photo shown above.)   

He recorded some new tracks in the late '90's (in more of a country vein) that really sounded good.  Here is one of them ... the title track "Love Is Always Seventeen" ... along with an exclusive in-studio medley of hits he performed on Scott Shannon's radio program several years back.  (kk)

"Love Is Always Seventeen" is a classic David Gates song ... and it hit me at exactly the right time.  When this song was released I ran out and picked up a copy right away ... and the lyrics blew me away.  A look back over a life ... and, strangely enough, at the time I would be turning 42 on my next birthday as well.  Listen to the lyrics and you'll see what I mean!   

By the way, Amazon shows that this book has been pushed back yet AGAIN ... now to November 11th!  

Click here: Bread: A Sweet Surrender: The Musical Journey of David Gates, James Griffin & Co.: Malcolm C Searles: 978190513934

Tom Cuddy also tells us about a brand new Christopher Cross album and tour ...
We saw Chris as part of the Sail Rock Tour last year and he was in OUTSTANDING voice ... clearly the headliner of this multi-act event.  His success came and went so quickly ... but there's still a lot of talent left in this man.  Folks just need to listen.  (kk)

Speaking of new music ...

Kent ...
I hope you can print this in one of your upcoming issues.
My favorite a cappella group, The Traditions, have released a new CD called "Back In Town".  The group comes from different towns on Long Island, New York. They've been around for 30 years, anchored by the great lead voice of Johnny Streich and bass by Chris
2/26/1993 = They appeared at New York Cities, Carnegie Hall, opening for the late, great Gene Pitney.
Songs on this CD:
1= No Chances
2 = What Time Is It
3= Most Of All
4 = Why Don't You Believe Me
5 = I Love You
6 = There Goes My Love
7 = What Did She Use
8 = Misty
9 = Be Sure My Love
10 = Story Untold
11 = Lost Love
If any of your reader's are interested, they can be contacted at
Thanks, Kent.
Frank B.

Nice job on the Hendrix piece.
Did you know that when Sam Taylor left Joey Dee and the Starlighters, he suggested Jimi take his spot?  Sam told me the story, but I'm sure it's documented somewhere if you
double check sources.
Be well,
- Mark Berner

We told you awhile back that when Mick Jagger was first approached about doing a film tribute to James Brown, the original concept was to do a documentary of Brown's career.  Mick was the one who suggested more of a bio-pic, feature film (and actor Chadwick Boseman was hired to portray the soul legend. 
Well now comes word that they apparently filmed BOTH ... the feature film for theaters AND a James Brown Documentary that will premier on HBO on October 27th!  And this will be the real deal ... vintage James Brown performances and greater insight into his career.  Although I have never considered myself a James Brown fan, I still can't wait to see it!  This should really be something! (kk)  

Kent ...  
Good to hear you talking about Bobby Darin again.  I'm not even going to remind you that you promised to rerun the original series. 
I have to admit that when Scott Shannon first came to WCBS-FM I didn't like him. You have to stick with him for awhile.  His group system takes some getting used to. Scott, Joe, Patty, Mr G. ... the fact that he's mentioned my name a few times hasn't hurt his chances!  
The Duprees are coming out with an all Sinatra CD ... more about that later. My favorite A cappella group, from Long Island , New York, The Traditions, are releasing a new CD next week.   
And, speaking of rare doo-wop, here's a very rare track recorded by Frankie Valli(e) and the Romans.  Funny, I don't remember Frankie using this group name.  
Frank B.     
For pure unadulterated Scott Shannon, you've got to listen to him on The True Oldies Channel ... plus I think you'll find the music selection more to your liking.  The WCBS-FM morning show is geared more toward "mass appeal" entertainment ... on The True Oldies Channel Scott gets to do what he loves best ... and he's one of the best in the business doing it.  Check it out ... you just may never switch back!  (kk)   
Click here: Scott Shannon's TRUE OLDIES CHANNEL

You can't go wrong with Rocky Burnette's TIRED OF TOEIN' THE LINE. I always did like that. It made its initial appearance on our local top 40 radio station's weekly survey during the week of  June 22, 1980. Two weeks later it would peak at #22 for the week of July 6, 1980. The following week it was off the survey.
Now this is something I don't understand and just discovered. Every year the station would put out a special list or survey at the end of the year indicating the top 50 or so records for that year.  Well, Rocky Burnette's song was at song position #44, sandwiched in between  HEARTACHE TONIGHT by the Eagles and BETTER LOVE NEXT TIME by Dr. Hook. I don't understand and see how it could have come in at position #44 being on the survey for just 2-3 weeks.
FYI, the #1 song here in OKC for 1980 was ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST.
Larry Neal
An all too common practice with these year end charts I'm afraid ... little rhyme or reason to most of them (which drove those of us who actually followed the charts and kept our own records of these things absolutely CRAZY every single year.)  And yet, big as they claim it was, they probably wouldn't dare play it at all today ... which I guess is even crazier!!!  If a record did exceptionally well in a given area, it should remain part of the landscape of that station ... part of their DNA ... but instead they'd rather not deviate from the same 200 songs every other station in town is playing because THESE are the tracks their consultants tell them listeners want to hear.  (Here's a crazy idea ... why not ask the LISTENERS?!?!  Nah ... there'd be no point in that!!!  Why would you want to give them an even better reason to stay tuned in???)  kk


Your Chicago based pal, Dennis DeYoung, has been signed to Frontier Records and recently the label filmed a special concert in Los Angeles, which will be released as a two CD / DVD / Bluray package on Oct. 21.  Amazon has started taking orders.  It’s Called “Dennis DeYoung: The Music of Styx.”    

Here’s a link with more on the release and a video tease:  

A few weeks ago I saw Dennis do a two hour concert in Connecticut at the Ridgefield Playhouse.  He’s 67 years-old , but you’d never know it by his stage performance.  He confirmed backstage, what my gut had already told me. He still sings the Styx hits in the original key!  Simply amazing. - Tom Cuddy    



This is going to sound like a reach, but hear me out. Might Barry Gibb be the most versatile rocker of all time? He made such seamless transitions. 

The guy is so damn gifted, I have no doubt he could have played The Stones, Zep or The Who had he chosen to move in that direction. Don't tell me that Barry couldn't have found a way to pound out "Who Are You?" or "Jumpin' Jack Flash." Right? Anxious to hear what the Forgotten Hits nation has to say about my "original" thought. 

Meanwhile, my congrats to Ron Onesti on a fantastic summer of shows.  Ron O. is a promotional genius! 

Chet Coppock  

Author: Chet Coppock: Laying it on the Line

Gotta agree with you about Ron Onesti ... and he's got some absolutely KILLER shows coming up, too ... hoping to attend a good amount of them in the months to come.
As for Barry Gibb ... there are few more talented than this guy ... he's done it all ... but Led Zeppelin, The Who and The Rolling Stones may be a bit of a stretch (although he probably could have done a better job producing "Miss You" now that I think about it!!!)  Gibb's music crossed ALL borders ... disco to beautiful ballads to pure pop ... and seemed to fit every genre of artist he came across ... from Barbra Streisand to Kenny Rogers to Dionne Warwick to Celine Dion ... but "arena rock" was never one of those fortes.  (Like the saying goes ... "a man has got to know his limitations"!!!  lol)  But hey, without QUESTION, one of the all-time best out there when it comes to crafting a hit song with an unforgettable melody.  Par excellence to be sure.  (kk)

Hey Kent, 
I didn’t see it mentioned, which doesn’t mean it wasn’t, (by the way I love your biographical writing style) that  I’m sure you know and most of your readers know that Terry Melcher was the son of Doris Day and her film director / producer husband.  Terry, being fair skinned and freckled like his mom was prone to skin cancer ... too bad he didn’t catch it in time.
Gary Pike
We've profiled Terry Melcher (and his mother, too, for that matter) SO many times over the years in Forgotten Hits that I didn't feel it necessary to point out the relationship yet again in the context of an article more about the relationship between Bobby Darin and Wayne Newton.  (In your own words, "I'm sure you and most of your readers know ...")  But your point is well noted.  Terry may be best known for his work with Bruce and Terry, The Rip Chords and contributions to The Beach Boys over the years ... but the records he produced for the likes of The Byrds and Paul Revere and the Raiders are nothing short of outstanding either ... he deserves FAR more credit than he's typically given.  (And as an additional historical sidenote, it is Terry Melcher who was the most likely target of Charles Manson and his attack on Sharon Tate's home that fateful night in 1968.  Melcher squashed Manson's hopes of rock and roll stardom ... and the house where Tate and her friends were staying that night used to be Terry's.  How'd you like to live with THAT anecdote for most of your life?!?!?)  kk

Kent ...
Vinyl is back.
Frank B.
Several years ago they released a beautiful George Harrison Box Set called "The Dark Horse Years", featuring all of George's recorded works for his own record label, founded after leaving The Beatles.
Now comes word that he'll receive a similar treatment with a brand new Apple Records Box Set.  (George was the first Beatle to release a solo album when he composed and recorded the soundtrack to the film "Wonderwall" in 1968 ... yes, even BEFORE John Lennon teamed with Yoko and The Plastic Ono Band!)
It's a BEAUTIFUL looking set ... 
More details below from
George Harrison's first six studio albums, released between 1968 and 1975 on the Beatles' Apple label, will be available as newly remastered individual releases and as part of a box set this fall. The eight-disc box, The Apple Years 1968-75, complements Harrison's 2004 release, The Dark Horse Years 1976-92, and will contain a DVD with videos and a never-before-seen, seven-minute film directed by Harrison's wife Olivia. It will also contain a book with an introduction by Harrison's son, Dhani (who oversaw the releases), previously unpublished photos and new essays by radio producer and author Kevin Howlett. All of the releases will be available on September 23rd.
"I am so happy that what we started a decade ago by releasing The Dark Horse Years is now complete with the release of his first six albums as The Apple Years," Dhani Harrison said in a statement. "Some of these records have long been out of print, so I cannot wait for music lovers to get their hands on these newly remastered versions. It's a very proud moment for us, and I would like to thank everyone who has helped us in any way to achieve this."

The Apple Years 1968-75 Box Set

The albums, which were all remastered from the original analog master tapes, include 1968's Wonderwall Music, 1969's Electronic Sound, 1970's All Things Must Pass, 1973's Living in the Material World, 1974's Dark Horse and 1975's Extra Texture (Read All About It). Some of the albums contain previously unreleased tracks, detailed below. All Things Must Pass contains five bonus tracks that were previously released in 2001.
Wonderwall Music, which was the first solo album by a Beatle, found Harrison writing both rock and Indian-style music for the soundtrack to the 1968 Joe Massot movie Wonderwall. The reissue contains three bonus tracks: "In The First Place" by the Liverpudlian group Remo Four, a previously unreleased take of the Beatles' B-side "The Inner Light" and the previously unreleased raga "Almost Shankara."
Living in the Material World features a remix of the single "Bangla Desh" – previously available only on 1976's The Best of George Harrison – and two B-sides that appeared on the record's 2006 reissue, "Deep Blue" and "Miss O'Dell." Dark Horse contains the B-side "I Don't Care Anymore" and a never-before-released acoustic version of "Dark Horse." And Extra Texture includes "This Guitar (Can't Keep From Crying)," which Harrison re-recorded as a demo for Eurythmics member and producer Dave Stewart in 1992; the recording now features Stewart and Dhani Harrison playing additional guitar, vocalist Kara DioGuardi and drum overdubs by Ringo Starr.
The box set's DVD contains a new, seven-minute film titled George Harrison – The Apple Years Feature alongside the All Things Must Pass feature from that record's 2001 reissue, a press kit for The Concert for Bangladesh, a video of "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)" from 1991's Live in Japan and alternate versions of Living in the Material World's "Miss O'Dell" and "Sue Me Sue You Blues," as well as a feature about that album. Finally, it includes the video George directed for "Ding Dong, Ding Dong" and a promo clip for Dark Horse.

In addition, an all-star celebrity tribute concert for George has also been announced.
"George Fest:  A Night To Celebrate The Music of George Harrison" will take place on September 28th at The El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles.  Announced performers include Brian Wilson, Norah Jones and even Weird Al Yankovic!  Numerous surprise guests will also be included ... and expect to see some unusual pairings as well ... including solo performances by band members The Strokes, The Cult, Weezer, Velvet Revolver, The Killers and The Flaming Lips.  George's son Dhani will also perform as will Ann Wilson of Heart. Tickets went on sale on Friday (September 5th) and the event will serve as a fundraiser for Sweet Relief, which benefits career musicians who are struggling to make ends meet.  100% of the ticket sales will go to the organization.

Here's a brand new interview with Randy Bachman, submitted by FH Reader Tom Cuddy:

World Premiere of New Play By Mike Reiss ...
Starring Micky Dolenz and Joyce DeWitt
At The Ivoryton Playhouse
New York / Ivoryton – The world premiere of a brand new play by acclaimed writer of The Simpsons, Mike Reiss, will take place at the historic Ivoryton Playhouse in Ivoryton, CT.  Previews begin September 24th - the play opens on September 26th and runs through October 12th. MICKY DOLENZ (of The Monkees) will star alongside JOYCE DEWITT,  veteran actress and star of the ABC television hit series Three's Company.
Dolenz has delighted audiences with his performances on stage in the Elton John / Tim Rice production of Aida; Grease; Pippin’; A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum; and, most recently Hairspray in the West End playing Wilbur Turnblad.
Said Dolenz, “The opportunity to originate this role in Mike’s new play is terrific. I am ready to unleash my inner-comedian.”
Joyce DeWitt is no stranger to the hilarious writing of Mike Reiss as she starred in the world premiere of his play I’m Connecticut in 2012 at CT Repertory Theatre. DeWitt, who has performed in almost every theatrical genre from Medea to South Pacific, jumped at the chance to perform in another Mike Reiss play. “The idea of figuring out how to play this woman who goes through a deep, heart-place transformation / evolution -- in the middle of a wonderfully written comedy!  With Micky Dolenz? At the beautiful, historic Ivoryton Playhouse? "Yes" was a no-brainer.”     
COMEDY IS HARD is a story of friendship and friction between an aging comedian and a veteran dramatic actress in a home for retired performers.  It's about life, love, show business, and the importance of growing old disgracefully.
Reiss, who is writer and producer for the long running TV show, The Simpsons, also created the animated series The Critic; the webtoon Queer Duck and worked on the screenplays for Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs; Horton Hears a Who!; The Simpsons: The Movies; and, My Life In Ruins. Ivoryton audiences turned out in droves in the June 2013 for his hilarious play, I’m Connecticut, which was a huge popular and critical success.
Comedy is Hard! opens at the Ivoryton Playhouse on September 24 and runs through October 12, 2014. Directed by Playhouse Artistic Director, Jacqueline Hubbard, the cast includes Michael McDermott, Dan Coyle, Dorian Mendez and Michael Hotkowski. The set design is by Dan Nischan, lighting by Marcus Abbott and costumes by Lenore Grunko. Executive Producer is Michael A. Dattilo.
Performance times are Wednesday and Sunday matinees at 2pm. Evening performances are Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30pm, Friday and Saturday at 8pm.
There will be talkbacks with the writer – check our website for details. Tickets are $42 for adults, $37 for seniors, $20 for students and $15 for children and are available by calling the Playhouse box office at 860-767-7318 or by visiting our website at  (Group rates are available by calling the box office for information.) The Playhouse is located at 103 Main Street in Ivoryton.
Pictured: Micky Dolenz* and Joyce DeWitt*   
Photographer: Anne Hudson  
Generously sponsored by Hamilton Connections and Middle Oak.

re:  September 1st: 

Hello Kent,  
Fancy having to be told by an English Lord that you had omitted two other births on September the First lol  
1931 - The late Boxcar Willie (Lecil Travis Martin) was born in Sterratt ,Texas.  Known as ‘The Singing Hobo’, he was born into the world of trains, hobos and country music. The son of a railroad worker, his family home was just a few feet from the railroad tracks. He started to perfect his famous train whistle from the age of two. His father played fiddle and Lecil was raised on the music of Jimmie Rodgers, Ernest Tubb and Roy Acuff. Later he was heavily influenced by Hank Williams. As a teenager he performed under the name of Marty Martin in the Dallas area. He helped start the Cowtown hoedown, a radio show from Fort Worth, and had sporadic success performing his music. He recorded his first album, simply titled Marty Martin, for a small independent Texas label. He adopted the Boxcar Willie look and name in the early 1970s after seeing a freight train pass him by one day in Lincoln, Nebraska, as he was stuck in traffic. "There was an old boy sitting on a boxcar, dressed the way I dress today, and he looked like a buddy of mine named Willie Wilson," he explained. "I said, `There's Willie in a boxcar,' and that's where it came from." In 1975, he decided to move to Nashville and try to make it in music. It was a tough time for him as his music was completely out of sync with what was happening in Music City. One night in 1977 he filled in for an ailing George Jones at Nashville's Possum Hollow Club and was spotted by Scottish booking agent Drew Taylor. He was signed to do his first British tour the following year, playing in small clubs. Dealing mainly in material of a traditional nature, Boxcar Willie became one of the most popular country artists in the UK throughout the 1980s, following a rousing debut at 1979's Wembley Country Music Festival. Audiences immediately fell for his charming authenticity and, after having pounded the roads for more than 30 years, he became an overnight success. His name, together with the use of train whistles in his songs, led to wide recognition and more than a little ridicule, but Boxie, as he became known to friends and fans alike, took it all in his stride. Although he remained a major crowd-puller in Europe, he failed to make much of an impact in the USA. He made his first Grand Ole Opry appearance in 1979, winning a standing ovation. In 1981 Boxcar became the sixtieth member to be inducted into the Grand Ole Opry.  This touched Boxcar to the point of tears, and he said "I can't believe I'm a member of the Grand Ole Opry". He portrayed a hobo in the Patsy Cline biopic Sweet Dreams and achieved 15 gold and four platinum albums. He must have been country as he recorded with Roy Acuff, Willie Nelson and Hank Williams Jr. In 1987 he settled in Branson, Missouri, with his own 900-seat theatre, making him one of the first to make that music town his regular venue. He did at least six shows a week, nine months of the year, until his health began to fail. In 1990 he opened the Boxcar Willie Railroad and Airplane Museum and the Boxcar Willie Motel next door. Though never a big star name in his homeland, his larger-than-life personality delighted the inquisitive country fan. On Halloween of 1996, Boxcar was diagnosed with cancer. He announced to the public that he had hit a snag. Boxcar's battle with leukemia was tough and he fought hard. He wasn't afraid of dying ... he was upset because he knew he wouldn't be here to watch after his family. Lecil Travis Martin died April 12th, 1999 in Branson, Missouri, at the age of 67. After a three year battle, the larger-than-life Boxcar Willie, this very down to earth and happy-go-lucky personality who always sported a wide infectious smile, train came in as he was called by the Lord.
1933 - The late Marshall Lytle, the legendary bassist for Bill Haley’s Saddlemen was born today in Old Fort, North Carolina. He also goes under the name of Tommy Page. He was an American rock and roll musician, best known for his work with the groups Bill Haley and the Comets and the Jodimars in the fifties. He was a guitar player before joining Bill Haley's country music group, the Saddlemen, in 1951, but was hired to play double bass for the group, replacing departing musician Al Rex. Bill taught him the basics of slap bass playing. Lytle, who was only a teenager at the time, grew a moustache in order to look a little older, and became a full-time member of the Saddlemen and, in September, 1952, he was with the group when they changed their name to Bill Haley and his Comets. Soon after he co-wrote with Haley the band's first national hit, Crazy Man, Crazy although he did not receive co-authorship credit for it. Marshall played on all of Haley's recordings between mid-1951 and the summer of 1955, including the epochal Rock Around The Clock in 1954. Lytle's style of playing, which involved slapping the strings to make a percussive sound, is considered one of the signature sounds of early rock and roll and rockabilly. The athletic Lytle also developed a stage routine, along with saxophone player Joey Ambrose, which involved doing acrobatic stunts with the bass fiddle; including throwing it in the air and riding it like a horse. This became such a signature performance for the Comets that later musicians working for Haley were instructed to emulate. He died of cancer on May the 25th 2013 two weeks after he was booked to play Hemsby in the UK with Freddy Boom, Boom Cannon.  
Also the following happened on September the 1st:  
1955 - Alan Freed's first anniversary Rock 'n roll party kicks off at the Paramount theatre in Brooklyn New York. Among those appearing on the bill are Chuck Berry, Tony Bennett, the Nutmegs, the Rhythmettes, the Cardinals and the Four Voices.  
1956 - A nineteen year old Jerry Lee Lewis arrives at Sun recording studio hoping for an audition with the owner Sam Philips only to find that he is on vacation in Florida. So Jerry Lee with Jack Clements records some demos for Sam to hear when he gets back.  
1957 - The biggest show of stars' package tour kicked off at Brooklyn Paramount featuring: the Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly and the Crickets, the Drifters and Frankie Lymon. On some dates artists were unable to play because of segregation laws.  
Take care,  
Rockin’ Lord Geoff in England
Hi Geoff ... always great to hear from you!  
Obviously, we stuck with the hit-makers in our little "Labor Day" feature ... it'd be my guess that there probably were not a lot of Forgotten Hits Readers walking around singing Box Car Willie songs at their backyard barbecues last Monday! (lol)  On the other hand, Marshall Lytle affected us all ... and was a sometime contributor to Forgotten Hits over the years ... so Marshall, we salute you ... wherever you are!  
Ron Smith's EXCELLENT book "Eight Days A Week:  Births, Deaths And Events, Each Day In Oldies History", also points out a few other significant September 1st anniversaries ... 2008 - Jerry Reed dies from complications of emphysema 2006 - Phil Spector marries his fourth wife, Rachelle, while out on bond in his murder trial  
1976 - Ode Records President Lou Adler is kidnapped in Malibu, California, and released only after a $25,000 ransom is paid.  
1967 - Boz Scaggs joins The Steve Miller Band.  (He stays with the group for two years)  
1961- The Marcels record "Heartaches", a song that will eventually peak at #7 on The Billboard Hot 100 Pop Singles Chart a couple of months later.  
You can pick up your own copy here:  
Click here: Eight Days A Week by Ron Smith | 9780983373704 | Paperback | Barnes & Noble

re:  On The Radio: 
Clap For The Wolfman!!! With all this talk recently of "The Midnight Special" special DVD Series coming out ... and Wolfman Jack ... isn't it cool to know that you can listen to many of The Wolfman's original radio shows again?!?!  Check THIS out!!!
By the way, I've seen some of the Midnight Special footage and it's in crystal-clear clarity and sound ... REALLY nicely done.  (Here's hope they keep the series going ... there are SO many other artists I'd love to see again!)  kk

>>>I think you might find this article interesting.  (Frank B) >>>I can only tell you that they're not the first ones to try this idea ... and it hasn't worked yet.  (Plus what gives them the right to decide what part of a song the listener gets to hear?  Or "creative editing to someone else's work?  Top to bottom, the whole concept stinks.)  kk    
It really is "More Music" or less.  More songs per hour.   It's the newest format for contemporary Top 40 radio called Quick Hitz.  No song is longer than 2 minutes.  Reminds me of what K-Tel did to our music back in the 70's.  Below is a link to a station in Decatur Illinois.  I really don't think this format will last long, but time will tell.  (Puns intended)  
Exactly ... is it MORE music ... or is it LESS music.  Yes, you can cram more titles into an hour ... but if you're only playing half the song then what's the point.  Then again the attention of a teenager today is next to nil ... they're so busy "multi-tasking" ... music / tv / texting via phone / tweeting via computer / and all the while pretending to concentrate on their homework ... that this may be enough for some of them.  I certainly hope not!  I don't believe radio has the right to decide how much (or which part of) a song we get to hear ... it compromises EVERYTHING in the way of artistic freedom for the people who CREATED this music.  (kk)

Chicago lost another radio legend this past week when WGN's Roy Leonard passed away.  
Click here: Roy Leonard 1931-2014   
Click here: Chicago Radio/TV Icon Roy Leonard Passes Away   

And EVERY city had its legends back in the glory days of radio ... we received this email last week, too ...  
Another Great Radio Personality Is Gone ... we just lost Dan Donovan.  
He did time here in the Twin Cities, at KQQL and KSTP, also in other  cities -- WMEX and WFIL.  
I loved him. Just curious if any of the FH readers have any stories about him they could share?  
Here's a link to a small tribute.  

We also got news this week that Chicago Radio Legend Tommy Edwards was officially hanging up his microphone and retiring.  Edwards has been a Chicago radio institution for decades ... and also played the role of Li'l Snot-Nosed Tommy on Larry Lujack's "Animal Stories" for years.)   
Click here: Tommy Edwards signing off on a legendary career  
Click here: Tommy Edwards Announces His Retirement From Radio   

re:  The Saturday Surveys:  
I agree with you ... from day one, I have always liked Shaun Cassidy's THAT'S ROCK AND ROLL. 
You were right about the hard-to-read KRLA survey ... I had to get a magnifying glass to read it!  They have in song position #33 I believe the song FROM ME TO YOU by the Beatles. Is this going back to the question again of who played the first Beatles song in the country?
Number 43, I believe, is the recently artist mentioned in FH, Andrea Carroll's IT HURTS TO BE SIXTEEN.
You mentioned that KGLA''s survey had Led Zeppelin's tune at number 26 without it being released as a single. I believe that happened some two or three times here in OKC with a song making the survey without said song being released as a single.
If I have said it once, I've said it a thousand times. I just love it when I read FH and see and or read something that reminds me of a record I haven''t heard in years. Gary Myers mentioned outright in his e-mail to you about Artie Polhemus, a recording engineer, who apparently was with the group The Tree Swingers.  Kent, that reminded me of their 1960 Guyden recording KOOKIE LITTLE PARADISE
which I believe was covered by JoAnn Campbell on ABC Paramount. Don't know if you remember it or if it charted in Chicago, but I liked the Tree Swingers' version slightly better than Campbell's.
Larry Neal
In order ...
I think that for being yet another manufactured teen idol, Shaun Cassidy's version of "That's Rock And Roll" really rocks ... it sounds like the real deal to me.  His follow-up hit, "Hey Deanie" was ALSO written by rocker Eric Carmen.  (Had he not kicked off his career with a teeny-bopper remake of "Da Doo Ron Ron", Shaun may have been taken seriously as a rocker.  He would later record a cover version of the Great White rocker "Once Bitten Twice Shy" ... and had an album produced by Todd Rundgren that failed to make the Billboard Charts.)
That IS "From Me To You" by The Beatles on this KRLA Chart ... the record did very well there (and in other parts of California ... enough to allow it to "bubble under" in Billboard at #116) ... but since this is an August chart, that's still nearly six months AFTER "Please Please Me" premiered on The WLS Silver Dollar Survey here in Chicago.  And yes, that IS Andrea Carroll at #43 on that same chart.
As we've seen on numerous surveys featured in this new Saturday Surveys column, it wasn't at all uncommon for radio stations to list songs NOT available as singles. (In fact, in SOME instances we've seen them list songs that weren't available at all ... in ANY format!!!)
That happened a few times here in Chicago but not very often.  The most notable exception was "Pinball Wizard" by Elton John, which spent an incredible 24 weeks on the chart, peaking at #16 ... yet was never commercially released as a single here in The United States. 
I've never really heard of The Tree Swingers ... and JoAnn Campbell's version of "Kookie Little Paradise" was the hit here in Chicago ... albeit a minor one ... it peaked at #20 the one week it spent on The WLS Silver Dollar Survey in 1960.  (In fact that week was the very FIRST chart WLS every published!)  kk    

>>>Check out this week's #20 Hit on the WLS Silver Dollar Survey ... "Yesterday" by Paul McCartney!!!  Yep, The Beatles are holding steady at #2 with their latest hit "Help!" ... but after the other Fab Three left the stage so McCartney could perform "Yesterday" alone on The Ed Sullivan Show, I guess WLS jumped the gun and referred to this track as a solo Paul McCartney outing. 
What's ESPECIALLY odd about this (they had actually been playing the track for the previous five weeks off the British "Help" soundtrack album) is that McCartney's solo Ed Sullivan performance wouldn't air until September 12th ... or nearly ten days AFTER the date on this chart!!!  In fact, the official Capitol single release of this record didn't happen until two weeks after THAT!!! It first premiered in Billboard on their chart dated September 25th!  No one from WLS has ever been able to explain their early push or Top 20 ranking of this song ... a record you couldn't actually BUY yet!!!  (Back in the day, the record stores used to display The Top 20 Hits from WLS ... I wonder how THEY handled all of the requests for this as yet unreleased single!!!)  In fact, in a discussion with Clark Weber and Dex Card several years ago, Dex said he thought this WLS chart was a "fake" as he didn't recall this incident at all ... and HE'S the guy who used to count 'em down five times a week!  I can only assure you that it isn't ... this one's the real deal!  That being said, if there ever was such a thing as a "Sure Fire Hit", "Yesterday" fits the bill.  It became the most recorded song in history almost overnight.  (kk)
Ron Riley probably could tell you this one instantly.  In August, 1965, one night Ron Riley played four new Beatles songs, even though the new "Help!" album had just been released -- and NONE of the four were on the new album!  He played one an hour and I taped them off his show.  This continued for awhile until Capitol Records stopped them because they were not available.  They were from the UK version of Help!, which Ron had received from England upon release.  This happened quite a lot back in that era of "beat the other station to the new tracks."  Those four songs WLS aired early from the "HELP!" UK version were "Act Naturally," "It's Only Love", "I've Just Seen a Face" and "YESTERDAY"!!!  I have them taped off KOMA as well!  MANY stations were on these early.  "Act Naturally" actually was listed on Record World "Bubbling Under" charts two or three weeks before the 45 broke onto the Top 100's, if I remember correctly.  (I might be able to send sound bites of the four UK Brit Beatles tunes played early in '65 on WLS and KOMA as an addition to the story, but I'll need until next week to dig them out and send them to you.)
Also, for anyone who did not know, the Five Emprees' hit was first issued as by the Five Empressions, but after realizing there could be a conflict with Chicago's Impressions, their name was changed to the Five Emprees.  The two different 45 labels can be seen here:
Later on, they would follow up this hit with "Little Miss Happiness"!!!  Go figure.  In 1968, they would update "Little Miss Sad" using horns in an American Breed style of the time and the new B side was a great tune.
Clark Besch
I kinda figured this had to be the case.  I remember WLS (and Ron Riley in particular) ALWAYS playing tracks off the British LP's that weren't released here in America until later due to Capitol's constant butchering of these releases in an effort to generate more product.  ("Beatles For Sale" is the perfect example ... Riley was playing tracks off of this LP six months before we could buy them on "Beatles VI"!)
If you can get a comment from him, that'd be great ... obviously a VERY exciting time back in the days of "competitive" radio ... when stations actually used to care who played what first (instead of everybody playing the EXACT same music day in and day out ... and being content to do so ... like that's the expected "service" of radio!)  
As mentioned above, Dex Card once told me he thought the chart was a "fake" ... but it's absolutely not.  (You probably have this list in your collection, too!)
In that both Dex Card AND Ron Riley have opted off our list, you've got a better chance of getting a response from them than I do at this point!  (So go for it!)  Both Chicago radio icons have told me that they don't want to live in the past ... which is kinda what we do here ... so they're no longer Forgotten Hits readers.  (Too bad ... the stories they could tell!!!)  kk