Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another Quickie

Didn't have time to prepare anything today ...
and will probably go with another edition of  HELPING OUT OUR READERS tomorrow ...
so here are just a few random thoughts and comments as I'm running out the door ...

Jimi Hendrix played his last show ever on this date in 1970. Got this promo from Wolfgang's Vault, celebrating the anniversary of Jimi's final concert at Germany's Open Air Love And Peace Festival.  From their promo: 
It's no question that Jimi Hendrix was one of the greatest guitarists of all time -- possibly THE best.  Although his career was short (about 3 years in total), the legacy he left behind is prolific.  On September 6, 1970, Hendrix played his last show at Germany's Open Air Love and Peace Festival.  Pouring down rain and delayed by a day, Hendrix insisted on playing for the fans that came to the festival solely for his performance ... little did they know it would be his last.
More Hendrix news from FH Reader Bob Merlis:
GuitarWorld.com presents another exclusive 1968 Jimi Hendrix interview excerpt from the upcoming Winterland box set from Sony / Legacy. As previously reported, , Experience Hendrix LLC, and Sony Legacy are releasing four new titles as their ongoing Jimi Hendrix catalog project. This new wave of releases focuses on live Hendrix, including a four-disc deluxe box-set version of Winterland, which will be released September 13.
Source: guitarworld.com 
I encourage everyone to get on Chuck Negron's facebook page and congratulate him on being "clean and sober" for 20 years.  Yes, the date his life turned around was 9/17/1991 from his heroin addiction. Get him some love!  Please Cory and Danny ... it is time to accept Chuck back in the fold. He should have equal say and pay as a full member. Put the "Three" back in Three Dog Night".
Mike De Martino
Amen to that.  It was the magic of all three members that made Three Dog Night as great as they were ... and if Chuck has proven himself over the past 20 years, it's time to forgive, forget and reunite.  Make the money, dudes!!!  A full-blown reunion tour would be a BLOCKBUSTER!  And let's face it ... Chuck's voice defined the band on many of the biggest hits.  Yeah, he screwed up ... BIG TIME ... and his poor choices cost the band some very big money-making years ... but the power of THREE could turn that all around ... and very quickly, too, I might add.  (kk)
FH Reader (and WCBS-FM devotee) Frank B told us last weekend about his favorite station's Labor Day Weekend Top 1001 Countdown of Listener Favorites ... here's a note from Frank, letting us know how The Top Five finished up:
Kent ...
Big Jay Sorenson is in town. He just played the #1 song on the WCBS-FM Labor Day Top 1001 Countdown. It's "Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison. #2 = "Hotel California" by The Eagles.  
#3 = "Sherry" by The 4 Seasons. #4 = "Hey Jude" by The Beatles (which topped Ron Smith's online countdown).  #5 = "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Last year's #1 was
"Rag Doll" by The 4 Seasons. This year it checked in at #29.
Frank B.
Haven't heard from Big Jay in awhile ... how's it going, Big Guy???  Great to hear that he's still filling spots on WCBS-FM.  (Give the guy a full-time gig ... the fans LOVE him!!!)  kk
Hi Kent,
Nice job on the concert reviews last week, and loved the photos.  Since I couldn't see any of the Chicago show, even though I heard it, it was nice to see what you guys thought.  I thought they sounded great.  And I also wanted to tell Lee Loughnane (since apparently he reads this too) ... he has a really nice family, at least the part that I met (he and his two brothers) -- it was a pleasure talking with them backstage.  Good to see you and Frannie, too.
I was also at the Lynryd Skynyrd show, the Doobie Brothers, and Guster and Jack's Mannequin.  Loved Skynyrd ... great show ... good to hear them live ... Doobies were good, but again I could only hear them, not see them, and I was pleasantly surprised by Guster and Jack's Mannequin, neither of which I was familiar with (although I had heard of Guster, but didn't know their music) ... I thought they were both really entertaining and I enjoyed the music, and the crowd really got into it, too.  Unfortunately though, the Ravinia season of pop concerts is over ... one more week of mostly classical stuff.  It was a fun season though.  I'm glad they've added more pop shows to their schedule ... it's such a beautiful place for an outside concert ... hope they do some good ones next year, too. 
Happy to hear that Mark Lindsay is healthy and singing well ... my best friend Gloria was so crazy about him when we were in high school ... and beyond ... we used to rush home after school to watch "Where the Action Is" when the Raiders were on, and we went to see him a few times with her ... one year we even went to "Markfest" ... unfortunately Gloria passed away a couple of years ago, but I always think of her when I hear about Mark ... many happy and fun memories.
Wish we could have seen the Doobies ... I'll bet they were great!  If you get a chance to see Mark Lindsay, do it ... he puts on a great show!
I just got home from a SMOKIN' HOT concert by The Guess Who in Woodstock, CT.  They hit the ground running and performed "Clap For The Wolfman", "Laughing" , "Undun", "No Sugar Tonight", "Shakin' All Over", "Hand Me Down World",  and "Share The Land" while entertaining us with background and wit.  Did you know that it was New England that bought their 45's and boosted each one up till the entire nation / world {they may have exaggerated ;-) }  heard them and bought them?  I think I will use that fact in teaching.  Speaking of which, I felt it my duty to bring some first-hand knowledge of this Canadian group to my classroom as we often forget that it was not just the British and American groups who brought us through the 60's and 70's.  It is a tough part of my job, but I feel I must do it.  hahahahahahaha.  I can't even pretend that is serious. 
The Guess Who are back in the recording studio (we cheered) and so they performed two new songs that they recorded just this past year.  They forced us out of our chairs to dance and clap ("This is a ROCK CONCERT") and so we felt free to jump up whenever the mood hit.  As they left I was well satisfied and thought the concert complete so when the standing ovation returned them to the stage  for an encore, I was not sure what I would hear.  The song was announced as one that only people who were 110  or older would remember.  "Lucille" blared out of the keyboards and saxophone and OH NO!  I am very familiar with that song so now, in my own eyes, I have achieved the age that my students perceive me as.  Well, I must be close to that age, because when an instrumental overture then segued into "American Woman" I thought "DUH - how could I have forgotten THAT one?"  Or the NEXT one, which was "These Eyes" or the LAST one which was "No Time".  C'mon Shelley, "No Time" was the song playing on the dance floor on every date you had as a freshman in college!  So, the moral is that if you are doing a great job, people will tend to forget the songs you DON'T perform ... until they play the live cd they bought on their way home.  So it is a great idea to sing them all.
And for those of us who enjoy it ... they came out and signed.  They signed their merchandise, old albums, and some lady's jeans that she pulled out of her bag.  ?? ;-)
Shelley J. Sweet-Tufano
The Guess Who have always been one of my favorite bands and you're absolutely right, Canada seems to always be dismissed when remembering where all this great music came from.  (There were a couple of years there in the early '70's where The Guess Who outsold ALL Canadian artists COMBINED!!!)  Meanwhile, here in The States, they scored an incredible FIFTEEN Top 40 Hits between their first incarnation (with Chad Allan in 1965) and their final U.S. Chart Hit with Burton Cummings ten years later.
My guess is the group you saw perform didn't include Chad Allan, Burton Cummings or Randy Bachman ... as the current rights to the name belong to drummer Garry Peterson (who never sang ANY of their hits) ... he and bassist Jim Kale are the surviving members of the band's biggest hey-day.  The lead vocals these days are handled by a guy named Derek Sharp (who ALSO never sang any of their hits!!!)  When Bachman and Cummings reunited a few years back (for a mini-tour and album) they had to call themselves The Bachman - Cummings Band, despite the fact that these guys wrote MOST of The Guess Who's biggest hits.
Good to hear that they put on an entertaining show (as neither Bachman or Cummings make it here to The States much anymore.) 
I don't know how much influence The East Coast had on their overall sales, but they SURE were big here in Chicago (where many of those hit records were recorded.)  Your glowing endorsement makes this sound like a show well worth seeing ... so here are links to the websites for the current version of The Guess Who, Burton Cummings AND Randy Bachman ... any one of whom will put together a GREAT night of musical entertainment for you!  (kk)
A good selection for Monday's FH. I always did like the Syndicate Of Sound's "Little Girl".
In fact, this past weekend, there were RUMORS going around that that was going to be the FH for the day.
Kent ...
I have been meaning to tell you for some time that after you featured "Stay Awhile" as the Forgotten Hit of the day, I looked it up on youtube. Among the suggestions was a video for the class of 1976, which featured the song. I clicked on it and under suggestions there was a video entitled WHS class of 67 remembered. I clicked on it and it was a remembrance for the classmates of Wheaton High School class of 1967 that have passed away. It is set to an Alan Parson's Project song called "Old and Wise". I don't know how I missed this song in my youth but apparently I did. The video is beautiful and the song is one of my new favorites. Just thought I share with you the path that some of your featured songs can bring about ... thank you.
Our "Today's Forgotten Hit" feature seems to inspire a good number of our readers to dig out something that tune reminds them of ... which is perfectly OK with me!  (I'm in favor of  anything that helps keep this music ... and these memories alive!!!)  I wasn't familiar with "Old And Wise" so I went to YouTube, too ... pretty song.  Never a hit but definitely one worth knowing.  Thanks, Stacee!
I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I enjoy your blog.  I look forward to it everyday.  I grew up in the Chicago area and love a lot of the same bands you write about.  Your `Chicago` review at Ravina was very cool.  It is THEEEE best place to be on a perfect summer Chicago night ... and I loved what  your wrote about "Blame It On The Bossa Nova"    awhile back.  I  also have Frannie as a Facebook friend!  I love that you both know soooo much  about music!!!  It’s my favorite thing also.  Now I live in St. Charles (not far from Brian 
Wilson’s old house) and spend some time in FL ... but I ALWAYS look forward to your blog!
All the best,
Gail Scott