Friday, March 23, 2012

Sound Advice

We're taking our new "Sound Advice" column "Prime Time" again today ... be sure to scroll down and check out this new, daily feature.  (And check back again this weekend, too, as we have brand new, special Saturday and Sunday editions planned ... including a tribute tomorrow to the late Johnny Maestro!)
When I saw and played the two choices you had today, I was immediately reminded of another record which was very big here in the OKC for another member of Hee Haw.  I am talking about his novelty record of 1967 THE COCKFIGHT.  It was a top 5 record here in the OKC area for Archie Campbell. To be honest with you, I was surprised it did all that well considering the 'fowl' language that was in it. Don't know if it made your surveys, but again a very big novelty record for one Mr. Campbell here in OKC.
Nope, not familiar with that one!  And I don't see that it charted nationally either ... so a REAL novelty track for Oklahoma City!!!  (Actually, I heard "Eefin' Annie" the other day ... and remember the Hager Twins eefin' all the time on Hee Haw!  lol)  kk
Your Sound Advice for today, believe me on this, was by a group whose record I just happened to play yesterday because I remembered it for one reason or another. Remember Ronny and the Daytonas' 1965 hit BUCKET "T"? I know you do.
Keep up the good work.
Hi Kent,
Thanks for spotlighting G.T.O. today. It was the first song I ever played on the radio and the memories came rushing back. I wonder how many jocks remember the first song they ever played on the air.
Steve Hotvedt
I'll betcha a whole BUNCH of 'em!!! Probably most if not all.  I would think such a momentous occasion would stay will you for all-time.  (Have you seen our First 45's Segment?!?!?  We really DO remember this stuff!!!)  kk
Hi Kent,
When I saw the Sound Advice Cowsills selections today it reminded me of a song by them, “The Impossible Years”, from the movie of the same name. It plays over the opening credits and says written by The Tokens and performed by The Cowsills. Definitely an obscure song and, pardon the pun, Impossible to find. Does anybody out there have a copy of this song to share? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
BTW, I'm really enjoying the Sound Advice stuff lately!
Thank you!
Eddie Burke / Orange, CT 

I totally loved the story of how "The Mother and Child Reunion" song came about. Thanks!
It's amazing sometimes how the most innocent phrase can inspire a talented songwriter like Paul Simon to craft an entire song ... with an entirely different meaning ... over something he saw listed on the menu.
And for more of The Story Behind The Song for Sukiyaki, be sure to check out The Forgotten Hits Website next week ... we'll be rerunning our popular feature on this song from a few years back!  (kk)
Hi Kent-
Love the website and Sound Advice!
Mike Lane