Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 22nd

"Sweet Soul Music" by Arthur Conley moves from #58 to #41, a jump of 17 places, "Tell Me To My Face" by Keith climbs from #73 to #54, a move of 19 places, "Don’t You Care" by The Buckinghams jumps from #95 to #65, a leap of thirty places, "Gonna Give Her All The Love I've Got" by Jimmy Ruffin (brother of Temptations vocalist David Ruffin) climbs from #89 to #66 (that's a 23 point move), "At The Zoo" by Simon and Garfunkel climbs twenty spots from #88 to #68 and "On A Carousel" by The Hollies makes a 17 point leap from #90 to #73.  

The Monkees spend fifteen hours in the recording studio today working on "Early Morning Blues And Greens", "No Time" and "Shades Of Gray" for their upcoming "Headquarters" LP.  (Some will say because the core group weren't really proficient in the recording studio, EVERYTHING took longer than it should have … and even the various band members admitted as much in hindsight.  But still this was a valiant effort to pull together some usable tracks for the LP.  

Principal photography for "Clambake" finally begins in Hollywood.  Meanwhile, Elvis' latest movie, "Easy Come, Easy Go" opens in movie theaters.  (Was anybody really still going to these in 1967?!?!?)  Apparently so … by week's end it will be the #1 Movie at the Box Office!  However overall it is considered to be a stiff, grossing less than $2 million and ranking at #50 at the end of the year's box office receipts.