Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Sunday Comments ( 12 - 13 - 15 )

Kent -  
Glad you made it to see Richard Marx. The guy is an incredibly talented songwriter who has adapted along the way, as witnessed by hit songs he wrote for Luther Vandross and 'N Sync.   
I had the pleasure of interviewing him in 2012 and, just as you witnessed at the concert, he had lots of great stories and was incredibly down-to-earth. "Hazard" is also one of my favorites. That's a real town in Nebraska, but he had never been there or heard of it: he called the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce, and they faxed over a list of cities that he could choose from (the things we had to do before the internet ...).  
I also thought it was interesting that while Joe Walsh played the riff on "Don't Mean Nothing," Richard wrote it, so he was essentially vocalizing the notes for Walsh to play.  
Here's the full interview:  
Be Well,  
Carl Wiser    
That's a great interview, Carl ... thanks for sending.  
I've been a fan since that first single and this was actually the second time I've seen him perform live in concert.  (The first was at Schaumburg's Septemberfest a few years ago, where he had a full band.)  The acoustic show was nice ... and shows conclusively just how strong this material is that it can be performed so effectively in this type of setting ... but some of his songs demand more in the way of musical support and vocalization.  Still, it looks like he released an album or two of acoustic renditions a few years back that I'll have to check out one of these days.  (kk)

Wow, that was a great review of the Richard Marx concert.  I'm not sure I would have been inclined to go see him before but your description of the show now has me curious.  Will have to wait and see if he's playing in the St. Louis area next year.  
He's a true, under-appreciated talent ... and you honestly forget just how many hits he's had and been involved with until you hear him performing them all in this type of setting.  If he hits your area, get your tickets ... you won't be disappointed.  (kk)   

I really enjoyed the Richard Marx show at the Genesee.  I've always liked his music and seeing him perform his hits in this intimate setting was a real joy.  
As I've said before, the true strength of a good song is the way it sounds when it's stripped down to its most basic form ... Richard says he prefers to compose without the use of an instrument as he feels working with either a guitar or piano limits what he can hear in his head (which is usually the fully realized production).  All I can say is it's definitely working!  (kk)

Fans who grew up loving the sounds of Chicago '60's rock and roll were not disappointed with this week's airing of WTTW-PBS's airing of "Cornerstones Of Rock".  All our of Local Heroes / Rock Royalty were well represented ... The Ides Of March, The Shadows Of Knight, The American Breed, The Cryan' Shames, The New Colony Six and The Buckinghams ... along with a tribute to Aliotta, Hayne and Jeremiah's "Lake Shore Drive".  (The heavily promoted tribute to Chase was cut from the program for some reason.  Instead, we got a full ensemble reading of "Louie Louie" over the end credits.)   
Also appearing were The Standells ("Dirty Water") and The McCoys (doing a way-too-long, over-extended version of their #1 Hit "Hang On Sloopy").  The Ides even kicked off the show with Music Explosion's 1967 Summer Anthem "Little Bit O'Soul".  
Out of towners who were unable to see the program (it's supposed to air nationally after the first of the year) can purchase the concert dvd (which features additional performances and interviews), the live cd from the show and/or a cd featuring the original recordings of many of these hits) ... and also help donate to PBS in the process by visiting  
(Please Note:  these will not ship until February of next year)  
And, speaking of next year, fans will have the chance to catch these same artists performing in The Cornerstones Of Rock shows at various venues throughout the midwest, including The Arcada Theatre on March 19th and May 1st at The North Shore Center for Performing Arts in Skokie.  (Tickets are selling fast for both appearances as these, too, were offered as part of the PBS Pledge Drive.)   
Thanks to this special television event and The Benefit Concert for Marty Grebb earlier this year, tere is a genuine excitement for the music that came out of Chicago in the '60's again ... and I think once this program starts airing nationally, this will continue to grow ... a "heightened awareness" if you will that should generate a resurgence of interest in all these great local acts.  Let's hope this means more radio airplay and more concert appearances for all parties concerned.  This was a GREAT time in music ... and ALL of these guys played a huge part in that.  (And hey, here's hoping The American Breed can perform more than just one song this time around!  You guys need to relearn "Step Out Of Your Mind" for the live shows ...  what a great track that was!  (kk)

Thank you, Kent, for the front page news!!! 

$149.50 ppd for the CD / DVD combo. Available in 4 - 6 weeks. I ordered it.  
A big year for our Chicagoland Heroes.   

Too bad no tribute of Chase on the show.  Who was the young man on the piano for LSD?  
Mike De Martino  
We received several inquiries about "the young man on the piano" as well as the featured violin soloist during "Lake Shore Drive".  
"The young man on the piano" was none other than Jim Peterik's son, Colin ... who rocked it all night long.  The strings and brass highlighted so many of the songs performed that night.  The featured soloist on "Lake Shore Drive" was referred to by Peterik as "Cheech" on stage.  Nobody I talked to seemed to know her real name for sure ... and the end credits whipped by so quickly I couldn't catch it there either ... but she was amazing.   
I asked around but Jim Peterik never responded, Jim "Hooke" Pilster admitted that he fell asleep before the end  credits rolled (lol) and Skip Haynes THOUGHT her name was Ann Harris ... so that's what I'm going with for right now until somebody can offer more clarification.  
Speaking of Skip Haynes (who flew in special for this to perform "Lake Shore Drive" with The Ides and Ted Aliotta), he also told me that in all the years he's performed his classic hit song this was the first time that he EVER did it live on stage with violin accompaniment.  Amazing!  (kk) 

And, speaking of great Chicago news, FH Reader Tom Cuddy sends us this tidbit from Jeff Giles ...   

The fans have spoken, and they want Chicago in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 
With an impressive 37,666,962 votes, the veteran horn-assisted ensemble has bested all competitors to earn the 2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominee Fan Vote. According to the Rock Hall’s official site, Chicago’s final tally was good for 23.41 percent of the total, giving the band an easy victory over fellow hopeful inductees such as Yes (at No. 2 with 16.2 percent) and the Cars (No. 3, 16.14 percent). The board will announce next year’s official nominees next week.  
Are you kidding me???  It was a frickin' LANDSLIDE!!!  37 1/2 million votes?!?!?  Proves once again how out of touch the nominating committee truly is to allow an oversight like this to persist for so many years.  (Hey, I hope Chicago, Yes and The Cars ALL get into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame this year ... I voted for every single one of them!)   
Listen to this message loud and clear ... the nominating committee needs to reassess their criteria for consideration ... FAR too many great, landmark acts have been overlooked for FAR too long.  It's time to recognize what The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is supposed to be ... and make it MEAN something again!!!  (kk)   

re:  TOP TEN SHOWS OF 2015:  
Thanks so much for including me in your top ten list ... I loved working in the Chicago area again and I'm honored to be included with the other great performers on your list.
Lou Christie   

Proud to have hosted 3 of the top 5!  
Ron Onesti - President / CEO - The Arcada Theatre  
(Unfortunately, also the WORST show of the year ... but that clearly wasn't YOUR fault!!!  lol)  
Thanks for another great year of entertainment, Ron ... we loved it!  
And you've already got so many great artists booked for 2016 that we can't wait to come out and see these shows! Check out the 2016 line-up so far ... and get your tickets early ... many of these shows are sure to sell out quickly!  (kk)  

I agree with many of your "Top Concert" selections but you do have one glaring omission. Please, my rock 'n roll buddy, think again and toss "The Family Stone Experience" at Ron Onesti's Arcada on your top 10 scorecard.
In some respects the evening of musical celebration evokes a vibe of sadness given that legendary horn player Cynthia Robinson passed away last month due to cancer. However, it will be years before I forget her shrieking, "All the Squares go Home" as the band performed "Dance to the Music."
Now, for those who might be unaware, just what is the Family Stone Experience?
A collection of singers and musicians who passionately delivered two frenetic hours of rock, soul and irrepressible funk.  Cynthia was one of three original Sly and the Family Stone members who were part of the act. The group also featured its own "Sly Stone" who was a drop dead ringer for THE Sylvester Stewart but the band's ignition switch was a youthful chick singer who's on stage sexuality
and vocals were so richly orgasmic that you couldn't help but fall in love with her.
The band went through the bulk of the "Stone" musical treasure chest with the KO punch being "Music Lover" the song that blew the cover off the ball at Woodstock.
Book it, this was the most enjoyable concert I saw all year, made just that much more special by the intimacy of the Arcada.
"Wanna take you higher"....
Chet Coppock
author: Buffone - Monster of the Midway
Unfortunately I didn't see that show so it can't make MY list - but I am happy to sing your praises once again!  
Here's Chet's original review as it ran on Forgotten Hits:  
bless u big guy  

I love and hate this station.  Right idea but WAYYYYY too much of the same artists over and over. They are super-obsessed with James Taylor and Carole King (love them, but not obscure songs never played on radio back then).  They also play other artists over and over and over.  I have heard Solitary Man by Neil Diamond more on that station than when it was new.  There are tens of thousands of songs from the eras they play that fit their format ... but alas, I have to hear Flashdance five times a week and non-hit Loggins and Messina songs (they only had one top 10 hit). I hope they get over their obsessions with certain artists ... they are like other stations playing Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber every hour only with oldie artists ... we don't want that! 
Frannie says it's still her "go to" station ... but finds herself turning it off more than ever.  I mentioned the other day that they have dropped from my first button to my sixth.  They have truly lost their way ... the majority of what they're playing today is neither "timeless" or "memorable" ... and the repeats are annoying as hell.  (Previously they boasted about a playlist of 2500 - 3000 songs ... what happened to them all?  There is absolutely NO reason to be repeating the same tracks to the degree that they do now.  Instead of standing out as the exception to the rule, they're now just like every other radio station in town ... and they had SO much potential when they first started out ... it is SO upsetting to see how far they have fallen off the path.  What happened to your original vision, Neal???
Coworkers who LOVED the station tell me that they don't listen at all anymore.  And yet, despite all these aggravations, I swear that at least five or six times a week they still COMPLETELY blow me away with a surprise new "add" that I haven't heard on the radio in decades. 
They need direction ... they need to decide exactly what they want to be and then zero in on that and make it the best station on the dial for that niche.  Kenny Rankin singing the trumpet part to "Penny Lane"?  How is THAT timeless or memorable?  And let's not forget the INCREDIBLY popular Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 version of "Day Tripper", the Jose Feliciano version of "California Dreamin'" and he Mamas and the Papas' version of "My Girl" ... who can forget the way that these timeless classics raced up the charts??? (not!)  Peter Allen doing "The More I See You"?  It never even charted Top 100 ... and despite Neal Sabin's argument that "it was an adult contemporary hit", it didn't reach The Top 40 there either!!!  A bunch of Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell and Barbra Streisand obscure album tracks???  NOBODY wants to hear this shit.  You're losing your core audience ... and without them (and the continued good word of mouth) you aren't going to pick up ANY new listeners.  Get this thing back on tract stat before ALL your listeners are gone.  (Jeez ... I find myself listening to K-Hits more than I listen to Me-TV-FM these days ... how wrong is THAT?!?!?)  kk 

And, in other radio news ...  

I thought you should know about this: 
Cutbacks at K-Elf, The Official Radio Station of Santa Claus ...  

Kent ... 
I think that WLS is to you what WCBS is to me.  
Frank B.  
Just looking at this one single YouTube page you'll find lots of WLS tributes posted.  Yes, it was a very special and magical time ... unfortunately a bygone day in radio (as witnessed on daily basis for several years now).  Sure, there are still bright spots here and there ... but by and large we live in an era where the deejays are told to just shut up and play the music ... or have been replaced altogether by automated systems.  So sad ... we all had our favorites back in the day ... and there most certainly was a time when the disc jockeys were every bit as popular as the artists themselves. (kk)   

We mentioned Freddy Cannon's 76th Birthday last week in Forgotten Hits ... big fan (and close personal friend) Tom Cuddy sent us this to share with our readers ...

In 2000: Bobby Vee, Brian Hyland, Little Eva, Johnny Tillotson and Freddy

Freddy today

In 1964 at WMEX, Arnie “Woo Woo” Ginsburg, the legendary 
Boston DJ who recommended Swan Records sign Freddy

Freddy's feelin' great ... and will soon be hitting the high seas as part of The Malt Shop Memories Cruise!  And check out this line-up!!!  In addition to Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon, you get Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Dionne Warwick, Ronnie Spector, The Lettermen, The Miracles, The Skyliners, The Brooklyn Bridge, Jay Siegel's Tokens, Bill Haley, Jr. and his Comets, and "Girls Night Out", featuring Shirley Alston Reeves, The Crystals and The Chiffons!  Jerry Blavat will be on hand to MC the whole thing ... as well several Elvis impersonators.  Sounds like a really good time! More info here: (kk)  

And, speaking of cruisin' ...   

re:  CRUISIN':  
Hello Kent,
As the years fly by, it's no wonder that some memories fall through the cracks, like where or when we obtained certain beloved LP's, Cassettes, or CD's.
The "Cruisin' Series" was a marvelous compilation of Americana from the early days of broadcast radio and Rock 'N Roll in particular. I recall finding my first few CD versions of the series in local stores long since gone, and my eagerness to obtain the complete set. The cover art and the featuring of specific DJ's and their respective cities 'INCREASED' my enjoyment of our music. (Italicized since Increase Records was the original manufacturer.)
The original set was on LPs but I only encountered the series after they had gone to CD and the publishing rights were owned by a different company. I completed my set via the internet, which wasn't available when the first set was issued so here is another volume that fellow reader Larry may or may not posses, but it adds an additional album cover to the complete collection. The full fabric of the music experience is nowadays lost with downloading of songs without Cover Art or liner notes.

All these covers chronicle the changes in society as the years went by.

re:  THIS AND THAT:   
Lou Christie is pleased to announce the release of The Soldier, A CD benefiting HOPE FOR THE WARRIORS Recorded by the legends of Pittsburgh Rock & Roll!!!   
Lou Christie (who was just named one of our Ten Best Concerts of 2015) has a new release coming out, joining forces with several fellow Pittsburgh area natives on an EP whose sales will benefit The Hope for the Warrior Foundation. He joins Donnie Iris and Jimmy Ross from The Jaggerz (of "The Rapper" fame), The Skyliners' Jimmy Beaumont and Pirates manager Clint Hurdle on the original song "The Soldier." The disc adds Lou's classic recording of "O Holy Night."  
The first thing I would like to do is to thank everyone who participated in this wonderful cause to give back to the men and women who have put their lives on the line for all of us who are Americans. I don't know how many wars we have to be involved in but all the thanks must go to anyone who has helped make our lives safer.  
When we first started this project anyone I asked to join me in recording this song immediately responded "Where and When", no strings attached. Clint Hurdle from the  Pittsburgh Pirates does the intro. The first verse was shared by me, Jimmy Ross (The Jaggerz) and Donnie Iris. The chorus takes over with Johnny Angel, Pete Hewlett, Jimmy Beaumont (The Skyliners), Joe Grushecky, my brother Pete Sacco and Greg Scharpf.  Second verse was done by Jimmy Beaumont and me. Eddie Manion from Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band plays sax throughout.  Jack Hunt, Joe Marini on drums and percussion, George Marcinko on guitar and Greg Scharpf on bass guitar make up the rest of the band. Greg is also the writer of this tribute song, The Soldier. 100 percent of the sales, every penny, is a gift of thanks to The Hope for the Warrior Foundation. 
Enjoy the song and say "Yes. I can help". 
Lou Christie 
This CD can be purchased by logging on the website:   

Speaking of new releases, our FH Buddy Ron Dante just sent me this nice piece of news ...    

Hi Kent -
My friends Tony Burrows and songwriter David Martin have gotten together to make a special single. It's called "Golden Yearz" and it features me, Tony Burrows and songwriter David Martin singing about our hit records.
The name we have chosen is "The Naimz" especially since Tony and I have  recorded under so many different group names.
Tony, of course was Edison Lighthouse, First Class and Brotherhood of Man. As you know, I was The Archies and Cuff Links.
David Martin, the writer of the song also wrote "Can't Smile Without You" for Barry Manilow which I produced.
Golden Yearz is now available on today.
All the best and enjoy.
I've heard this track and it's a whole lot of fun ... now how the heck do we get you, Tony and some of the other great voices out to Chicago for a concert?  (Ron Onesti ... are you reading this???)  kk
Thanks Kent!
I would love to bring in a show there with Tony and myself.
Have a great weekend my friend.

KC and the Sunshine Band have released their first-ever Christmas record, "A Sunshine Christmas" ...

Kent ...
Ron Smith strikes again ...
12/10/1985 = Chuck Negron is fired from Three Dog Night by Danny Hutton and Cory Wells.
Frank B.
Wow, the 30th anniversary!!!  Unreal!  (kk)   

Kent -  
I have a quite conundrum this "Holiday" season. I don't know what I'm going to do, to get in the holiday season mood, now that Darlene Love won't be singing Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) on Late Night w/ David Letterman. It was a yearly tradition for me that when she sang that song I would finally get into the holiday mood.  I guess I will try and find a version on You Tube. Last year she said that she won't sing the song on tv anymore now that Dave's gone. I would get quite emotional after she sang the song and could finally relax and enjoy the holidays.  
It just won't be the same!    


The tradition began in 1986 when Love first performed "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" on Letterman's Late Night program on NBC, and while a small four-piece band backed the "He's a Rebel" singer for that rendition, the size of the performances have increased throughout the years, with 2014's version of the 1963 Christmas favorite one of the largest ensembles yet: Nearly a dozen backup singers, strings, a horn section and Love – still sounding as vibrant as she did in 1986 – all recreating the track's Wall of Sound production.
The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer delivers her penultimate verse atop band leader Paul Shaffer's piano and stays up for the remainder of the segment. The move was triumphant, poignant and strategic: Love would later reveal to the New York Times that she hopped up there to avoid embracing Letterman during the performance, because she was concerned she'd break down in tears; the two just shake hands instead.
Don't expect the new Late Show host Stephen Colbert to keep this holiday tradition alive: Love also told the newspaper that she'd never perform "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" on television again after Letterman's retirement. "People say, '[Letterman] can't demand that,'" Love said. "I say, 'He's not demanding.' I made a point myself, and I want to do it just for David."
Earlier in the week, the Late Show posted a montage of Love's Christmas performances for Letterman over the years. "One thing about Mr. Letterman – he hates Christmas and holiday novelty songs," Shaffer told the New York Times. "I could never play ‘Monster Mash’ on Halloween." However, Letterman approved of Love's song "because of Darlene's soul."
Love announced last year that this would be her last television performance of her holiday classic because she wouldn't perform it on any other television show after David Letterman retired, due to its rich 30 year tradition of performances on Dave's show.
But you CAN still hear her perform it ... and rescue your holiday from the Bah! Humbug! doldrums ... by catching Darlene Love perform the song LIVE at The Genesee Theatre next week ...
We've heard from a few readers who are going ... this should be quite a show.  (And, if you REALLY want to liven things up, you can also catch Ronnie Spector, who'll be doing HER Christmas Show at The Arcada Theatre TONIGHT at 7 pm!
ALWAYS some great shows happening here in Chicago ... looks like we've SAVED The Holidays once again!!! (kk)

MICKY DOLENZ brought a Monkee Christmas Friday night to Jackson Rancheria in California. 
The show was Dolenz's final solo show of the year and in January he appears with fellow musician Peter Noone in a series of discussions about their illustrious careers.  
Also, come January, Dolenz will begin to officially celebrate The Monkees' s 50th anniversary. 

(photo by Lora Evans)

Here's a recent interview with Jim Stafford, done by Jeremy Roberts.  (Now if we could only track down Jim's ex-wife Bobbie Gentry!!!)

A certain singer from Winnipeg did this tune under a pseudonym, appeared on his buddies, The MacLean comedy record.  Didn't know if you've ever heard this.  Might not be able to post it on FH, I'm afraid.

Hey, we're pretty ballsy here ... yep, I've had this in my library for quite awhile now.  We're showing off Burton Cummings' "soft and sensitive" side on this one!  (He's just gotta be a really fun guy to hang around with!!!)  
He placed fourth on this year's best concert list ... 

Speaking of which ...  

Stevie Wonder took top honors in our recent Ten Best Concerts of 2015 Series for performing his entire "Songs In The Key Of Life" album from start to finish at The United Center.  Now comes word that Bruce Springsteen is going on tour (and coming to the same venue here in Chicago on January 19th) performing HIS double album set, "The River" from 1980.  (Like Wonder, The Boss is expected to close the show with several other fan favorites.)  The complete tour list is shown below: 

  • 01/16 – Pittsburgh, PA – Consol Energy Center
  • 01/19 – Chicago, IL – United Center
  • 01/24 – New York, NY – Madison Square Garden Arena
  • 01/27 – New York, NY – Madison Square Garden Arena
  • 01/29 – Washington, DC – Verizon Center
  • 01/31 – Newark, NJ – Prudential Center
  • 02/01 – Saint Paul, MN – Xcel Energy Center
  • 02/02 – Toronto, ON – Air Canada Centre
  • 02/04 – Boston, MA – TD Garden
  • 02/08 – Albany, NY – Times Union Center
  • 02/10 – Hartford, CT – XL Center
  • 02/12 – Philadelphia, PA – Wells Fargo Center
  • 02/16 – Sunrise, FL – BB&T Center
  • 02/18 – Atlanta, GA – Philips Arena
  • 02/21 – Louisville, KY – KFC Yum! Center
  • 02/23 – Cleveland, OH – Quicken Loans Arena
  • 02/25 – Buffalo, NY – First Niagara Center
  • 02/27 – Rochester, NY – Blue Cross Arena
  • 03/03 – Milwaukee, WI – BMO Harris Bradley Center
  • 03/06 – St. Louis, MO – Chaifetz Arena
  • 03/10 – Phoenix, AZ – Talking Stick Resort Arena
  • 03/13 – Oakland, CA – Oracle Arena
  • 03/15 – Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena
  • 03/17 – Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena
Kent ...
Bobby Darin appears on "What's My Line?" = 12/9/1962.
Aren't you glad I bought Ron Smith's book?
Frank B.
Hey, don't let Frank have all the fun ... YOU guys can buy Ron Smith's book, too ... "Eight Days A Week:  Births, Deaths And Events Each Day In Oldies History" right here:   

Got this from a brand new FH Reader ... 

Randy Price sent us a copy of the chart you're looking for, which I've posted below.
As for the Andy Williams Philippines single, I've got no reference source for that one ... and have gone to two of our most reliable sources but still came up empty.  But don't give up yet ... I wouldn't be at all surprised if one of our readers doesn't come up with something for you.  We run a periodic "Helping Out Our Readers" column and I'll bet you we're batting about 90%.  (Or should I more accurately say FH Reader Tom Diehl is batting about 90% ... this guy seems to find EVERYTHING!!!)  kk
While looking over today's survey from KEWB, your posting of the tune SANDY by Ronny and the Daytonas just goes to show that that group had other records than G.T.O., which is another record one does not hear on the radio anymore. The record that sort of stuck out with me was the one that came in at #16, that being the instrumental HARLEM NOCTURNE by the Viscounts. Without checking, I believe this record came out initially in 1960 and made the charts and surveys a second time five years later. Why it was re-released years later, I do not know. 
I've always thought "Sandy" was one of those great, over-looked records of the '60's ... loved it since the first time I heard it ... yet completely forgotten by radio for years now.
Over the years there have been several instances of record companies releasing the same single multiple times ... evidently trying to capture the mood of a certain period in time.  Sometimes it works ... most times it doesn't.  "Harlem Nocturne" first peaked at #28 in early 1960 for The Viscounts.  It then returned to The Top 40 five years later, going to #39 in 1965.  (kk)   

FH Reader Shelley Tufano sent us this ad ... coffee for your ear hole anybody???

Dear Friends and Fans of America's Premier Musical Family,
Gary Pig Gold's look at 45 Cowsill Things has just appeared anew in New York Waste Magazine!
Here is its virtual address ... please feel more than free, one and all, to read, reprint, re-post,
quote from and / or Link to ...

Ringo's copy of The Beatles White Album sold for big bucks last week ... check out this article from Vintage Vinyl News ...

And, speaking of The Beatles, be sure to check out our special salute to "Rubber Soul" next week in Forgotten Hits.  The landmark Beatles album is celebrating its 50th Anniversary right now.  This is the album that spurred Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys to do the "Pet Sounds" album ... which spurred The Beatles to record "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" ... which spurred ... well, you get the idea!!! (Which spurred literally EVERYTHING else ... and changed forever the way albums were made.)  Be sure to check it out, next week in Forgotten Hits!  (kk)

Hi Kent -  
Really looking forward to the Chicago Groups Special this Thursday on Channel 11!  
Enjoyed reading about Hank Ballard. It is true Chubby's "The Twist" got a lot of airplay from Dick Clark because he was involved in Chubby's career. But in the early years of American Bandstand, they always had a 'Dance Contest" and the viewers would send in their votes for the best dance couple.  One year Dick featured Hank Ballard and the Midnighters  song "Finger Poppin' Time" so it was played every day on American Bandstand throughout the summer!!  What a GREAT tune that was. Hank was a true rock pioneer.  I never got to see him perform live, although he did make an appearance at Fitzgerald's in Berwyn, IL, and shortly thereafter he passed away.  
As for your info on bicycles, you mentioned the Schwinn and the Huffy with the radio but don't forget the Monarch. I was the proud owner of a chartreuse green Monarch and had hub caps, a saddlebag, a groovy horn built in where the Huffy had the radio, and a head light! Wish I still had it but I sold it in a garage sale!  
Long Live Chicago Rock!  
Thanks for all the Memories, Kent!!! 

Want a little fuzz for Christmas?
Then register now to win a pair of autographed CD's from our FH Buddy Davie Allan!
Davie sent us autographed copies of his two latest CD's ... "King Of The Fuzz Guitar" and "Davie Allan and the Arrows 50th Anniversary" ...
Just send us an email with Davie Allan in the subject line and we'll enter you for a chance win BOTH CD's!  But hurry ... 'cause we're going to pick the winner next weekend!  (kk)

And be watching later this week when we'll have another great Forgotten Hits give-away offer!  Stay tuned!  (kk)