Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Helping Out Our Readers


I have a few other rarities for your massive group to find sometime.  Speaking of which,  the other day I was listening to an old air check from WCFL and the dj mentioned a big hit they were currently playing.  I believe the song title was Happy Baby and the group was something like Sometime Sunshine or Everyday Sunshine. Perhaps Happy Baby was the group name?   Does that sound familiar to you?  If not I can send it from the aircheck and see if you know of it.
Phil Nee

I think I know what this is ... would you recognize the song if you heard it?  (I then sent Phil a copy of "Happy" by The Sunshine Company, a #31 Hit from 1967 (that was also recorded by Blades Of Grass, who reached #64 with their version.  It was the Blades of Grass version that charted here in Chicago, peaking at #39.)
That is not the song.  I am familiar with the Sunshine Company song.  I will send the song this weekend.  I have never seen it listed in the Chicago Chart books or any other charts for that matter. The dj (i believe it was Jerry Kaye) refers to it as a big hit on WCFL.. 
And then ...
I found the sound check.  The tape says it was March of 1971.  It sounds like the style of a Partridge Family record.  See if you have ever heard this one.
This tune is "Anytime Sunshine" by Crazy Paving, a Scottish band, believe it or not!  It "bubbled under" in Billboard at #103 in March of 1971 ... and by the way, Ron Smith's book lists it as peaking at #30 on the WCFL Chart that year.  All that being said, I can honestly say that I've never heard this song before ... but for some reason I believe it HAS come up once before in Forgotten Hits.  This is a pretty good sounding radio clip ... but I'll betcha we can track down an better sounding MP3!  Have at it, readers!  (kk)
And we just did, thanks to Tom Diehl ... who tells me he may play the song on his Top Shelf Oldies Program this Wednesday night.  (Then again, Phil Nee may have beaten him to the punch on his Saturday Night "Those Were The Days" radio program!!!)  kk

Leave it to you to find it!  Crazy Paving may go number one in Richland Center tonight!!!!

On your May 20th blog there was a list of Tony Conigliaro songs. Do you have his song "Please Play Our Song". Thanks.
J. Passeri
Somebody on the list may have a copy ... if you do, please drop a note to: jpasseri@yahoo.com

I searched for a song I believe is called, "That's For Me to Know and For You to Find Out," from the Mid Sixties.  I read that it is by The Angels.  I could not find it on Youtube,as I was hoping to post it to my FB group.  Any idea where I can find it so it is postable, even if I need to webhost it on soundcloud?
Thank you for your help.
Joanie Baker
I can't find a song by that title that charted by ANYBODY (including The Angels) so I'm not going to be of much help here.  However, our incredible list of astute readers are probably batting around 90% this tracking tracking down obscure tracks ... so let's put this one out to them and see what they come back with!  (kk)


Hi Kent,
Have you ever posted Walk Away Renee in mono?  I've searched everywhere for this version, but to no avail.  If any of your readers can help, I'd be eternally grateful.
Regarding your font problems, have you thought about trying a new template?  You can preview before making the change permanent - maybe this will get rid of the corrupted code.
Thanks once again,


Well, I am finally going the the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Any suggestions from your readers of what not to miss is appreciated.
My favorite groups are the British Invasion groups (not so much the Beatles or Stones) and stuff from the 60's.Ya, I like "classic rock" but just as comfortable with groups that will never have a chanch of being in the Hall (Tommy James, Turtles, Grassroots,etc). I am taking the "redeye" so I will be there two full days ... Friday, November 4th and Saturday, the 5th.
I am really excited!
Mike De Martino
President of the Lovejoy Music Club
While several of the exhibits change regularly, there are new exhibits being put on display all the time.  I'm sure some of our readers who have been to the museum recently can help advise you on to how to best budget your time to get the most bang for your buck.  (My guess is you'll have to go two days to have any chance of really seeing and experiencing everything.)
For years now we've talked about putting together a Forgotten Hits Road Trip, having readers from all over the country meet up in Cleveland so we can all enjoy this experience together. Sadly, this still hasn't happened ... but maybe NEXT Spring / Summer we can FINALLY pull something together.  Get your name on the list if you'd like to be part of this musical journey!  (kk) 

re:  OOPS!:
In our haste to get out The Sunday Comments, I missed a track I had planned to include.  This is a recent discovery of mine ... a Hollies track from 1993, proving the band STILL had it, despite the fact that radio wasn't really playing their stuff anymore ... or at least the NEW stuff anyway.  (Although this record never charted here in The States, it DID reach #42 on The British Charts.  I think it's a GREAT little pop record ... called "The Woman I Love".  Check it out!  (kk)