Thursday, May 21, 2015

More Clark Weber Comments and Kudos

re:  Clark Weber:
>>>I once took pro wrestling "bad boy" Bobby Heenan up to visit with Clark to hype a show promoted by Bob Luce at the International Amphitheater.  I'm sure C-dub had no clue who "Bobby The Brain" was but he conducted a brilliant 25 minute gab session. Weber was far too classy to ask Bobby if the bouts were tanked or if the "blood' was real - which by the way it is. Clark dug in with Heenan and pulled out a number of nuggets, all while treating a very gun shy Bobby with respect, class and dignity.  Sadly, my profession no longer turns out people as wonderful as Clark Weber.
That, in itself, is a tragedy.  (Chet Coppock) 
My thanks to Chet for the nice words and may I point out that “Bobby the Brain” had me in a choke hold during the entire interview!

Great piece on Clark Weber, Kent. Do you know if Terri Hemmert has been inducted into the Illinois Broadcasters Hall of Fame? I know she's in the National Hall (She may be the 1st woman) She was a year ahead of me at Elmhurst College's WRSE outside of Chicago. She got to keep her name ... The station manager said I had to change mine to "Pat Roberts" ... Jack Mongan wasn't "radio enough" ... :)If she is in the Illinois Hall, she certainly deserves recognition. She, too, is an icon in Chicago radio! A true talent. Thanks again for everything. I love reading your site !
Terri is NOT an inducted member ... but I agree that she certainly belongs there.  You can check out the complete list of honored inductees here (kk):  

In reading some of the comments today in FH about Clark Weber, I have to concur with you, Chet and Clark about him. I never had the pleasure of meeting Clark, but talked to him a few times over the years at his various radio stops.  I remember chatting with him one Saturday morning at WLS about WLS surveys and if he knew where I could find some vintage charts. (This is darn near 10 years before you and I got together and wondered the same thing). Years later, when he was at WIND, he was gracious enough to call ME(!) and help a college radio guy with a documentary I was putting together. I knew Clark was a pilot and I was putting together a story about Buddy Holly and the hazards of riding in small planes. Who knew that topic would be discussed in FH almost 40 years later? Still some years later, I read that Clark was to be speaking at some fundraiser, I forget what for, but I donated about a dozen Silver Dollar Surveys for Clark to sign, figuring people who attended might bid on some one of a kind Clark Weber memorabilia. I have no idea if anyone bid or how much they sold for. They, as the rest of us, have nothing but fond memories of Mother Weber's Oldest Son. I've also corresponded with him a couple times here in FH. While I've had a couple of surveys from Clark's time in Milwaukee,  I think they're gone, but attached is the first WLS Silver Dollar Survey that mentions Clark. Good luck Clark.
Jack Levin
Thanks, Jack.  I'm also including a survey Jack sent me a couple of weeks ago from radio station WVOL out of Nashville, featuring a young Oprah Winfrey, who was the weather girl at the station.  (She was inducted into The Illinois Broadcasting Hall Of Fame in 2011 along with Bob Newhart!)  kk

Speaking of autographed surveys ...

If you talk to him can you ask him he would be so kind as to sign a couple of surveys?  That would be great!  Thank you.
Bill Hengels
Let's see if he responds ... I'm just afraid that a couple will soon turn into a dozen and then into 50 or 100 ... but I'm leaving this in his hands!  (kk) 

My family used to vacation for two weeks in Wisconsin every summer.  Clark and his family went to the same resort at the same time and my parents became friendly with the Webers. 
I remember that Clark's wife, Joan, was a wonderful lady and his two daughters were gorgeous.
I was probably around 12 to 14 at this time and music meant so much to me.
To know someone like Clark Weber, with his affiliation to rock and roll, impressed me more than knowing the President of the USA would have impressed me at that time.
Clark was a great guy ... very friendly and never upset with my constant questions about music and bands.
The thing I couldn't understand was how someone like Clark Weber could be so totally cool while my parents, who were similar in age, could be the squarest two people walking on the face of the Earth.
Go figure!
May God bless Clark and give him many more years of good health!
Thank you
Steve Sarley
I met Clark Weber through your connection and I thank you for that, Steve ... what a wonderful guy.  He has shared so much with me over the years ... and has been a HUGE supporter of our efforts here at Forgotten Hits.  (kk)   

Having moved into the range of Chicago radio in 1966, I was one of the multitude who enjoyed the wit and engaging style of Emperor Clark Weber over WLS and then WCFL when he moved there in 1969.  Clark was what I would call an "anchor voice" at both stations -- one of those compelling personalities who defined the image and appeal of The Big 89, Super 'CFL and Chicagoland Top 40 radio in total.  And while in 1973 I moved from the Midwest to L.A. (to find out if what the Beach Boys said about California girls was true), I've never been far from Clark's picture -- as it is on both sides of one of the oldies albums I've played the most on the air over the years: The WLS "Treasure Tunes" LP.
Gary Theroux 
"The History of Rock 'n' Roll"