Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Turkey Prep

It’s a Forgotten Hits Thanxgiving Special from the Maniacal Mind of Chuck Buell!

First, a "Forgotten Hits Dinner" Then and Now!

What Well “Dressed” Forgotten Hitters will be wearing at dinner this year!

OK! OK! So, that's actually a nod to Joey and Monica in the Fifth Season “Friends” Episode, “The One with All the Thanksgivings!"

But, if that's more than YOU’D like to wear for the occasion, may I suggest these “Turkey Toppers” from the Forgotten Hits Fantasy Gift Shop’s Fine Holiday Haberdashery Collection!

And no “Friends’ Fan’s” Seasonal Home Decor should be without the Official Monica Turkey Head Holiday Ornament!

OR!  The Official “Friends’” Lego set!

Now then, to complete this Forgotten Hits Festive Occasion, my Special "Thanksgiving Dinner Holiday Food" Minute Melody Mashup is Attached!

Bon appétit!

CB ( which stands for “Cranberry Boy!” )