Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Sunday Comments ( 12 - 26 - 10 )

Just a few comments this weekend ... we'll follow up with more "mini-posts" during the week ... but first I REALLY wanted to thank everyone again for their on-going support (and affection for) Forgotten Hits ... it means a lot ... and I really do appreciate it! THANK YOU!!! (kk)

Your site is the brightest spot weekly for me. I don't read every post and sometimes a week goes by when I cannot GET to it due to "life", but I always enjoy seeing your new posts and all the Chicago music I find out about when I check it out!
Thanks for keeping Chicago music and radio alive!
Merry Christmas!
Clark Besch / WLSClark

Normally I do not read everything in your posts but this weekend, December 18th and 19th, I was captivated!
For starters, I loved the discussions about Cher. She has always been one of my favorites just because she does her own thing no matter what anyone says. She is multi-talented and quite unique. That being said ... I guess she does give in to the pressures of the world and her profession or she would not have had all the plastic surgery. Too bad.
The story about the Association was sad and good. I bought their greatest hits album in 1969, mostly because I had heard Tony's Tygers (now The Tygers) do Cherish and Never my Love and, as we all know, I had that BIG crush on a certain Tyger. I felt closer to that certain someone when I would listen to the album. I played that album so thin you could hear the other side. Until the FH Sunday posting I had forgotten all about Time for Living. Love that song. Thanks for the memory.
I also liked the segment on Aretha Franklin. She was supposed to perform at the O'Reilly Family Center that just opened in my town earlier this year. She was supposed to be the first concert at this new venue. Of course that didn't happen. The Pointer Sisters performed instead. I own Aretha's Forever Legends collector's addition 3 CD set. In addition to the songs you listed I also really like Call Me and Angel.
Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays! ForgottenHits really is awesome. Thanks for your hard work!Best,

Hi Kent,
Thanks for all your hard work.
Arnold Kirkbride

Dear Kent
Thank you for all your great work.

Hi Kent
Thanks for all your "Wages Of Spin" updates the last two years. We really appreciate
all your help and publicity for "Wages Of Spin".
You have a great Website / Newsletter that I and any real oldies enthusiast cherish and follow habitually.
Happy Holidays
Shawn Swords
Thanks, Shawn ... I appreciate that! (kk)

>>>I've got to give Scott Shannon special props for including the word "Oldies" in his True Oldies Channel Network ... he's calling it what it IS ... and without a hint of shame. As it SHOULD be, as far as I'm concerned. Those of us who LOVE our oldies are PROUD of this music and feel NO sense of shame or embarrassment in saying so. That's right, dammit ... we're True Oldies Fans!!! (kk)
Hi Kent ...
I'm confused. Why would a radio station even want to drop the word "oldies" from their format? I think it's telling people of certain age group that we don't care about the music you grew up with. I don't know about you but I know how old I am and I love the music I grew up listening to. One of Scott Shannon's True Oldies slogans is: OPERATING ON A MILLION WATTS OF MEMORIES!!!!!! I've said many times that it's like TIME TRAVELING. The music takes you right back to where you were and perhaps who you were with when you hear certain songs. I love remembering the days when I was young and lovin' life. Now - not so young but still lovin' life and listening to SCOTT SHANNON'S TRUE OLDIES CHANNEL ON LINE!!!!!!!!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
Nancy Kitchens / Atlanta

YES ... of COURSE, I have to agree with you, that the 'so called' "Oldies" stations aren't devoting enough time to the REAL roots of it all, and that's too bad. One BIG illustration of that fact is this little story I have for you.
I was Christmas shopping in a discount store last night and the music they were playing inside the store was ALL old songs that I hadn't heard for years, even on the OLDIES stations. I hadn't even THOUGHT about some of them for years, but when they were out on the charts they were records that I would crank the radio way up on and groove with ... and one that I was so HAPPY to hear again was a record called "I'm On Fire".
Do you remember that one? I think it was in the 60s and it has a great rock thing about it ... sort of like a "Nashville Teens" type of guitar sound and vocal groove to it. Do you have any idea who that group was who recorded that?
To ME, THAT'S a song that OUGHT to be played on "Oldies" stations, but like I said, I haven't heard it since back in the 60s. Like you, all I can wonder is "What's up with Oldies Radio ???"

Veeder Van Dorn
The Moonrakers
If it's the one I'm thinking of, it actually dates back to the mid-'70's ... but you're right, it's got a REAL '60's feel to it. Dwight Twilley (a Forgotten Hits Reader, by the way, and sometime contributor) took this one all the way to #16 in 1975 ... and it was one of MY favorites back then, too. (In fact, me and the boys you to do this one back in the day ... it's got a great "vintage" feel to it ... "Tired Of Toein' The Line" by Rocky Burnette is another one that comes to mind ... that one came out a few years later and actually made The Top Ten!)
Twilley is still recording and recently put together an album of Beatles covers ... some pretty good ones on there, too. (We featured a couple of them a while back in Forgotten Hits ... but I'm with you ... let's spin "I'm On Fire" today ... GREAT to hear that one again!) Thanks, Veeder! (kk)

Hello Kent;
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the continued 'blurbs' from time to time about JST KLSX - -
I did see your comments about a month ago, regarding my concept of 'Music for the Ages!' I know you have some of the same passions, and you already know the tremendous 'Brick wall' that we're up against when it comes to 'getting the music' that has been long forgotten, 'On the Air' ---I've been in a fight to program music while producing to keep some consistency, however, I've been trying to get this thing refined and syndicated for a long time now - and you already know what we're up against. If I had the money, I know what I would be doing, and that includes hiring some of those like-minded radio talents, and some great PR people - because we can make this DREAM happen.
We grew up with this music and there's plenty of great music still being produced by those artists who are not ready to hang up their Guitars or Drum sticks --- I just can't imagine why it's taking so long to get the idea across to some of the people, aside from their attitudes of … 'It's just not what we do."
What in the world are people thinking? Why are they so afraid to combine the greatest MUSIC ever produced in the UNIVERSE with some of the NEW stuff that is JUST as GOOD? I know, but I don't think they will like the answer.
Hope to hear from you. I have heard from a few talented radio folks, and once I get the funding, I would definitely be putting them to work on America's Coast to Coast - JST KLSX - -
I saw where Clear Channel signed 'Pretty Boy' to a 60 million dollar contract - and to me that: JUST DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL! Especially not when there are so many talented radio folks who can do so much more, and it wouldn't cost NEARLY as much. I'm guessing that's what is wrong with me … I keep guessing. If I had even 1/10th of an operating capital, I know that we can turn it into more than 20 million a year with our programming ideas for the GROWING Baby Boomer Market. But, then again … I guess my passion is showing. I just have to ask; how does it look? I'm inclined to believe that, if it looks good, being out --- I should leave it OUT all day!
I've written a few articles if you're so inclined to read or pass along which concern, of course, some of the very same things we agree on --- and of course, think alike. I know that, if given the opportunity --- once we're funded, our combined efforts could go a great deal farther in the course of our travels.
I want to thank you again, as I have tried to give you as much in return on -
In closing - we NEED people who have that PASSION and the WANT to be ON TOP and in the BUSINESS, and to be UNAFRAID of playing the music that means something - especially when it sets the MOOD, and brings the excitement. All too many times, you hear a TALENT on the AIR doing NOTHING except the same ol' dribble --- and you can tell .... it's so 'PLASTIC!' I'm 'guessing' it's because they NEED a JOB and are afraid to 'Step outside the Box.'
I know that's why we started doing what we're doing … to be our own 'MASTER and COMMANDER' - I can say this; once I hit that mark - I will have a 'Crew' who will want to sail those waters with me, being unafraid to 'BE on the Radio.' I think it's time to set the standards of getting BACK to the business of GREAT RADIO like it was in the "GOOD Ol' DAYS!' I, for ONE, want to be ONE of those in the 'Mix.'
Talk with you soon & see ya on the radio.
Mason Ramsey
Happy to pass this along, Mason, because you're right, we DO share the same passion ... and so do a number of OTHER people on our list, deejays and music fans alike. As I keep telling you, keep fighting the fight ... there IS an audience out there for this great, forgotten music ... nothing will ever convince me of otherwise. Glad to see SOMEBODY willing to take a chance on this format ... now how do we get the right people behind it? (kk)


You forgot about the 1000s of Russian women wanting to meet you.
Also would you put me in touch with Leonora Jordan?

It seems we both had the same 7th grade math teacher.

I have sent the email to AOL, complete with full orchestration and five part harmony.

This is what I sent to AOL, with me being an AOL user as well ...
I find Forgotten Hits to be informative, entertaining and, above all, fun.
I look forward to reading it every day.
That is why I have chosen to subscribe to their newsletter ...
So that they can notify me when each new issue is posted ...
So that I never have to worry about missing a single issue.
I have been an AOL user for about 15 years now and I'd be happy to change my service provider if they feel this isn't informative or entertaining to read and to enjoy.
I also work for a LARGE company with over 27k employees and I'd be happy to spread the word to as many as I can if AOL decides to prevent them from sending these wonderful messages about the oldies we enjoy.
Bob M
On a side note, I run the Residential Division for ADT Security, and if ever I can help out, I do have some discount authority that I'd be happy to pass along to any of the Forgotten Hits readers. Just trying to Pay it Forward if you know what I mean!
Bob Morrow
Excellent gesture, Bob ... happy to pass it along ... and thanks for your GREAT letter! (kk)

Dear TOS General -
I find Forgotten Hits to be informative, entertaining and, above all, fun.
I look forward to reading it every day.
That is why I have chosen to subscribe to their newsletter ...
So that they can notify me when each new issue is posted ...
So that I never have to worry about missing a single issue.
Forgotten Hits is not for profit ...

Does nothing illegal ...
and serves the music lovers who sign up to be on its group list.
It is not SPAM and nobody understands how it may violate TOS.
Deleting Forgotten Hits by TOS will damage AOL's reputation.
Please Keep Forgotten Hits.
Thanks! ... GREAT letter ... and I appreciate it! (kk)

I copied and pasted the message you suggested in your email and sent it off to Brigadier General TOS but I may not have done your cause a favor.
I couldn't help myself.
I added as salutation of "Dear Nazi Gestapo Bastards".
I really, really couldn't resist.
... Ed44

Hey Kent -
They can't stop Prince Lumumba of Nigeria from trying to bilk you out of your quid because all he is doing is lying, and he's a phantom at best. In this day and age there are too many people who are miserable and want to screw up a good thing or look for ways to sue and make money.
Rock and Roll never dies so you will prevail. "If we should lose you, we'd lose a good thing"

Alex Valdez
Yellow Balloon

Kent -

Your notification from AOL makes NO sense and I am sending them an email as you requested.
I also wanted to let you know that last week I sent an email to ALL my email friends (39) telling them I have been with your list for YEARS and thought they would enjoy it if they had any appreciation of music (especially oldies).
I don't know if any of them joined, but I did my part.
And I have been with you for years too, since back when you could email your newsletter straight to our box before the emails were considered too big or spam engines started to get fussy :) .
I said it once and I'll say it again ... you do a great job for us music buffs and I greatly appreciate it.

Your Buddy,
Buck Lam

I just sent an email to the TOS General at AOL:
I would like to let you know about one of your clients, ...
I look forward to getting their posting notices which may happen several days a week. THEY ARE NOT SPAMMING!!!! They are informative, entertaining and above all fun to read. You should be glad that you have a site like forgotten hits on aol ...
In addition to the above, they are also historical and educational as well.
Thank you for your consideration.
Scott J. Schultz,
McHenry, IL

Love the newsletter and the blog. I've learned quite a bit about the music that I enjoy and don't wish to lose that ... it's become my personal Billboard magazine, without the expensive subscription price.All I have to do is open one email and I'm transported back to the days of my youth,when everything was right with the world and AM radio made hits, not just being a bunch of know nothing babbling heads who think music started in the 1990s.In these days, when I am quickly growing older, with health problems mounting and many of my heroes from those days falling by the wayside and becoming forgotten by the general public, it's nice to know that at least one person has kept that light that is the 1960s music shining brightly and given all of us a place to talk about, listen to and learn about the artists and music that we love ... that person being you.
God bless you and this blog ... may it last forever.

Happy days!
Don Rehrer

And another ...
Dear Sir:
I find Forgotten Hits to be informative, entertaining and, above all, fun.
I look forward to reading it every day.
Kent Kotal is very infomative and fun to read.
That is why I have chosen to subscribe to their newsletter...
So that they can notify me when each new issue is posted...
So that I never have to worry about missing a single issue.
That e-zine is a real credit to AOL!
Merry Christmas,
Robert C. Jones
Sacramento, CA

Thanks, Veeder, GREAT letter ... like they say, "Choose Your Battles" ... and before you come after us, at least do the research to see that everyone receiving these email notifications ASKED for them to be sent ... so, like everybody keeps saying, WHO are we hurting? And, the fact that we offer an opt on / opt off option means that anybody who decides that they DON'T want to receive these emails simply has to email us back and ask us to take them off the list ... in fact, just type "Unsubscribe" in the subject line and we'll take care of it!!! Pretty simple really! Thanks again! (kk)

We see it everywhere we go ... and there is nothing worse than over-regulating ... someone else making the decision for us as to what we'll like, what's good for us or what we should or shouldn't see ... protecting us from what, I don't know ... yet letting all kinds of other garbage filter its way into all of our mailboxes every single day.
Why can't they concentrate their efforts on eliminating some of THAT spam rather than come after somebody who is providing a service that each of us has asked for? An oldies music service that both educates and entertains us.
I hope your letter-writing campaign helps and earns you the victory ... as well as the rights that you deserve ... but my guess is it won't have any effect at all ... it wouldn't surprise me at all to find out they didn't read any of our letters.
I'm not quite sure who they think they are or what their primary purpose in life is ... I don't know who they think they're protecting or exactly what they're protecting us from ... but I am sure that in their own minds, they are providing a very valuable and necessary service ... without knowing ANYTHING at all about what you do or the fact that your legions of readers have requested these updates because they enjoy your newsletters. Act first ... ask questions later ... far too much of this going on in the real world today on really important matters to worry about an oldies newsletter ... pick your battles, as they say. All I know is that you do an outstanding job providing these music facts to an audience that absorbs every single word ... and still wants more.
Don't let them get you down, Kent ... get an account somewhere else and start sending your update notices from there. Who knows, maybe a couple hundred readers will leave AOL with you ... and wouldn't it be great if several THOUSAND did over time. Let AOL wallow in its own righteous self-importance ... your love of oldies music will prevail.
We will follow you wherever you go ... just don't ask us to drink the Kool-Aid!
Jack Edwards
Hastings, Nebraska
Honestly, I'll probably NEVER know what kind of effect ... if ANY ... these letters had ... next time I do something wrong in their eyes, I'll get flagged again. Pretty discouraging, especially when you consider the fact that I've sent SEVERAL emails and left several voicemails asking for somebody ... ANYBODY ... to tell me what it is I'm doing wrong so that I can change things up and not do it again ... why risk losing my AOL service by providing a service that oldies fans all over the world want to read over some technicality. (Although I've been sending Forgotten Hits for going on twelve years now ... so I'm not sure why it's such an big issue NOW!!!)
The most frustrating part is the fact that they'll write you a threatening letter and then ignore EVERY SINGLE REQUEST to respond in an educating, pro-active way to actually SOLVE the problem ... that's the part I just don't get.
From as near as I can determine, somewhere in the neighborhood of 350 people wrote in that first day ... but you're right, they may not have read a single one ... or at least not a single one after they read the first two or three and saw what we all had to say.
I have yet to hear a single word back from ANYBODY ... nor do I expect to (unless I inadvertently do something wrong again!!!) ... so we'll just ride it out for now.
I just hope the readers will come to the website on their own ... sending the reminders out was a bit of a pain in the ass anyway ... at some point I've just got to trust you guys to come around once or twice a week and see what we've got going on ... or subscribe to the "Atom" link provided at the bottom of the page for updates. (Of course you could ALSO simply click on the link that's included in our Opt In / Opt Out Disclaimer that runs in the emails ... guess they haven't figured THAT out yet!!! lol)
Thank you ALL for your support ... I truly do appreciate it! (kk)

I sent the following to
Please leave alone.
I am one of thousands of people who very much look forward to the fascinating, insightful, informative blog which is Forgotten Hits.
All the best,
Gary Theroux
Thanks, Gary! That means a lot! (kk)

Dear Sirs at AOL ...
I find Forgotten Hits to be informative, entertaining and, above all, fun.
I look forward to reading it every day.
That is why I have chosen to subscribe to their newsletter ...
So that they can notify me when each new issue is posted ...
So that I never have to worry about missing a single issue.
Please take notice that there are thousands more who feel the way I do.
Mitchell Schecter / The Rip Chords
Thanks, Mitch! (kk)

Kent -
I sent the following letter to the AOL TOS General about their threat to shut down your account for providing links to your website:
This is to inform you that I value the links in my e-mails from

I find it informative, entertaining, and fun.I'll go further ... this site, and its newsletter which I have chosen to subscribe to, provides valuable, timely information about the music and entertainers of my generation ... information that the mainstream media finds worthy of printing 3 days later ... sometimes.
Please restore this link so that I can get today's topic in my e-mail.
I'm sure this is all just a big misunderstanding ...
And happy holidays to all!

Jim Shea (one time radio god)
Thanks, Jim ... that oughtta make 'em stand up and listen!!! (Just what is it they're policing anyway?!?!? Is there REALLY a need to protect oldies fans ... from ME?!?!? I'm Oldies Music's Best Friend, dammit!!!) kk

I understand that Forgotten Hits has received some form of TOS violation notice.
I have been a paid AOL subscriber for 15 years. I have reported countless spam emails to you over that time, and it seems that nothing ever gets done. I am aware of numerous situations where true TOS violations are reported and seemingly nothing gets done to stop these proven violators. It is difficult to understand how even a peripheral investigation (assuming one was in fact undertaken) could or would result in any sort of warning to Forgotten Hits. This is the most wholesome, family and fun-oriented site on your entire network.
I find Forgotten Hits to be informative, entertaining and, above all, fun.
I look forward to reading it every day.
That is why I have chosen to subscribe to their newsletter ...
So that they can notify me when each new issue is posted ...
So that I never have to worry about missing a single issue.
Your warning should be rescinded and you should be grateful to have a site that so completely complies so correctly with your professed goals as Forgotten Hits.
Frank Rowland
Wow, THANKS, Frank ... now even I'M convinced that we're doing a good thing here! (lol) Seriously, thanks for your passionate plea ... no idea what effect (if any) all of this will have on AOL's consideration of our services but please know that I truly and sincerely appreciate any and all responses that you guys took the time to write ... it really means a lot! (kk)

And a couple just for fun!

(Video submitted by Vibramutant)

An organized effort to make "Surfin' Bird" by the Trashmen the #1 song in Britain on Christmas week (a big honor there) fell short Sunday (December 19) as the song appeared at #3 on the charts. Still, almost 70,000 copies of "Surfin' Bird" were sold there.
-- Ron Smith
This whole concept kind of reminds me of the Billy Mack goal of hitting #1 on Christmas Day with his holiday remake of "Christmas Is All Around You" from "Love Actually"!!! (I've heard from a few of you now who went out and rented this movie based on our recommendation ... and have yet to hear from ANYONE who didn't LOVE the film!!! Check it out when you get a chance!)
Honestly, 'though, this one REALLY takes the cake! (kk)

Surfin' Bird Christmas No.1 2010 starring Matt Whistler from Convict Films on Vimeo.
Peter Griffin of The Family Guy does a pretty good version of this song, too. (Clearly, a few of you have probably already seen The Family Guy video ... it's already got over 32 MILLION viewings!!!) kk

Please check back throughout the week for more new postings ... including another one of our SUPER-SIZED Comments Pages mid-week ... or, better yet, click on the "Atom" link at the bottom of this page and subscribe to this blog ... they'll notify you each and every time something new is posted on the website.
Thanks again, everybody ... continued Happy Holidays!!! (kk)