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The Sunday Comments ( 03 - 16 - 14 )

re:  The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame:  
Cat Stevens seems to be the latest artist not interested in performing at this year's Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony.  In fact, he may not show up at all! Kiss captured all kinds of headlines a few weeks ago when they announced that they couldn't set aside their differences for just one night and treat their fans to a full-blown reunion ... and now Stevens is saying that he's not sure he'll make the trip back to America to attend the ceremony.  
With Linda Ronstadt being unable to perform due to advanced Parkinson's Disease ... and Kurt Cobain also unable to attend (for obvious reasons), it sounds like those in attendance will be at best be treated to other artists paying tribute to the music of these artists rather than being performed by the artists themselves.  
On the plus side, Peter Gabriel (who skipped the ceremony when Genesis was inducted) says he will be on hand to accept his "solo" award ... as well Daryl Hall and John Oates, who seem to be genuinely honored by their selection.  Also on hand will be The E Street Band, who are being inducted for "Musical Excellence".  Also earning inductions this year in the non-performing category are Beatles Manager Brian Epstein (posthumously) and Rolling Stones Manager Andrew Loog Oldhan.  The ceremony takes place on Thursday, April 10th, in Brooklyn, NY.  (kk)  

And, on a related note, Gene Simmons went on Sirius / XM Radio last week and slammed The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame for only inducting the four original members of Kiss.  Reading through this (from Vintage Vinyl News), I guess I can kinda see his point ...  
Gene Simmons has slammed the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame over their decision to only induct the four original members of KISS.
Simmons called into
Entertainment Weekly Radio on Sirius / XM to further explain why the band is refusing to play at the induction ceremony on April 10. The Rock Hall decided that they would only induct Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, ignoring other members such as the late Eric Carr and current members Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer.
Simmons told the program "And then we found out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will only be honoring the original lineup with Ace, Peter, Paul and myself, and we said, ‘Oh okay, then we won’t be playing there. We’ll just accept the award. Thank you very much.’ And they go, ‘What are you talking about?’ and I said, ‘Well, you have a group like the Eagles who continue to be our contemporaries … and every member that has even been in the Eagles has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But you’re only gonna honor the first lineup that was together for seven years? We’ve been around forty years. Tommy and Eric have been in the band 20 years — two and a half times longer than Ace and Peter."
To be completely truthful, Singer has been the drummer for 23 years, since 1991; however, Thayer joined in 2002

On Wednesday, Scott Shannon interviewed Gene Simmons of KISS on his show.
Scott used to work for Casablanca Records and KISS was the first act signed by the label.
They traveled a lot together, promoting the group.
Gene talked about why they will not perform at the Rock - n - Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony.
Only original group members are allowed to perform.
Gene said "It's like being invited to a party and told you can only bring your first girlfriend."
He feels that this is an insult to two group members who have been with the group for over 20 years. (not original members.)
I think he makes a good point.
I would've let them sing one song with the original group members and one song with the current group members.
Frank B. 
I guess I kinda get it now ... some of these current members of bands have been with them longer than the originals and have earned their place as part of their history. 
Good case and point:  Paul Revere and the Raiders - who boast band members that have been with the legendary wild man for 35 - 40 years!  How many of you out there have worked at the same job that long?  Truth is, there are very few BUSINESSES that have lasted that long!!!
Both Doug Heath and Ron Foos have been Raiders for over 40 years now ... and keyboardist Danny Krause just passed his 35 year anniversary!
While our FH Buddies Tommy Scheckel and Darren Dowler are relative "newbies" in Raider-land, they've spent their entire career in show-biz ... Tommy was the drummer for The Buckinghams for 27 years ... and before that beat the skins for another legendary wild man, superstar radio jock Jonathan Brandmeier (and the Leisure Suits!)  Darren Dowler was a Vegas headliner for decades ... and did a stint with The Lettermen.  In addition, his credits include singing with The Righteous Brothers, The Fifth Dimension, The Jordanaires, The Beach Boys, and many, many others. And to top that off, he was also the original lead guitarist for The Backstreet Boys!
Paul just turned 76 years old himself and, despite some health problems last year, is still up there rocking and putting on one of the best shows of ANY genre.  And he's been doing exactly that for over 50 years now!  (Here's some guys who belong in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ... 50+ years of nothing but "Feel Good" Music!!!)  We can't wait to see the guys again when they perform at The Arcada Theatre on April 13th.  Ticket information here:  Click here: oshows

re:  The Beatles and The Beach Boys:  
>>>Scott Shannon just finished interviewing Frankie Valli.  According to Scott -  Frankie Valli had 38 Billboard Hits and seven #1's. The only American recording artists to have hits before, during and after the Beatles era.  (Frank B)   
>>>I'd have to dispute that one ... their west coast counterparts, The Beach Boys, immediately come to mind ... and I'll bet I could come up with at least another dozen or more if I stopped and thought about it.  (kk)  
Good catch!  Too many people only remember the early surf and turf songs of the Beach Boys and forget their long and diverse catalog.  

American recording artists to have hits "before, during and after the Beatles era" (if you define "the Beatles era" as 1964-70 and "hits" as Billboard Hot 100 chart singles) would include Herb Alpert, Freddy Cannon, Paul Anka, Louis Armstrong, Frankie Avalon, Tony Bennett, Chuck Berry, James Brown, Jerry Butler, Glen Campbell, Johnny Cash, Gene Chandler, Ray Charles, Chubby Checker, Lou Christie, Nat "King" Cole, Perry Como (and that's just through the Cs!) plus many, many more -- including, of course, Frank Sinatra (a solo hitmaker from 1942 to 1980). 
It's always dangerous to identify anything as being the "first" or the "only" because sure-as-shootin' somebody's gonna come up with at least one exception to that claim. 
Gary Theroux  
And that's not even citing some of the most obvious ones like Elvis, Rick Nelson, The Everly Brothers and literally dozens and dozens more.  (Hey, you came up with almost twenty just looking between A and C!!!)  That's why I was so surprised to hear Scott Shannon ... who certainly knows better ... make such a statement.  (kk) 

If, in fact, that's what he said at all ... read on ...  

UPDATE:  OK, I just listened back to the entire interview with Frankie Valli ... and that is NOT what Scott Shannon said.  What he said was The Four Seasons were the only American recording artists to have a #1 Hit BEFORE The Beatles, during The Beatles and AFTER The Beatles ... and that not even The Beach Boys had done that ... which is true ... at least according to Billboard Magazine.  (The Beach Boys' first Billboard #1 was "I Get Around" in 1964, by which time The Beatles had already invaded America.)  The distinguishing criteria, of course, is the #1 Hit status.
So an IMMEDIATE Public Apology to all misled by Frank's original comment shown above ... and to Scott Shannon in particular for EVER doubting his wealth of musical knowledge!!!  (I should have known better than to think for a minute that he would make a bonehead mistake like that!!!  Lol)  kk  

>>>I have wondered if the Beatles would be the success they are if it weren't for George Martin. He was the genius behind the band. I think the Beach Boys (their American counterparts) did more on their own. Brian Wilson is the genius behind the Beach Boys - he didn't have a George Martin - (he had his Dad, Murry Wilson, which doesn't say much.) Murry was a good businessman but not an arranger like Martin.  In the words of RVB (my oldies roomie bud) "the Beatles are overrated." I tend to agree.  (Blossmwrld)   
The Beatles also had Brian Epstein and the Beach Boys' greatly benefited from Murry Wilson's relentless door-to-door promoting. Both groups are superior and deserve the accolades sent their way but without Team Beatles or Beach Boys Nation, neither may have made it off the launch pad. Their early songs / singles only hint at greatness in the rearview mirror. 
Are the Beatles "overrated"? IMHO, their unprecedented sociological impact causes many critics and fans to grant their mediocre songs classic status. Over rated? No. Blind worship of anything they released. Yes. Similarly, Brian Wilson may be a genius but not every tune he composed belongs in the Hall of Fame. 
With a catalog of music that has stood the test of time ... and still holds up just as well today ... and ultimately will outlive us all ... its hard to even fathom considering The Beatles as "overrated".  No, in hindsight they're not all priceless gems ... and some of that success was blown out of proportion by the mania ... but there are only a handful of songwriters (many of whom only served that purpose and were not performer themselves) who can boast a catalog of music this diverse and contemporary.  And look how rapidly they progressed from "She Loves You" to "Sgt. Pepper"!!!  Unheard of in pop music before or since.
No question that the full weight of The Beach Boys' success was placed squarely on Brian Wilson's shoulders ... and it ultimately did him in ... but the music he created during that period of time is, if not completely unmatched, certainly is amongst the most elite of the elite.  Both groups will admit to this day that they inspired and fed off each other ... always trying to top the other with something even more unique and different.  The Beatles and The Beach Boys single-handedly took music in new directions we might otherwise never have seen.  Kudos for BOTH bands ... and all the contributions they've made by enriching our lives ... we truly are the winners here.  (kk)    

re:  Fanny:  
Hi Kent,
A late follow-up on the Bee Gees' "Fanny" as I had missed the initial posting.
While working at "American Top 40" in the late-'70s, I had the good fortune to meet and interview hundreds of recording artists and was befriended by a few in the process, one of whom was Andy Gibb.  As our birthdates were just a month and a day apart, we were contemporaries.  And while Andy's success was on a much grander and more glamorous scale, the fact that we were two kids in a business that was truly insane at the time probably contributed to our kinship.  He truly was a very good guy and, sadly, an inexplicably lost soul.  But I digress ...
In the summer of '78, I made one of several trips to the Gibbs' home base in Miami to conduct support interviews with parents Hugh and Barbara Gibb, as well as associated personnel, for a series of radio specials on Andy and the Bee Gees.  One night, a major dinner was hosted at the house which Andy was renting.  The menu was made up of lots pf great southern comfort food, most notably the best fried chicken I have ever had, yet almost greaseless to the touch.

The architect and chef of this unbelievable meal was a middle-aged black woman named Fanny.  I engaged her in conversation and found out that she often catered to the stars that would come into Miami to record at Criteria Studios, including other luminaries such as Eric Clapton and Crosby, Stills and Nash.  At some point in our chat, a lightbulb went off in my head and I asked her, "Are you the Fanny in the Bee Gees' song?"  Yes, she said.  Evidently, Barry, Robin and Maurice needed a two-syllable woman's name to fit the lyric.  "Fanny" fit the bill, and the Gibbs got to give an appreciative nod to the woman who was feeding them so well.
Fanny, by the way, was an absolutely lovely human being who just radiated love and good nature.  I exhorted her to write a Rock And Roll Cookbook with recipes to the favorite dishes of the stars she had fed, but I guess it never happened.  What a shame.  The secret to that chicken alone is priceless.
Later that year, I ran into Maurice Gibb at an event in Los Angeles and I told him that I had met his inspiration for the song "Fanny."  His reply was, "Yes, she's a luv.  But have you had her fried chicken?"

All my best, Kent,
Scott Paton

LOL ... TOO funny!  (I guess sometimes the stories behind the songs aren't always what you expect them to be!)  Thanks for sharing!  (kk) 

I am one of the fortunate ones who got to see The Bee Gees a couple of times during their hey-day ... so sad to think that three of the four Gibb brothers are no longer with us.  Would LOVE to see Barry Gibb's show when he comes to town but once again ticket prices are in the stratosphere making it impossible for us to attend.  I'm curious as to how it will sound ... but have such great love and appreciation for their music that I know we'd love whatever Barry has come up with. (Frannie's never had the chance to see them ... so this would be one of those "bucket list" nights for us!) If any of our readers are able to attend, please drop us a line ... we'd love to run your review.  (kk) 
Barry's "Mythology Tour" is coming to the States for a limited run in the coming weeks and, as he admonished the audience in a recent TV interview, "Don't come to this show expecting the Bee Gees.  That's not possible."  But he's joined onstage by his son Stephen and Maurice's daughter Sammy, and I'm certain that that familial support is the only thing that could have gotten Barry to take the stage again without his brothers. 
I've always been a huge Bee Gees fan and felt very fortunate to have been befriended by some of their extended family.  My heart aches for Barbara Gibb, whom I believe is in her mid-90s now, at having lost three of her sons. 
"Fanny" remains one of my Gibb favorites, and the more time that passes, the more I appreciate memorable moments of the past, including meeting the lovely namesake of the song.
Local venues should be comp'ing you on tickets for all touring heritage acts, Kent, given the amount of coverage you provide.
As always, thanks for all the hard work you put in every week to keep us aging music-heads entertained!
Scott Paton

re:  And Other Stories Behind The Songs:  
Kent ... 
Here's the story behind the hit "Travelin' Man", recorded 3/13/1961.  
As well as Rick Nelson's official video for the song, 1961:  
And another story behind the hit ...  
Frank B.

re:  This And That:  
Hey Kent.
We found Terry Jacks - not easy to do since he doesn't use computers (he calls them "hell machines"). The "Seasons in the Sun" story has been distorted over time, so it was great to hear it from start to finish, beginning with Terry's days as a hotshot producer in Canada with The Poppy Family and ending with his career as an environmental activist. Along the way, there were failed recording sessions with The Beach Boys, a paperboy who convinced Terry to release his version of the song, and a meeting with the song's original composer, Jaques Brel, who told Terry the surprising story of where it was written (hint: there was a "Best Little" one in Texas).
Here's the full interview: 

Be Well,
Carl Wiser
One of those "love it or hate it" songs to be sure ... but people sure loved it back in '74 when it topped the charts. I remember reading quite a bit about The Beach Boys' attempts at laying this one down so it's nice to see Terry talking about all that surrounded this legendary tune. 
We recently heard from Gary DeCarlo, lead vocalist of Steam, who had the #1 Hit "Na Na Hey Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye" back in 1969.  He, too, feels the story and circumstances surrounding that hit have been greatly distorted over the years.  We're hoping to run an interview with him soon in Forgotten Hits to once again "set the record straight".  Stay tuned for that!  (kk)

The Jersey Boys Movie is coming out June 20th -- I can't wait!  
Me, too ... been waiting for this one!  (kk)  
Be sure to tune in to Top Shelf Oldies ( Wednesday night (March 19) at 8:00 ET for a special two-hour Third Anniversary edition of Randy on the Radio. I'll be featuring some of the rare stereo oldies from previous shows, along with the new ones you might not have heard before, as well as other great uncommon oldies. All shows archived at  
– Randy Price     

One slight correction to today's post ... Crosby, Stills and Nash's first concert was NOT Woodstock. It was at the Auditorium Theater in Chicago. I was there. August 17, 1969 at the Auditorium Theater in Chicago, with Joni Mitchell as their opening act. By the time they got to Woodstock ...
Ken Voss 
... they were scared shitless!!!  One of the most famous lines from the film where Graham Nash announces "This is our second gig"!!!  All the more surprising that anybody would run this as part of their ad copy promoting a new interview and radio special with the trio ... but that's exactly what they sent in!!!  (kk)

>>>Thank you for the Aerosmith story on The Bellnotes' song "Ive Had It". I must have missed reading it in your previous email.    (Carolyn)
One more note on "I've Had it."  If Carolyn lived in the Chicago area in 1964, she may have heard Chicago's own CRESTones, not the BELLnotes, singing that song on the radio.  The Crestones did a nice cover of it as a followup to their bigger local hit "She's a Bad Motorcycle".  Their version of "I've Had It" reached 21 on WLS' Silver Dollar Survey that summer.

Clark Besch

>>>After playing Pretty Ballerina, I opened Ron Smith's Chicago Top 40 Charts book and realized that Walk Away Renee did not make the WLS Top 40.  Back when oldies radio featured songs from the 60's, Walk Away Renee was the only one you would ever hear.  Pretty Ballerina made it to number 16 according to Ron's book.  (Phil Nee - WRCO)
I have wondered about such things before, too.  In studying my surveys, I sometimes found that a song charted low and just did not click in some markets, but also found that often, by the time a station decided to go with the song, it was already "old news" or even had a follow-up released.  Thus, starting on a record that late made no sense and the station just dropped it right away.  Of course, with WLS and WCFL, it sometimes was a battle of stations, too.  If you read Tommy James' book, you can read how Jim Stagg was furious at James for giving WLS the world premier of "Crimson & Clover" so he had to make up for that by letting CFL have the next one.  Those station wars sometimes contributed to what charted and what did not.  I'll drop this to Clark Weber for his thoughts.
Clark Besch

>>>Kent, Kent, Kent!  “You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby” by the DC5, better than “Glad All Over” and “Bits & Pieces”????????????  That is Asylum Talk!!!   (Ken)
Ken, yes, we all know Kent belongs in the asylum, but this is particularly disturbing!  Haha.  Now, if he says "I Knew It All The Time" is better, we'll just have to shoot him. 
Clark Besch

>>>The much BIGGER problem, of course, is the fact that the disc jockeys ... and the folks running the radio stations today ... don't have a CLUE as to what the facts are.  (kk)
You ARE generalizing quite a bit there.  Ask Phil Nee and Bob Stroud!
Clark Besch
Exceptions to the rule, to be sure ... and there are plenty of these ... although that list seems to be fewer and further between than ever with all the cut-backs in radio of late.  But you've also taken that statement a bit out of context.  The NEXT sentence reads:  
"Far too many of the people involved in radio today ... whether it be the on-air talent, the program director or the radio station manager ... probably weren't around when all this great music was being created ... and, as such, have no connection to the music they're playing at all."  (kk)

re:  And, For Those Who Like The Hard Stuff ... :  
LOTS of buzz about this one ... and ultimately the complete collection will be released, all with bonus material that has never before seen the light of day.  

Led Zeppelin fans rejoice ... your time is gonna come! (kk)

Atlantic - Swan Song
The First Three Albums Newly Remastered, Each With An Additional Disc Of Previously Unreleased Companion Audio. Multiple CD, Vinyl, And Digital Formats, Including A Super Deluxe Boxed Set, Available June 3.

No matter how many times you may have listened to their music, you've never heard Led Zeppelin like this before. Beginning with the June 3 release of deluxe editions of Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin II, and Led Zeppelin III, the band will launch an extensive reissue program of all nine of its studio albums in chronological order, each remastered by guitarist and producer Jimmy Page. Led Zeppelin will also open its vaults to share dozens of unheard studio and live recordings, with each album featuring a second disc of companion audio comprised entirely of unreleased music related to that album.

"The material on the companion discs presents a portal to the time of the recording of Led Zeppelin," says Page. "It is a selection of work in progress with rough mixes, backing tracks, alternate versions, and new material recorded at the time."
Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin II
Led Zeppelin III
Each album is now available for pre-order in the following formats:

Remastered album on CD in vinyl replica sleeve

Companion audio on CD in a new sleeve and on 180-gram vinyl (Led Zeppelin features a previously unreleased October 1969 concert from Paris, II & III feature previously unreleased studio outtakes)

Remastered album on 180-gram vinyl in a sleeve replicating the first pressing

High-def audio download card of all content at 96kHz/24 bit (Live tracks are 48kHz/24bit)

Hard bound, 70+ page book filled with rare and previously unseen photos and memorabilia

High quality print of the original album cover, the first 30,000 of which will be individually numbered

Led Zeppelin will also include a replica of the band's original Atlantic press kit

Remastered album, plus a second disc of unreleased companion audio (Led Zeppelin features a previously unreleased October 1969 concert from Paris, II & III feature previously unreleased studio outtakes)

Remastered album and unreleased companion audio on 180-gram vinyl (Led Zeppelin features a previously unreleased October 1969 concert from Paris [2 LP's] , II & III feature previously unreleased studio outtakes [Each contains 1 LP] )

Remastered album packaged in a gatefold sleeve with an 8 page booklet (Led Zeppelin III contains CD sleeve in a replica of the original vinyl, including the die cut holes and wheel)

Remastered album on 180-gram vinyl, packaged in a sleeve that replicates the LP's first pressing in exact detail

Remastered album and companion audio (Led Zeppelin features a previously unreleased October 1969 concert from Paris, II & III feature previously unreleased studio outtakes)

I heard about this - so psyched!!  I've got unreleased material that I downloaded but it'll be nice having official copies of previously unreleased Zep.  Also, we've got the two Zeppelin box sets (the 4-CD set that was released in 1990 and its 2-disc companion released in '93).  All of the tracks are out of order so what I did was I burned my own copies of the albums from the two sets.  As these new releases come out I won't need THOSE anymore.  I purchased them on LP in the early '80's, on CD in the late '80's, the box sets in the early '90's, and now this.  I'm a die-hard so I HAVE to have it all!  

'Led Zeppelin III' was the first CD I ever purchased.  Got it in '86 - before I even had a CD player.  When I heard that the box set was being issued in '90, I got rid of all of them except for the third album.  I can't very well get rid of the very first CD I bought.   
Thanks for sending!

New York, NY (March 12, 2014)—In honor of the 40th Anniversary of the historic California Jam Festival, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release Deep Purple Live in California 74 for the first time on CD and Digital Audio on April 1. [MSRP $13.98] 
By the mid-seventies, Deep Purple was one of the biggest selling rock acts in America, and Live In California 74 demonstrates exactly why. Taking place at the end of their 28-date tour promoting Burn, the CD showcases the band performing before 200,000 people as the headliner of the Cal Jam Festival. Closing their trek with a triumphant climax, the potent line-up of Ritchie Blackmore (guitar), David Coverdale (vocals), Glenn Hughes (bass), Jon Lord (keyboards), and Ian Paice (drums) pummel through an explosive set of songs from Burn, as well as classics like “Space Truckin’” and “Smoke On The Water.” 
40 years later, this set still resonates as a concert for the ages. Previously released on DVD in 2006, the Live In California 74 album is an absolutely must-have for any Deep Purple fan’s collection. 
Track Listing:  
1.) Burn 
2.) Might Just Take Your Life 
3.) Lay Down, Stay Down 
4.) Mistreated 
5.) Smoke On The Water 
6.) You Fool No One 
7.) Space Truckin’

The Legendary ALICE COOPER Welcomes YOU To His Nightmare! 
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Super Duper Alice Cooper is the creation of Scot McFadyen and Sam Dunn at Banger Films, producers of Iron Maiden: Flight 666 (2009 SXSW Audience Choice Winner) and Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage (2010 Grammy-nominated and Tribeca Audience Choice Winner), and much-lauded filmmaker Reginald Harkema, winner of the TIFF Special Jury Prize for his film Monkey Warfare
For more information on Super Duper Alice Cooper, please visit:   
For more information on ALICE COOPER, please visit:  
ALICE COOPER needs no introduction.  Still touring the world, with over 100 concerts scheduled in 2014, and hosting his internationally syndicated “NIGHTS WITH ALICE COOPER" radio show five nights a week for over a decade, Alice shows no sign of slowing down.       

I'm quite sure that when The United States Post Office was first founded way back in 1775 they never dreamed they'd some day be honoring over-dosing, drugged out rock stars with commemorative postal stamps ... but the limited edition Jimi Hendrix stamp has just become available for purchase ... so stamp collectors and hard rock music fans alike can rejoice at this latest announcement.  (Ben Franklin must be looking down at us right now, smiling, while grooving out to "Foxey Lady" in the background!)

The stamp was unveiled at SXSW in Austin at the Outdoor Stage in Buffer Park on Thursday.  Chief financial officer and executive vice presiden of the U.S. Postal Service, Joseph Corbett, had this to say: 
"Combining influences from rock, modern jazz, soul and the blues with his own innovations, Jimi Hendrix helped found three new genres of music — heavy metal, jazz fusion and funk — and in doing so, left behind an indelible mark on pop music and popular culture generally. 
"I'm especially pleased that we continue celebrating our Music Icons stamp series with the issuance of the Jimi Hendrix Forever Stamp." 
Corbett was joined on stage by Janie Hendrix, sister to the late Jimi Hendrix, who said, "I am deeply touched and so are other members of the Hendrix family by the issuance of this stamp, and I wish to thank the United States Postal Service for bestowing one of our nation's highest honors on my brother Jimi.  While my brother has been cited many times as being among the most influential musicians of all time, the recognition implicit in his being portrayed on a U.S. postage stamp ranks as an unparalleled honor."  
The stamp was designed by artist Rudy Gutierrez to resemble a vintage 45 rpm record sleeve and features a painting of Hendrix's face surrounded by colorful swirls and small icons that reference song lyrics or aspects of Hendrix's life. The various icons include flowers, a guitar, a mermaid and a butterfly. The stamp art shows Hendrix in performance, wearing one of his trademark vintage military jackets and playing one of his beloved white Fender Stratocaster guitars. 
Jimi now joins the ranks of fellow musicians (and noted drug users) Janis Joplin (her stamp will be out later this year), Elvis Presley, James Brown (who also qualifies as a wife-beater), Johnny Cash, Jim Morrison (to come), Michael Jackson (to come), adulterer Sam Cooke and (and I REALLY don't get this one) John Lennon.  (Why is a British-born artist being honored with a U.S. stamp???) 
So boys and girls, if you REALLY want to make your mark ... and be remembered as an important part of U.S. History ... be sure to ingest a little over the daily requirement of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and lsd ... as this will most certainly put you on the right path to infamy.  (kk)   

re:  Lots Of Talk About This One!:  
Click here: Watch Billy Joel Forget the Words to ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’ « News  
In all fairness, there are an AWFUL lot of words to this song ... but Billy's right ... you fuck up one word and it's an immediate trainwreck ... and, of course, an immediate YouTube sensation!  (kk)