Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Sunday Comments ( 04 - 03 - 16 )

re:  SWEET 16 / THE MONKEES:  
Excellent column today!!!  
David Salidor   

Thanks for the Sweet Monkees 16.  There were so many good songs that The Monkees cranked out over their TV seasons.  Papa Gene's Blues and Saturday's Child were two other hits that probably just missed your sweet 16 list, right???  Anyways, one interesting factoid about The Monkees I came across was during the airing of a Monkees episode over the weekend on AntennaTV:  There was an episode (Season 1, Episode 15, aired Dec, 1966) about a TV Talent show, where Davy was to help make a certain girl a star.  As always, the other three had wacky "acts" that performed on the show as well. In a haphazard melody, Mike Nesmith comes up with his guitar an rambles off some lyrics that were actually the lyrics to his future hit, "Different Drum", which would climb the charts the following year by Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poneys.  Uncle T. JayThe Vinyl ArkhivesKAFM Radio  
Yep!  Papa Nez actually featured little bits and pieces of "Different Drum" TWICE on The Monkees' television series ... but you've got to be paying pretty close attention to pick them up.  (At the time they meant virtually NOTHING to us ... but it IS pretty cool in hindsight!)  
SO many great album tracks to pick from ... I probably could have come up with a dozen "ties" for #16 on the list!  (kk)  

Got a few comments about a track left off the list ...

So here are the last "words" on that ...    

Gotta have "Words" in there somewhere.  
Clark Besch    

That's a nice job on listing the 16 best known songs of the Monkees.  I would have probably nixed Randy Scouse Git for either Goin Down or Words, which was the flip of Pleasant Valley Sunday, but the reason I bought the single.  I also agree that their version of Stepping Stone is the much better known rendition, but give me Mark Lindsey's vocals over Micky's any day.  
Nice list, keep up the great work. 
Randy Monk    

Hi Kent,   
I absolutely love your website, and I especially enjoyed your Monkees tribute on March 29th.   
But, in counting down the Top 16 “best-known” songs, did you forget about “Words’, the flipside to “Pleasant Valley Sunday”, which reached #11 on Billboard?  I really enjoyed Micky’s performance on that song.  I know your list was subjective, but doesn’t “Words’ belong in there somewhere?    
Thanks for all you do.    
Ian N. Berger   

Believe it or not "Words" hasn't held up as well as some of the others.  
I still remember it being the intended (and original) A-Side of The Monkees' new single that summer ... which made sense at the time since it was a Boyce and Hart tune ... but "Pleasant Valley Sunday" completely overtook it on the charts.  While it was cool to hear Micky and Peter trade off vocals on "Words" (something that rarely happened ... although they DID do it again on our #16 selection, "Shades Of Gray"), it hasn't aged well ... nor has it retained the familiarity of some of the other tracks we featured.  
Believe me, I struggled with this one since it was such a big hit ... but honestly I think today "Words" would fall behind their 1986 comeback hit "That Was Then, This Is Now" as well as lesser-known (and remembered) singles tracks like "D.W. Washburn", "Listen To The Band" (a GREAT record that just didn't do very well on the charts) and maybe even B-Sides like "Goin' Down" and "The Girl I Knew Somewhere" ... not to mention GREAT album tracks like "What Am I Doing Hangin' 'Round", "Sometime In The Morning" (another personal favorite), "She Hangs Out", "No Time", "Forget That Girl" and even "Gonna Buy Me A Dog" ... NONE of which made the list due to the restriction of only being able to list sixteen tracks.  But that doesn't mean we can't feature it today! (kk)

In '76 I took a songwriting seminar from Tommy Boyce. He was a good guy. It was a shock when he took his own life.

Gary Myers  
Be sure to check out our complete Boyce and Hart series on the official Forgotten Hits webpage.  (You'll also find a great interview with Bobby Hart there!)  kk    

re:  SWEET 16 / I PITY THE FOOL ... :  
I liked your "Fool" list of songs.  I think you left out the one by the Tams ... the original "What Kinda Fool Do You Think I Am?" but you pretty much got every other 'fool song' so no worries!  

Hi Kent,  
Hard to just put 16 songs, I know, but, for the last few years, Sirius played the heck out of THE FOOL by SANFORD CLARK, almost making it seem like a hit again.  It was first a hit in 1956, written by Lee Hazelwood (from Nancy Sinatra fame, etc).   
Bill Deal is always fun, but The Tams' original version of What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am is also great.    
Thanks for all you do with Forgotten Hits!   
Again, within the confines of only sixteen tracks it's hard to hit everybody's favorites ... if you look at our "April Fool's" coverage from 2013 you'll see that we did 19 hours of "foolish tracks" (and ended the night with "The Fool" by Sanford Clark, as a matter of fact!)  We also featured BOTH hit versions of "What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am" as well as similarly titled hits by Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb, Rick Springfield and Sammy Davis Jr. 
Unfortunately you can't listen to ANY of them now because these were all tracks put up on the site by DivShare, which is apparently now defunct.  (One of these days I'm going to have to go thru the site and clean some of this up ... but with over 2500 postings to date ... and new ones coming out nearly every day, it would probably take me well over a year to do so.)  kk

Like you, I was disappointed that there were no "happy" songs in this new Emitt CD.  That said, I don't think he was soured on life and the industry when he wrote his pre-1972 songs.  Now, like many of us, he has gone through life and love's trails and tribulations and these songs were apparently written over the decades, so it is sad often, but also interesting to hear what he has to say.  The lyrics tell the stories so well, often giving us very visual perceptions.  The music is just perfect and the band and sound as well are great.  I understand your disappointment not finding an uplifting song very often in here, but the songs are indeed VERY good.  
Emitt was to be at Austin's great SXSW music festival, but collapsed 3 weeks ago and is staying home recovering.  A great talent then and now and like you, I hope he comes up with more, but just glad to have this after so many years.  
BTW, just got my new Emitt album on VINYL with gatefold cover yesterday along with the "Cornerstones of Rock" DVD.  Talk about a good day!   
Emitt's had 40+ years to get over whatever record industry issues he may have had.  A bittersweet song or two would have been plenty ... but after this long of a layoff, I was thinking his comeback CD would offer "the best of the best" of what he's written over that 40 year period ... something that would REALLY grab some audience attention.  If this is it, it's pretty disappointing.
I agree with you ... the sound and musicianship on this LP is outstanding ... I believe the artists who participated a true Emitt Rhodes fans and did the best they could with what they were given to work with.
I was excited to hear that he was going to perform live at the South By Southwest Festival ... thought he might be inspired again to get some live, audience reaction.  When I heard about his collapse I must admit I had mixed emotions.  Three weeks later he still can't travel?  Or was it nerves and apprehension about singing live again after all this time.  (I don't think he made ANY live appearances during the height of his solo career, did he?)  As such, this had to be a VERY big deal.
Unfortunately now we'll never know what he would have done ... mix in some of the old favorites with the new tracks?  What kind of response would he have gotten?  Would the audience reaction have been enough to inspire him to get right back into the studio to work on the follow-up LP?  I guess we'll never know.
Believe me, NOBODY could be happier than me to hear that Emitt was recording again.  He made a HUGE impact on my life ... I literally played his first Dunhill LP over a thousand times ... in fact, it's back in my car CD player right now!!!  A lot of the reviews I've read said "Don't compare the new CD to what he's done in the past ... just judge it for what it is."  Fair enough ... I gave his latest effort a "3" out of 10.  What he needed was for the comeback album to blow the doors off ... and, unfortunately, "Rainbow's End" just isn't it.  (kk)    

One of the most requested Bubblegum songs on my program over the past many years has been 'Quick Joey Small' by  Kaesnetz-Katz Singing Orchestral Circus.  That is another one that was bigger in some markets.   Gimme Gimme Good Loving by Crazy Elephant also has been a popular request although that was on Bell records.
Phil Nee - WRCO   

Jan & Dean's Popsicle is bubble-gum-ish ... 

I seem to remember Rolling Stone magazine listing 'Layla'  by Derek & The Dominoes as the top loving making song of all time.  I have never tried that one.
How about Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me by Mel Carter? 
Back in the Seventies it was important to have an 8 track or cassette copy of The Best Of Bread.  That seemed to set the mood under the soft glow of the dome light (how romantic)!  
Air Supply provided many an eighties couple with inspiration.
Phil Nee - WRCO
And I supposed Johnny Mathis had to win this honor hands down back in the '50's.  I think he pretty much invented the concept of making out at Lookout Point back then!  (kk)

Hey Kent ...
Just out of curiosity ... I was wondering if you have a top ten romantic songs list.  I remember you used to do reader surveys awhile back. Would you happen to have that list?  I would be interested in seeing it again. 
By the way, how were those three songs mentioned chosen ... I Only Have Eyes For You, Miracles, and Sexual Healing?  There are many songs to set the mood. Any other suggestions?  
Thanks -  
We've never done a favorite "get you in the mood" list ... I'm fine with it if readers want to contribute their favorites.
The three song titles listed came from a guest column written by Chet Coppock that ran about a week ago ... 
Based on the responses we've seen so far, "Miracles" by Jefferson Starship seems to be the readers' favorite.  (kk)

Oooo ... Sexy Time!

Of course for sexy time you need to play the LONG version!!!  (lol)  kk 
How about side one of Beach Boys Today?  
1. Do You Wanna Dance? 
2. Good To My Baby 
3. Don't Hurt My Little Sister (some great covers of this one)
Or Sunflower by the Beach Boys:
1. "Slip On Through" - Dennis Wilson
2. "This Whole World" - Carl Wilson (lead), Brian Wilson (opening line)
3. "Add Some Music To Your Day"
Pray For Surf

re:  PATTY DUKE:  
I always liked Patty Duke as a role model. "No need to be trashy when you are classy." This is something actresses and singers haven't learned yet in this day and age. (I guess since they lack talent.) Duke was an extremely talented actress especially in "The Miracle Worker."  I cried for an hour after I saw this movie for the first time recently.  Her role as Helen Keller was unforgettable and left a big impression on me. God Bless Patty Duke for ALL she gave us as her audience in her starring roles.  And thank you, Patty! Blossmwrld  

A four-cd career retrospective spotlighting Paul McCartney's solo career is scheduled for release on June 10th, the week before Macca turns 74 years old.   

67 tracks spanning his entire solo career (from 1970's self-titled release to the "Hope For The Future" track recorded last year for the "Destiny" video game) ... what now Kanye / Rihanna track?!?! 

A 4-LP vinyl set as well as a condensed 2-CD version will also be released.  

Vintage Vinyl News reports it this way ... and check out this track listing!!!

The solo career of Paul McCartney is about to get a new four-CD retrospective.

Pure McCartney, which will include his solo work along with recordings with Wings and Fireman, will include 67 tracks from his first solo effort,McCartney (1970), to the 2014 track Hope For the Future for the video game Destiny.

McCartney indicates it was a conscious decision to not sequence the album in chronological order. "Me and my team came up with the idea of putting together a collection of my recordings with nothing else in mind other than having something fun to listen to. Maybe it’s to be enjoyed on a long car journey or an evening at home or at a party with friends? So we got our heads together and came up with these diverse playlists from various periods of my long and winding career."

He went on "The word ‘career’ is a bit misleading because to me it has been more like a musical adventure than a proper job. It pleases me, and often amazes me, that I’ve been involved in the writing and recording of so many songs, each of them so different from the others."

In addition to the 4-CD set, there will also be a stripped down 2-CD package along with a 4-vinyl LP box and digital versions. 

Pure McCartney will be released on June 10 via MPL/Concord.

The track lists for the Four-CD Set

Disc 1:  Maybe I’m Amazed / Heart Of The Country / Jet / Warm And Beautiful / Listen To What The Man Said / Dear Boy / Silly Love Songs / The Song We Were Singing / Uncle Albert - Admiral Halsey /  Early Days / Big Barn Bed / Another Day / Flaming Pie / Jenny Wren / Too Many People / Let Me Roll It / New

Disc 2:  Live and Let Die / English Tea / Mull of Kintyre / Save Us / My Love / Bip Bop / Let ‘Em In / Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five / Calico Skies / Hi, Hi, Hi / Waterfalls / Band on the Run / Appreciate / Sing The Changes / Arrow Through Me / Every Night / Junior’s Farm / Mrs Vandebilt

Disc 3:  Say Say Say [2015 Remix] / My Valentine / Pipes of Peace / The World Tonight / Souvenir / Dance Tonight / Ebony and Ivory / Fine Line / Here Today / Press / Wanderlust / Winedark Open Sea / Beautiful Night / Girlfriend / Queenie Eye / We All Stand Together

Disc 4:  Coming Up / Too Much Rain / Good Times Coming-Feel the Sun / Goodnight Tonight / Baby’s Request / With a Little Luck / Little Willow / Only Mama Knows / Don’t Let it Bring You Down / The Back Seat Of My Car / No More Lonely Nights / Great Day / Venus and Mars-Rock Show / Temporary Secretary / Hope For The Future / Junk

As a complete McCartney fanatic, there are a number of replacements (and additions) I would make to this list but it's still a pretty comprehensive set to say the least.  (And if Paul himself was involved in selecting the song line-up, who am I to argue?)
It's just that there are SO many other great songs to choose from that didn't make the cut.  (Was an 8-CD box set out of the question???  lol)  Guess I'll keeping buying the latest releases from "The McCartney Collection" to my own!  (kk)

I'm glad you're enjoying.  I heard from Joel this morning after we ran the announcement about his two new books coming out in May and June ... and he assured me that we'll have a copy of each to give away as well ... so be sure to stay tuned for that!  (I don't think that there has been a day in my life for the past 45 years where I haven't used one of these!)  kk

And, speaking of great Record Research Books ...  

You've got a lot of great stuff on your website and you are very knowledgeable. Would you know of a resource to find the hits of the 70s that didn't crack the Top 20? I think it would an interesting subject. I would hate to have to go through my Billboard Chart book and figure it out.  
Thank you,   
Randy Fields  
The Billboard Chart Book that will put this answer at your fingertips is Joel Whitburn's "Pop Annual" ... it lists EVERY song that charted ... BY YEAR ... ranked by its peak position.  So, all you'd have to do is scale the charts from 1970 - 1979 from #21 upward and you'll have your answer in complete fashion.  Then you can pick and choose the songs you wish to include that best purpose your research.  (kk)  
Here's a link to the most recent edition:

A couple of Burton Cummings news stories, courtesy of Tom Cuddy ...

Vintage Vinyl News is reporting ...

David Cassidy certainly won't be driving the Partridge Family bus ... or any other vehicle for the next five years. 
The singer pleaded no contest on Monday (March 28th) in case that dates back to September when he was involved in a hit-and-run in Florida's Broward County. 
While driving on a highway, witnesses saw Cassidy sideswip a truck and, after looking back, continue driving. 
Police found him and his damaged car later in the day at a hospital where he claimed he had an appointment. 
Cassidy has had a number of DWI charges in the last six years in Florida, New York and California; however, the police could not prove that he had been drinking in this case as he was not found until some time after the accident. 
The sentence for the hit-and-run also includes two years of probation.  If he violates the order, he can go to jail for up to two years. 
According to the Sun-Sentinel, he will be able to leave the state and report to his probation officer via email.  Cassidy is also on probation for five years in California. 
Cassidy's lawyer, Jason Forman, said in a statement "David made a business decision to resolve his misdemeanor offenses today.  He is looking forward to moving on with his life and his career."
Just watched the "Apache" video on your site.
Truly, this is what killed the old west.
As I dancer, I am cringing, but they were flexible in their "native" way.
Shelley J Sweet-Tufano

LOL ... Kent!  
The Apache video was very funny.  I watched it with the sound off ... that make it very funny to me.  Followed by "Whipped Cream and Other Delights."  A good finish Kent!

Kent --
I wonder if you're aware of all the parody covers alluding to Whipped Cream & Other Delights. Attached is one (shades of the "Calendar Girls" film) but if you google "and Other Delights" you'll come up with quite a few others. Not sure if they were all real records; I'm hard pressed to imagine that "Clam Dip and Other Delights" is real. But who knows?
--Jeff Duntemann K7JPD
   Phoenix, AZ

We've run a number of these over the years (including this one ... and one of my favorites, the spaghetti cover!) ... obviously a pop culture inspirational icon.  (kk)

Perfect that you would show the Whipped Cream cover on Herb Alpert's birthday. It was not only a great cover, there were some pretty good Herb Alpert tracks inside.  
Joe Malin 
There was a record inside?!?! 
Featuring it on Herb Alpert's birthday was just one of those happy coincidences ... I had the "Helping Out Our Readers" feature already planned and ready to go and had the last comment not been made about the "Apache" video being shown on the site numerous times, I never would have gone down that road. 
I'm sure it makes me look like a programming genius ... but nothing could be further from the truth!  (lol)  kk  

Thanks for that WCFL information, Kent!  
I will be co-hosting a radio show on Saturday April 16 from 6 - 8 pm CST. We'll be interviewing Dennis Tufano if you want to take a listen that evening or hear it later from the archives which retain it for 2 weeks after the show.  website:  
Thanks again, Kent. 
Joanie Baker 
Dennis is a GREAT guy and has always been a good friend and supporter of our efforts here in Forgotten Hits.  I feel bad that we missed his recent show here in Chicago to raise funds for Taft High School's Arts and Music Program.  He performed their with our favorite local tribute band, The Chicago Experience and I really wanted to see this show.

Our FH Buddy Jack Mongan sent us a couple of photos from the concert (Chris Montez showed up and sang his hit "Let's Dance"!) and the whole thing was posted on Dennis' Facebook Page ... not sure if it's still there or not since I'm not on Facebook ... but if it is, please check it out ... I heard it was a GREAT show!  (kk)

All photos courtesy of ... and copyright by Jack Mongan Photography

And here's Chris Montez, who we saw the following night as part of the Tommy Roe show at The Arcada Theatre. 


What a great lineup for the CFL jocks.  It does not list Ron Riley, who was with CFL in late 68 and early 69, and Lujack's first round in spring, 1967, and Buddy Carr circa mid 68 (at least), as well as others who passed thru quickly.  Sid McCoy's show early on CFL was jazz and featured a guest DJ by the name of a young Yvonne Daniels, later a WLS morning jock-ette.  
Amazing how many WLS jocks went to CFL as soon as master mind, Ken Draper, left.  Even Dex Card was playing the Sound 10 Survey for a short time right after he left WLS in summer 67!  Barney Pip once explained to me years ago that Draper's replacement, Lew Witz, took WLS jocks only to use their name to gain ratings and then discarded them without fanfare.  It was a great, but competitive time.
Clark Besch 
I would love to put together a complete schedule (or as complete as we can come) for both WCFL and WLS for their Top 40 years.  (WLS keeps bringing back many of their vintage AM jocks to work on the FM side so it'd even be cool to recap all of this.) 
I'm sure there are plenty more (and going through the weekly survey charts will probably pinpoint some more specific air shifts ... I just haven't had the time to do so) ... but we welcome the input of any and all Forgotten Hits Readers who can fill in the blanks on this stuff.  (kk)

Speaking of fun stuff on the radio, Scott Shannon assembled the original Morning Zoo Team for a live broadcast of his hot WCBS-FM radio program on April 1st ... and no, it wasn't an April Fool's joke.  This "Morning Zoo" format caught on from coast to coast and, in the early '80's, was a very popular part of the pre-work day of millions of Americans.  You can catch some of the party ... and some cool Morning Zoo memorabilia via the link below.  (kk)  
Kent ... 
I wasn't listening the first time around and that's why I don't know what they're talking about today.   
Frank B.   

Frank B also sent us this cool shot from Scott Shannon's Facebook Page ...

#HappyTogetherBelieve it or not I was out on the golf course this week and happened to spot two happy turtles just hanging out by the lake enjoying the nice weather! (Photo by my pal Chris Baine)

I wonder if their names are Flo and Eddie?  (I sent a copy of this pic to Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman!)  kk
I was released from active duty in the USAF in March of 1964.  I returned to live with my folks in the Los Angeles area.  My dad worked for the State employment office so he got me an interview with a local manufacturing plant.  I landed a spot in the main office as a clerk.
As I was going around meeting the troops, a guy in the mailroom got my attention,  His name was Randy Nauert and in his spare time, he played bass with a local surf band, the Challengers.  When he learned of my radio DJ background, we became instant friends.
I didn't last too long at the job and I was off pursuing my DJ dreams.  Time passed and about 18 months later I was working the all-nite shift on an L.A. FM station.  One evening as I was grabbing  a bite at the local "Bob's Big Boy" before work I looked up and Randy and all the band came walking through the door. 
Randy recognized me so he and the guys joined me in my corner booth.  Introductions were made and we spent the next hour or so telling stories and talking about the music biz.  I had to leave to get to work, so as I was going Randy mentioned that the band was playing the next weekend at the "Orange County World Teen Fair" and I should come out and see them.  That sounded like fun so I promised I'd be there.
I showed up that Saturday evening and found the stage where the band was playing.  As they were finishing their set, Randy saw me in the audience and pointed to the back stage door for me to join him.  When I walked into the "green room" it became one of the most memorable events of my life.
In addition to the Challengers, all the main headliner acts were back there as well.  I managed to walk around and visit with The Dixie Cups ("Chapel Of Love"), Jay & The Americans, Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs and The Righteous Brothers.  I didn't get any real serious talk time but just being in on their various conversations was about all I could handle.  That lasted about 30 minutes and then I was back in the audience and stayed until they all had performed.  A lot of hits and memories in one fantastic evening.
I still e-mail Randy now and then.  He managed to become a player in the L.A. pop music scene and was listed as the producer on at least one national hit, "Junk Food Junkie" by Larry Groce.  Best of all, he was a genuine nice guy and a friend.
Not a day goes by that I don't give thanks for the joy it was to be one of "the good guys" playing "all the hits, all the time" on the radio.  I can't say it was a dream come true, because I never even dreamed it could happen to me as I was growing up with my transistor radio next to my ear.  Thanks for your great work keeping the spirit alive.
Jim Pritchard
(aka "Jim Southern" on the air
and "Chuck Wroste" in local karaoke bars!)

With CBS ready to unload its radio stations nationwide, folks are concerned about the future (or lack thereof) of radio ...

Thought you might find this article interesting:  
Ken Voss  

Here is an interesting article about the state of radio today and how it effects musicians and the listeners.  
So now you know about Clear Channel Communications.  Now read about CBS.  
End of an era: CBS to sell its historic radio division
CBS Corp. is poised to exit the radio business that it helped create.
Eighty-eight years ago, the company's founder, William S. Paley, bought the nascent
Columbia Broadcasting System, and those radio stations became the nucleus of a budding broadcast empire.
But on Tuesday, CBS Chairman and Chief Executive Leslie Moonves said the company was exploring strategic options, including a sale or spinoff, of its entire radio division.
“The aim here is to unlock value for our shareholders,” said Moonves, who made the announcement during an investor day in New York.
R.I.P. Thunderclap Newman who died March 30 
Ken Voss
Thundercap Newman had one big hit ... but it was a great one.  "Something In The Air" has been a classic rock staple ever since.  Pete Townshend of The Who was instrumental in putting the band together ... and their best-known track first appeared as part of the soundtrack to the movie "The Magic Christian", starring Ringo Starr and Peter Sellers.  (Badfinger recorded the Paul McCartney tune "Come And Get It" for the film as well and it became their big breakthrough hit.)  kk

Read some feedback on the "Heaven Scent" jingle / song.  I, too, want to know who sang it and I'm curious about the 1972 song version.  I used to wear the perfume and used the powder all the time.  Missing all.  
Some of our jingles coverage has proven to be the most popular over the years of doing Forgotten Hits ... and the "Heaven Scent" one ranks right near the top of the list (along with "She Lets Her Hair Down".  I don't know that we ever pinned down the artist(s) who recorded it 'though, unless another reader can enlighten me.  
Since most of those song snippets are dead links now, here is another listen to this very popular commercial.  (I remember after featuring it several times in our website discussions my young daughter running around the house singing it for days, too!  A VERY catchy tune!)  kk

Speaking of commercials ... and odd song choices to be used in this fashion ... who would have EVER thought that we'd be hearing "Little Man" by Sonny and Cher again?!?!?
Although it WAS a Top 20 Hit back in 1966, I don't think radio's played it since ... and yet now I hear it at least once or twice a night, EVERY night as part of the new television commercial for Amazon Prime.
(Kinda cool to know that some of these folks still making decisions at the advertising agencies remember and hold dear to their hearts the songs THEY heard growing up.  And it really is a cute little ad!)  kk

Some Charlie Gracie news ...  

CHARLIE GRACIE - Philly's First Native Rock & Roll Star Celebrates BIRTHDAY #80 and YOU'RE INVITED! COME PAY TRIBUTE to the MAN and SHOW SUPPORT for the NEW PHILADELPHIA MUSIC HALL OF FAME as well!
"Charlie Gracie is the first R&R singer to come out of Philly: He started it and made it possible for all the rest of us!"

TICKETS (215) 893-9912
Support the new Philadelphia  Music Hall of Fame! 

Philly's First R&R Star:
CHARLIE GRACIE HEADLINES an ALL STAR CAST of some of ROCKABILLY's  finest performers in MILWAUKEE at the beautiful PATOWATOMI HOTEL & CASINO WEEKEND of MAY 22nd, 2016! Looks like it's gonna' be fun Hope to see you there! 

Hi Kent, 
Been very busy lately - I'm up to my neck learning all the songs from Pet Sounds for Brian's tour of UK, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Israel, NY and New England from May 12 - June 20.  Needless to say, I am thrilled, honored and grateful to be a part of this historic tour!  
Billy Hinsche 
That's awesome news, Billy!  Send us some photos from the road. There are no Chicago dates on the list yet ... any chance they'll be adding any more stops to the line-up?  (kk)
Elk Grove Village has put together another stellar line-up for their summer concert series.  Peter Cetera will kick things off on Monday, The 4th of July, followed by LeAnn Rimes (Tuesday, July 12th), Foreigner (Sunday, July 17th) and Michael McDonald (Tuesday, July 26th).  More details are available thru their website

We're hearing rumblings about a survey collectors show coming up this August in Macomb, Illinois.  Details right now are still a bit sketchy ... but for those of you who enjoyed our last couple years of Survey Spotlight Features (or are collectors yourselves) this might provide the PERFECT opportunity to expand your own collections ... plus meet with other like-minded folks who enjoy the same hobby.  More details to come as I get them.  (kk)