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The Sunday Comments ( 03 - 18 - 12 )

Kent ... 
Music & Basketball. Interesting combination.  What do you think?  Frank B. 
Here in Chicago, The Drive has put together an album extravaganza ... check out some of the artists pitted against each other for THEIR March Madness celebration!  (kk)  
Click here:  
Here's my Final Four: 
Midwest = Beatles
South - Neil Diamond   
East = Billy Joel
West = Elvis
Frank B.
Kent ...
Check out some of the upsets in the first round. I think recent deaths allowed Whitney Houston and the Monkees to win.
More results. Right now - Santana vs. Stevie Wonder
More results for you.
Right now it's The Doors vs. North Carolina.
Wait! I'm mixing up my brackets.
It's The Doors vs. Simon and Garfunkel.
Frank B.
LOL ,it DOES get confusing, doesn't it???  (Yesterday in the car I just happened to catch The Doors' self-titled LP going up against Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Cosmo's Factory" ... one of my all-time favorite albums!  (kk)

Did you follow our St. Patrick's Day Tribute yesterday?  Scroll back and catch all of the "green songs" we came up with during our all-day salute.  
The first green song that came to my mind was GREEN GREEN out of 1963 by the New Christy Minstrels, whom I understand that nowadays are referred to as the Old Christy Minstrels. What a rocker by the Tune Rockers. I, of course, remembered that one, though many of your readers may have forgotten it.  That second choice you mentioned by the Irish Rovers, WASN'T THAT A PARTY, Scott Shannon played it Friday afternoon as his official fabulous forgotten 45 of the day.
If you were like me, you took Biology in high school and had to dissect a frog later on in the school year.  I think those records by Kermit needs to be dissected to find out why they were hits.
How about singers and artists with Green in their name or title? This is stretching it a little but don't forget QUENTIN'S THEME from 1969 by Charles Randolph Grean. I'm kidding on this one. 

You may have opened a can of worms with this subject but it's a can that I like. 
Off the top of my head I came up with some more "green" songs which you probably already have lined up to go online. Here are some anyway:
Larry Neal
Well, we hit three of those six.  (I had planned to feature "Greenback Dollar" but simply ran out of time ... and space!!!  lol)  I considered "The Ballad of the Green Berets", too ... as well as "The Jolly Green Giant" and Stan Freberg's "Green Chri$tmas" ... but came up with a couple of TRUE Forgotten Hits instead (like your aforementioned "The Green Mosquito" by The Tune Rockers.)  And when is the last time you heard ANYBODY play "Greensleeves" by The Beverly Sisters?!?!?
I thought about going the artist route ... Norman GREENbaum, Lorne Greene (another stretch!), Al Green ... "Jealous Kind Of Fella" by Garland Green ... even "Big Bruce" by Steve Greenberg ... but figured I had enough green song titles not to have to go that route (other than, of course, wrapping up our very own "Green Day" WITH Green Day!!!)
It was a fun piece that was VERY quickly thrown together Saturday Morning after posting the two Kermit tunes.  Looks like we had quite a few "repeat visitors" throughout the day, so overall these all-day postings seem to be a hit with our readers.  Thanks again to everybody who joined us throughout the day.  (kk)
Don't make us appear older than what we are. You mentioned on your website that GREENFIELDS was out of 1956. Unless I miss my guess, the year was 1960, one of those records which was number one here in OKC, like forever.
You're right ... my error ... I was flashing back to the mid-'50's for "The Green Door" and "Greensleeves" and evidently lost my way with this Brothers Four tune.  It went to #2 in 1960, NOT 1956.  (kk) 
Stop the Presses! Would you believe I woke up early this morning and thought of one
more song with green in the title? I know I am a day late (and a dollar short) but who
could ever forget the 1961 instrumental by the Texans called THE GREEN GRASS OF
TEXAS? They were fortunate enough to make Billboard's Hot 100, even though it was
just for one week, peaking at number 100.
Lol ... I think we hooked ya!!!  I came up with a couple more this morning, too ... including a couple of great ones:  "Little Green Bag" by The George Baker Selection and "Little Green Apples" by O.C. Smith.  How about "Evergreen" (Theme from "A Star Is Born") by Barbra Streisand?  Or Petula Clark's "The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener"?  And then, of course, there's "Bowling Green" by The Everly Brothers and "Long Green" by Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs!  If we dig deep enough, we can probably come up with a dozen others.  (That's OK ... just gives me a head start on NEXT year!!!  lol)  kk

Kent ... 
I hope you're watching the OLD version of DARBY O'GILL ... where that fabulous CROONER, SEAN CONNERY, gets to sing ... "you are the one, my darling one ..."!
And why is it they never show the Tyrone Power LUCK OF THE IRISH anymore...
One of my favorites ... (I have a copy on vhs).
Actually, "Luck Of The Irish" was on the night before!  (I've never seen it!)  And I didn't know there was another version of "Darby O'Gill" either for that matter ... the Sean Connery version is the only one I'm familiar with.  (It's a pretty awful movie ... and Sean sings only slightly better than Pierce Brosnon in "Mamma Mia" ... but one of my daughters was hooked on this movie growing up so I'll bet I've seen it at least 25 times!!!)  kk

That was a nice tribute to St. Patrick's Day you put together. My favorite was block 7. Those songs from the 50's were songs that were sung around my house by my parents. The Greensleeves version you used was missing the line most familiar to me ... "Alas my dear you have done me wrong to cast me off discourteously" ... 
My Dad came up with his own version ... "Alas my dear you have done me dirt you have put green sleeves on my yellow shirt" ... what a genius he was ... Thanks for the great songs ... 

Here's a pic I just found tucked away of me, Mike Love of the Beach Boys and his young grandson during the "Kokomo" days.  My friend Todd Cavanah, who was an Asylum / Elektra Record Rep at the time, knew I had the #1 Show in Reno and invited me to Mike's personal Bar-B-Que at his house in Tahoe with the rest of the Beach Boys on a Saturday afternoon, sans Brian Wilson, before their concert that night at Caesar's Tahoe in Lake Tahoe. 
When I arrived I was treated like family, Mike met us at the car and invited us to be ourselves and enjoy! I took the tour of his Lake Tahoe Retreat and the Grand Room was magnificent with nothing but Beach Boy Gold and Platinum Records on the walls and a beautiful Baby Grand Piano in the middle of the room, that Mike uses to write and create Beach Boy tunes.
I was so lucky to spend nearly two hours with Carl Wilson, the Beach Boys lead guitarist and voice from God before he passed. He was truly a Gentle-Man and filled my ear with incredible Beach Boy stories and "God Only Knows" ... also stories about the people he worked with and admired including Roger McGuinn, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and especially George Harrison and how they traded riffs over the years. I just sat there in awe and told him how I saw my first Beach Boys Concert in Denver in 1963 when I snuck into the back of the Paramount Theatre because I didn't have the money for a $2.50 ticket! Carl had a smile you couldn't wipe off his face!
Anyway, the "Boys" are celebrating their 50th Anniversary and I'm so happy to share this pic with YOU!
"Wild" Bill Cody
PBS will be airing a brand new music series called "Front Row Center" featuring live concert footage ... some vintage ... and some brand new ... such as a live performance of The Beach Boys from their 50th Anniversary Reunion Tour!  More details here: 
The Beach Boys show airs June 7th ... and will give all of us who missed out on the chance to score tickets to their sold out live show a chance to still enjoy "The Boys" in concert. (kk)

Hey Kent -
I can't believe it's been 46 years since the release of Brian Wilson's "Caroline, No". Some like the original recorded, slower, speed of it, but I think speeding it up a bit was the right decision. It's barely over 2 minutes long, and when I first heard it, I thought, "Is that all there is to it?" I know the subject was about a girl, named Carol, and after first hearing it, Brian thought the title was "Caroline, No", instead of "Carol, I Know", and no, it is not about Caroline Kennedy! What do you think of it's original speed?
- John LaPuzza
I, too, find it more enjoyable at the slightly faster speed.  It's always been one of my favorites ... a beautiful tune ... and a REAL surprise at the time to see this released as a Brian Wilson SOLO record ... especially after it was included in The Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds" LP.  (Of course back then we didn't know all the "goings on" about the struggles behind the scenes as Brian was trying to "grow" the band ... and the other guys just wanted to stick with the surf and car songs.  I always thought he sand "Carol, I know" back then, too.  I've heard Brian do several updated versions of this song since ... and it never fails to please.  A while ago we featured a recent America cover version (from their "My Back Pages" CD) ... and THAT one blows me away, too.  Just a beautiful song.  (kk)

And Endless Summer Quarterly Editor and Publisher David Beard tells us that Al Jardine will be performing live in concert next week as part of a "New Release Party" for his latest CD, "A Postcard From California"!
Al Jardine will be performing at the official Waterfront Entertainment / Robo Records record release party for A Postcard From California at the ROXY on Tuesday, March 20 beginning at 8 p.m. The event will be full of notable VIP guests, and there will be cool prizes like signed CDs and t-shirts … plus everyone who attends will get a raffle ticket for a Fender Stratocaster guitar. 
Tickets are still available here: The ROXY Theatre Presents Al Jardine.
A Postcard From California will be released on Tuesday, March 27 on CD and iTunes, with a vinyl release reportedly being considered.

Meanwhile, FH Regular Frank B. tells us that they've made some cast additions to the new Dennis Wilson bio-pic in the works, too!
Kent ...
Have you heard about this movie?  Shooting begins June 15.

Frank B.
Yep, we've been talking about this one for months now ... seems like 2012 is turning into the Year of The Beach Boys for sure.  (Although there's been lots of news regarding Beatles and Rolling Stones 50th Anniversaries of late, too!)  kk

Kent ...
The Rolling Stones are releasing a career-spanning documentary, 1962 until today.
Frank B.
Meanwhile, this story ALSO made music headlines last week:
Keith Richards Apologizes to Mick Jagger For Comments He Made in "Life"
They must be serious about getting together for their 50th Anniversary Tour.
Frank B.

Yes, it sucks big hairy arse when you have to sell stuff you've collected and loved.  If I had the $$$, I'd buy them from you, just 'cuz.  I have on VHS  the 80's remix of "Daydream Believer" off MTV.  I really like the remix, but never bought it.  I have a couple of Monkees pic sleeves, also - the "I'm a Believer" one with Davy (I think) holding up a board that the others are sitting on, the "Daydream Believer" one, and the "Porpoise Song" one (with singles included, of course).  It is really nice to see SO many people talk about Davy on your site - makes me feel validated when I was made fun of for liking them by 'serious' rock students I went to college with.  The People mag piece was okay, but much too short.  I don't get Mike Nesmith a lot of the time, to be honest.  He was always trying to make the Monkees into something 'substantial', more than what they were meant to be.  The Beatles were made fun of as just a dumb pop group that no one thought was going to last, but they didn't over-reach to impress critics and other musicians much - they just were.  I've been re-watching my Monkees episodes, now with a tinge of sadness.  They still make me laugh.  Their show is being recognized much more now as groundbreaking for its time, which, again, makes me feel even prouder to be a Monkeemaniac.  I'm sorry you have to sell your Monkees stuff, but hopefully whoever buys it will be a true fan who will love them as much as you do.  Talk to you later.
Well, nobody's buying ANYTHING yet!!!  Not so much as a nibble ... and I know I priced it high ... but that's because it's what it's worth to ME to part with it all ... (and, quite honestly, anything less both isn't worth it and doesn't help out with the bills!!!  lol)
Anyway, I agree with you ... The Monkees are suddenly DARLINGS again ... hopefully all this renewed attention, love and affection will do them all some good. As I said before, it'd be a REAL shame if it took Davy's death to get them inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ... but it'd be an even BIGGER shame if they were to continued to be denied their rightful place there.  (And, from the sounds of things, they could put together one hell of a superstar band to join the remaining three members on stage for the ceremony-ending jam session!!!)  kk
Wow ... The Beach Boys AND The Monkees?!?!?  How can we possibly NOT go into a piece on The Wrecking Crew from here?!?!?!

So Kent, which one do you recommend?

The Wrecking Crew: The Inside Story of Rock and Roll's Best-Kept Secret by Kent Hartman (Feb 14, 2012)

Excerpt - Copyright: "... Martins Press. THE WRECKING CREW: THE INSIDE STORY OF ROCK AND ROLLS ..." See a random page in this book.


Hal Blaine and The Wrecking Crew: 3rd Edition by Hal Blaine (Mar 15, 2010)

Excerpt - Front Cover: "... HAL BLAINE Th e Wrecking Crew The Story of the World's Most ..." See a random page in this book.
Believe it or not, I haven't read the Kent Hartman book yet.  (I read Hal Blaine's version many years ago.)  I'm looking forward to reading the new book (and Frannie has it on "reserve" for me at the library!) but I've heard mixed reviews thus far.  Still, always a fascinating topic for me ... and quite popular with our readers, too.  (You've GOT to check out this film!)  kk  

And, speaking of books, let's not forget our latest ...   

Next Saturday we'll announce the winner of the brand new Johnny Maestro book "Sixteen Candles" by Irene Brodsky.  We'll also print the winning entry ... and salute Johnny on the anniversary of his passing in our Sound Advice Column ... so be sure to stay tuned for that.  Thanks again to everyone who entered by sending along their "Favorite Johnny Maestro Memory".  (kk)   

Looks like The Temptations are the latest act to sue their record company for royalties due them thanks to the new digital technology of downloads, ringtones, etc.  So many of these artists were ripped off back in the day ... isn't it reassuring to see that the labels are STILL screwing them all these years later?!?!?  Jeez!!!  (kk)
We mentioned the other day the passing of two-time Doobie Brothers drummer Michael Hossack ... now comes this blurb,courtesy of FH Reader Ken Voss (by way of Rolling Stone):
By Rolling Stone
March 13, 2012 12:05 PM ET
Doobie Brothers drummer Michael Hossack died at his home in Dubois, Wyoming Monday at the age of 65. He had been battling cancer for some time and succumbed to complications of the disease with his family at his side. 
Hossack was a member of the Doobie Brothers between 1971 and 1973, playing on several of the band's best-known hits, including "Jesus Is Just Alright," "Listen to the Music" and "China Grove." Hossack returned to the band when they reunited in 1987 and was a mainstay of the group through the next two decades, performing on most of the group's tours until he took a health leave in 2010. 
The Doobie Brothers released a statement on Hossack in January, saying he was improving slowly. In 2010, Hossack wrote a message to his fans explaining that while "it's been hard not touring with the band," he had "incredible support" from his family, friends and the Doobie Brothers.   


>>>I can't believe Judy Collins and Bob Lind are NOT included here in the Colorado Music Hall of Fame.  I will definitely put a bug in the ears of the induction committee that they certainly should be considered as well.  (Wild Bill Cody)   
This Wild Bill fellow is wasting his outrage. Both Judy Collins and I have been selected and are being inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame in the fourth quarter of this year. The announcement has been out since the beginning of the year. The CMHF people have made it a matter of public record. I've received scads of congratulatory emails and FaceBook Messages and I'm grateful for all of them.
I'm in some awesome company. 
Dan Fogelberg ... The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band ...
It's a touching honor. I'm looking forward to being there.
Meanwhile, I'll be meeting with the committee when I'm in Denver in June to play SWALLOW HILL.
-- Bob Lind
That's GREAT news, Bob ... belated congratulations then on your upcoming induction!  (kk)   

I spoke with Gary Lewis last week. Lots of tantalizing tales in this one, including why he went to Vietnam, his drum lessons from Buddy Rich, and the professional whistler they hired for "Save Your Love For Me." I'll let you know when we get that one transcribed and posted.

Be Well,
Carl Wiser
If you've been following Forgotten Hits for any length of time ... (and I know you have!!!) ... you already KNOW what a hot topic Gary Lewis has been here.  Can't wait to read your new feature.  Keep us posted, Carl!  (kk) 

I'm Dickens, He's Fenster
50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition DVD set of 1960s TV sitcom to be released April 10, 2012
Starring John Astin and Marty Ingels 
"Still holds up beautifully, fresh and funny" - Mel Brooks
"Powerful - Still funny - I love it" - Jerry Lewis
"I was only 13. But it was my favorite show." - Jay Leno
"These guys, that show, way before their time" - Bill Cosby
"It's great seeing them again. What a hoot." - Carl Reiner
"These are masters of comedy. Razor Sharp - A genius team." - Dick Van Dyke
"A 'Gleason and Carney' even 'Laurel and Hardy'. I laughed louder now than before" -  George Schaltter (Producer of "Laugh In")
3/15/2012 - Hollywood, CA - Lightyear Entertainment, in association with TV Time Machine Productions, is proud to announce that the brilliant but short-lived 1962 ABC TV situation comedy, I’m Dickens … He’s Fenster, starring John Astin and Marty Ingels, will be released on April 10, 2012, through eOne Distribution.
The I’m Dickens … He’s Fenster Golden Anniversary three-disc set contains over 10 hours of content. It features the first sixteen episodes of thirty-two from the show’s only season, and includes the following:
***Sixteen hilarious digitally remastered I’m Dickens … He’s Fenster episodes, many of which haven’t been seen in 50 years!
***Video features with all-new interviews including stars John Astin (The Addams Family) and Marty Ingels (The Dick Van Dyke Show), Directors Arthur Hiller (The In-Laws, Silver Streak), Norman Abbott (The Munsters), and Creator / Producer Leonard Stern (Get Smart)
***Audio commentaries featuring John Astin and Marty Ingels, Yvonne Craig (Batman), Lee Meriwether (The Time Tunnel), series regular Dave Ketchum (who played “Mel Warshaw”), Chris Korman, son of Harvey Korman (Blazing Saddles, The Carol Burnett Show), and creator/producer Leonard Stern
***I’m Dickens … He’s Fenster Get Physical featurette
Video tribute to the late Leonard Stern, Creator / Producer of I’m Dickens … He’s Fenster
The Joke featurette
Love Me, Love My Dog featurette
How Not to Succeed in Business featurette
I’m Dickens … He’s Fenster Commercial Bumpers
Rare I’m Dickens … He’s Fenster ABC TV Network Promo
Rare I’m Dickens … He’s Fenster Cast Commercial
Thank You slide show video featuring the dozens of people who helped make the 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition a reality
I’m Dickens … He’s Fenster six-page Collector’s Booklet
Three discs in a Collector’s Edition Digipak with Slipcase
I'm Dickens … He's Fenster followed the comic exploits of two construction workers and bosom buddies (played by John Astin and Marty Ingels). After producing thirty-two side-splittingly hilarious episodes, and despite critics' raves in The New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter and Time Magazine, the show was prematurely canceled in its first season. By the time its final ratings came in, showing it having beaten Sing Along with Mitch and Route 66 for its time slot, it was too late to reassemble the cast, who had moved on to other projects. The successful and beloved show had become a casualty of timid programming and unlucky timing.
Although short-lived, I'm Dickens …  He's Fenster featured an extraordinary roster of guest stars, many of whom made their television debuts on the show including: Yvonne Craig ("Batgirl" from Batman), Harvey Korman (The Carol Burnett Show), Sally Kellerman (M*A*S*H), Peter Lupus (Mission: Impossible), Lee Meriwether (The Time Tunnel), Ellen Burstyn (The Exorcist), Edy Williams (Beyond the Valley of the Dolls), and Jim Nabors (The Andy Griffith Show, Gomer Pyle USMC). The series also featured such directing talent as Arthur Hiller (Love Story, The In-Laws), Jay Sandrich (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Golden Girls) , Norman Abbott, (The Munsters), Claudio Guzman (I Dream of Jeannie) and writers Mel Tolkin (Your Show of Shows, All in the Family), Don Hinkley (The Steve Allen Show, The Muppet Show) and Jay Sommers (Green Acres, Ozzie & Harriet).
In addition to being creator, writer, director and producer on I'm Dickens … He's Fenster, Leonard Stern's remarkable career included writing for the Abbott and Costello and Ma and Pa Kettle movies, and the classic TV shows The Honeymooners, Sergeant Bilko and The Steve Allen Show. From 1965-1970, Mr. Stern was executive producer, writer and director on the classic spy spoof Get Smart (starring Don Adams and Barbara Feldon). He also created, produced and directed the TV series He & She (co-starring Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss) and McMillan & Wife (starring Rock Hudson and Susan St. James). He also co-created the immensely popular series of children's game books, Mad Libs.
2012 is Lightyear Entertainment’s 25th Anniversary year, since its origin in the management buyout of RCA Video Productions in 1987. eOne Distribution is a leader in the distribution of entertainment products through partnerships with the world’s largest physical and digital retailers.
To purchase I’m Dickens … He’s Fenster Golden Anniversary three-disc set: 

I vaguely remember this one ... but it hasn't been seen in AGES!!!  Gotta be fun to watch some of these again!  (Hey, I used to like "He And She", too ... what's next, "My Mother The Car"?!?!?)  Vintage TV for all us baby boomers out there!  (kk)   

Here's a fun clip sent into us by FH Regular Frank B:
Kent ...
This is great!  This guy turns The Candy Man into The Government Can.
Frank B.
The      Candy Man   

David Lee gets mad at some fans fighting. Go Dave.
Yes there are expletives.

These guys were on PBS last night. I think they are really good.
We happened across this quite by accident the other night ... while flipping thru the channels, PBS had something on with no description, simply called "Encore", so I clicked on it to see what it was ... and it was these guys, "Under The Streetlamp".  Yes, they're quite good.  They apparently met while performing in "Jersey Boys" and then decided to take it a step further and put together an entire show of doo-wop and early rock classics. It's been on PBS several times since (but I always seem to catch the same part every time!!!  Lol)  I guess because of some legal action, they're not allowed to say "Jersey Boys" in their show (so they tip-toe around it before launching into their Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons medley).  They're good ... but I've got to tell you ... the singers who portrayed The Four Seasons here in the Chicago version of "Jersey Boys" BLOW these guys away ... they were phenomenal!!!  (And with "Jersey Boys" coming back for a repeat run, I wonder who'll be filling those shoes as part of the touring company!)  kk 

Caroline Boyce captured this tribute to Tommy on her cell phone at last night's performance by Nashville oldies band "Boomerang."  It's the first time they'd done this song.
David Lewis  
Click here: I wonder what she's doing tonight tribute to Tommy | Facebook  
Thanks to my Facebook friend Frank Feinstein of Boomerang and his band mates for inviting me to Puckett's downtown tonight; they've gotta be the best 60s cover band I've heard; they surprised me with a great tribute to Tommy with this song including Tommy's signature guitar moves; and then I was teary eyed when they did Daydream Believer as a tribute to Davy Jones.  I swear if you closed your eyes, he sounded like Davy.  Thanks to Frank for inviting me, I'm the newest fan of Boomerang and had a great time.
-- Carolyn Boyce

Kent ...
I just read about the Bobby Darin / Roger McGuinn connection.  I didn't know about it. Very interesting. One thing about Bobby ... when he wanted something, he knew how to go out and get it.
HINT = Check out March 15 in Ron Smith's book "Eight Days A Week."
3/15/1962 - The album "Bobby Darin Sings Ray Charles" is released. Another excuse for you to go back to your "Bobby Darin Secret File" and come up with something pertaining to this subject. I'll be looking for it.
Frank B.
Don't hold your breath!!!  But for a short time, Bobby and Ray were labelmates ... and Bobby had a tremendous amount of respect and love for Charles' music.  The album did ok ... it peaked at #96 ... but Bobby's version of the Ray Charles Classic "What'd I Say" scored a #24 showing on the pop singles chart.  (kk)   

WHOA! You kicked ass, KK!  
I've got more stuff coming, especially on the Colorado Music HOF and a couple other comments as well. Your McGuinn pieces were great!
Wild Bill  

Good Morning! What two songs to wake up to on a morning than these two by Perry Como.
Incidentally, Perry Como was my mother's favorite singer. Loved his music and of course
his weekly television show, I believe on Wednesdays as well. Of course you know he had
songs even into the early part of the nineteen seventies. In fact just last week I got out his 1960 song I remembered about called DELAWARE. You remember that one don't you?
It was the song that asked the question, "what did TENNESSEE?" The answer was
"the same that ARKANSAS" Have a great day.
Larry Neal
One of MY Mom's favorite singers, too. (Actually, I think he was EVERYBODY's Mom's Favorite Singer!!!  lol)  You're not going to hear "Delaware", a #17 Hit back in 1960, on the radio anytime soon ... so we may as well feature that one today, too!  (kk)