Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Andrew Solt

Andrew Solt's resume reads like a book of dreams and wishes.

He is an Emmy and Grammy-winning producer, director, writer and documentary film maker.  (He also happens to own the rights to the entire Ed Sullivan Show library, which is what WE wanted to talk to him about.  Very special thanks to Mega-Promoter Bob Merlis for helping to make that happen!)

By the time Solt purchased the exclusive rights to The Sullivan Show (1990), he had already built an incredible list of credentials.

In the late 1970's and early 1980's, Andrew worked with underwater pioneer Jacques-Yves Cousteau on several television projects.  He wrote and produced "Oasis In Space", a six-part half-hour series, executive produced by Jacques Cousteau and his son, Philippe.  This series resulted in Andrew's first of nine Emmy nominations.  Several other Costeau projects followed.

In 1979, Solt teamed with producer / director Malcolm Leo to create one of the very first television documentaries about rock music.  The highly praised "Heroes Of Rock And Roll" aired as a two hour special later that year.  In 1995, Solt expanded his Rock And Roll horizons by executive producing a Ten-Episode series for Time-Life called "The History Of Rock And Roll", which ran as a syndicated television series before being marketed for home video.  And the rock didn't stop there ... Andrew has also produced made-for-video releases like "25 x 5: The Continuing Adventures Of The Rolling Stones" (1989) and "Elvis: The Great Performances" (1990).

Other music / film credits include the 1981 film "This Is Elvis", "Imagine: John Lennon" (1988) as well as numerous Ed Sullivan television specials, paying homage to the ultimate variety host.

And it doesn't stop there ... Andrew has produced anniversary and reunion specials like "Donald Duck's 50th Birthday", "The Honeymooners Reunion", "The Muppets: A Celebration Of 30 Years", "Great Moments In Disney Animation", "Remembering Marilyn", "The Andy Griffith Show Reunion", "Sesame Street's All-Star 25th Birthday", "Grammy's Greatest Moments", "CBS: The First 50 Years" as well as 75th Anniversary Television Specials for both CBS and NBC!

The list goes on and on ... but THIS week he's sitting here with us here in Forgotten Hits to talk about The Ed Sullivan Show library ... what's available ... what's new ... and what we might expect to see in the years to come.  Along the way, we'll share some precious memories of the television program that EVERYBODY watched ... The Ed Sullivan Show.

Stay tuned!!!