Friday, December 21, 2012

It's Now Winter's Day

Could there possibly be a more fitting track to feature on The First Day of Winter than Tommy Roe's 1967 #21 Hit "It's Now Winter's Day"?  'Tis the Season!  (We even got a light dusting of snow last night to officially bring in winter this year!)

Here's another recent Winter Favorite, courtesy of our FH Buddy Davie Allan.  Titled simply "Winter Song", we've featured this one the past couple of holiday seasons.

And a couple of Winter Suggestions from our readers ...

Hi Kent, 
A great song to welcome in winter and one of my favorite instrumentals is Frank Pursell’s Our Winter Love which I first heard around this time in 1962. 

We can accommodate that ... here's Bill's Top Ten Hit from 1963. (kk)

One of the most popular singers of the 1960's was Engelbert Humperdinck -- yet you rarely if ever hear any of his music on the radio today.  Wouldn't he qualify for one of your "forgotten hits"?

You convinced me ... and, in keeping with today's theme, come join me in Engelbert's "Winter World Of Love", a #13 Hit in Early 1970.  (kk)

Hey Kent, 
You didn't mention it but Friday also, according to the Mayans, is supposed to be the last day of the World. 
What songs would be appropriate?
THE END OF THE WORLD, MAKE THE WORLD GO AWAY (always did like Timi Yuro's version)
Larry Neal

Just trying to stress the positive I guess!   
We just featured both the Skeeter Davis AND the Herman's Hermits versions of "End Of The World" ... so how about this great Forgotten Hit from 1961.  (kk)

Just thought of another one ... here's Three Dog Night's last charted single (from 1975), "'Til The World Ends".

Here's hoping the world DOESN'T end today ... this would be a pretty lame "last edition ever" of Forgotten Hits!!!  (lol)  I just know we can do better!

By the way, Bob Stroud will be featuring HIS Musical Version of "The End Of The World" today on The Drive's Ten At 10 feature ... you can tune in and "Listen Live" here at both 10 am and 10 pm (Chicago time):