Monday, April 28, 2008

The Wrecking Crew - Part 1

A few months back we told you about a brand new documentary film that was being made about THE WRECKING CREW, the legendary group of studio musicians who performed on literally THOUSANDS of hit records back in the '60's ... by MOST of our very favorite artists of that era.

Much like STANDING IN THE SHADOWS OF MOTOWN, the EXCELLENT documentary made a few years ago spotlighting the SUPER band of musicians (now known as THE FUNK BROTHERS) who helped DEFINE The Motown Sound, THIS elite group of musicians were FINALLY being given their due.

We had hoped to attend the premier of this film when it was shown at The Nashville Film Festival last week, but circumstances beyond our control (work committments here in the REAL world) made such a journey impossible.

We WERE able, however, to collect some first hand accounts to share with you here today, thanks to a few folks on the list who WERE able to attend the festivities. (In fact, FORGOTTEN HITS List Members HENRY GROSS ... who was also one of the judges at The Film Festival this year ... and the legendary AL KOOPER ... both played as part of The All-Star Superstar Band that performed at "The After Party" once the film had been shown.) Man, I wish we could have seen this ... but at least now we can relive it vicariously through your first hand accounts!!!) Thanks, Guys!!!

For a quick sneak-peek at what the film is all about, check out these links below ... and be SURE to click on all of the other tabs provided ... the list of songs that these guys were involved with truly DID shape the sound of music of the '60's:

Well, the theater was crammed full in Nashville (some step-sitters actually) and I was sorry when it ended. I coulda gone another hour easily ! The Wrecking Crew documentary directed by late-guitarist's Tommy Tedesco's son was worth my flying in from Boston for a coupla days. To see Don Randi, Lyle Ritz, Billy Strange, Al DeLory and Mike Deasy up onstage after the film for a Q&A session was pretty unbelieveable. Of course it would have been mighty if Hal Blaine (ill at the time) and Carol Kaye had been onboard, but as we all know, this aint a perfect world anymore so lets live in it anyway. There was a party after the screening, which coincided with the end of this years Nashville Film Festival and I was asked to sit in with The Crew at said party. We rehearsed that afternoon and tackled the usual suspects (Be My Baby,. These Boots Were Made For Walkin', California Dreamin', Poor Side Of Town, etc.) Don Randi played piano,. Al DeLory played synth and I played B3. It was a first for me as I am an eastcoast session guy and I'm glad I got to play with some people my age for a change. Don't miss this film - they are amazingly still trying to find distribution.

Hey Kent,
"The Wrecking crew" documentary tied for honorable mention in the Nashville film festival along with a wonderful film about Jazz singer Anita O'day. The winner of the "Impact of music" award was "Young at Heart".
The Wrecking crew film is a marvelous labor of love by Denny Tedesco, Tommy's son. The film is a delight from start to finish giving fabulous insights into the personalities and lives of the fabulous group of musicians that were, in fact, the greatest band of the 60's and 70's. The movie is done with tenderness and humor. It documents the high and low points of careers in music by letting us better get to know bits of the life stories of those who lived it. Great film and Denny is a great guy who did his father proud. Tommy Tedesco is shown to not only be arguably the greatest studio guitarist of all time but one of natures natural comedians as well. Awesome. It was, as usual, a treat to see his mom in attendance. This film will play forever as a testament to a renaissance period in music that will likely never be repeated.
The after party with the several members of the entourage that made up the Wrecking Crew was highlighted by many notable performances. The show, organized by the wonderful Bill Lloyd, of "Foster and Lloyd fame was a delight.

The Wrecking Crew members in attendance were:
Don Randi- Keyboards
Al Delory- Keyboards
Lyle Ritz- Bass
Mike Deasy- Guitar
Nashville All stars
Garry Tallent- E Street Band
Chuck Mead- BR549
Bill Lloyd- "Foster and Lloyd- "Like a Rolling Stone" "Mr. Tambourine Man"
Craig Kramph- Drums
Carmella Ramsey- Vocal "Be My Baby" "California Dreaming"
Kim Richey- "These Boots are made for walking" "California Dreaming"
Henry Gross- "Help Me Rhonda" "Mr. Tambourine Man"
Plus Al Cooper- Hammond Organ/ Green Onions"
The Nashville film festival was a delight. Get your tickets early for next year.
Henry Gross

Thanks, guys, for the GREAT reviews ... I, for one, can't WAIT to see it!!!

We'll have more on THE LEGENDARY WRECKING CREW tomorrow in FORGOTTEN HITS ...

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Don't Miss It!!!