Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Saturday Chart Bonus

In addition to running our brand new Saturday Surveys feature, we've also been celebrating The British Invasion Anniversaries as they pop up ...

Today we combine BOTH features with this Super Chart, courtesy of Randy Price ... a chart dated January 25th (which is EXACTLY 50 Years Ago Today!) showing The Beatles reaching the national summit for the very first time.

The Super Charts are a conglomeration of research based on ALL of the available tracking of this era, including record sales, radio airplay, jukebox plays, distribution records and sales as well as the published and documented findings of all of the major music trade publications.  In my opinion, it is the most comprehensive, complete portrait of how this music truly fared at this exact moment in time.  (A record's given standing in any single publication often varied by any number of chart positions.  This is because each of the major trades polled different sources in order to compile their charts.  The biggest selling feature of The Super Chart is that it combines ALL of these resources into one complete, comprehensive chart, thus portraying "the most accurate" representation of each record's popularity.)

You'll see that in addition to holding down the #1 Spot, The Beatles are also debuting at #67 this week with "She Loves You".  Dusty Springfield (who we spotlighted earlier in the week) jumps up 23 points from #97 to #74 with her first U.S. Hit "I Only Want To Be With You".  

While not quite an "invasion" yet, The British are definitely coming!!!