Monday, October 13, 2014

A Brand New Record Research Release ... For The First Time Ever, Joel Whitburn Brings Us "The Comparison Charts"!!!

The Ultimate Chart Book Is Coming!!!

Joel Whitburn ... who wrote the book(s) on the popular music charts ... is back with a brand new edition ...

Only this time ... for the first time EVER ... this new volume will compare each record's chart performance on all the three of the major trade publications of the rock era ... Billboard Magazine, Cash Box Magazine and Music Vendor / Record World ... showing the peak positions of EVERY chart record, side-by-side!

As we've discussed numerous times before here in Forgotten Hits, once you got past The Top Ten and The Top Twenty, it wasn't at all uncommon to have chart discrepancies of up to twenty positions between the three trades.  (Even within The Top Twenty, they rewarded records differently ... which means that you'll see lots of new #1 Records ... even by some of the biggest acts in rock and roll history!)

That because each publication used its own sources for tracking radio airplay and record sales and, as such, these guys didn't always agree on just how popular some of these mid-chart entries were.  Simply put, The National Record Charts just got a WHOLE lot more interesting!!!

Now, for the very first time, you'll have all of this information at your fingertips ... and, at a glance, be able to determine just how big each record really was nationally.  

Check out the ad, links and sample pages below ... and then take advantage of this great pre-order special sale price!    

If you only buy one chart book, THIS is the one to have ... the COMPLETE picture of the national pop charts, 1954 - 1982 ... for the very first time!  

And be sure to stay tuned to Forgotten Hits ... 

Because we're going to be giving a copy away!!!

That's right ... one lucky winner will walk away with this brand new book, hot off the presses ... as we present another in our series of Record Research / Forgotten Hits trivia contests!!!    

Be sure to check back on Friday for more details!

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through 10/20/14.

At a glance, see data from multiple charts for one song!

ONE book now contains the research of the pop singles charts of the Big 3 music industry magazines!

  - Billboard
  - Cash Box
  - Record World

The research covers the era when all three magazines concurrently published national music charts, from 1954-1982!

Coming January of 2015.
The Comparison Book contains our basic chart research of the pop singles charts of America’s three top music industry magazines:  Billboard, Cash Box and Record World (known as Music Vendor prior to April of 1964).

This alphabetical by artist listing displays for each charted single its date charted, peak position and total weeks charted -- for each pop chart on which it appeared!

Chart data for all songs with multiple chart entries is listed in order of peak chart performance.

New Research now shows everything that appeared below the Top 100 of Music Vendor and Record World’s pop singles charts, not just the exclusive titles that appear in our sold-out #101-150 Hit Records book.

The research for this book kicks off with the debut of Music Vendor on October 4, 1954, and continues for all three magazines through the final issue of Record World on April 10, 1982.
See portions from reduced pages below. Actual page size is 8.5" x 11".